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How do u feel about Lena dragging Monel so hard that he's never coming back to the show lol

How do you feel about Kara telling Mon-El she loves him and giving him the one thing that reminds her of Krypton and her FAMILY - that necklace? MUAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAH REST IN PEACE, SUPERCORPSES.


WARNING FOR TAO SPOILERS: this is what everyone is calling homophobic btw, in case ya’ll were wondering… (for context: the reason emmie is upset there is not because they left the hunters)

this book is honestly lovely and has these older women who are absolutely in love. its incredible. having older lgb or t people in fiction is very important to me - i still dont see myself growing old, because im still fighting day and night not to end my own life. but the idea of growing old and being like these people, knowing that we exist, makes me very happy. but people wanna shit all over that because “ricks a homophobe!!” and “why dont we get young lesbians ???” 🙄 maybe its because rick is trying to write stories about people, not throw in token queers to look good like most peolle. consider that.

rick riordan is a straight, cis male. hes done everything he can to grow more and more inclusive in his stories and FUCK am i proud of him for that. he’s not perfect, people force 2 goddamned books out of him a year - you ever tried to write two books a year? theres gonna be some issues. but he works damned hard to make sure that every kid knows theyve got a place, makes sure every kid is represented even if they dont know yet that they’ll grow up to be like nico, or like emmie and josephine, or like alex fierro.

you can argue all you want that the no romance rule is homophobic, but as far as im concerned, rick saw that his “no boys!” rule was the one that was erasing wlw, so he changed it. he fixed his mistake. and im proud of him for that. because he keeps changing and fixing his mistakes and working to be a better person.

sorry this is so long im just. really worked up about this. im sorry the hunters of arte/mis isnt the lesbian smoochfest everyone wanted it to be, but in my eyes, rick saw his past mistake and went to turn it into a way of showing just how different ap/ollo and arte/mis are while including a story about two women who chose eachother over immortality - WHICH IS ROMANTIC AS FUCK. - will

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Is it bad to think that Sonia is such a hypocrite? Like? She says she doesn't deserve this? But? Does she think Clementine deserved it either? (Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Sonia and Elliot weren't together when he and Clementine did the do?)

I think you and the anon from earlier would get along great ;) hahaha. I agree with both of you, though! She is being a hypocrite, definitely. And she will eventually realize that, and think about the irony, etc. And tbh, their relationship was kinda funny like that– no they weren’t “together” in the traditional “will you be my steady girlfriend/boyfriend?” kinda way. they just were. if that makes sense? they were friends, sleeping together, and neither was with anyone else. but there was like an unspoken agreement that sleeping around wouldn’t be cool lol. They definitely got way more serious about things after the pregnancy news, tho.

Then, as @marley-v pointed out, there weren’t kids involved with the Clem situation. Doesn’t justify what he did to Clem at all, but I think the fact that he and Sonia created a life together, had children, etc. and were together way longer before he told her definitely changes things a bit! Granted, when he did it no one knew there were kids involved, but again, I think it’s mostly just a feeling of betrayal after you’ve spent sooo long with someone, and thinking one way about their past, to finding out the truth, and kinda being knocked on your ass about it.

tbh, i love y’alls commentary on my characters omg i put a lot of thought into their actions to make them as realistic as possible, and in my opinion, a lot of the times, in the moment, people have a tendency to make very bad, selfish decisions lol then regret them later. so they should be controversial ;)

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Let’s be real for a second in terms of like where this show is headed with regards to my favorite character (surprise it’s Lance jk no one is surprised)

Recently this tweet happened:

And some people are taking this really well and other people… not so much. Which makes sense since all of us have been like #thirstin for something more for Lance and have been met with a lotta nothing, but I think this tweet is actually a good thing.

So in this recent interview with Kimberly, Josh, and Jeremy, Jeremy basically says what he’s been saying since day 1 that’s been echoed by a lot of the other cast members and crew.

Basically: Lance will step up to the plate and he’ll become more of a leader and take on more responsibility but at the end of the day…




And when people ask for more about Lance in terms of his character, you don’t really hear much beyond this, which is exTRemEly frustrating but just hear me out.

