dont go into the medical room

Im ok please dont worry for me

Hi guys I’m ok I was just hospitalized against my will and will be for a while. My family wants me not living with them anymore and I cant go home after this and I dont know how long Thst will last…….. Im alive though and miss all of you its been pretty miserable here they put me in a room with only a Matress (which I’m out of now thank goodness!!!) and scary cameras and forced me to take medication that’s still making me really sleepy and giving me headaches and were like well if you don’t take it we will inject it!and nobody is letting me gp home like I’ve said after this my family is putting me in a home so when I get discharged I’ll only be able to be online during the weekends when I go home to visit……my mom gave me her phone to write this I love you all and are keeping you in my hearts this is just a trial I have to go through to strengthen my spirit. I love you all so so much

I ain’t dead, but not alive either

And still wont be

And I havent been able to even check any updates with anything

But I’m trying


Not really

Not at all

But no worries, right?

(Ok no, alot of worry has gotten to me)

All I have been doing is sleeping, drawing and scratching up my old CDs

Pregnancy Survey About You


Name? Kylie


Age? 19


Height? 5'4 or 5'5 been a while since I’ve got measured haha.


Hair Colour? Brown


Eye Colour? Hazel



About Your Pregnancy


Is this your first pregnancy? Yes


When did you find out you were pregnant? Probably February..


Was it planned? No…not really. Haha


What was your first reaction? The feeling of denial.


Who was with you when you found out? No one.


Who was the first person you told? My sister in law.


How did your parents react? Like every other young adults parents would..but after it all they were happy and supportive.


How far along are you? 35 weeks and 6 days.


What was your first symptom? I can’t remember. ..probaly some slight fatigue.


What is your due date? September 16


Do you know the sex of the baby? Yes :)


If so, what is it? Boy :) :)


Have you picked out names? Yes yes yes.


If so, what are they? His name is Ismael Giovanni Retana.


How much weight have you gained? Last time i checked it was 18 or 19 pounds.


Do you have stretch marks? Yes i just recently got some on my left side.


Have you felt the baby move? Oh yessssssss.


Have you heard the heartbeat? Plenty of times.



About the birth


Will you keep the baby? Yessss!


Home or hospital birth? Hospital


Natural or medicated birth? I am going to try natural. I wont know until that day if I am going to go with the epidural or not.


Who will be in the delivery room with you? Probaly just his daddy.


Will you breastfeed? Unless I die ..yes


Do you think youll need a c-section? I dont think so..i mean i hope not. Whatever gets him out the safest though.


Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? I dont cry a lot but he might make me.


What is the first thing you might say to him/her? I love you.


Would you let someone videotape the birth? No way haha.


Are you excited about the birth, or scared? Depends the day… But mostly excited!


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GOM+Kagami +takao finding out their s/o has insomnia

Akashi -

“Insomnia? is it cureable? I’ll get you any medical treatment that you’ll need.” “Ah don’t worry Akashi-san… I have medications to help me sleep…“

[the next day]

“Akashi-san…? What are all these stuffed animals doing here?”

“I thought that they would help you sleep better. Here, do you like this bear?” Akashi pointed out.

“OUAAA! Its so big! Thank you!~” Akashi’s s/o squealed as she hugged Akashi tightly.

“My pleasure.” Akashi smiled.

Midorima -

“……. So to sum it up Midorima… I have insomnia. And i can’t sleep well at nights.”

“I see.” Midorima nodded as he pushed his glasses up.

“Yup. I have to go now. Bye~” Midorima’s s/o gave a quick kiss on his cheek and left from their study date.

(The next day) *DING DONG*

“Oh s/o, you came quicker than i expected. Come in.”

“Okay thanks.” Midorima’s s/o said as she entered his room.

“WHOA Midorima…? What are all these books doing here?” Piles and piles of books were all scattered in Midorima’s room.

“For… Personal use. I wanted to learn more about insomnia… To see if i could be of any help.” Midorima said as he looked down, a bit embarrassed. His ears turned pink.

“Awww that’s so sweet! Did you research insomnia just for me? Thank you~” Midorima’s s/o said as she touched her heart.

  Kise -

“INSOMNIA?!?! ____-CCHI! ARE YOU GOING TO DIE?! DONT DIE!” Kise wailed as he clung unto his s/o.

“Dont worry Kise-kun. It’s just that i cant sleep easily and i take medications.”

“CANT SLEEP?! My poor s/o…” Kise cried out. “I GOT IT. Let’s have a sleepover!”

“A sleepover…?”

