dont go where i can't follow

kidgecko  asked:

okay but??? what was the point of that episode??? i guess i can't judge it until i see the rest of the season and where they're going with this but all they did was make marco 31?? and they seem to want to follow up on that based on that scene where they dont remember their password? What the hell svtfoe why wouldyou want them to be 31

  • New Scissors
  • Heckapoo Development
  • They just really wanted to do a Mad Max AU.
  • Marco now knows how to sword fight.
Two Men and Half an Angel (2)

“Please, God, make it stop.” Dean mock-prayed as little Cas kept shifting on his lap. Every now and then a knee or a foot would dig into his skin and make him wince.

Cas let out a soft pathetic cough before finally settling with his head nestled on Dean’s shoulder. “Make it stop hurting, Dean.”

“I wish I could, buddy.” Dean rubbed his palm in comforting circles along Cas’ back. “You took your medicine so it shouldn’t be too much longer before it starts to work.” If it worked, Dean thought as he stared down at the baby angel now clinging to his shirt against the cold sweats. Of all the luck in the world Cas just had to get sick when he was a child.

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RinHaruWeek Day 5 - Don't go where I can't follow

boysoil  asked:

I can't believe this but I started a web comic... Do u have any tips?

omg! the biggest tip is when u start out dont go too crazy with the paneling. keep it simple and easy to follow and make sure the eye flows where its supposed to. the more you know exactly which speech bubble to read next and which panel to go to the better! 

see how easy this is to read? your eye flows along with the action and even the cape pulling in that whitespace draws your eye to the right which brings more emphasis to the punch.

this is a great example of an easy to follow dialogue sequence. the word bubbles are well placed and you always know which panel is next.

paneling out a sequence without dialogue has to have jumps that make sense. like if spiderman had con from taking off his helmet to putting on his mask it would have been very confusing. this is just a a beautiful sequence with great use of black contrast

when you get the hang of it than you can explore more complicated panel designs. like of the BEST paneling i’ve seen is in all new hawkeye

plus wow color scheme is always great. If you want to see some more amazing color schemes and paneling i suggest deadly class

I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THAT- also see the tilted panels? gives a great sense of movement and dynamics. i suggest to not overuse these. they can be pretty disorientating if you’re just reading a dialogue sequence.



small for fast sequences! 

full 2 page spreads for big reveals and impactful scenes !! 

and those are my main tips! read lots of comics. get inspired and have fun!