dont even have my piercings in

the evolution of pierce the veil
  • a flair for the dramatic: come back to my heart
  • selfish machines: without you there is no me
  • collide with the sky: im tired of begging for the things i want
  • misadventures: tONYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanting a little :]

I’m Ash!
Age: 15
Role: Dom
Ahe range: 14-19
Preferred gender: female
Up for showing my face
Up for kik, skype, videochatting anything
Transgender boy o:
Personality: Fun, artistic, creative, musical, nerdy, dorky, funny, loving, caring, protective
Gender: Transboy
What am I looking for? Someone whose adorable and punky or edgy like me cx hippie even, i really dont have much of a preference ♡
What am i into? Just bout anything! (Serioisly lmao)
Up to show my face? ofcourseee
Video chatting? Anytime c:
Kik: wolfrennightmare
Ig: Wolfiekota
Favrite thing to do with my littles? Just love them and care for them etc.
Country: US
State: Kansas

Interests: Video gaming, anime, cosplaying, art Some extra info: I’m hella emo xD o3o I love being a dom, and I love blasting music all day :3 im half aussie toooo, i have snakebites x3x

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i can’t fully enjoy how great that episode really was (and it was! even if damon didn’t actually die even though he probably should have!) bc bonnie and stefan saved damon’s ass, yet again, and caroline is amazing, and bonnie is amazing (she locked kai up in a prison world!!!!), and i did get my one glorious BE moment including some enzo character development. and that’s not even talking about that finale scene - katherine fucking pierce!!!

but i’ve basically lost all hope for an alive!BE endgame with is…. :/ either bonnie joins only enzo in her dimension (which…. eek) or enzo tells her to move on…. neither option i am happy with. we keep seeing enzo being shady and sad, as if he knows this isn’t going to end well, and we are only get tiny crumbs of it (honestly the “are you happy” bit and him trying to get bonnie to forgive stefan so she can be happy long-term are all super duper signs of enzo trying to prep himself to let her go) bc they can’t jump too soon or else there’s nothing for us to cry over during the finale

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For some reason, I am so very nervous sending this in. May I please have a Gotham ship? Also I apologize in advance as I worry that I will not be "shippable" with any of the characters. I am a 21, panromantic, asexual female ball of anxiety with black hair and hazel eyes. I have a stutter and therefore just often dont talk. I have a monroe piercing and a couple tattoos. Uhm. I speak 7 other languages fluently besides English which is actually my second language, Russian my first. (part 1 of 2)

// Awe, don’t be nervous hun! It’s fine. I’m constantly nervous when doing ships so I’m right there with you XD. Yes of course you can have a Gotham ship, and don’t even worry, everyone is shippable with someone, in my opinion. Hope you like it. //

Ship: Victor Zsasz. 

Victor tries everything he can to get you to be speak more, as he finds your stutter adorable and endearing. He doesn’t like to admit it, but Victor is so jealous that you can speak so many languages. He too isn’t too quick to trust people, unlike you, but he almost instantly felt safe around you. He is constantly looking out for you, and secretly loves how needy you are. Victor thinks you are the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen, and will shamelessly let you know that.

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Best Friend: Jerome Valeska

The two of you share a common interest in comedy, and love to share a laugh together. Jerome cares for you, but sometimes keeps his distance. Although he’d never admit it, he’s slightly intimidated by your boyfriend. He thinks your a joy to be around as you laugh at almost all his jokes, which just boosts his ego more. (Like he needs that, the sassy little ginger puff.)

oh jesus im just so fucking angry at everything and i dont even know why because half an hour ago i was having the time of my fucking life and i don’t know why this always happens i was feeling so fucking good today and nothing is fucking fair and fuck you and fuck that because its my fucking body and my fucking life and you cant tell me what the fuck to put on it and i can have as many fucking tattoos as i want and i can get as many fucking piercings as i want and i can put whatever fucking clothing i want on my fucking body and you cant fucking tell me no because its my fucking body and how is it your fucking place god im just so fucking mad because all my life ive done something wrong and its all my fucking fault all the fucking time but fuck that i swear to god i havent been this angry in so fucking long i just want to hit something and i feel like a fucking psychopath like seriously what the fuck i could just hit and hit and hit and hit and fuck him because hes a fucking piece of shit and i dont need anybody and i just want to be left the fuck alone like what the shit is wrong with people do they ever stop talking and fabricating shit like what the fuck is wrong with them and materialism is such a fucking bitch god it makes me so fucking angry holy mother of fucking jesus fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i havent been this fucking angry in so fucking long i havent felt anything in so fucking long fuck im so fucking angry

ok! so here is a VERY belated tips for seeing hamilton post that was requested like…. 4 days ago lmao