“Yup! And i’ll stay by your side till you fall asleep!” Kise smiled widely.

[at s/o’s room] [night]

Kise’s eyes felt heavy as he slowly drifted to sleep. “NO! I can’t sleep till my s/o sleeps first!” Kise’s eyes fired up in determination.

{5 minutes later}

“ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz….” Soft snoring was heard from Kise as he finally slept.

“Thank you for staying up with me Kise-kun. You’re the best.” Kise’s s/o whispered as she kissed Kise’s forehead and fell asleep.

  Murasakibara -

[After two hours of trying to explain insomnia to Murasakibara… He just didnt get it so his s/o finally gave up]

*munch munch*

“Okay ____-chin. I have found a solution. Wanna hear it?”

“Yea?” Muk-kun’s s/o questioned.

“I’ll just stay up with you all night. Together, so you won’t feel lonely…”

[at night]

  “Muk-kun? It’s okay to sleep if you’re tired you know…”

*munch munch*

“No it’s fine. I can stay up and eat all this snacks. Want one?” Murasakibara passed his bag of potato chips to his s/o.

“Thank you… For doing this for me.” Murasakibara’s s/o peered down in embarrassment.

“No problem _____-chin. I would do anything just for you.” Murasakibara said as he patted his s/o’s head.

  Aomine -

  *Ding Dong*

“Huh? I wonder who it is…” Aomine’s s/o wondered out loud.

“Yo… Gosh it’s so cold out here. Let me in!” Aomine scampered inside to the warmth.

  “Whats up with you? Coming over so late?” Aomine’s s/o asked.

“Nothin much. Just wanted to… You know hang around.” Aomine said as he walked into his s/o’s room.

“Care to join me?” Aomine said as he laid on his s/o’s bed.

“You know I can’t sleep Aomine… I have insomnia.” Aomine’s s/o said as she crawled into Aomine’s arms.

“It’s fine… We can just cuddle like this till morning.” Aomine whispered.

“Don’t tell me this was why you came here…”

“Maaaaaybe…” Aomine muttered, clearly embarrassed. His face blushing madly.

“Kawaii~ (cute~)” Aomine’s s/o thought to herself.


{at Kagami’s room}

“INSOMNIA??????? What’s that? ARE YOU OKAY? HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP??“ Kagami panicked.

“Yes dont worry about it Bakagami… Its just that i cant sleep well at night and i need medications.” Kagami’s s/o patted Kagami’s head gently.

“Still….” Kagami was worried.

“Im finee. Just a little bit tired.” Kagami’s s/o yawned.

“Come over here ____.” Kagami said as he pushed his s/o’s head to his lap.

“Huh?” His s/o said confused.

“Sleep.” Kagami commanded, his face completely red in embarrassment.

“So sweet~ thank you.” Kagami’s s/o said as she put her hands on Kagami’s cheeks and kissed him on the lips.

“Wha-….!!” Kagami was left completely speechless as his s/o laid comfortably on his lap.

  Takao -

{At the hospital}

“Baby~ Your prince charming Takao has clme to save you!~”

“Hahahhahahahahahha~ well thank you for picking me up… prince Takao-kun.”

“Shall we go home?” Takao held his arm out for his s/o. And his s/o took it.

“We shall.”

{At Takao’s house}

“Hey Takao? I’m hungry. Could you make me some food?”

“Yes my love, i’m going.” Takao said as he walked into the kitchen. His s/o followed.

 “So… _____, how was the checkup? Your insomnia… Did you get your medications?”

“Um, yea i did. And they will help me sleep.”

“Be careful with the amount and dont take too much.”

“Yea okay. Thanks for worrying.” His s/o said as she walked up to Takao and gave him a back hug.

 “Dont worry about me too much Takao-kun. You have the basketball championship to worry about no?”

“Nope, my ____-chan is waaaaaaaay more important!” Takao said as he turned around and gave a big hug to his lovely s/o. “Dont keep your pain to yourself _____-chan. I’ll always be here for you. Okay?” Takao whispered as he gave a quick kiss on his s/o’s lips.

“I love you~”

“I love you more~”

“No, I love you most~”

  -Admin Sae ^-^

Anon? Did i do a decent job?? I hope i did haha. This was a fun ask. After writing, I reread it and found it kinda cheesy. I hope it wasn’t too weird for ya. Hope you guys like it! :)

He forgets your birthday Calum Imagine

words: 1127

I woke up today with a note next to me from Calum. 

