dont even try to tell me they are not in love

Aliza dreamclow is racist

One time they confessed to me IN PERSON they wanted to call me a nigger because i had called them a wigger. I was friends with someone who wanted to call me a nigger for 3 YEARS. They’re lucky i was nice at the time they told me cause i would’ve beaten their ass. Have i gotten an apology? Nah.
Aliza also likes to speak in aave. They knew some things they said were aave. They ignored it. I was honestly waiting for them to stop.
They loved to tell me that other people are trying to be black, because, ya know, they can police that, considering that theyre WHITE.
I cannot stress this enough. Im done pretending like shit never happened. And i want a fucking apology. I was friends with a racist for 3 years. I have even more shit on them but ultimately - theyre a racist white idiot with an inflated ego because they dont have small lips.

I havent actually heard one person blame Amber’s bisexuality for her and Johnny’s marital problems

yall just want a reason to argue lol smh

also in regards to my reminder post, none of you have earned the entitlement to tell me who i can and can not support and love so stop trying to start shit with me LMAO

like i dont fuckin care who you dont support
i didnt ask
i JUST said i love Johnny Depp, that wasnt even throwing shade at Amber but if you want to be little pissbabies i’ll be more than happy to

piss off

I dont know how to turn this into something romantic and poetic but my heart is living in my stomach, so many drops and its found its home there now. And I cant fucking take all this bullshitting around. Its been months since youve left me, cheated on me and bailed yet Im still here wallowing in the pity nobody gives me anymore. Im falling down in circles, skinning my knees trying to pick myself back up, trying to convince myself that Im not as pathetic as I so obviously appear to everyone else. You moved on before I even choked out the words were done. You were thinking of life without me while absentmindedly telling me you wanted me forever and now its been months as Ive already said that Ive struggled without you.
You on the other hand, are doing perfectly fine. Not in the place for a relationship you told me, yet here you are back in her embrace. Why her Ill never fucking know. Her friends tell me its because shes an easy lay. My head tells me otherwise but who the fuck ever listens to your head. My hearts convinced me that he wants whatever it is I couldn’t give him and hes found it fucking her. I made myself perfect for him and he still picked her, but its fine because hes happy and living his perfect life with her in his pocket. Itll kill me forever but it is what it is.
—  7.6.16 8:58pm

Okay guys. I wasn’t going to make a post about this because there are so many and honestly i still dont want to but i feel like i need to now because im angry and annoyed.

First off, to ANYONE attacking @gotbangtrashcollector for her post, you need to stop. You are trying to call her out for something she didn’t say. She never once said you couldn’t be upset, hurt, angry, or offended by what Bambam said. She said you had every right to be. What she DID say, was to stop sending hate and threatening him and telling him to kill himself. Responding to this with more hate isn’t going to solve the problem. It will ONLY make it worse.

Second. As someone who loves Asian culture and has spent years learning about it I know 100% for a fact that in almost all Asian cultures they don’t understand or even know how unstable and bad racism is here in the west. They just don’t. Why? Because it’s not relative to them or what’s going on around them. Do they listen to rap? Yes. Do they understand the music they are listening to? Not 100%. Just in the way we don’t always understand KPOP. Things get lost in translation. And when someone hears a word like the ‘n’ word being used in music and does not understand that its offensive there’s no way for them to know that its not okay for them to use it. Just like we use words we hear them say even though we might not fully understand that word.Personally i dont think anyone should use that word but that’s my opinion. We can’t expect for someone in another country, from a completely different culture, to understand this. And telling him to go kill himself isn’t going to fix it. The only thing that will fix it is to educate him and others. Which at this point i would hope someone has explained it to him. We can’t expect the whole world to udnerstand black culture and American culture simply because we want them to. That’s ignorant and self important of us.

A huge part of me feels like i shouldnt be the one to say this because there is a fear in me that people will say “you don’t udnerstand because you’re white. You’re defending him because you’re white.” and guess what? Yes, im white. But i am not defending what he said. At all. It was wrong and he shouldn’t have said it. But at the same time guess what? People make mistakes.

Let’s rewind to the time Justin Bieber was filmed saying the 'n’ word multiple times while laughing. People flocked to defend and protect him. People like Usher, who said “he’s young and ignorant and we can’t blame him for not knowing. He’s sorry for what he said. We should forgive him.” when not once did he say he was sorry or show any remorse. And he 100% knew what he was saying and how offensive he was. Bambam didn’t. Its that simple. We can’t have a double standard that only applies to people when we want it to. It’s not fair. We need to hold everyone accountable for what they do and educate those who don’t understand.

