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i really hate to spam yall but i am literally like $30 short for my ticket to nyc to march in the thanksgiving parade and i need to buy it by tomorrow
my family needs to eat this month so we literally dont have 30 to spare.
you guys have helped me out so much already its unbelievable i cant thank u enough..
im so so close if you could spare anything at all my paypal is and please reblog

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Voltron fandom?

We need to talk


It’s come to my attention that some folks have been going on anon and sending hate to folks who don’t like Kallura.


I mean seriously, after all the shit the Kallura ship has had to wade through after season 2, all the hate and BS some of ya’ll fturn around and pull THIS!?

Seriously guys we’re better than that. If you see some anti-kallura post in the tags just flag it as spam and move on! People will get tired of making those posts eventually anyway and then focus on their own stuff.There’s also the fact that tumblr has been putting posts into the tag that just mention the ship rather than tag it (dammit tumblr). So its not always the OP’s fault.

Just be chill dudes and duddettes and enjoy our awesome space ship!

No reason to degrade ourselves with anon hate. Even if they’re antis, DONT SEND HATE.

Anon hate becomes a habit I’m sure. And I know a lot of you know how much it can hurt. So do me a solid and just stop hmmkay?

i know this will be falling on deaf ears, but i need to say something. 

bulling people who ship shaladins is actually the dumbest shit. today i saw where someone got not only hate anons, but were called something stupidly transphobic. trying to bully people into not shipping something is so ridiculous??? these are cartoon characters??? its literally not that deep man.

 go ahead and ship what you want, just dont bully people for not shipping what you do. this anti thing is actually the most childish thing ever. 

this is an open letter to all those antis stalking the sheith and other shaladin tags, sending shaladin shippers hate. if youre going to send anyone hate, spam me. im sick of seeing people in the vld community get shat on for enjoying the series in their own way. 

if you want incentive, i hardcore ship sheith and shklance, dont like kl//ce and you can catch these damn hands.

Just want to get my opinion out there

Time to post something that’s going to trigger people.

I feel like the Hamilton fandom should let people have whatever headcannon they want and ship whatever they want (unless it’s incest or something really bad.) Like I always get people complaining to me that Laurens is SOOOO gay but honesty I think he is bi but if I say that people would yell at me. Also people make him be the one be in love with Alexander but I think it would be the other way around because Hamilton was the one to spam Laurens with love letter. Now this is just what I believe. That he was bi. Now onto the shipping thing, people who don’t ship Lams gets shitted on and spammed (sometimes) with people saying “OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP LAMS THEY WERE SO GAY AND LOOK IT’S HISTORICAL TOO.” And whenever I trying and watch a Jamilton video all I ever see in the comments is “Lmao I ship Lams but this is a cool video.” Or “This would be way better with Lams why didn’t you do it. It’s a way better ship.” I mean you dont see Jamilton shippers spamming lams videos on why there ship is better .This is probably why I hate Lams like I can respect why people ship but me personally can never ship it. One last subject I would like to touch on is that I don’t get why people hate on Jamilton because it is “abusive” because historical even though Jefferson and Hamilton had different views they were still good friends and Jefferson even wrote him a letter when his son died. They were basically just to co-workers friends with each other. The musical just makes it look like they hate each other so much. Oops this was way long than I intended to make it.

anonymous asked:

I understand venting to people helps but with the internet, displaying to an entire audience usually goes kinda bad! like most recently you recording and put hateful people on blast on your twitter (they were cunts albeit) but why do it? it doesnt really gain you anything other than sympathy pats. same with your constant "disappointment" in your comments. it hurts, it really does but these are just faceless people (like me kek!) just report/block and keep truckin'. dont show that it bothers you.

I am not even hurt, I didn’t expect sympathy pats, It legit was the worst comment section I’ve had in my videos with a bunch of spam messages, virus links and so forth.

It is expected when you grow as a person but I do go through my comment section to keep it as friendly and safe for people to go through, as long as I can.

But I will not stay silent about how I feel about it, that’s basically censoring my personality. I’m not going to become an emotionless puppet just because I have an audience. 


