dont even have a cat

Ojiro: This is not a trick right? 

Shinsou: No, it’s not.

Ojiro: Did you put something in the ice cream?

Shinsou: Im eating the same ice cream. Could you please accept it and eat it or do I have to shove it through your throat.


Ojiro: At this rate you won’t have my forgiviness.

((I’ve seen the trailer more than 76 times and Shinsou’s voice is asihdkasdbnaskdjasdBSaksdjasd MY HEART CAN’T.

I’m in the mood to draw lots of Shinsou! So if you have a request send it now!))


Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)

anonymous asked:

yeah how come y'all never post dark skinned folks in ur aesthetic

Gay + Royal & Interracial Aesthetic

Graysexual + Ravenclaw WOC Aesthetic

Lesbian + Black & Dark Roses & Red Aesthetic

Bisexual + Mica Burton Aesthetic

and those are just the explicitly PoC moodboards we are requested!

its not that we never do it, theres a number of reasons behind why it doesnt appear as often as we post moodboards containing images of white people.

  1. we cant find the right aesthetic involving PoC - theres a lot more aesthetic images of white people online than people of other races (gee i wonder why)
  2. we have to explicitly tell google images that we are looking for PoC when searching. you google “man” and you get a bunch of pasty white ass dudes - the internet is white-orientated and its bullshit
  3. you google “aesthetic girl” and a large number of the results are white people and some people who i can only assume are of asian descent.
  4. in a non-specified request, sometimes we cant make an entire request all of one ethnicity, such as this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and others
  5. more than half of the requests we receive dont even have humans in them! theyre asking for cats or grunge or space or writing or games - last i checked, those werent race-related.

you can ask us to use images of specific race/s when making a request.
you can ask us to use the black pride flag when making a request.

these arent excuses for us to not make PoC-orientated moodboards, these are just the reasons behind why theyre not as common.

no, we dont never post PoC aesthetics, its just that theyre harder to make due to the internets obvious bias over what race is “aesthetically pleasing”.

so please, actually go through our aesthetics before calling us out on such touchy topics. better yet, help us fix the problem by requesting more PoC aesthetics - demand and supply and all that. maybe even take some pictures yourself and show us, we would happily include them in future aesthetics if they fit the bill! ♡

anonymous asked:

redbull. dont even try to tell me that the cat lexicon doesnt have the word "bull" in it somewhere. i will actually debate this with you redbull is a valid warrior name


Reasons to love Blind Al

1. Give love and life lessons/advices 


3. Mastered the sass


5. Ultimate Cat Lady who instead of cats takes a stray homeless Pool of Dead Cells back home and store a large amount of weapons in her house even tho she wont rob a bank or commit a murder or something

6. Maybe she did, who know

7. I love badass female character who doesnt give a fuck


AJ’s Commissions ! ! !

recently, i’ve been getting less and less temp work at the florists and i’m strained on cash which is mega stressful. i have intense anxiety and no comfortable method of transportation which makes it incredibly difficult to snag even a part time job. commissions are currently the only way i can make any money, so please commission or signal boost if you can! either way, it means a ton!

if you’re not comfortable having me invoice you, please follow this so there’s no hassle about shipping! these are digital goods, they do not require a shipping address!



  • simple backgrounds: $6
  • NOTE: if you have a color palette in mind that is more complex for me to use, i will charge extra! prices will vary.
  • please be as specific as you can be!

wont do:

  • nsfw
  • mechs
  • animals
  • super complex backgrounds




Thank you ! ! !