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randlebaby replied to your photoset “so, on the subject of fish I dont fuckign know guys”

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Is op ok?

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“Can u please do a Hayes Grier  imagine where reader is shorter than him and I’m very insecure about it and his friends make a joke and I cry and he comforts me”

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I was at my boyfriend Hayes’ house, Reading a book as i leaned my elbows on the kitchen counter. I felt Hayes arms wrap around my waist causing a smile to appear upon my lips. I turned around to kiss him, standing on my toes.

There was an obvious height difference between us. he was a whole head taller than me.

When our lips parted, he guided me towards the counter so he could pin me against it. He removed the book from my hands, setting it face down on the counter.

“Come on babe, I was reading that.” i said, moving my hands up his arms to his biceps. “But i want your attention.” He said in a childish voice. He exaggeratedly puckered his lips making me laugh. I laughed and kissed his lips lightly, making him softly kiss me back.

-Later that night-

I was standing in front of Hayes, leaning into him as he hugged me from behind and leaned against the counter. All of his friend were sitting on the counters or at the table, drinking beers and just bullshitting. Some were starting to get a little tipsy.

“Wow Y/N, you’re like a foot shorter than Hayes.” Jack J said.

“Hayes, do you have to like bend down to kiss her?” Jack G asked.

“Guys cut it out.” Hayes said.

“Come on, were just having a little fun.” Nate said. “Is she easy to carry around?”

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I removed myself from Hayes’ grip and walked quickly out of the kitchen. Once i was out of their sight, i started crying and ran into Hayes room.

I have always been insecure about my height and hated when anyone recognized it.

Soon i felt a presence near me, followed by the sound of the door shutting quietly. I tensed up and wiped my tears.

“Baby.” Hayes said quietly. I didnt turn around.

“Baby, theyve been drinking. You know they dont mean it.” He said. I felt his hand touch my shoulder. I quickly turned around and hugged his waist as i cried into him. I held me in his arms and ran his fingers through my hair soothingly.

“Look at me.” He said, holding my face in his hands. He looked me in my eyes. “I love you. I love your height. Your small hand fits perfectly in mine.” He said holding my hands. “Your small body cuddles into mine perfectly.” He said pulling me to him by my waist. “I love you. No matter what.” He whispered, looking into my eyes. He wiped the tears that laid on my face and pushed my hair behind my ears.

“I love you too.” I said quietly. He pulled me in for a long, slow kiss.

His comforting and caring ways always made me feel better.


Imagine that one day after seeing Bard drinking coffee Ciel wonders about its taste then asks Sebastian to make him a cup. Sebastian found that weird but didn’t question it, his master was always full of surprises. Then, after Ciel takes a sip he spits it out and demands for Sebastian to make this weird taste go away. Sebastian smirks and says “Gladly” before dipping and kissing Ciel on the lips. After he pulls away the butler expected his master to slap him or send him out or even punish him but was surprised when Ciel took a hold of his hand and said with a face held high, looking Sebastian in the eye with a blush covering his face then saying “The taste… Is still not gone…” and that ends up with a hot make out session.

Aww yiiisss

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Um, babies don't drink breastmilk...

i dont even have a response to this ive just never seen somebody so confident and so wrong at the same time

how did you go through the process of sending this message how are you even possibly this incorrect im in shock