(not all are on the list bc there was a lot)


never explained. these are the only two messages that really came so sorry if there was a third bc i didnt get it. a mystery


i dont know you, and you are on anon, but a good bold approach


reminds me of torbjorn, who i hate. i like the umlaut though


vague, which i always love, but i dont know whats yours dude!


creative, concise, and relevent to the blog




thanks @shattered-raine for actual spam! fun and varies, very nice! youre also the one who finished the ARG and i give you a 10/10 for being so present across my blogs!


dolunay i love you aand you are so kind to me and i have seen you be so nice bless you, you did perfect


i dont know spanish and this isnt a blog about spanish but you came in numbers and creativity




fun! also says wanker which, again, is relevant so nice


thanks i love the gonk rock



Can't believe this shit

Anti: UWU they called me an anti because I told them I don’t like Killing Stalking and Im spamming the tag with my negativity and using anti buzzwords even though I definitely haven’t read it and I dont know what Im talking about.

KS Fans: Please stop Crosstagging. Have your opinion but we will defend the comic we like.


KS Fans: Argue or get bored and leave

This Bitch: UWU Im sorry Yaoi fan girls ruined KS, here lemme stroke your ego because Im not like them. Im the “good” KS fan. ~UWU~

Me: *Looks at the camera like in the office*

Psht, btw I made this side-blog for berserk only, so I dont spam my followers with it. Anyway:
- No Griffith hate
- No apologism either, he knows he did things wrong and so do you

- Prolly some griffguts ❤
- I would like to use it for discussions as well
- I can’t follow back with the blog, but with my main - spiteful-crow
- If you send me anon hate, you are blocked
- the blog is under construction.
- The URL is funny

Imagine a “Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions” check box.

Would you check it? If yes feel free to follow.

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Ikr? There is spam, nsfw and shit like that in the safe tag BUT drums are not okay. This site is so damn broken, I hate it so much sometimes. 

For my own sanity, I will post JUST one more thing from that video and it’ll hopefully work. If it doesn’t, you’ll hear me rage from miles away :P

alright i…… hate to sound like a broken record (as i know a post like this was made by a good friend of mine earlier today) but due to all of this “hello” discourse, i will also be turning off my ask box until further notice.

to all my followers, im sorry for the spam of negativity and it really upsets me to take this away from you who dont abuse anonymity but its not healthy for me to continue receiving hate in the way that i currently am. 

i hope you all can understand.

i love you guys xoxo.

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Alright lemme see what are your personal headcanons for Mercier (did i spell that right?) and what's your over all take on the character. Act like i dont know him at all (technically not acting because i honestly barely know who this person is aside from him being played by DT...or maybe i have that wrong too...)

Nope! You got it right! Jean-François Mercier is a character created by Alan Furst in his novel The Spies of Warsaw, but David played him in the BBC adaptation!

Originally posted by asdfdt

(me: *is ded*  #rip)

I personally prefer David’s version because I am both biased and in all honesty while I read and enjoyed the book, they are so different. Book!Mercier is about 10 years older than David and has 2 daughters and again is just…different.

Okay, so my headcanons about show!Mercier:

Originally posted by tenscupcake

(A Kitty.) (also, enjoy)

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I hate myself more than usual now

DoNt hAtE yOuRsElF

((Honestly if I was in that situation I’d be freaked out too. I mean I’m super nervous just sending a follow request to a guy on insta. But I’m sure he won’t label you as weird, memes are more common thing now. I mean my brother who is an ex-frat boy and is in law school now will spam me and my other brother memes )

Taylor Swift: Gets bullied for years nonstop, everyone says they hate her, people tell her to die bc they dont like her or her music, people say she does good things only for publicity, was sexually assaulted, was interrupted in her first vma speech and was basically told she didn’t deserve the award she got, was put in a music video with her nude wax figure in it without permission, was called the b word in a song against her will, was spammed with snake emojis because kim edited a video and showed her “agreeing” to the lyric she never even said she didn’t agree to since she was talking about the other one, was made into these terrible characters by the media, and the list goes on and on.

@taylorswift: :wait what did I do wrong”


anonymous asked:

Hi hi hi I'm the anon that asked for opinions and I love the stuff you said but I actually meant in general is it ok to spam you with question regarding little and big opinions or do you get annoyed by it? Like there's some small things I think would be fun to hear from you abt but I don't want to be bothersome

sure, i mean, im not articulate or anything im not leela or mandy, and i hate being negative about dnp, so dont expect me to be controversial at all.

but if u want to, sure.

          I  HATE  for my first post back on desktop to be about this, but its  very important  and something ill be putting in my rules since its apparently not common sense:  spamming me and liking every single thing i post  wont  get my attention, it  wont  make me want to check out your blog and most certainly  wont  make me want to follow you, it will just result in you being  BLOCKED,  because i don’t have the patience for that.