dont even want 2 talk bout this

@college freshmen
  • remember to not accidentally renew apple music or amazon prime
  • buy the biggest bottle of ibuprofen or naproxen u can afford
  • use ColdTurkey during ur classes so that u actually take notes and pay attention instead of messing around online
  • save up for a printer and buy printer paper bc one day ur gonna wake up without a big essay printed and no time to run to the library to print it and the printer is gonna be broken or the student worker will have forgotten to wake up to open up the room with the printers
  • stock your dorm/apartment/house with toilet paper. keep a few rolls under your bed or in your room just do it
  • swiffers/knockoffs and ysol wipes are your best friends
  • so is bleach powder. someone will puke in your area eventually, be it u or a friend or some dude your friend of a friend of a friend brought over
  • if ur friend passes out drunk please put them on their side and stack up pillows or blankets to make sure they stay on their side
  • get an extension cord + a power strip + also a hub with multiple USB ports. ur gonna need em
  • keep a sealed pack of pens/pencils in your backpack for emergencies. u might think u have one in ur purse or pocket or whatever on exam day but it turns out u wont
  • hair straighteners/flat irons do a great job of ironing clothes in a pinch b4 an interview or something
  • if u split bills, keep a whiteboard with dates and bill payments on it in ur living room. also keep a calendar, a PHYSICAL ONE not one on ur phone bc u will swipe that notification and forget about it
  • get a mattress topper and splurge on a good pillow. ur neck and back will thank u
  • please just talk to ur profs about ur disabilities, mental or physical, even if ur not signed up with student disabilities services or whatever its called at ur college. in my experience most of the time they are happy to accommodate u and help you feel comfortable in class. they want u to succeed and will do whatever is in their power to help you learn and grow and they have all had someone ask them for accommodations. u will not be the first or the last person to ask them.
  • if u have money buy ur friends lunch. skip ur morning coffee or whatever and dont let ur friend watch u eat, dam
  • dont be afraid 2 doubt ur degree or what u want to study. most ppl switch majors several times and ppl who stick with it still probably have doubted theirs a lot. do what u think is right and dont be afraid to talk to your friends and advisors
  • TALK TO UR ADVISORS they will keep u from taking unnecessary classes and you can even plan out ur entire 4 years so u dont have to worry and freak out every time the new semester rolls around
  • prepare 4 bouts of intense anxiety and depression. college is hard and terrifying and you know what if u need to drop out dont be ashamed. college is so much ridiculously harder than it needs 2 be and its not a tarnish to ur reputation or whatever if u drop out. do what u need to do.

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i honestly want to talk about your hatred for chris, please type out the response so i can see where you're coming from. i didn't even know bout what all happened at the comic con panels and interviews until yesterday, i'm all ears for your reasoning.

i told you i dont like him because he excuses his shitty characters shitty actions, interrupts his costars so he can get his 2 cents in, and trivialized lgbt people with his “joke” and u hit me with what u think about the situation so no, im not obligated to give u a long drawn out reason. if u saw everything that went down at sdcc and you don’t see my reasoning, im not going to sit here and repeat myself lmao