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The Inheritance Cycle: A Summary


Brom: Eragon, just listen to what I tell you. 

Eragon: No! I do what I want!

Saphira: Why did I chose this kid again?


Eragon: Aryaaaa! I love you! Look I’m in chronic pain all the time and I distract myself from the agony by staring at you, you’re so pretty why won’t you love me?!

Oromis: Eragon, focus. 



Eragon: I have to make important decisions now. Saphira helllllp

Saphira: Hang on, I’m busy killing things and admiring myself. Look, my scales sparkle!


Eragon: Who am I? What am I? What is my purpose? ahhhh

Glaedr: figure it out yourself, kid. 

Murtagh: And FINALLY we get to hear about what i’ve been up to all this time! 



the bad boy is back. after not seeing him for 6 months, you got a call, and it turns out you’re the only person who would bail him out of jail after he got arrested. you’ve somehow found yourself under his arm again and becoming just as corrupted as your convict boyfriend.

these are my faves okay

Radioactive - Diana

Somewhere in Neverland/She Looks So Perfect

Rock Me - Little Black Dress

Light Em Up - Midnight Memories

Rock Me - Word Up!

Six Feet Under The Stars - Heartache On The BIg Screen

Best Word Ever!

Rock Me - Better Together

Back For You - Diana

The City - Strong

Try Hard - Star Girl


Guys Im an idiot and I just learned how to source 

Anyway here’s some Yoko - Gurren Lagann 


Blood Drive

Adam watched too much Twilight. Annd the faces he makes at almost everything are wonderful. I make faces like those a lot. Like I’m confused, frustrated and disgusted all at once. Also, I bit my friend Jasmine on the leg at school once. Soo. Yeah.
I’m a bit sick and stuck at home. So I’ve only been watching Spooksville, Supernatural, Murder She Wrote, and Diagnosis Murder. So sorry for my flood of Spooksville posts. But not really.