dont even look at me i tried to do the thing

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How do you do the lik bred things?

yu see, my frend,
it goes like so:
yu rite 4 beates
then downe yu go.
the even lines
(2, 4, 6, 8)
should end in words
which dont create

a problem when
yu need to find
a riming pair -
dont be resined
to assonance:
that’s not enugh.
we must be strikt
about this stuff.

and wen yu’ve writ
two riming sets 
avoid what’s called
‘reblog regrets’
and check befor
yur post’s complete
that words yu’ve used
do not repeet.

(with so few lines
it stiks out plain
wen words come twice
in one refrane:
just look how cheep 
my third text sounds;
‘i’ rimed with ‘eye’?! 
for shayme! oh, zounds!) 

another thing
yu neede, yung Calfe:
an ending lyne
that brings a laugh - 
it’s here that folk
oft mention bred -
but if yu want
make do insted

with something else
that may appeel.
yu’ll do no rong. 
rite what yu feel.
and if yu still 
need bredlik aid -
i link this post 
that someone mayde

explaining this 
with less ado.
i hope between 
posts one and two
the question asked
is answered now: 
go forth, lik bred,
be like the Cow. 

Ok, have a seat, this is gonna take a while. I’ll try to be brief. I’m sorry but I’m salty af, I couldn’t keep this to myself even though I tried.

As you can tell by my bio and my headcanons, and my posts, reblogs and so on, my OTP is byeler. Wihich means I strongly believe Will Byers is gay. But, hey! This is not nsfw content; it just means I believe he wants to hold another boy’s hands, and hey! This is totally fine, in case no one has told you.

I’ve read in the past few days a couple of mean comments over what I believe about Will Byers’ sexuality, None of them were directly for me, actually one of those were an answer to another person’s post, but this is bothering me so much, I couldn’t just look away from this.

Let’s do it by parts. First of all, Will had an awful life so far and he’s only 12, I know, right???!!! But this is not a fucking reason for him not to be gay. Because being gay is not a fucking problem, it’s not something gross, it’s not something disgusting. Being gay is the same thing as being hetero. Yeah, he would suffer homophobia, but let’s talk about that later this post.

Second, no, he’s not too young to “decide” (???????) whether he’s gay or not: by saying this, you’re taking as reality that the “normal” is being hetero, and being gay is a choice, it’s not a fucking choice, not even close. We are born like this, and saying this you’re accepting a therapy could make us hetero by choice again as well. No. And the last argument I’m using here: why any of you (people that are making Will’s sexuality something huge) has said “Isn’t Eleven too young to decide if she likes boys or girls”? I’m not putting into question if the kiss between her and Mike was right or wrong, this is not my point, in fact, I think it was right by the flow of the story. What I’m trying to say is: why hetero kids don’t have their sexuality seen as inauthentic? Why people say it’s too early when it comes to queer people, queer children?

And now, let’s talk about homophobia. I received an answer in a post that I made about Will facing homophobia and being disgusted with himself, but only when he’s with Mike, he realizes he has never felt something so right in his life. This answer said something like “it always comes to homophobia around here”. Yeah, it does. I’m having this headcanon of Will being gay truly knowing he will struggle with homophobia. How am I supposed to pretend he’s not going to face it? I could make a poll to know if any homosexual person here hasn’t suffered with it, but I already see that when I read someone complaining about making a 12 years-old boy gay. “Why does he have to be gay?” I’ll follow up by saying: Why not? Homophobia has become something unavoidable, so, yeah, I want him to pass through this, to show that queer kiddos can pass through this as well, even though it happens in the 80′s, and it’s hard as fuck, I wish I could see Will being sassy dealing with this.

Dear queer kid, I see you. I see the way you’re trying to pretend to be what your parents say it’s normal, I see the way you zap through the channels trying to find someone just like you on TV, and you hate movies like ‘Little Manhattan’, because you’re not like them, you’ll never be. I see you because I was once a queer kid too, I was born like this, and nothing will ever change me, or you.

These children that struggle with being sinful, wrong: They are the reason I believe in Will Byers’ homosexuality, because there’s nothing wrong if you’re dividing your cookies with a same gender person as you and you feel like holding this person’s hand. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. And that’s the first step to accept that there are children out there that since the day they were born, they don’t feel comfortable with the gender they were born with. There are children out there that don’t want to kiss or hold hands with other people at all. And y’all should just get over it.

(Imagine if I told you I have this headcanon Barb Holland is Assexual just like me. You’d probably freak out.)

Stay safe. Love you all.

