dont give it attention you dont know what youre doing

dos and donts to say/do with a cashier

DONT ❌❌❌ put in/swipe your card when the car reader machine doesnt say you can. some stores the cashier needs to hit certain buttons for it to accept your card, some places you can just put it in while you are still being checked out. it matters. please read the card reader. you look really stupid when you could literally, just read.

DONT ❌❌❌ take out your card out until the machine beeps or tells you too. wait.

DONT ❌❌❌ leave it in to long!!! if it keeps beeping at you, it wants you to take it out. do it. dont let it beep and bunch of times, the noise is ugly.

DONT ❌❌❌ put your coins on the counter. i personally dont mind when you are putting bills down, but its really rude for me to have to pick them up from the counter when you could of put it in my hand

DONT ❌❌❌ leave without taking ur receipt. we dont want it. and we usually might ask a question such as ur number for returns before we give it! just take it. some places get in trouble for not giving receipts.

DONT ❌❌❌ tell me how to do my job. dont.

DONT ❌❌❌ think that when a mistake happens that its the cashier. most of the time, the customer did something wrong.

DONT ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ BE. RUDE. TO. US. AT. ALL.

DO ✔️✔️✔️ pay attention to me. you dont know how many times i have to re ask questions because a customer wasnt paying attention to me in the check out

DO ✔️✔️✔️ read. the card reader wants you to sign, please do it instead of just standing there


DO ✔️✔️✔️ give me your number when i ask for it. some stores like mine, we ask for numbers just so we can look it up when you return it. when you say no i have to put in a fake number. just give your number, we wont call you.

DO ✔️✔️✔️ have your card out!!! why would you stand there and not have it out by the time we

DO ✔️✔️✔️ understand that we are human! we make mistakes! be understanding. the register has tons of different buttons, settings, and systems that it can be confusing or annoying when we hit the wrong thing. mistakes happen

DO ✔️✔️✔️ be patient. if you have a lot of stuff, it might take a while to bag it, especially if its weirdly shaped

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Will: *Pours out heart and soul of everything he’s been through in the upside down while crying to the boys*

I just dont know what to do. *sniffs*

Mike: *mumbles* El would know what to do.

Lucas: Oh my god, Mike if you dont shut up for one second and pay tf attention to your friend who’s actually still here, I’ll give you a bloody nose with my fist so you and Eleven can be twins. Hope you know what to do.

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hey bea, i hope you don't mind me asking this, but how do you deal with people who seem to try to brute force their way into a friendship with you? i mean like non-mutuals talking to you as if they know you (and on a semi-regular basis, too). i have problems with anxiety and i cant deal with people approaching me like this, its exhausting, but i also have a hard time setting boundaries for myself without feeling like an asshole for it.

yeah i get this problem semi frequently and tbh theres no good blanket advice that covers this. sometimes people are well meaning but clueless abt the intrusion and some people react extremely poorly. there are nice, but firm, ways to set boundaries, but the sting of feeling like a jerk is something that only goes away with practice. here’s the general steps i go through whenever i have a hard time getting someone to take a hint:

1. dont feel compelled to answer everything they send you. dont respond to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, ever. dont answer anything that gives you a bad vibe. dont overthink it. just follow your gut.

2. consider using things that softblock people from appearing in your feed, like blacklist on x-kit or mute on twitter

3.  if they’re an emotional vampire and they’re like. a stranger? just block them dont worry about it. just block and move on. never address it. you dont need to. it will only feed them.

4. if absolutely necessary, use one of their contact points (dont initiate) to ask them to give you some space bc youre feeling overwhelmed by the attention. its not a lie and that should not be a phrase that inspires rage in people. ASSERT YOUR NEEDS. you arent doing this for them. “please understand, i’m feeling very overwhelmed by the attention you’re giving me and i need some space”. there’s your template. if they’re nice and just awkward, you can feel free to be like “hey im sorry, i know youre trying, im just weird too”. its possible that they just dont know what your boundaries are at all because you havent overtly assert them. 

5. if it escalates at all, just use the block button and move on. they dont get to dictate the heat of a conversation abt your comfort

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as a naruhina fan, i'd like to tell you that, naruto is not gay, he never showed and 'romantic' feelings towards sasuke. he did for hinata though, for example, he entered his nine tails mode when hinata got hurt fighting pain, it pissed him off THAT much. he never panicked about sasuke, actually everytime he is facing off sasuke, he is really calm. kishimoto planned naruhina from the beginning so stop. naruto is finally happy with kids now, something sasuke coulnt give him.

“He never showed any romantic feelings towards sasuke” he thought about sasuke till like 5 in the morning, worrying, on the same day hinata confessed to him. He showed more feelings toward sasuke then he did to hinata.

“he did for hinata though, he entered his nine tails mode” how is that suppose to be considered romantic??? bedsides I like to think that he entered his mode because someone got hurt while he was present and still couldn’t stop it, he would do the same if it was, idk konohamaru, Sakura???. Not because he was head over heals for hinata.

“He never panicked about sasuke” are you sure about that??? He literally had a panic attack at the thought of sasuke dying.

“Naruto is happy with kids now, something sasuke couldn’t give him” are you serious??? when did naruto ever claim he wanted kids, how do you know he’s that happy, he barely pays attention to them. And saying that he wouldn’t be happy with sasuke because of the inability to have kids is the worst, literally the worst thing you could say in defence of naruhina, besides, sasuke could probably give him more happiness because, you know “i know your heart and you, mine”

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Exo's reaction to you talking to your guy friends about common friends and they're obviously feeling left out

Hello~ here we go my first set of err!

Xiumin: Hello…I know I’m quite but I’m still here tho…

Luhan: So, you asked me out and you’re not giving me your 100% attention?

Kris: I should have bring Ace with me,at least he won’t make me feel left out!

Suho:Hey…hey..No? Right I’m going, since you dont even need me

Lay:*dont even know whats going on*

Baekhyun:*starts to aegyo to get your attention*

Chen:*cue Chen’s famous quote* Why are you like this to me?

Chanyeol:umm…hi…hello… *trying to join the conversation*

D.O:Hey girl, you think you could left me out like this..? Do you know who I am? *whisper* Satansoo…

Tao:Stop ignoring me…

Kai:*fall asleep*

Sehun:So you prefer talking to this guy than me…fine!

-Michelle :)