dont hate me either

noora left william in london without saying anything

just packed up and left without him knowing

the one thing he was terrified of

remember when he was scared of her leaving just bc she was going to get a glass of water 

because she left him without saying anything that night after the party in 2.03

we’ve come full circle y’all

Kiss It Better (Lams)

CHAPTER ONE: “Can You Kiss it Better?”

summary: They felt less like two individual people, and rather two hearts that beat in time with each other, bound to the same rhythm. And with such a calm and blissful future ahead of them, why not shake it up? Family isn’t a home, it isn’t making small talk over dinner. It’s love, the genuine kind that could rarely be found, and how lucky this family was to have found it in such an unlikely place.

word count: 3008

“Can you kiss it better?”

John Laurens tore himself away from his computer, eyes meeting the six year old’s helpless gaze. “I’m sorry?”

“Can you kiss it better?” she repeated in a small and shaky voice. Eyes flicking down to the floor, she continued, voice growing stronger as she carried on. “That’s what my daddy does when I get hurt. He kisses it better.”

Her eyes told no tales of sorrow, yet she looked up at him in such a manner that John felt as though his heart was being ripped from his chest. “Martha.” He knelt in front of the first grader and placed his hands on her trembling shoulders. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Martha kept her gaze fixed solely on the ground instead of looking at John. “I fell off the swing.”

“Did Theo push you?” John asked, keeping his voice soft and gentle in hopes that it would make her feel better. “I saw you arguing with him at lunch.”

“I…” Martha trailed off, biting her lip anxiously. She still refused to meet John’s gaze, keeping her eyes on anything but her teacher.

“What were you arguing about?” John waited for a few moments for her to answer, but no response came from the first grader. “Martha, I want to help you, but I can’t if I don’t know what happened.”

Her voice was barely a whisper as she finally spoke. “He doesn’t like me. He… he hates me.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t hate you,” John assured her, unable to fathom how someone could possible hate another person at six years old. “I know you’d probably rather not talk to me, but you’ve got to tell someone what happened. A friend, your mom-”

“I can’t tell anyone.” Martha’s eyes watered but John pretended not to notice. “Everyone will call me a tattletale. And besides, I don’t have a mom. That’s…” She stopped mid sentence, cheeks growing pink. “That’s why they don’t like me,” she finished quietly.

“Because you don’t have a mom?” John couldn’t quite fit the pieces together. “Trust me, Martha, you’re not the only kid at the school who hasn’t got a mom.”

“Yeah.” Martha bit back a sigh as if to directly tug at John’s heart. “But I’m the only one with two dads.”

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  • *ships a ship platonically because she really likes the way the ship feels that way*<br/>

😴📰📣 local soft taegi ho actually does bias selfie tag 📣📰😩


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When one of your followers goes ‘its nice to see art without Akechi for once’ as though he is featured every other time.

Like don’t reblog my posts if you are gonna hate on Goro. It’s the same as hating on Ann for me. It’s so simple but it feels like some people do it on purpose, which is just… so many things? Especially since I followed them for their FFXV and Promptis posts but yeah…

Now if people who I follow or am mutuals with do that, I will unfollow and block them just like anyone else who reblogs my posts and does that. Sorry but I did make myself clear on that in a prior post :D

Skinship with Astro

Masterlist: x


As you watched Astro performing, you of course kept your eyes on Jinwoo. He was your longtime friend after all.

“Alright the next song..” Jinwoo said as the Astro members walked toward the back of the stage and took a seat. This was something you haven’t seen them do in rehearsal before… 

Dongmin ran backstage and came back with a chair, putting it right in the middle of the stage then running back to the other members that were intently watching Jinwoo.

“The next song is to my lovely friend..” He annouced, his eyes darting directly to you. “Well she’s a girl. And she’s my friend.” He said staring, keeping intense eye contact. Your face turned red as he walked down the set of stairs on the side of the stage until he reached you.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked with his eyes shining under the stage lights. You could feel your face burning red hot, but you managed to nod your head. He pulled you into a big hug and led you on stage, rapping to you as you sat on the chair that was in the middle of the stage.