At the studio see you soon :)

 Of course I thought nothing of it, “Maybe he’s going to surprise me later.” I thought. I got up and made myself breakfast, as I was about to eat, I got a call from y/f/n. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” she blasted through the speaker. “Shit y/f/n you scared me, you could have made me deaf.” I laughed. “So what are we doing tonight.” I thought about for a while. “Lets just go to a club.” I shrugged. “Yes! Lets do it! What time?” “Uh maybe 11 pm.” I said. “Great see you later!” she yelled before hanging up. Everyone of my friends and family wished me a birthday, but Calum never said anything, I didn’t want to jump into conclusions so I shrugged it off.

A couple of hours of shopping with Alice, I got a call from Michael. “Hello Mikey!” I said. “Happy birthday y/n!” he screamed, I heard Luke and Ashton saying happy birthday in the background.I chuckled. “Thanks, you guys are so sweet. I would love to stay and chat but I’m shopping with my friend.” “Okay! Have fun!” Michael said in a girly voice before hanging up. I couldn’t help but frown a little bit, did Calum really forget my birthday? “What’s wrong y/n.” Alice asked. “I think Calum forgot my birthday.” I said irritated. “No way I don’t think so.” “Well all the boys said happy birthday and I didn’t hear anything from Calum.” I half yelled. “Y/n chill were in public.” she pointed out. I scoffed and continued shopping.

When I got home, I got a text from Calum.

Hey babe, were done with today, the boys and I are going out for a drink, love you!

I was officially mad. I threw my phone on the couch and screamed. We have been dating for two years and he forgets my birthday! It was 10:08 pm so I decided to get ready for tonight with y/f/n. “I’m having fun without him.” I muttered to myself. I sat on the couch waiting for the time to go by so I could hang with y/f/n. I heard the door open. “Hey babe I’m home.” he yelled. I sat on the couch texting some friends. I didn’t want to talk to him. “Hey-oh why are dressed so nicely.” he smirked. He came to sit next to me and give me a hug. “Dont fucking touch me.” I angered. He gave me confused look. “Babe why are you mad?” he questioned. I was beyond pissed, he really did forget my birthday. “Oh maybe because my idiot boyfriend forgot my birthday!” I yelled. “Shit! I’m so sorry. I-I will make it up to you I-” “Save it Calum-I don’t understand how YOU can forget my birthday, even the boys said happy birthday.” “Babe calm down.” he said. Did he just tell me to calm down! “DONT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY JACKASS!” I yelled. I walked over to the table and grabbed my purse. “Where are you going?” “Out.” I said shutting the door on my way out.

“He really forgot your birthday.” y/f/n yelled over the music. I scoffed “Yea, its what ever, I can have fun without him.” I took my third shot and set it on the table. “Lets dance!” I slurred. After a while, y/f/n said I should go home because I was “too drunk.” “C’mon y/n lets go!” she said. “No-I-I want to have more fun.” I heavily slurred. “I think you had enough fun for tonight.” she said irritated. “God I hate it when you’re drunk.” she scoffed. “Noooo you loovvee me!” I giggled. She rolled he eyes and put me in the car. “I’m driving you home.” “NOO whyyy!” I yelled. “Oh my god y/n be quiet!” I looked at her and kissed her on the cheek. “You loovvee meee!” I giggled. “Yea unfortunately.” y/f/n laughed.

When we got home, I opened the door and tripped on the ground. “Ahhh fuck!” I yelled. Y/f/n came over and picked me up of. “You’re a jackass.” she laughed. “C’mon y/n lets go.” I walked slowly as I had my arm around her shoulder. “Where are your keys.” “Uhhhh in my purse I think.” I slurred. As y/f/n open the door, she saw Calum was on the couch watching TV. “C’mon y/n lets go to sleep.” she said. “NOO I want to go ouutt.” I hiccuped. Calum looked at y/f/n. “Uhh do you need help?” he asked. “I think I’m good.” she smiled. “Lets goo y/n!” she yelled as she dragged me to the bed. “I hate you.” I hiccuped. “Love you too y/n.” she said as she set me on the bed. “There you go.” she sighed. “I’m going to get some pain killers for you, man you’re going to have a major hangover.” she laughed as she walked away.

As y/f/n walked to the kitchen she looked at Calum, he looked miserable. “Hey are you okay?” “I really screwed up.” he sighed putting his hands on his face. “I know, but you can make it up to her you know.” she said sincerely. “Yea I will, I just feel so bad.” y/f/n got the pain medication and a glass of water, “Dont worry about it Calum.” she said before walking to the room and setting it on the nightstand. “Well, I’m going to head out, good luck.” she said. “Thanks for bringing her home.” “It’s the least I could do.” she said before she left.

