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Pity and disgust welled inside of Eragon. “You have become your father.”
A strange gleam leaped into Murtagh’s eyes. “No, not my father.”

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Gotta admit I’m kind of baffled that no one has gifed that one scene from Brotherhood’s Bittersweet Memories ep where Gladio leans casually against the wall way too close to Ignis while he’s baking as they talk because tbh that scene has a very ‘start of a gay porn’ vibe

@everfascinated asked for a merman link which like, first of all, yES.

and also what if zora armour would actually give him tail to swim better

alec hirch: its so weird that people like ford!!! after all hes so unlikable and unemotional and disgusting and yet people relate to him??? i cant see why!!!

survivors of abuse and trauma who see themselves in ford:

i’m so confused on like. Lawrence. every character in the games had some motive or reason for capturing you and they kinda express it in their routes but what’s Lawrence?? what does he want?? here drink these drugs and bleed in this bucket

SPN Poly Bingo

1 - What is SPN Poly Bingo?

A bingo challenge for just poly / 3+ ships. Bingo cards will be assigned with a mixture of Ships and AU’s / Prompts on them. You don’t have to fill out your entire card, you can do as many fills or as little fills as you like. This will include fanfics, fanart, picspams and playlists. It’s all fair game. AU’s/Prompts will be kept generic, and you can write any 3+ ship that you like to fill an AU/Prompt square. One fic per one Square counts for a fill.

2 - Is there a minimum wordcount?

Fanfics should be at least 300 words long please.

3 - What if there are some characters I don’t want to write?

I am going to try to work out a system to take out particular characters, but I may have a hard time taking out two-person elements from 3+ ships. This is going to be a learning process. I can definitely tailor whether you get Slash, Femslash, or Mix ships. You can request a new card though, if you get one you don’t like.

4 - Are there prizes?

At this point, probably not. I’m open to suggestions and offers. I think that a challenge for the sake of creating content would be fun and relaxed, without the element of competition or score keeping. If you have any ideas or don’t think that would be fun, let me know. But hey, won’t it be cool to get a big collection of poly ships going on AO3?

5 - Is there a scoring system?

If the prizes are nixed, there will not be a scoring system. Which, to be frank, would be easy on me, the mod, as I might (probably) won’t have a co-mod.  However, I will figure out how to make score cards pretty and do masterlists for your card fills at the end of the challenge.

6 - What does the timeline look like?

I’m going to try to get this blog filled out and running this weekend. Sign ups will be open shortly, and will run until the end of January. Bingo cards should be out early February. The challenge will run for 6 months, so you will have until the end of July.

7 - What kind of ships will there be?

Oh, my friend, what kind of ships won’t there be? I’m going to start a Ship Page on the side of the blog that you can check out, and if you sign up let me know if there is a character you don’t want to see on your card. This ship list will be on going and will be extensive. If you have any characters or ships that you would like to see included, please feel free to message me!


The FAQ/About pages for this blog will be fleshed out this weekend, but please feel free to send in any questions you might already have!

Tagging people who have shown an interest in participating, but no pressure guys, and like I said sign-ups will run to the end of January (while I figure out wtf I’m doing):

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this is the rare look bloosooom

PDVU: hloly hlecc there kiddon. That Many lukes can clog ur aerteries…

…but I have 2 say, I have a soft spot for VoKaleidoscopes. ,.. ya dun good.

Today i played a game with a small girl, i think she was maybe 11 or 12?
She talked about so many cool map tricks and ways to use the characters, and was really, REALLY good at Phara.

After I complimented her on a nice play, she invited me to a group- and then her dad showed up too and said hello! We ended up all playing together. Eventually friends (and a couple that were just friendly teammates that she invited because they were cool) kept glomming onto our group til we had a full team and we Wrecked. Shop. I had no idea what I was in for.

In our last match together (she and her dad had to leave for dinner) she got play of the game by knocking four of the enemy team off the bridge at lijang tower in a tie breaker round. 

AND she had gold in eliminations.

((Also, I’m sorry for accidentally cursing on mic that one time, I know your dad said it was ok but I still feel a little guilty! I don’t want to get anyone I play with in trouble. You and your dad were super nice, and I liked talking about all the cool stuff you knew about Overwatch. ))

Keep flyin’ high Phara. ovo)7