Again. Im not excusing what he said. He needs to be held accountable and made aware of WHY what he said was bad. But sending hate isnt the way to do that. And bashing someone on tumblr for trying to help will only make it worse. We have to understand that we live in a big world where not everyone understands someone elses culture and the only to fix that is to teach them. Bambam learned that word from hearing it from music and others around him using it. Its only natural that he would assume it was okay to say even if it isn’t. Does that make it right? Absolutely not. But we need to understand that it happened, and learn to be patient and teach others why its not okay to assume things.

I hope you can understand where im coming from. Im angry and upset at the whole situation. And it’s okay if you don’t agree with me. I understand. And i respect that. But i expect the same level of respect for my opinion as well. And i expect you to be respectful of @gotbangtrashcollector amd her opinion. And anyone who goes after her can come to me cause i won’t tolerate bullying in any form. Ever.


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okay so i have a guy bestfriend and weve been bestfriends since the 4th grdae and we dated but now he has a girlfriend and he dont even like her and he sends me texts like "your so beautiful" and like " ive always fall in love with everything that you do" and i brush it off but lemme tell you bihh i went to his house and he was like trying to get me to kiss him and i did and he wanted to have sex what do i do :(((!!!!! and ive always trusted him but idk

He is dating someone so don’t get yourself caught up in unnecessary drama. Tell him you care about him but you won’t be a second choice cause you don’t deserve to be😕💓 Pay attention to how he handles it when you tell him, it will help you decide whether or not you want him in your life

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hey denise! i just got told that my mom has cancer and i'm just in shock and i don't know how to react and i just wanted to tell you this because you're a really sweet kind and cool person! your art/blog has helped me cope before and it still does, so i'll try and stay strong :-(

anon im so so sorry to hear that.. im sending u and your mom all the energy and love i have! if u feel like it, maybe talk to a close friend or family member about how u feel (dont rush things tho, take all the time u need) also if its hard for u to talk to ppl u know at a time like this, u can always message me as well!

ive never been in a situation like yours before so my words may not mean anything to you, but if ive ever learned something from my own life its that things can change to the better literally over night even when u least expect it

i love u and please take care of urself 🌱

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Hey, can you tell me about your favorite characters in Overwatch other than Junkrat. like why do you love them? I wanna know who else you like.

bless u anon omg i hope ur ready for m Y LIST cause i love literally almost everybody but im gonna try to keep it brief

i. adore. Lucio. with all my heart and soul oh my goodness he’s just literally??? so perfect??? and gorgeous??? i have literally cried over how much i love him ask @themaddestofthemad they were my witness. honestly. i love how positive and kind and cheerful he is, and how much he genuinely believes in people, and just how passionate about life he is in general. i genuinely want to marry him oh my gosh you dont even know. he’s meeting ALL my standards ;w; 

Zenyatta too i would also 10/10 marry robot Gandhi he’s so precious and kind and gentle and sweet i love him so so much

i love Reinhardt too, for how cheerful and brave and loyal and kind he is. he’s everything a knight in shining armor should be tbh

AND MY SON JESSE MCCREE i just want to give him a hug and help him find a quiet place for a nap goodness gracious what a sad tired guy he tries so hard and deserves a break

Tracer is a darling, an absolute ray of sunshine (doesn’t her name even mean ‘light’???), tenacious and tireless and always cheerful. goals, but also wife goals u feel me?

anD ON THE SUBJECT OF WIFE GOALS, ZARYA. just zarya. if i could choose my means of death, i’d want to be bear-hugged to death by Zarya.  

and of course Mercy!!!! she’s such a goddess oh my goodness im not even worthy but she’s so kind and devoted and caring and takes such good care of her charges i love her so much too

honestly i could go on but suffice it to say i love most of them a great deal (but Junkrat and Lucio are far and away my favorites of course!)

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I cut myself and I told my parents a few months ago. they are still oblivious to it . When I go to them for help, all they do is either just tell me they love me and wait for me to calm down (but I usually cut to calm down, and make them feel like they helped). or they freak out and try to take me to a hospital. a fucking hospital. I'd rather have them be blind to my cuts, than go to a hospital. They don't help me, I need help from a real person. but I don't want to creep my friends out. help?

