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it is a sad day for the mom/dad off. daisy, jemma, and yoyo have lost all their favorite contenders to the framework. coulson, may, mace, dadcliffe, even surprise dad!mack. all gone. all living in a fantasy world. there is no parent left to challenge aida’s tyrannical rule. things seem hopeless. it’s all over, aida won.

and then, suddenly, they remember…..

talbot is still out there

I went like, 2 or three days without washing my face or brushing my teeth. My sleep has been crap. I haven’t been exercising and my eating, while under my TDEE, hasn’t been too great either.

I think the biggest thing to fix is going to be my sleep. When I’m tired, everything is harder and I don’t want to do anything. So I think I need to make it a goal to be in bed by 11:30 every night, at least for a little while. Once or twice a week going to half past midnight isn’t that bad, but I stayed up til 1:30 am when I needed to go to work the next day and I just can’t be doing that.

So tonight I did my face routine, brushed my teeth, am doing a face mask, and will be taking a melatonin and going to bed at like 10. Because it’s good for me.

flameboivaldez  asked:

What cons do you plan to set up a booth in? Cause I will friggin buy your art I swear

I’ll be selling at the Hello World con this March 5 ;) it’s technically an over 18 event but minors can still attend as long as there’s a guardian :)

i think my family might get a cat??? theres this sweetie boy named Al thats been up for adoption for a little while at petsmart and my dad, who normally doesnt like cats, is in LOVE with him, and me and my youngest brother are too

i think my parents are seriously considering adopting him and i really hope we dooooo

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Zeref is a shit and trash character. Pathetic emo fails as a villian and is dull looking.

      First of all, his appearance is one of my favorites in the whole series. That said, let’s get started. You call him a pathetic emo, but if your whole family got killed, and you were left alone, then you got cursed to kill everything you love or care, would you be the most cheerful and optimistic person of all? If so, then there is something very wrong with you.– Zeref has fought alone for hundreds of years to keep the curse that was in him away from anything that had life, (any single form of life) and even after 400 years killing everything that appears in front of him, he still cares. You think this is the nature of a bad person? Why is his curse so strong? Because he loves too much. He cares too much, and he treasure life most than anyone. Zeref is a bad villain? Does he fail? Well, first of all, Zeref never wanted to be a villain. That was not his choice. He did not wake up and said, “I’m going to start killing everyone now because I want to.” This was imposed on him, imposed because he tried to revive the brother who had died very early. He could not accept it because he loved his brother so much. That is why he was cursed eternity surrounded by death. Natsu is the reason. And even after all this, he kept trying to get rid of the curse that was in him. He tried everything, to the point of creating demons only to kill him. These demons killed innocents? Yes, but it was not by his command, it was a consequence of a desperate act. I’m not saying that Zeref is a good person or an angel. He is not. At that moment he is being as bad as possible. He’s broken. Lost. Hopeless. And yes, he is a villain. He did a lot of shit, but try to meet a character before talking shit about them. Zeref is a trash character you say? Well, he builds an empire by himself. And let’s remember that, Fairy Tail only exists because of him? Because he taught magic to Mavis and the others. He’s in every twist of this series. So tell me, what would be of this series without this shit character? ;)

 I’m having a Déjà Vu, except last time this happened I had three serve breakdowns in a row and was thinking about committing suicide.
This time I’ve only been harassed by one person and was close to two breakdowns/panic attacks, but who wants to beat I’m going to have a full breakdown at one point because of them? ~🐱

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there’s a song by dvsn that everytime it comes on I think of Jaebum so the fact that he like him too makes me so happy😭

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Ayyyy it's your wizarding world of #larrimation gifery anon sending you mad love and a belated birthday shout. Good looks on the delay of your happy creations. No worries darlin!! That was very kind and considerate. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Like you, I get late night unsober anon ideas. Ima take this bong rip in honor of your bday. Here's to you and another year of great success and many more nights of larry arts & crafts. Cheers💃🔮🎨

oh helllllooooooo there matey oh mine! Thank you thank you for the shout and bong rip in my honour! Here’s an arts & crafts thing i made just for you of me (via Harry) joining in to show my appreciation! You the best.