The next morning, I woke up with a huge headache. “Ahh fuck.” I said rubbing my head. I looked over and saw medication. After I took it, I took a shower, put on Calum’s shirt and sweat pants, then headed to the living room. I was still mad at Calum for yesterday. Two hours later, I got a text from him.

Hey, I’m coming home early…

I rolled my eyes and continued to watch TV. “I’m home.” he said. I looked at him, he was holding a boutique of my favorite flowers and favorite chocolate. “Y/n I am really sorry, I-I lost track of time and I know that’s not a good excuse but I am really sorry babe.” I couldnt help but smile a little. “That’s okay Cal.” I walked over to him and kissed him. I put my head on his chest. “Sorry for overreacting.” “No-it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have told you to calm down, I know this day was important to you, I love you y/n.” “I love you too Cal.” I said kissing him. He patted my butt. “Get ready, I’m taking you somewhere special.” he winked. I quickly kissed his cheek before heading to the room changing.

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EXO (beakhyun, chanyeol, sehun) Reaction to you having a bad fever  {Requested}

Anon asked: Can you please do an exo (baekhyun, chanyeol, and sehun) reaction to you being very sick and having a bad fever? Thank you! 

// yay! my first request. ill do my best on this one ;). Thank you for submitting this. Feel free to submit more! 

Baekhyun: Oh he would be very worried about you when he heard that you were having a bad fever. He would immediantly come to you and give you medicine and take care of you. Being the mood maker, he would make jokes to make you laugh a bit. While on schedules, he would think about you very much if you were doing well and sometimes would ignore his members and not talk as much.

*Thinking* i hope she’s okay..

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chanyeol: Once he got to you, he will immediantly ask you questions on what happened that made you sick or where the pain was hurting. He will turn into serious-chan mode and will be strict on you. Similiar to baekhyun, seeing you having a runny nose and coughing, he will try to make you giggle by making faces. He’s the type to also text you every 5 minutes whenever he isnt around you. He will make sure that you eat, take medicine, and sleep so that when you get better, he will attack you with hugs and kisses. 

“i’ll take the fever away, dont worry jagi”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Sehun: This boy would get surprised and very upset/worried that you got sick. He would come in your room with medical kit and stuff that were useless. He would get to the point where he would ask you if you needed to go to the hospital. i think he would also be the type where he would try to beg his manager to let him stay with you and take care of you. If he did stay with you, he would always look at you and stay by your side, getting anything that you needed. While you were sleeping, he would go online and look up the best treatments to the fever and what/what not to do.

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HAPPY 2014 GUYS! (PLEASE READ) Wow, 2013 was just crazy.  It had a lot of ups and downs and to be completely honest I’m pretty happy its over and we can move on from it and start a new year.  I really wanted to do this Follow Forever first of all because I’ve never done one and I figured it was time, but also because I think this is my last week on here for a while.  Let me explain why.  This year I was diagnosed with whats called Chiari Malformation, which is where the cerebellum (bottom of your brain) sits too low into the spinal column causing a lot of pressure. The pressure causes a lot of severe symptoms that I have been experiencing for years but are gradually getting worse and more frequent over time.  These include migraines, dizziness, burred vision, back/ neck aches, nausea etc.  We’ve tried taking care of it all with medication but so far, no luck.  So getting back to the topic of my absence from Tumblr.. On Friday, Jan 17. I will be getting brain surgery to hopefully end the symptoms I’ve been battling for so long.  I will be in the ICU for two days after the surgery, then a regular hospital room for a few days after that.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go on tumblr during my recovery time (5-6 weeks) but I’ll do my best (bc i dont know how ill survive without it tbh). BUT ANYWAYS BACK TO THE FOLLOW FOREVER. THESE ARE SOME PEOPLE I LOVE TO DEATH AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM. I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON AND I HOPE 2014 IS A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR YOU :) BYEEE ♡

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I say I’m scared that season 2 is going to have a Toby Curtis breakdown but let’s be honest I am so ready. Gimme Toby explaining that narcissists actually hate themselves and how he couldn’t save his mom and that he needs to self medicate to stay sane and then just full on sobbing once he thinks everyone’s out of the room but Happy walks up and let’s him cry on her and I JUST

Why do I insist on hurting like this I DONT KNOW

Snapshot 1

It felt like you had been waiting for ages, and you had. But once the pain began, you wished that you had a little more time. Besides, your baby wasnt due for another 3 weeks. Terror ran through you, wondering if it was going to be alright. You gasped in at the feeling of the contraction. Holding onto your stomach, and the counter beside you. The knife you had been chopping vegetables with dropped to the ground. Blinking quickly as though that would clear your head any. But the signals of pain were still coming. 

