dont get it twisted

remember that time where the interviewer thought that Ksoo’s ideal type was Amanda Seyfried but when they asked him he straight up said “No, I never said she was my ideal type, I said I like a pretty smile.”

honestly all y'all doing lists of wrestlers you’d sleep with amaze me like…y'all have such restraint bc mine would just be like;

most of them; because i am a h o e

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

When you see bs and trying get put in drama that got nothing to do with me 😂 😂😂….but dont  get it twist now I still got that go-go juice still…..😂😂😂

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Been seeing a lot of Julian and Garak on my dash and was like?? I haven’t drawn these nerds yet??So here we are. 

reading that kara and lena will “grow closer” worries me because what if they are tricking us and make lena evil?? and i think in a lot of ways that would make the show lose a lot of validity because it’s not interesting or surprising to make a luthor evil.  instead have lena stay good. keep her as this amazing ceo who continually proves people wrong about her family’s reputation.

regardless of ships and whether or not kara and lena become canon, lena luthor should not become evil or be revealed as a villain for shock value.  a luthor/supergirl dynamic (even just as friends) is so interesting and wasting it would be a shame

so @ supergirl writers: DON’T MAKE LENA LUTHOR A VILLAIN 

So after watching this, I decided I didn’t really like the reaction Rhys had when Vaughn got stabbed- So I gave him a PROPER reaction

anonymous asked:

I hate cis girls youre the only good one

i dont know if this is a joke but im not cis i think its pretty easy to tell by the adams apple chin and browbone im clarifying in all seriousness because i hate cis girls as well please do Not mistake me for one. Ever

im proud to be a demonic tranny i dont want to be a cis girl except to experience what love is like i have absolutely no desire to be cis or mistaken for cis except for using passability for safety dont get it twisted i Know being a tranny makes me better than yall and i Dont want to be like you, Ew