It might not be this deep but I think it’d be cool if there’s a reason for the Voltron team being so adamant in the fact that “Lance is Lance.” And he will always be no matter what. This can go one of two ways.

1. Lance is Lance because he will always only be comic relief. 6 seasons of comic relief. That’s him. He’s Lance. A flirt. Cocky. Goofy. Sure he might have some moments like we’ve seen in S1 and S2 but for the most part he’s there to be the team goofball to make everyone laugh (or groan with frustration and annoyance)

Which is shitty and terrible and I will be so angry if this is what goes down but for now let’s move onto the MUCH BETTER option 2.

2. Lance does become a leader (maybe a co-leader? Right hand man? stays the Blue Paladin and just kinda steps up more? whatever) but no matter how tough things get, no matter how worn down the team is, no matter how hopeless the situation seems, Lance can still be Lance. And I don’t just mean he’s able to crack a joke at a tense time to lighten the mood, though that also is a part of it. I mean that he is able to keep a level head and calmly think things through even in chaotic or near impossible situations

That he is always concerned about the well-being of other and is willing to lay down his life for his friends (AKA PEOPLE HE JUST MET)

That he’s also not afraid to call out these friends when he thinks they are making a mistake (there seems to be a running theme with this one…..)

That he’s also appreciative of his friends and pays attention to their needs/wants and their strengths

And that he will always go down swinging

But maybe most importantly, and this is what I hope the Voltron team is trying to get at, Lance will never lose his joy and excitement and happy go-lucky demeanor. This is what makes him the Blue Paladin (and also why I think he would make a great Black Paladin but anyways….). He’s the glue of the team and this means more than just being the comic relief and making ill-timed jokes.

I really love the Lance that is able to start a weird space spore fight or wants to knit sweaters for Arusians. I love the Lance that enjoys doing a crazy dance while explaining their extremely dangerous plan to defeat Zarkon. I love the Lance that has fun coming up with wild ideas about what else could be locked up in Beta Traz. It’s not that he’s not taking his job as a Paladin seriously but rather that he is trying to take this crazy situation in stride as much as possible. We know that he can be worried, insecure, and lonely, but this never stops him from being who he is. He stumbles, loses confidence, regains it, and stands back up again ready to start swinging at the next asshole who decides to come for him and his friends.

Lance is adaptable just like water. He might come in different forms (serious, competitive, caring, homesick, flirtatious, etc) but at the end of the day it’s all of it is a part of who he is. He might need to get better at figuring out the appropriate timing of being leader Lance or flirty Lance, but it’s not like he has to lose the more immature part of him to become a more well-developed character.

So when people say “Lance will always be Lance,” I’m actually pretty fucking thankful. I’ve read some Langst where Lance becomes more “Keith-like” to cope with his insecurities which……. I’m conflicted about. I don’t think he needs to go as far as NOT be him in order for the team to learn to appreciate him more. So I think this affirmation from the staff that Lance will always be himself no matter what makes me believe that he will be what keeps the team together through the difficult and tumultuous times to come. That even despite his clear self-doubt he will be able to put the team and others first and maintain his role as the glue. That he will still manage to grow and change as a Paladin AND maintain the things that make him Lance.

There will be growing pains, of course, (I’m guessing a lot to do with Keith) but just because he’s insecure doesn’t make him weak. Lance doesn’t have to become more serious or stoic in order to be taken more seriously or be more “mature.” Then he wouldn’t be the Lance we know and love. He can withstand the challenges to come and develop as a character without sacrificing these integral parts of himself. He is capable of SO MUCH and I can’t wait for him to unlock the potential that was always there within him and makes him who he is.

Everything is temporary.


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.

Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> hi Keith your mullet is gross but you're good looking~<p/><b>Keith:</b> what in tarnation<p/><b>Lance:</b> ...<p/><b>Shiro:</b> don't worry I speak my lil bro's weird Texan he meant to say "what the hell"<p/><b>Lance:</b> that makes a lot more sense now...<p/></p>