dont even think its classified as that

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about hide being evil, i dont think thats very likely, even if he turns out to be some sort of antagonist. i mean, there's little to no black and white in tg, everything is mostly grey. a lot of characters with different motives fighting for different causes. its difficult to just classify all of them as good guys or bad guys. i dont know if it makes sense, english is not my first language, sorry. i hope you'll get what i mean anyway

Yeah, I agree for the most part. If Hide does end up being an antagonist, (and I think his morality is already quite grey, it’s just mostly masked by his good guy persona) he’ll probably be one of those ambiguous parties no one’s really sure who’s side they’re on.

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This is just me,but steven universe shouldnt even be classified as a kids show. It is funny and stuff at first, but it gets REALLY deep. I dont think kids can understand. Not to mention a mojority of the fandom is teens and adults, but idk

Oh no, I absolutely think SU should be classified as a kids show. It’s meant for kids and kids realize a lot more than you think. While they may not analyze it to death like some adults do, they gather a lot from it and really do think deeply about it. Just because something is deep, even really deep, doesn’t mean its not for kids.