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confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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I have no idea.

@ the anon who suggested metatron!akechi: i love and cherish you and i offer you this boy 

okay so unpopular opinion but like.. i dont get it when people dont like macdennis solely bc its toxic like.. yall realize that EVERY member of the gang is toxic? and a bad person? like yes, macdennis is toxic but even if mac got into a relationship w another man it would still likely be toxic and bad bc guess what.. hes not that good of a man himself


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

No but seriously you can’t convince me that Rosa and Amy didn’t become much closer friends between seasons one and two, or that Amy didn’t at least confide some of her feelings re: her loser partner to Rosa, because a) Rosa would literally be the best person to confide in because she’s loyal as hell which means she wouldn’t spill your secret on pain of death and also would give honest if perhaps brutal advice (unorthodox fairy godmother Rosa Diaz reblog if you agree) and b) Rosa knows exactly what Amy does when she’s really into a guy, down to the little giggle and shoulder movement, and detective or not that’s not something you know about someone you don’t care about so don’t you dare tell me they’re not just as close as Rosa and Jake are okay don’t take my lady friendship away from me don’t tell me Rosa wouldn’t beat up anyone who tried to hurt Amy and, in turn, Amy wouldn’t support and encourage Rosa in her own goals and struggles okay okay