dont feel like putting this on my art blog


“Cause a Halloween party’s a rad excuse, to put your body through mad abuse.”

uhhhhhhh the colours are Bad but i dont feel like working on this anymore. anyways. we all know what really happened at that Halloween party 


Oh wow, Never thought i would actually get this far. To be honest, after I hit 500 around my 1 year anniversary, i figured it would take another year to make some decent growth, But in half the time i somehow managed to get 500 MORE PEOPLE to like my stuff 0-0 (Yea, Im surprised too.) But regardless, I glad Im making content that people like, and I appreciate the hell out of ALL OF YOU, Ya cool guys. So I want to repay the favor to those who helped get me this far, So Im going to be doing a SKETCH GIVEAWAY! All you have to do, Is to Be A Follower Of Mine, and then reply to this post, saying anything you want, and next tuesday ( April 4th to be exact! ) i’ll pick 5 random people who replied, and draw them a FREE, Refined Sketch each!…So long as it follows my regular rules/guidelines, if you want  - More info here - . But wait, THERES MORE! Out of the 5 sketches I’ll draw, I’ll pick the one i like the most and Complete it with Full Cel Shading FOR FREE! Once I pick the winners, Theres no need to go through my email, Since I’ll Contact you through Tumblr’s messaging system.

TLDR: To Enter the giveaway -> Be a Follower, Reply to this post, I’ll pick the Winners on April 4th, I’ll contact you through Tumblr’s Chat system, I’ll draw 5 Refined sketches for the winners, Whatever sketch i like the most will be completed with Cel Shading for FREE.

So yea, theres that, But now I want to consider the future of this art blog. Now this I’ve reached this milestone, I want to start posting Original Content. I have so many ideas I want to Share, But I never felt comfortable putting it out there before. But knowing that nearly 1000 People actually like my stuff, I feel like its finally time to start throwing some of my ideas out there and see what happens. Will those Ideas turn into something bigger down the line? I dunno, Maybe, We all will just wait and see. But dont worry, The fanart shall continue, Along with the animations as well. ( In fact, I have a goal to release a Full Cartoon Short by the end of the year…Once i figure out how to use flash…So yea, its gonna be a hot minute till then. ) In Other words, nothing much will change, But expect some Original Content to be thrown out randomly when i think of something.  In fact, you can expect a Dump of some OC sketches i made the past few weeks later tonight, so theres a quick heads up. I Might actually change my “Avatar” too. I Never really like drawing my Big, Dumpy Face the few times i had to, so expect some changes to THAT… Ok Im tired of typing out this monolith of text, So Im just gonna go back to drawing now. 

I sincerely thank ALL of you who helped me get this far, And I Hope i can make some more content that you guys will enjoy for many days to come. Again, Thank you, and have a nice day! :D -Boo

Eeveetale, Undertale and Marini4 blog dead move to DA.

So i hereby announce that my Eeveetale is now taken care by @undermised so i wont be posting eeveetale so that means for undertale, *sigh* well as much as I would love to stick with the fandom for so long something about the fans just makes me phobia. I once got attacked by a few fans for love only the original and not the au(s) even explaining I grew up playing earthbound. Not only that from the old group that i was invited due to because of undertale so so much memory shared about it and now it became a nightmare to me because I LEFT. Idk maybe Im trying to runaway from my fears or Im just that of a weakling. Whatever the case is all packaged in TUMBLR thus UT is not my jam anymore.

Like I said, you guys can follow me but you aint find any undertale stuff anymore but if you are looking for that then unfollow me.

I also dont want to force my friends anymore(the group), follow me if ya like my stuff not because to please me if not please unfollow me because my shit aint interesting to you guys anymore a.k.a drawing hoomans and AA. I am not part of your undertale club anymore. Im out.

I was kinda upset that this is not how my blog should end up as, It feels like I targetted the wrong audience is like I betrayed my previous followers and end up feeling like I want to delete it and start over fresh.

This blog was suppose to go for ace attorney themes/arts but im okay with drawing other fandoms because i put a lot of effort in my creation but my main target audience is from ace attorney.

In the end I might abandon my tumblr here and decide to active on deviantart. So yeah my deviantart is Marini4 and dont worry the bendy blog is still up and running. But marini4 tumblr may consider dead.

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instead of complaining about discourse why dont you actually create something to distract from it. I thoght you were supposed to be an art blog but your not drawing much are you

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I feel like I really want to start an art blog for myself but I'm that good I've been only drawing a little while and dont really have that much skill. I kinda want to wait until I'm much better but I know that it takes years of improvement to get where most artists are today. What do you think?