  • ur going to want to cheer every single time lin opens his mouth but u should probably not do that. the pauses for applause last abt 5-10 seconds but then the actors start singing again so thats when u should stop clapping
  • that being said, there are times when youre gonna find that you cannot physically clap even though the song was breathtaking and amazing ie stay alive (reprise) and it’s quiet uptown like oh my god … oh my god… it’s okay just let ur emotions go
  • u think u know about phillipa soo’s scream at the end of stay alive (reprise) but you fucking dont man… holy SHIT… just be prepared oh my god it’s so piercing and visceral i felt like i was dead
  • if youre going to get merch, do so AT INTERMISSION, not after the show! everyone else is gonna be going to the bathroom or outside to smoke and ur gonna have to fight ur way down to the merch stand but it’s worth it
  • merch prices as i remember them: expensive. A. Ham snapback was 30 bucks. hamiltome sold out fast (i got the last one!) (for fifty dollars). t-shirts range in price from 25 to 40 dollars. cheapest thing is a set of buttons for 15 dollars (worth it imho)
  • stage dooring! not everyone is going to come out! it’s going to take a while! just be patient! if you had done a 2.5 hours nonstop hiphopera u would want to take a breather too.
  • listen to the cops and employees at the stage door and leave when they tell you to, even if who you wanted to see didn’t come out yet
  • just have fun and hydrate before you go and donate to broadway cares on the way out!!!!! it’s kind!!!!

I have this recurring image in my head of goth/punk Thranduil; tight-ass jeans, band t-shirts, baggy tanktops, mesh shirts, shoes that make him even taller than he already is, beanies, piercings, nail polish, and black lipstick for sure (maybe even some occasional eye makeup for the hell of it). 

He’s just walking around getting his usual gawks while blasting music through his headphones and it turns out he’s listening to classical music. He gets a tap on the shoulder and he turns with this horribly apathetic look on his face, expecting some douchebag heckler, but sees a really attractive preppy boy standing there with a big adorable smile that’s also super hot at the same time. 

“Is that Tchaikovsky you’re listening to?” he asks, and Thranduil is suddenly glad he was listening to his classical playlist at that moment Bard walked by him. From there Thranduil becomes a puddle and somehow falls in love with this preppy guy Bard. Save him. 

But boy, are they an interesting looking pair and black lipstick marks would look absolutely marvelous all over Bard’s skin. 

I work at a very mom-like store, and I am definitely not the type to shop there (or work there I guess??) and one night, right before closing, my manager had to take her lunch and since I was the only one there qualified enough to be a manager, I became the sales and service leader. One of the associates was having a hard time with a customer and the associates aren’t really supposed to deal with that so she called me over. I asked the lady what happened and she rudly asked if i was the manager. I said as of right now, yes I am and smilies and she just looked disgusted and continued to tell me I dont represent old navy well (I have 2 piercings in my face and tattoos and half shaved hair) even though she was being rude for no reason, I ignored her and asked what the issue was. She told me the shirt she had in her hand was on a manican and the manican said 12$ so she should get it for 12$. Our system doesn’t work like that?? We dont price point our manicans?? But i gave her the benefit of the doubt and went to look anyway. Not only was that shirt not on a manican but there was no 12$ price point in the area. Normally I’m pretty lienant bc sometimes our signs confuse me but she had already pushed my buttons and what she saw was dumn so I definitely wasn’t going to help her out. I walked back to the register, looked her dead in the eye and said, “either you pay full price or i cant give it to you” She said no I dont want any of it or anything from this store. I said “it’s too bad we dont have 3 other stores to bring in money” and then shut the doors and left. Do customers know they become a joke in the break room bc we talked about her for months…..

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-Snuck out: no

-broken a bone: no

-Cried myself to sleep: yes

-Self harmed: depending on definition

-Been depressed: yes

-been lonely: holy hell yes


-Birthday: August 7th, 1998

-Biggest fear: people laughing at me

-Relationship status: single

-Dream job: CRNA

-Dream car: Something blue

-Dream house: a little cute house with a yard that i can be proud of

-Like someone: i dont even know anymore. yes? probably 

-Love someone: my dog Riley Ann <3 

-have a boyfriend/ girlfriend: no

-want a girlfriend/ boyfriend: thatd be pretty swell

-Have tattoos: no

-Have piercings: like regular earrings

-Party: chuck e cheese count?


-Band: FOB/Nicki Minaj?!?

-Movie: Anything stupid (not a title of a movie)

-TV series: Game of Thrones

-Book: Animal farm?

-Color: blue

-Animal: dogs and cats


-Twitter or Facebook: facebook eh

-Twitter or Instagram: instagram

-Instagram or Facebook: instagram

-Coke or Pepsi: neither

-Tea or coffee: tea!!!

-Tacos or Pizza: taco

-Winter or Summer: summer


-Get married: yes

-Have kids: theyre so cute

-Swim with sharks: oh yeah

-share a banana: if theyre hungry

-eat rotten food: nah

-Marry a foreigner: ooo yea

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