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Signs as family members
  • Aries:Hyper over-dramatic toddler that wants to fight everyone
  • Taurus:Over protective dad that looks out for everyone (sometimes maybe a little too much)
  • Gemini:Oldest sibling that is moved out and taking care of themselves but still comes back to help the parents with the other siblings
  • Cancer:Mother of everyone that cares and looks out for them but can be moody and misunderstanding at times
  • Leo:Moody teenage daughter that needs a lot of attention and gets upset when she doesn't get it
  • Virgo:Younger brother that is very intelligent and tries to help as much as possible but usually gets ignored
  • Libra:Second oldest sibling that is very loving and chill and tries looks out for the younger ones
  • Scorpio:Step-mother that really tries to get the kids to like her but just doesn't quite know how to do it
  • Sagittarius:The aunt/uncle that no one really knows but they hear about and think they're cool at family reunions
  • Aquarius:The sweet old grandmother that really loves you but will tell you to shut up and sit down when needed and is pretty much constantly getting into little arguments about nothing
  • Pisces:Younger daughter that still follows their parent around pretty much constantly and is constantly looking to their parent for guidance
It's time for some MCR dick math
So I’m scrolling through my dash when I come across this pic:


One of the first things I notice is the Misfits shoes Mikey is wearing. This makes me think of this particular moment in an interview I watched a while ago:


In this gif Frank is addressing Gerard. This means that the Misfits shoes originally belong to Gerard yet they fit all three men.

Now this can mean one of two things, one being Frank has large feet for his stature. The other being Mikey and Gerard have small feet for their stature.

Its more likely that since the Way brothers are the almost the same height they both have the same regularly proportioned feet and Frank is the one with larger than average feet considering his size.

Now you have all heard the rumor that shoe size and the length of male genitalia correlate. Well that means that if you know the size of Gerard’s shoes you could find the rough length of all three of their dicks.

Being the curious individual that I am I googled this theory and found an equation.

H=(L+5)÷2 Where H=penis length cm and L= feet size cm

I then did extensive google research and found out that Gerard is a 9 1/2 mens. The length of a 9 1/2 mens shoe is 11 in or 27 cm. Plugging this into the formula and solving it you find the solution to be 16 cm or 6 in. 

Sadly this means that the boys are averagely endowed but it also means that Frank has the biggest dick in relation to his height  if you take into account how much smaller he his than Gerard and Mikey. 

It’s also a big ‘fuck you’ to all the fics that make Frank less endowed than Gerard or Mikey.

So yeah this is what happens when i stay up for 57 hours straight.