dont glorify it


If ya pum pum not fat, you aight
If ya pum pum got hair on it, you good
If ya pum pum extra meaty, you fine
If ya pum pum don’t look like what niggas glorify…. it dont take away from you in the least bit.

Take pride in ya pum pum, cuz one day… A savage individual will have no qualms about ya goods and give you a run.

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I think what they mean is how suddenly when Hannah kills herself, they put an altar on her locker because now everyone loves her, when no one cares about her before. How everyone start talking about her and saying how beautiful she was when no one liked her before and spread rumours about her. And no one points it out until Alex’s has a meltdown in the hallways and Clay screams at the exchange students. So maybe that’s what they mean by Glorifying

i dont think thats glorification, its just people being respectful of the dead. and also how people felt guilty for being mean to her. they actually point out how fake all the niceties are by having hannahs mom point out how hannah hated the type of flowers they used one in one of their alters

small changes make big changes for a personality disorder… you…… self feeding dumbasses… i hate like whining about people struggling to maintain themselves because its insensitive and im a huge hypocrite but… doing it publicly and speaking in the eay that bpd tumblr™ does about how we dont need help and how its okay to glorify splitting on your “favorite person” and all these relatable Im Emotionally Draining and Maybe Abusive? XD memes… it just breeds unhealthy habits in people with little understanding of their diagnosis looking for advice and support from other people in similar boats. its ugly and it makes people ugly. i will call you ugly as much as i want because im ugly too. there’s a huge difference between venting and stating things as a hard fact. stating things as hard facts will make what you say TRUE because thats how this disorder works. you dont need to glorify and normalize your unhealthy behaviors. try to um i dont know talk about something good once until thats more often how you think. or wait until that self fulfilling prophecy smacks you in the face, i guess.

like u ever noticed whenever fat, disabled or mentally ill people arent ashamed of being how they are someone is like “uhm dont romanticize/glorify that”

like what they really mean is “you shouldnt like yourself or be happy with how you are and you should feel bad for not being thin/abled/neurotypical”

also people like that rly killed the term “romanticization” for me because they turned it into a term to shame ppl for happily existing the way they are

Tumblr: Don’t trust police! 
Me: Okay, I can handle that. My own father as a cop doesn’t trust other cops.
Tumblr: Kill all the cops! 
Me: Okay no-
Me: Solving murder with more murder won’t solve anything. 
Tumblr: *edits post, makes you seem like a complete utter asshole* 
Me: ….you know what, i fucking hate this website.

stop glorifying depression stop glorifying worthlessness stop glorifying low self esteem stop glorifying suicide dont let anyone tell you it’s okay to feel pathetic aint nobody gonna take pity on you and pick you up you gotta pick your own damn self up

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For the drabble game, could I send you one of myself? "Did you think I would hit you?" or "why did you flinched" and "I'm not like him" w Bucky? Maybe reader flinches when Bucky makes a movement in an argument after a abusive relationship? Please

i dont want to glorify abuse in any way, im simply fulfilling this request. please, please, get help if youre in an abusive relationship, i love all of you and it would break my heart if i find out someone ever treated you like that.

“Did you just flinch?”

“I’m not like him.”

Trigger Warnings: mentions of abuse

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“Oh my fucking god,” Bucky breathed, tugging at the ends of his hair, ‘Can you please just listen to me for one fucking minute.”

“I have been Bucky,” You spit, “And I cant listen to your faulty reasoning for another second.”

You stormed into the kitchen and Bucky followed you, clearly not understanding when enough was enough.

“What is the matter with you?” He asked, a look of disbelief painted on his face, “You never act like this.”

“Can you just please leave me alone.” You huffed, gripping the edge of the counter.

“Whatever, I’m done.” Bucky relented, stomping over to the cabinet to grab a cup. Your reflexes kicked in, and as soon as he reached over to the cabinet next to you, you coward away, using your hands to shield your face.

“Did you just flinch?” Bucky asked, a quizzical look on his face. It took him a moment, but the gears finally shifted in is head and the look of realization flooded his head. “Oh my god (Y/N), I’m such a fucking idiot.”

You turned your head away from him, casting your eyes up to the ceiling so you wouldn’t have to face him.

“I’m not like him,” Bucky mumbled, gently cupping your face and turning it back towards him, “I would never hurt you, ever. You’re my queen and if he ever shows his face around here again I’ll kill him.”

“I’m sorry,” You mumbled, nuzzling into his warm hands, “I know you wouldn’t, I just can’t help it, its a force of habit.”

“I cant believe you had to go through that.” Bucky pulled you into his chest, “Can we stop fighting? I suddenly have the strong urge to feed you ice cream and snuggle with you for the rest of my life.”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around Bucky and holding him tightly.

when my mother left me...

Dont you dare glorify sadness.
Dont you dare make it sound like a beautiful thing.
My sadness was never beautiful,
It was screaming while putting my own fingers down my mother’s throat to make her vomit up pills on12 different occasions
It was looking after my mum where everyday she was trying to find a new way to kill herself
It was one day being at home cleaning waiting for my mum to come home from the hospital and she turns up saying she’s leaving and her mental illnesses are all my fault
It was chasing after my mum as she walked up the drive way screaming and crying for at least a hug goodbye and her looking at me and just laughing
And one year later on the day she left
It was swallowing 37 pills in the school bathrooms with my weak body slouched up against the bathroom stall with tear stained cheeks and vomit surrounding me as i just lay there.
It was hearing my friend scream over the phone at me telling me she called an ambulance
It was hearing the cops and deputy principal bang down the bathroom stall as i struggled to stay concious
It was vomiting all through the sick bay as i was trying to talk but chocking on my tears and vomit
While smiling through my tears like everything was fine
So no do not fucking glorify nor make sadness seem like a beautiful thing

I dont get people who are obsessed with the soldiers aesthetics and looks. I dont get people who like to be imagine that people who are part of the US army are having sex with them. I dont get people who are interested in people who are killing millions of middle easterns. I dont get how people glorifies the tragic of millions of humans.

fuck off and dont herald or glorify karla souza for shit. just because shes playing a character on tv with a spanish surname does not equal successful latinx representation. like of fucking course, the one time a latina is portrayed on a big tv lineup as quiet and smart she has to be fucking white as hell. idgaf if the actress is mexican, white latinxs are not lacking in representation, like do u not understand that laurel castillo is literally the idealized version of what americans wish latinas could be/look like

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What do you love most about Twenty One Pilots? :3


i really love the fact that  twenty one pilots interacts with the fans, and im not just talking about meet and greets and talking to them and them coming out after every show and twitter and dont even get me started on their live shows but im talking about right down to the core of who they are; the music. their music isnt about getting drunk and having sex or a girl who didnt call them back 3 years ago, no. twenty one pilots music is about you, they make you feel better and make you dance and get up and they let you know that you’re not alone. it makes you feel safe and no there arent a lot of bands that directly address self harm, depression, suicide, mental illness, ect. but not only do twenty one pilots recognize these things, they dont glorify it. they say hey yes this is a nasty thing but you can handle this. you can get over this, you can do it alone but you dont have to im here to help, but i need you to want to help you. not only that but they do it with a catchy beat. they saved my life and so many others but also its really nice just to get up and lose yourself in their music.

quit praising people for being friends or associating with trans people like its some big sacrifice to be friends with us or like youre some great fucking social justice warrior for being friends with a trans person. we’re people, not accessories to validate your feminism. you dont get to be glorified for just being a fucking decent human being :)