dont go to strangers

he said he wants to know me, that he is not the kind to leave but I’ve met liars before they were liars and I don’t give my trust to them until it is broken

I will tell you all my secrets if you are

not careful. I will open the birdcage in the dark

corner of my home 

but nothing will fly out. The birds whisper

about my easy afflictions

but they do not know the way my heart

was never made to be whole. They do not understand

how sometimes falling apart is the only thing that

keeps me alive. Maybe it is a disease

but I love the pain of seeing 

shadows after sticks and stones leave imprints in my mattress.

I like telling my secrets to the

men who run away the fastest, at least they will

fly, at least they are not

trapped in their own homes. I want to know you

before you disappear. I know you will leave, but I want

 something to stay.

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Don’t go to Strangers - Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller, Jools Holland Hootenanny 2006


All I’m saying.


a beautiful song…………..

the smallest hater

“Build your dreams to the stars above,
but when you need someone to love,
don’t go to strangers, darling, come to me

Play with fire till your fingers burn,
and when there’s no place for you to turn,
don’t go to strangers, darling, come to me

For, when you hear a call to follow your heart,
you’ll follow your heart I know,
I’ve been through it all, for I’m an old hand,
And I’ll understand if you go

Make your mark for your friends to see,
But when you need more than company,
Don’t go to strangers, darling, come to me”

i see a lot of nice posts about people bonding with strangers over pokemon go but im like…. dont look at me i dont exist im just here to catch pokemon and get items lol


i got tagged in the 6 selfies ting by the always wonderful borst-behavior & yeezusplease

i aint really take too many pictures of myself cause image permanence is a lie and im not good at taking selfies with my phone

but yall should take the continued opportunity that is ur life to share more things that u love in the form of photographs with other people… im very much hoping that all of u can say that ur self image is something u love and if not then maybe it will be one day soon

either way go off every day n dont be strangers to eachother