Seventeen as Things I've Said to my Friends
  • scoups: how much rice do I put in the rice cooker for nine kids?
  • jeonghan: no sorry, i don't run.
  • joshua: anime sub and dub are so different how does "he can see things i can't see" be dubbed to "i wish i had a grilled cheese sandwich right now."
  • jun: walk walk strut strut stop turn pose model status
  • hoshi: dont trust ANy1 who drinks cereal like milk
  • wonwoo: cant wait to read this book so i can finally use my cute bookmark that cost me 8 bucks
  • woozi: don't call me cute if we're not dating
  • dk: do you think pigeons have feelings
  • the8: i tried bboying once. i kicked my friend in the balls.
  • seungkwan: not to be dramatic, but i do mean to be dramatic, i don't like the way you chew gum.
  • vernon: i bought oatmeal raisin cookies by accident because i thought O.R meant oreo and now i'm upset
  • dino: does the right side of my face make me look tougher or does my left side look tougher?

percy jackson x bangtan au
jung hoseok, the son of poseidon

“With a huge cheer, they carried us down the hill, but they kept us close enough to hold hands. He was laughing, and I couldn’t help laughing too, even though my face was completely red. 
We held hands right up to the moment they dumped us in the water.
Afterward, I had the last laugh. I made an air bubble at the bottom of the lake. Our friends kept waiting for us to come up, but hey—when you’re the son of Poseidon, you don’t have to hurry.
And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.”

(-Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian)

my question for you guys is, can you guess who “he”, the owner of the mysterious hand, is? ;3;

FFVIII Characters as @dril Tweets
  • Squall: no
  • Squall pt2: please check out my devastating one-man takedown of the thanksgiving day parade, which was given a PG rating by the MPAA due to " sarcasm".
  • Squall pt3: I just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in
  • Seifer: i would love to brutally kick the ass off of anyone who tries to be nice to me or be my friend on here
  • Seifer pt2: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • Seifer pt3: I put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad” , “its ineffective” fuck off
  • Quistis: (in really quiet, barely audible voice) hope your dick falls of bitch
  • Zell: the entire contents of the kfc smokehouse angus chicken snacker slide out and fall directly into my shirt. "IM FUCKED" i yell out
  • Selphie: pal the only "meltdown" im having is my ice cream melting down into my hand while I lay on the beach & laugh while thinking about the trolls
  • Rinoa: please read my longform treatise "The Arrogance Of Burger King" available only on my new $70/month content streaming platform "ShitWire Pro'
  • Irvine: when you're sitting on the toilet theres a tiny opening between the seat and your dick/nut area. this is known as "The Daredevil's Spittoon"
  • Edea: jusut dropped 8000000 HKD on a usb-interfaced sniper rifle that blocks one of my insolent followers at random every time i pull the trigger
  • Laguna: one of the things you realize when becoming a genius in many aspects of life is that the world wide web. and the computer, is the same thing
  • also Laguna: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • Kiros: pretending not to be mad while the guy in the next stall over takes a big shit while I try to Meditate
  • Ward: A MERE Musing From A Troubled Husband, Strengthened Through Time: "Let the birds have their bird seed, and unto us boys, the Beer seed"

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hello. could you give me an advice on drawing if you have time please. i like your art and i dont know i just feel like i could trust your opinion? see, i dont have a consistant style of drawing. i dont know, i just like drawing and have a lot of interest in many things i guess. i could do pretty much anything from children's illustration to gore and nsfw stuff. i'm actually pretty proud of that sometimes thou. i just like many things.(cont)

But sometimes I feel like if I could keep up with 1 style that would be great because usually artists with a consistent style gets more likes/ supporters? I actually have tried this a several times, when I draw in 1 consistent style even thou my art then was pretty shitty it gets more like than I do now. Some of my art now looks like it has been drawn by completly different peoples. I cant even keep up with an average heights for my characters. (cont)

And I don’t think it’s because I don’t practise enough? I tried googling people just say I need to practise more but I have taken art seriously in my like for years now and I still cant do that. Sometimes I draw till my hand hurts sometimes and still that doesn’t go anywhere. Actually I do have a style? But it just changes a lot, sometimes to the point where you cant even regconize :/ tbh I just think it would be neat to have more people like my art for now. I’m terribly sorry it’s so long T.T


Ahh honestly i really dont know what advice to give to you as im having the exact same problem you have haha

i dont have a consistent style either.

its a bit frustrating because on one hand its nice to try different things like color differently or do the lineart with a different brush. 
on the other hand you want to be recognized by your art and thats nearly impossible if every picture looks totally different? 