Hey friend! ♥ 

It can be really difficult when you feel like your parents dont understand you, I promise you’re not alone ♥ It sounds like your parents care about you, even if they’re not reacting the way you need them to in order to help you, it’s difficult for them to understand what’s going on and how to help, because they’ve most likely never gone through that themselves ♥ It can be really annoying that they don’t know how to react, but i promise they care and they’re trying! ♥

I know a hospital sounds intense and scary (hospitals aren’t fun, i totally understand why you wouldn’t want to go ♥), but you say you need help from a “real person” ♥ The hospital might not be right place to get help, but there are definitely still options! ♥ You might want to consider meeting with a therapist or psychologist if you’re comfortable with that! ♥

I totally understand feeling like you might scare your friends, i felt like that too ♥ But you’re not alone! ♥ You’re welcome to message me any time, anon or not! ♥ My inbox is always open!

I hope you have an awesome day! ♥ xx

Okay so imma just rant about Markiplier because god damn i love that man

Mark is just such a kind and caring person and he genguinly cares about his fans and he’s not afraid to show his emotions. (like in his x amount of subscribers videos) When people tell him how they’ve helped them it brings him to tears. He’s so funny and works so hard to put out content for us EVERYDAY. When the games he’s playing fucks up or whatever he spends fucking HOURS trying to fix it or work through it so we get a fun video and i just… Idek. I just want to thank him. He’s such a kind and caring person and he’s helped me so much (cliché i know i know) i’ve been struggling with depression for almost five-six years (im seeing someone about it dont worry) and Marks videos are one of the few things that can make me smile or even laugh. He gives me the tiniest bit of hope that i might be okay one day, that maybe keeping on living wont be so bad, that maybe it’s worth it.
Thank you Mark, for giving me hope.
I love you. @markiplier

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ive been in love with an internet friend for about two years now and i dont know how to tell them, mostly because i only recently realized that i like, love them a lot ;w; and bc i am pretty sure they dont see me that way at all

After deliberating over this with @askladarmin for a bit, he suggested that you try seeing if they like you back by joking about it like saying “if we’re 30 and still single, you’re gonna marry me”. See how they reply and go from there.

As for me, since I don’t have enough information, like for example how close you two are, etc, I can’t really give advice. But I can say with confidence that a two year friendship wouldnt end just because of a confession. Things might get awkward of course, if they say no, and it will hurt, but trust me it’s better than keeping it in. Remember, an answer to a question never asked is always a no. So even if it’s really scary, at least you can rest knowing their response, which makes it easier to move on in case it’s an “im sorry but I don’t feel the same”.


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i loVE ZERO I LOVE ZERO I LO | accepting!

15:What advice, as the mun, would you give to your muse?

;; If I could say anything at all to Zero, it probably wouldn’t be advice. That’s not what he needs. Advice won’t help him. What Zero needs is healing, not direction. If I could tell him anything, I’d try to explain how much I love him. That I love every part of him, and that his past wasn’t in his control. That anybody would do the same. That the mere fact that he regrets his actions is a big, red, blinking sign that he’s an upstanding person. That he’s not a monster, that he’s never been. That he’s always been human. I’d tell him that there are so, so many people that he doesn’t even know about that love him so, so much. That there are people that just want to see him happy. I’d tell him that he is loved both deeply and widely. I’d tell him that I love him, not only despite his flaws, but for his flaws. What Zero needs to heal is love and attention-and for somebody to tell him that. 

i try to tell people as much as i can how they make me feel, bc whatever happens, pls know that you moved me. but sometimes there are no words, and sometimes the feeling is too overwhelming that idk where to even start, or how to even get at it. it frustrates me bc i feel like the least i could do is give you love back, but sometimes i’m so overcome by it that i dont do anything for a bit. bc its a lot. and thats wild and powerful.

