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I have this new fixation and it’s called demon fairy Orion


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yelling @ the similarities between steve-and-bucky and keith-and-shiro 

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Hello! Do you have any Jikook fics I could read? Like anything as long as it's Jikook (even smut 👀)


Fics containing dat gud smut:

Like Fire, Like Stone by PinkBTS (hi i wont stop rec ing this fic heh)


Summary: “It is both a blessing And a curse To feel everything

So very deeply.”-David Jones


Parabatai are meant to be everything for each other…everything but the one thing Jeongguk wants the most.

Riptide by peppermint_wind


Summary: Jeon Jungkook is still just a kid when he sets out for Seoul. He knows about the tall buildings, the maze-like roadways, and dorm life he’s signed up for. He expects the difficulties of being a trainee, finds it in the holes of his worn out dance shoes and countless sleepless nights. But what he doesn’t expect, could never expect, is meeting Park Jimin.It’s then Jungkook realizes that there’s more to learn in Seoul than dance choreographies: about growing up, falling in love, and about himself. A three year story [2013-2016] of coming together, breaking apart, and putting each other back together again. Jeon Jungkook learns about change, growing up, and the hardships of falling in love with a friend.

All of you all of me by heyhosam


Summary: Jungkook felt secure and protected with Jimin, like he could let himself get loose and open up to him without being judged.

longing: a yearning desire by NaHe


Summary: The first words a person’s soulmate will say to them appears on their left wrist on the day of their 18th birthday. Unless, of course, their soulmate has passed away.

Jungkook was a 21 year old with a blank wrist.

There is sun and spring and green forever by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)


Summary: Jimin might have finally found someone who’s perfect for him, who can give him whatever he needs and then some. The problem being, maybe Jimin isn’t sure just what that is.


“Well—will I see you again?”Jimin tugged on the hem of his shirt, unintentionally exposing his shoulder; the bite mark Jungkook had left on him was just visible in the orange glow of the streetlights. “Please,” he answered.

 If You Wanna Go To Heaven (You Should Fuck Me Tonight) by TrappingLightningBugs


Summary: They mark a trade; Jimin’s soul for Jeongguk’s body, till death does the hunter get dragged down to Hell. Those are the conditions.

Or well, they’re supposed to be.

throwing rocks in frozen rivers by busan_brat


Summary: For a while, Jimin and Jungkook have been building bridges just to watch them go up in flames.

Maybe the time to start rebuilding them has come.

(Alt. Jungkook sees Jimin for who he really is when nobody else does.)

Dream maker by graesun and Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita)


Summary: Oh, dream maker, you heartbreaker / wherever you’re going, I’m going your way.

Several days in the lives of Jimin and Jungkook living off instant ramen and lots of kisses.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie) by mindheist


Summary: You know those people who say technology is driving people apart? Yeah, fuck them.

As You Are by jonghyunslisterine


Summary: Jungkook’s looking for a model for his Shibari exhibition. Jimin just needs some money.

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk


Summary: Jungkook accidentally fires his skateboard through the window of a dance studio.

Thirst by pinkmonnie


Summary: “Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human.”

Jungkook has successfully kept his condition under control for many years, until a certain someone’s scent suddenly becomes too overwhelming for him to ignore.

As he begins to lose the firm grip he has on his instincts, the safe and happy world he has built for himself with Bangtan begins to crumble, and he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to keep it together.

Fics not containing smut:

After Hours by pinkmonnie


Summary: Jimin has been working at the same place for three years, watching as the world around him moves along in a busy hype. Although he enjoys certain aspects of his job, particularly since Min Yoongi became his manager, over time he gradually felt the usual rhythm begin to weigh him down.

Taehyung, his closest friend, comes to Gwanghwamun Starbucks for two reasons - free drinks or food if he’s feeling peckish, and to stare at Yoongi with a lump in his throat.

One night, Taehyung brings along a new friend.

The On Patrol series by Ragi

The Bet by jonghyunslisterine


Summary: Where Jeon Jungkook makes a bet that he can get the notoriously single Park Jimin to sleep with him by the end of the semester.

Needless to say, things don’t go exactly as planned.

sugar, we’re going down swinging by aborescent


Summary: modernsherlock!au - The first time Jeon Jungkook meets Park Jimin, the other boy is dissecting what looks like a penis.

A world for two by Huilen


Summary:  Jungkook is 23 years old, he studies economics and has a part-time job twice a week.
Jimin is 26 years old and has just started working in the office.
They are two very different people and are certainly not destined to be together. However they have one thing in common: they are both zeros.
In a world of soulmates there’s no space for lonely souls.
(soulmate au)

Hope you have fun reading these!! enjoy ;) 

If i could recommend a book to everyone would be any book in this series 📖🌿
~ I have had this book since i was 16; i had just learned a little about LOA & wanted to learn more on my own terms. On my 16th birthday my father came home with this book (i did not tell him about my newest interest) he said “i saw it & had an urge to buy it for you” at this point in my life i was not a reader, you would never see me read a book unless it was for school so it was odd for my father to buy me a ‘book'🙈 but once i realized what book it was i was utterly amazed & shocked. This was my very first experience with The Law of Attraction & I have been educating myself & believing ever since 🙏

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Some people say that fairies are dangerous and want to kill humans. What do you think?

Uh, yeah.

Fae are REALLY dangerous.

I should probably put more warnings on my posts. Because even though I work closely with fae, I discourage people (ESPECIALLY beginners) from working with them.

Fae are unpredictable, ruthless, and don’t give a shit about human rules. They expect humans to abide by their rules, and if you don’t follow them? You’re fucked.

They don’t necessarily want to kill humans on sight, but they really don’t value human life either.

Happy #1971st and #1972nd days of the fandom, folks!

In celebration I drew some Once-ler!! Good ol Once-ler.

I’ve had the *board palm* idea since 2012 and I finally did it some justice with my new and improved 2017 art skill!!!

We also get the Lorax in on this cause he’s important. I like his floppy mustache.