dont give a fuk

gosh darn i want a squip so badly
i dont give a fuk if it abuses me or acts nice to me i just wanna be more chill and cool guy person + be hella smart and successful at school

So because JI and KR used a very thin generic silver ban (ring) everyone (kxk shippers) think they’re real dating, right?

Well I have one too

that means JI and I are dating?

Look mine even say K_AI 1994.

This is real guys, I’m dating K_im Jongi_n.

Dude, and KD shippers are the delulu ones, lmao. People still ignore JI actually called Ksoo ‘’Jagi’’ and Ksoo almost writing ‘’Kim Jongin my angel too’’ but believe that a straight couple is dating just because they have 1 thing in common that is SO generic that everyone can have it, fuk logic, who needs it? Let’s believe every shit shady mofos wants to show us. :D