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Heya Kate. I love your blog, its so pretty and aesthetic <3. I love that you share little pieces of yourself with us. But I wish they were happier. I'm not saying I wish that you didn't post when you were sad. I'm saying I want you to be happy. I hope that you are feeling ok today. I hope that you continue to share pieces of yourself with us. Even if you just saw a nice bird and want to tell us the colours of its wings. I hope that I can give you advice when you are down. I hope you're doing ok.

oh god this literally made me cry this is genuinely one of the sweetest things i’ve ever been sent wow thank u so much, i don’t think you realise how much this means to me !!! im definitely gonna try n be happier to benefit my own wellbeing bc i know i need to move on from these terrible past couple of months. wowow thank u so much again this makes me feel so warm 🐝

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kate, do u know if friendships can be abusive? it's just that my friend and I used to be so so close and I love her so much but it really seems like, recently, we don't see eye to eye and I usually end up feeling hurt by our interactions. I feel such a deep double standard in our relationship centered around things like name calling, as in I can't call her the things she calls me on a regular basis without being made to feel guilty and as if it is all my fault. sometimes I try to distance (1/2)

myself and I end up feeling guilty because she says that im confusing her and that she doesnt understand why I cant tell her things anymore but its just that? I dont want to, it makes me nervous to even be around her sometimes because im afraid of what she’ll say. she tries to be in control of me it feels like. I dont know. I just thought maybe you could offer some advice about how to fix this. thank u kate, I’m sorry if this is a stressful message u don’t have to respond💝💝 (2/2)

absolutely they can be!!! i’m so sorry you’re in that situation, bug. :( that’s so so tough and from my experience you either have to confront them or walk away…or both. i think ppl can sometimes get on these weird manipulative and cruel power trips without consciously noticing what they’re doing?? so make her aware of it first. like, the next time she calls you a name, say something. tell her not to call you xyz and although she might find it funny or ~not serious~ or whatever it really hurts you so you’d appreciate it if, as a friend, she’d stop. if she apologizes and changes her behavior, then things might get better. if she laughs it off or continues to do it despite consistent reminders that it upsets you, she’s a shitty person and a shitty friend and you really just have to walk away for your own sake. friendships like that aren’t worth fixing, yk? do you have any mutual friends you trust who might be able to see her behavior and help you figure out how to approach her best or what she might be most receptive to? the only way you can rly attempt to fix it is by being honest with her about how she makes you feel and going from there. and ik how hard and impossible that can seem sometimes, but pls don’t let yourself continue to be hurt!! i wish i could offer more advice than what’s probably the obvious, but i hope that helps at least a lil bit 💞

I’ll get in trouble for saying this but I see a lot of posts about people defending taeyong and what he did in the past lately and even though I too think that its annoying and somewhat stupid to still be upset about something that happened ages ago (I mean none of you, including me, have the right to be upset anway since we weren’t the victims). But everyone who is trying to tell me that he changed needs to shut up since you cant know the truth. You dont know whether he changed or not, so stop trying to convince others that he did. This doesnt mean you can go all off on him and say whatever you want, but let others who are critical and dont have an opinion abt this be critcal as long as they are not going abroad with their comments.

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i have a huge crush on my internet friend and i dont know how/if i should tell them! they are so lovely and i think they might like me back but i dont want to risk losing them! ): there's a chance they might move to my state and not to be mushy but it seems meant to be. with that said ive never dated anyone before and i dont want to screw it up with them. AAAAAAAAAAAA what do I do!?

You should definitely tell them! You’ll never know if they like you back unless you try, and it totally sounds like fate that they might even move near you! Good luck!!!


When I act a little crazy, remember my love for you wont fade im afraid you keep it blazing.
I want you for so long, tell me is it so wrong even if we fall in love.
I dont want to hold you down dear, trying to make it so clear hoping that we fall in love.
When you hold on to me when you let me in you better know that I got you under my skin.
—  Fall in love - Barcelona

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Tell us five things you love about yourself, and then send this to ten of your fave followers so they can do the same!

1. look for a shitty kid who’s barely five i think i can do quite a few things. like: art, yelling, writing, poetry, guitar, shit, piano, backwards calligraphy, dance, papayas, crochet, knitting, hand-walking, beading, ass talki

2. when i don’t get enough sleep it genuinely looks like i have eyeliner on idk how it happens but it does and it’s p cool

3. i try not to shit on people for having onions?? i try to. which counts as something cos a lot of yall don’t even bother w that lmao

4. i’m self aware enough to at least know when i’ve interrupted people or changed the course of the conversation by which i mean i’m a slightly better than ohkay listener. if u want to yell. or cry. or idk shit on people, hmu anytime (also salting is fun)

5. despite being ace as hell i still maintain that porn is entertaining For The Lols (especially terribly written porn u hear) i’m. a great perso