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«Trust him to do what’s best for him and the band, okay?» god this!!! Nowadays everyone critises Harry for everything and it seems like they have forgotten who he really is. And people trust the others but when it comes to Harry they dont. And like you said, he knows much more than we know!!! We know nothing really. So if Columbia was indeed his choice, I'm sure it was the best for him!

I agree. If that’s what he chose, then it’s what he feels is the best choice of all the ones he was offered.

I might add right now that it’s very possible, if he is still stuck in OT limbo like everyone else seems to be, he may not have put his name to ANYTHING yet.

So for those telling me he’s “stuck” or being forced into a contract he doesn’t want, I strongly disagree. He won’t be forced into a long term contract, he has the power of his name and the hype that’s built up around him and Irving Azoff at his back. He’ll be fine.

In lights of recent events occuring in our fandom, I would kindly like to remind everyone that behind an url, there is a person. A real actual human being with feelings. Neither, You nor I nor anyone else knows what someone behind an url is going through, the lives they lead, their ordeals, their struggles. 
When someone in this fandom makes a mistake, please try to understand it is not a robot making a mistakes but a person. And people can learn from their mistakes if they are educated. People dont learn from ban lists, or hate messages, being called names or labelled as problematic. Education and Communication are the tools you need if you want to get through to anyone. 
If you find someone’s behaviour problematic in this fandom, tell him kindly with words and if they cannot be reasoned with abandon the discussion. Be the better person. Cause, the moment, the very moment, you forget that you are dealing with a person, is when you start saying or doing the things that makes you the bully in this fandom. Even if you mean well. 
Coming from someone who was once told to kill myself by an anon that didn’t even know me or my struggles with depression at the time. I can tell you, that it wasn’t my finest hour on this platform. That person didn’t care about me, they just cared about their crusade against whatever they considered wrong. 
Don’t be that person. Just let people enjoy this fandom however they want. It is not your place to tell people what they can and cannot post, make, reblog or ship. Drop the crusade, start educating and communicating. Be open-minded and polite and never ever lose sight of the fact that you are talking to a human being. 

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{ What about Stanford(?) I hope thats his name I dont watch GF gfhbg }

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          “Just between you and me, I really have mixed feelings about Grunkle Ford.. Don’t get me wrong, I love him as much as I do Dipper and Grunkle Stan! He’s cool and collected and has a ton of books and is the only other person I know who doesn’t call me a silly kid when I say things. He takes me seriously unlike everyone else even if his upfront smartness feels like it gets in the way of his sincerity.” 

          “Y’know, how he seems really doesn’t match up with how dorky he is sometimes ; I mean, ‘Dungeons, Dungeons, & more Dungeons’? And running off the numbers of Pi or formulas like Dipper? Neeeeerds.” She laughs as an index finger presses against her lips as if to hush the other from making the noise that comes solely from her.

          “But.. There’s still something that I don’t know how to put into words yet- hopefully I will soon…”