dont get mad get glad

How to summon...

theunchartedlife: use one English man holding a owl and a musical instrument. Then have him sing. He must be able to sing.

ameturecraftythinger: hold a sign that says free tea and food, and actually have tea and food, burn a picture of Cronus Ampora, and shout Kurloz Makara.

queenofthesilverdollar: have taco bell and politely ask if anyone wants to talk about fire emblem and Legend of Zelda, while either Taylor swift or Joan Jett plays in the background. Works faster of you’re female.

coldfeet4: shout Philinda into the air and follow the distressed noise. MacFitz is acceptable as well.

sass-over-teacup: have a piano and violin nearby before singing any song from a musical. She will come.

doublade: get as much sentai as possible and ask aloud “which do i start with”.

outofthecavern: have Jason Todd and Tim drake in shark pajamas/kigus hugging, any roosterteeth show playing, and perhaps Grif raiding a fridge.

Your turn.

I love people who have a sense of humor.

It’s the one thing that you absolutely always need. If you don’t have one, please go get one.

Like this guy, he walked into the gym today and before I could even say hi, he started shouting sarcastically, “If I dropped one of my fucking socks on the way in here I’m gonna have a fit.” He had a huge smile on his face.

“Oh my god, working out with one sock would be the worst. Completely unacceptable,” I joked with him.

“If I lost one, I’m not even gonna work out. I’m just gonna go out drinking.” he said sarcastically.

“Sounds like a plan!” I laughed as he walked back toward the locker rooms.

Later on, I caught him as he was on his way out.

“Hey did you find your sock?!” I shouted.

“Yeah! I got it! I’m still going out drinking though!” he said smiling back at me.

I laughed as he continued through the doors and out to the parking lot.

So, let’s review. What can we learn from this man? If you lose one sock, or your dog ate your homework, or you spilled some milk, don’t get mad. Laugh it off. Joke about it. It’ll turn out O.K. I promise.