You could hear silence from the next room over where Tom had been running his lines just moment before. Hearing his voice was only a small comfort “Darling, are you alright?” There was a fer in his voice. He knew the due date. You were early. His fears were confirmed when he stood in the doorway, looking at you for only a moment before his natural instinct to sooth jumped in. He practically leapt forward, one hand around your waist as he guided you to the table, pulling out a chair and sitting you down. Tom knelt infront of you, between your legs, his hands on your hips as you breathed deep, shagged breaths. His eyes trained on yours, waiting to see if you couldnt handle it. His fingers were moving in supposed soothing circles, but were clearly trembling. Your face contracted along with your thighs and stomach, a final shudder running through you as the contraction ended. Now your breaths were slow, and calming. 

“One down” He whispered, an empathetic, and helpless smile on his lips. “Darling tell me what to do, how can i help?” He had been to the parenting classes. He should know what to do! You suppressed your clearly irrational, and hormonal anger, telling yourself that he was in more shock than you. He could do nothing to help. “Bring me to the bedroom” You murmured, thinking that if you could lay down, then it might feel better. You managed to get to the bed without any pain, but your insides were quivering, just waiting for the pain to return as you knew it was inevitable to. But laying down made everything worse, and the moment your head hit the pillow, you popped back up again as the next surge came. Opening your mouth in an audible groan this time. Bending yourself as far in half as you possibly could, Feeling like you were trying to crap out, well… a baby!

Tom looked clearly frightened at this point, but stood back, unknowing of how to help “Bend me over” You muttered. He supported you as you stood, leaning your hips against the bed, your stomach flat, grabbing a pillow to keep your chest on the same level. Tom stood behind you, rubbing your back gently. It felt good as the pain came in its waves. 

Two more hours of this, and you were done. Your parents had been informed, but were not scheduled to come for another week. And with the storms, there was no way they could make it to London in time for the delivery. Your mother had whispered comforting words, but they just didnt seem like enough at the moment. So for the first time, you shouted at Tom “Get me a taxi. I need to get to the bloody hospital!” He snapped right to it, you watched, facing sideways as he grabbed his cellphone, calling 999. You sighed. You had discussed this earlier. Ambulances would only add to the medical bills, and being the penny pincher you were, together you had decided a cab was cheaper. When Tom saw your look, his shoulders sagged, looking like a wounded puppy. ” (Y/N) You are in labour, im not having my wife give birth in a cab, at least an ambulance will get us there faster”

And it did. But the pain didnt lessen. Tom held tight to your hand despite the Paramedics asking him to let go. A soft chuckle escaped your lips at the sight of his fingers. They were slightly purple, but when you went to release him, he only held on tighter, a grim look on his already paled face. He brought his lips to your forehead and laid several soft kisses on it before murmuring in your ear “Dont let go, whatever you do, dont let go” You nodded, but couldnt bear to speak as the pain worsened. 

When you arrived at the hospital, Tom followed in, ignoring any and all medical personal, and following you straight into your delivery room. The doctor informed you that it wouldnt be long, and if you wished for an epidural, now would be the time. Tom answered for you, his voice cracking as he barked out the order “Yes! Cant you see how much pain she is in!” You patted his hand, nodding at the doctor who still looked to you for confirmation. He raced out of the room, shouting down the hall for the anesthesiologist. Several minutes later, you could feel it. The medication numbing everything south. When the doctor asked “Can you feel this?” Your tired response was “Feel what?” Tom smiled again once you had laid down, sitting beside your bed, his hand still clutched in yours. You gestured for him to come closer, and he did, whispering in his ear “Hey Tom… I think were about to have a baby”

His laugh was the calm you needed, his dewey eyes on yours as he leaned down to kiss your lips “Yes my love, i think we are.” Half an hour later, it was time. Time to push. Luckily you couldnt feel a thing, only pressure as you watched withe mixed horror and awe as your daughter popped right out of your body. Tears in both your and Tom’s eyes when they handed her to you, and he stroked her cheek tenderly with his index finger whispering “Well hello there little one” Her tiny hand reached out towards him, and he caught it. Her fingers wrapping barely half way around his finger.

And you watched him fall in love.