My dude, this was one of the first things I ever posted back in 2013.
Post WHATEVER you wish if you’d like to put yourself out there.
Starting my blog here on tumblr was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve never regretted putting my work out there, even though I definitely didn’t feel qualified to.

The thing about the standswaps

To me and a lot of friends those designs are like our own ocs? Like our children?

I understand liking them and the art we made of them but remember that we aren’t a machine that puts these out we’re just a couple of dudes having fun with it.

Had the person asked us to use our designs?? I probably wouldve been morr than happy

But this feels so wrong dude you dont take someones character they worked this much on and just use it for your own thing like that just make your own design if youre not even gonna be decent to the people that made it

Linking the blog in the description doesnt count my guy (which by the way you gave icon credit to something dailykakyoin drew to us)

tldr its shit like this that makes me scared to post original content let alone fanart


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part 1 (Im so thankful to you about this that there are 2 parts) hello i just read your answer about talent to the anon that talked about how to be better at drawing, and I just wanted to say thank you so much. words cant even begin to describe how i felt when i read your little mini speech about talent. to be honest, i have been following you since 2012(?) and i've always seen you post these really encouraging and lovable tips to artists, but this one struck closely to my heart (idk why).

part 2/ Im not the type to cry easily when someone gives motivational talks (In fact i think this is my first time) but tears welled up in my eyes. No joke. I draw too and tbh a lot of times i would just giveup on my art and throw it away or something. but then i would always go to your blog to inspire me again <3 of course, this cycle just kinda went on for 3-4 years, and when i read your pep talk about talent, I felt like something inside me changed??

part3( shit Im so sorry this turned into 3 parts but i really need to tell you this) Anyways, when i read your pep talk about talent, it felt like something changed inside me?? I dont even know how to properly put my feelings into words, but the amount of gratefulness and appreciation i feel is way more than just 3 parts. From all my years of experience with different artist idols, i think you’re the one that maybe influenced my life the most. Im so sorry this is so unorganized. tysm for evrythg

Maybe I woke up emotional today but it literally made me tear up a bit??? oh dear god..Thank you for writing me this<3 I needed that, too.

In my time on tumblr, I have seen many new blogs with good art, and a good character go un-noticed. I, like many others understand how hard it is to star up an ask blog, and I know what it feels like when people don’t seem to notice your art after all the effort you put in! I’ve had a few blogs, and this was the one that I got noticed very quickly for my art.

Spread the word!

So, do you have a popular ask blog?

If so, just think about what you would do if the art you did went completely un-noticed? you would probably be a bit disappointing right? well, unfortunately that happens on a daily basses. So if you dont already, consider helping out some new unloved tumblr blogs that you spot. I’ll be doing the same by having a “tumblr of the week” on the side of my blog to help out others.

Advice for starting a new ask blog:

1. Timing:

This at first may not sound like anything important, but the time at which you post your updates greatly effects the amount of feed back you get from you art, as you want to have it newly posted when a lot of people are looking so that more people see it before it gets pushed down and unseen. I find that later on at night GMT is my best time for posts. so early evening EST, and on weekends posts around 11-ish pm EST are good

2. Interaction:

Making sure you interact and communicate with all your fellow tumblrpon. ask questions, like posts. Just look at Banana Pie, yeh that blog, you’ve seen questions from that blog all over tumblr. That’s a good thing!

3. Promotions are good, but…

Don’t try to rely completely on promotions from bigger blogs to help you out. Although getting a promotion is a really good thing and will surely help you out, as I said at the top of this post. but don’t rely completely on them, oh and DO NOT start asking big blogs for promotion, this will usually not turn out well. unless the owner is willing to do so.

So the matter of the fact is, try your best, time your posts well, and interact with the community, and while it is true that a lot of big blogs got their “fame” early on from other blogs, it doesn’t mean you won’t get your big break. so cheer up, I know it can be frustrating.

Thank you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day! <3 

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 "and tags, lots of people search through tumblr’s tags to look through art, tagging your stuff means that even if Jane Doe isn’t following you, she’ll still find you when she searches for (ie) #Pinkie Pie #mlp #sfw"
comic books

I NEVER use this sideblog as much as i feel i should, so ! im gonna start using it for reblogs and stuff

basically if u tag me in a thing, i’ll put it here instead of my main bc i feel like ppl dont realize my main is me half the time (and since im on my art blog on mobile i have to wait til i get home to get on my comp and reblog stuff and then i forget s o)

also more general stuff like. shit text posts and mayb more doodles/scribbles will go there so