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something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now


hazel in overalls from here for hyllax (or clarisse-larude idk which one she prefers). i rly like how her hair came out- i should use watercolors more often.

KiriBaku Week (2017)

Day 1

Prompt: Studying / Summer / Anger


The Sky is Blue, and Your Smile is Wonderful

Bakugou hums when he’s content.

This is what Kirishima learns as he cycles - barefoot because he’s weird like that, and he may or may not have dragged Bakugou into indulging his weirdness - towards the beach, Bakugou sitting behind him.

The day is peaceful, and only the songs of seagulls nearby can be heard. Until a soft humming reached Kirishima’s ears. The melody sounds foreign to him, but not the voice of the one humming. Kirishima turns back and sees Bakugou looking relaxed and peaceful; his eyes are closed and his blond hair is shining like golden strands under the rays of the sun. There is a gentle smile on his lips, and it’s wonderful. He looks… soft.

Kirishima wants to revel in this moment for as long as he can.

“What?” Bakugou suddenly asks, opening one of his eyes to stare at Kirishima.

“Nothing!” Kirishima says and laughs, turning his head to focus on the road again.

He hopes Bakugou will spend summer with him again.