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QUESTION JAX! I just Saw your video The American (Superman) Goku vs The Original (Akira) Goku | Dragon Ball Z Discussion and you said you preferred the Dub Version Goku that was like a superhero and how it inspired you. So I have to ask! If Dragon Ball Z Kai played when you were a Kid do you think you would still have the Mentality you have for training today since you said the Hero Goku made you feel like you could become a Hero as well? Big FAN!

This is an old question and since I just answered it on Twitter Ill answer it here

As I’ve said and OVERWHELMING AMOUNT of Times that even I’m sick of telling it. I will always have a PERSONAL BIAS for the

SUPERMAN DUB Goku to the True Japanese/Kai Version.

Like I said before. there are 2 different Goku’s

ToonamiDub (Ocean for Saiyan and Namek/ Funimation for the rest) Goku:
was more a Save the Day SuperHero who gave speeches 

Japanese/Kai Goku:
Is a carefree man who loves Fightin strong folks but can be selfish as his main goal is just to be the best he can be and wants to fight stronger opponents no matter what the cost.

Now like I said as a kid, being bullied and beaten up for being chubby, loving anime video games and made to feel like nothing by My Tormentors I was severely depressed and sad and would come home crying with bruises from my Bullies but seeing Goku on Toonami (Superman DUB GOKU) It made me smile and honest to god touched my heart that this character was so kind, so humble treat everyone he was stronger than with respect and as equals but so strong and if you fucked with his friends or family he would end you.

and when he gave this speech to frieza. 

That lit the training fire in my eye

From that point on I wasnt going to be a Weak lil Anime Nerd getting Made fun for liking Geeky stuff being beaten up and Bullied. 

I was going to be A STRONGER PERSON. 

I was gonna train so hard so I could BE a HERO like Goku and protect myself, my family and my friends from punkasses.

So I started working out to the best I could be.

And low and behold I got pretty Strong

And the only REASON I was working Out So hard was because I wanted to be a Hero Like Goku! 

He was seriously like the All Might to my Deku making me push myself harder to get stronger 

But then I found out that Goku was never meant to be a Hero or a Good Person From Akira Toriyama himself

And then I started re-watching the Japanese and Kai and I learned yea He was a pretty selfish guy and most of the DBZ tubers today have talked in depth about it 

And So I realized wow the character I idolized for years. the one I wanted to be like, the one I trained so hard because of was a lie and not true to the character. 

But when I saw the True Character come off as doing all these really Selfish Acts I kinda became Ehhhhh on the character. Sure I still enjoyed him cause its Goku but A lot of his faults came a lot more apparent 

and I know that makes for a better character and I’m not Ignorant of the fact at all.

Its just not the type of character I personally enjoy and with the most recent events where Goku straight up said I DONT CARE ABOUT your worries Beerus or Whis I want to fight in a MultiUniverse Tournament by GOD (Who nukes universes for fun) and is now the reason their ENTIRE UNIVERSE including their Afterlife is at stake of being Erased by the OmniKing I’m honestly like What the fuck. and the fact he’s not even that shaken up about it bugs me.

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But to get back to the question you were asking if I had saw the Original True Goku as a Child would I still be Inspired to Train?

I’ve thought about this for a Long Time now and HONESTLY Thinking of my Kid Self the Answer would be No

Lol My CHILD SELF probably would’ve thought he was a Jerk and Not all that inspiring xD

My Adult Self today is Just indifferent on the True Goku’s Character, Knows that it is Toriyama’s TRUE interpretation of the character 

But I will always be BIAS because of that SuperHero Dub Goku who made me believe I could be a stronger person so that Goku will always be my favorite and the one I think of when I reblog training gifs. Its just my opinion and people’s approval or disapproval dont really matter to me cause I like what I like and its not I like I hate the TRUE Goku. I just am Meh on his character, Honestly I like Veggie more than that one tbh 

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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