so i totally get your problem 

but honestly even if you think you dont have anything consistent in your style there probably is something that you do almost the same all the time. 

i personally found out that pictures where i use references tend to look totally different to pictures where i draw everything from imagination.
(pictures i draw purely based on whats in my head tend to look alike) 

the point is you dont need to “practice” you need to experiment. 
the difference is that you have to try different things until you find something that just FITS you. thats when you will have a chance on having a consistent art style.

looking at pictures online and checking out how other people do stuff helps a lot because it makes you come up with things you usually wouldnt have. 
maybe even try to replicate some styles you see and mix them until you are happy with how it looks and comfortable enough drawing like that. (there are drawing memes going around where people replicate well-known art styles like pokemon or detective conan you could try something like that maybe it helps) 

i guess you could call it luck if someone manages to find a way of drawing they like and can easily replicate.
for some people it just can be a very long way until they reach this point. 

also keep in mind that even the most recognizable artists change their style slightly over the time. thats how improvement works. 

so instead of just seeing the negative aspect of it you could also think of yourself as someone who has a bigger chance on improving (having the same art style also means making the same mistakes) (???)

just try different things im sure you’ll be able to find a way that suits you and will stuck to you. 

also if you dont mind id love to see your art ???


A strange sketch I made yesterday… I had to write something in the speechbubbles so don’t judge me. Also, this looks like some strange family photograph I know xD But it just appeared so I coloured it.

 Btw I’m still working on how I want to draw Gaster…I’ve seen so many awesome designs so it’s pretty hard for me to find something myself but I’m already kind of happy how it looks like. I tried to put some elements of Sans and Papyrus into it. I think he’ll look more like Papyrus and his personality would be more like the one of Sans…? And is he skeleton or not?! I can’t decide. Nope.

Can Gaster even make glasses? I mean this guy built many strange things .idk.


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | SO GORGEOUS | LORD MERCY | I WILL GET LOST WITH YOU EVERYDAY



Where do I even START talking abt Zoro?! He is such an awesome character like oh my god? He is the only character that can make me waver in my loyalty towards my actual bias….Bcos hOLY SHIT when he gets badass I SWEAR MY HEART BEGINS TO BEAT SO FAST YOU CAN HEAR IT MILES AWAY O.O





BUT. He is at the same time a freaking DORK…He nearly froze to death when he tried to train on Drum island


Also let’s not forget that he actually fought with a bird…

and risked getting eaten by a gigantic snake just to save his food like yea zoro thats really smart of you


AND look at this marimo pouting complaining abt his crew teasing him..this is so cute and sad at the same time… xD

I love Zoro so so so much, I cannot imagine OP without him. Yes he is stupid dorky sometimes and totally DIRECTIONLESS, but when it is time for him to be serious, he will totally KICK ASS. Also, he is so protective over his crew members, like when he saw chopper injured on skypiea he was SOO MAD, or when he knocked Sanji unconscious so that he will face Kuma alone, and the fact that he even offers HIS LIFE in order to save Luffy. 

Not only that, even though he is very strong, he has a gentle side to him as well, esp with chopper~ I absolutely adooore his relationship with that cute lil reindeer

He let Chopper stay on his shoulders like ALL THE TIME, and when chopper became stronger he was SO FRICKING PROUD OF HIM.


All in all, Zoro is the big brother in the Strawhat crew, and he really lives up to role. Determined and powerful yet hilarious and cute, Zoro is really one of the best anime characters I have came across~

Omg I have ranted on this for too long I should stop, thanks for asking :) aikathedarkangel and my lovely anon chwans

Send me a character and I will rate how hot he/she is


so i tried this thing where i put itunes on shuffle and draw whatever comes to mind when a song plays and this happened // tho there were more but most were failed tries so i put the least ugly ones here// and please ignore the weird ass drawing style i have no idea what was i thinking…

Orange is the new black is such an amazing show. Not only are characters mainly female most are LGBT in one way or another. It also promotes body positivity and how different people are different!  
for example look at this 

look at how confident she feels !!!! look at her body , i see her how she really is , no one tried to make her look skinny. and here is another thing 

that is her body and she isnt scared to show it. 

one more 

Do you see any editing for her age , No! she is how she is !!!! 

another point on why is this show is amazing is that it shows women of different  religions. We have been shown 




Church of Islam

(even tho she renounced)

and Christian

and dont get me stared on how much lgbt representation this gives, such as Sophia as a trans women and the different lesbians in the show 


External image

this show is amazing in so many ways , feel free to add