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do you guys like know how hard it is to cry everyday at 2 AM and in the high school bathroom

how hard it is to wake up every morning convincing yourself that someone’s gonna talk to you today

how it’s so hard to adjust to a new environment every single year

how it’s so hard convincing myself that i’m really doing fine

bc i do and im really tired

im so tired


i really thought 2017 was the year i set things right ykno? But it just keeps getting worse

nobody notices me in school due to past rumors

i’ve got no friends here

the people who i care about either replaced me with someone new, are far away from me, forgot about me, think i was a mistake

everywhere i go i’m really

to the point where i think that maybe i lost all purpose in life

maybe i exist for God to put a joke on

i’ve got my ma and pa, sure. but it just aint right. i feel real empty.

and i’m too much of a coward to kill myself. i’ve had thoughts, i had plans, and admittedly i’ve had attempts. but i haven’t managed accomplishing either one of them. i mean, look at me. i’m still here.

so i’m just waiting for some tragic accident to actually do the job for me ykno?

may it be a car crash, or a murderer, or a health condition. for all i care, i wouldn’t mind. i’d take it like how some would take opportunities.

bc i’m really tired sitting at the corner of the classroom, looking at the new students who already had friends. they didnt even make any effort, old students just approached them.

i’m really tired sitting at the lunch table w/ no one to talk to

so tired of actually losing friends here bc of my toxicity and stupidity and for being plain

i’m tired for being isolated and of people leaving me out in a lot of things

i’m tired adding up to my parents’ financial issues

tired of us being broke

and i’m really tired hoping for tomorrow to be a good day.

i’m closing all inboxes and submissions, i forbid any of you to message me because you’d all probably just say the usual bickeroo bullroar like:

“you’re still young, you still got life way ahead of you”

judging from my current predicament, i’d rather die right now than to live miserable for the next 20 years

and i swear to god if you say everything will be alright/fine/okay

just don’t. please. i’m tired believing it will be and look where it got me: full of false expectations.

and you know it hurts when the truth hits you hard

and my point for posting this publicly? for you all to be aware that i’m done. that i’ve had enough.

and besides you’d all treat this as if if were just a post to read and forget about the next day.

and i know most of you like reading everyone’s problems, rather, i think you enjoy reading ‘em.

so here. here’s an article from the newspaper’s entertainment section. indulge yourself w/ it.

it’s yours to enjoy


Anastasia and I roleplayed some Bully characters


If you hate Goro or any of the OTHER Phantom Thieves, don’t follow my blog.

Just don’t.

I’m getting tired of trying to reason with the haters or fans who ‘fan’ (is that even a thing?) too much like some do with Ryuji. 

I knew the fandom would be like this before the localized version of the game came out but it’s still sad to see what I expected to see: Goro getting hated/excluded despite what he did in the end and worse written characters (in my opinion) being adored beyond reason - and no, I don’t mean Ryuji or any of the other PT before anyone starts to argue. If you know me, you know which characters I mean. 

I wish this fandom didn’t hate any of the PT as they all suffered in similiar manners - some more so than others - but oh well… since they will always be there, the side characters will not be as per usual canon.

To me, hating Goro is the same as hating Ann - I just can’t see it.

Not when all of them could have been like Goro, even with Morgana there to guide them. It’s literally right there in canon during the final confrontation with Kamoshida. Assuming they are perfect and infailable while Goro isn’t just doesn’t go with what canon shows us (I shall leave it at this to avoid major spoilers)

I’m not too fond of Makoto myself, but you don’t see me reblogging posts about her and tagging or commenting hate on them. That’s all. Because I don’t hate her, for one. She just isn’t among my favorite members of the PT.

an open letter which you will not understand unless you are the intended recipient

i still think about you,
i write words and crumple the paper because they’re wrong
because how can i quantify something that is nothing
and everything that hides behind my eyelids

i dream about you
i wake up feeling small and weak
i feel hate that runs through me 
as if it has replaced my blood
but i don’t feel power

you are a broken record 
on repeat again and again
you are a shadow behind my memories
and my moments and the mountains and 
my shadow facing away from the sun
and into a river

only the memory wont float away
not to forget the little girl born 9 months after i left
you should have named her after me
it would have hurt more

know this, Chris
i really fucking hate you
i hope my memory haunts you 
when you see other 14 year old girls
just like i wont trust men with my secrets
because your silhouette surrounds them

and lastly, please, get out of my nightmares
stop being a pied-piper to my weak mind
what else is there to say
you’ll receive another letter next year



(more venting)