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Do all your weapons have names?

nah, i go through weapons too quickly for that. i do have some favorites though, that have been with me for a while, which have picked up nicknames. there’s a real nasty grenade launcher that i frequently use to make holes in buildings that clint insists on calling my ‘lockpick’ as if i dont know how to break in like a normal assassin. i know how to pick a lock clint. exploding stuff is just more fun.

 i have a set of sweet little throwing knives that natasha usually calls the manicure kit. i would object to that more if they didnt come in handy so often on nail painting night. 

i have a regular claw hammer which has seen combat and is officially named the ‘Hammer Of Barnes.” thor blessed it for me. i dont know if that makes it more effective in a fight but it is pretty cool. 

i have a big trench knife that has been called ‘mantra’ after that one time when Dr banner was about to hulk out in a hospital ward because it was being attacked by hydra agents. clint was trying (poorly) to keep him calm, and was yelling ‘do your breathing exercises!! use your mantras!!’ at which point Dr banner grabbed my knife and stabbed a hydra guy. he did not hulk out. we were very proud of him.

i once told tony that my fists were named ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’ but i was just messing with him. his face was pretty priceless. 

but my favorite named weapon has always been my throwing steve. by which i mean the captain america that i sometimes physically hurl at my enemies. it may not be the most dignified way to get steve into a fight but it sure is effective

the gangsey as scottish tweets
  • gansey: im at the age where people r askin "so what u doin with ur life" n im like mate am genuinely jus here for a laff x
  • blue sargent: issue wi males that think it's acceptable to comment on how a girl looks when she's buzzin am not oot tae be stunnin am oot tae cut mad shapes
  • ronan lynch: i deh trust the dentist when they start talking in code about your teeth to their wee pal, you got suhin to say say it to ma face prick
  • adam parrish: maw n da tryin to shout it ye when ye crack yer phone sayin ye dont look after it aye right fs this hing means more tae me than use do fs
  • noah czerny: had a sick weekend but ad be telling big fibs if a said a didnt feel like a common toe nail
  • henry cheng: imagine the week before yer wedding ye came home fae work early to surprise yer bf and walked in on him wearin bootcut jeans
Overwatch characters as dorm roommates

For the overwatch guys and a few of the ladies

-is extremley good at keeping his side od the room neat
-the room always smells like tea
-he goes to bed fairly early
-in general a very very good roomate
-has a few pictures on his desk of his family
-will offer you tea and cake every now and then

-oh god its always a mess with this cowboy
-has beer bottles and used cigarettes on the floor
-smells like cigarettes in the room
-you usually have to wake him up because he is always oversleeping and you care enough about him so he isnt late to missions
-always eats your damn leftovers in the fridge and begs you to cook more because he cant cook for heck
-if you are not there to feed him he will buy chicken mcnuggets and 7/11 
-you play poker alot

-he is quite similar to genji, very neat.
-Maybe occasionally he might leave a shirt on the chair if hes in a rush
-has a stash of sake in the upper cabinet
-you dont see each other alot because either you are on a mission or visa versa
-most of the time hes on his laptop 
-sometimes when you both are off missions he’ll bring out the sake and when hes drunk its really the only time you guys have a meaningful conversation
-he gets up early to go on jogs/ indoor gym in the headquarters

-oh jeez lucio has decorated the whole room like a frenzy
-there are posters of his favorite bands and led lights
-hes always listening to loud music, but if you ask he wont mind putting in earbuds
-you two become best friends and sometimes you’ll help him write songs or you guys will be meming at 2am
-you both share the food in the dorm
-he lends you a shirt if all yours are dirty
-you both are there for each other
-he will wake you up if you overslept

Jack Morrison (Soldier76)
(since he is the strike commander im not sure why he would have a dorm, he probably would have his own fancy room but ill write this anyway)
-he is always busy on missions
-the one time he is home hes taking a shower to wash off all the blood and grime from the mission
-always up late working on paperwork or speeches to give (if its ok you might help him)
-this poor man has trouble sleeping and even the pills dont help
-he doesnt have time to clean his clothes or get food so you do it for him and he really apriciates it
-you make him morning coffee and wake him up
-sometimes he is called in for a mission at 4 am and you are woken up by it
-on the extremly rare occasion he is not busy you guys talk and maybe play a card game or something

Gabriel Reyes (Reaper)
(Same thing with reaper, he would probably have his own room, he does have an important job)
-just like Morrison, Reyes would be busy 247 with missions and when he came back he would be working on paperwork
-hes always called in to the blackwatch unit because mccree or someone else did something
-he also has a whole pill cabinet for sleeping and pain
-on the rare occasion he would not be busy, he might cook some traditional spanish dish(and hes suprisingly a really good cooker)
-you guys dont talk very much but sometimes hell go off ranting about the dailed mission or mccree being a pain in the ass

-they are a mess
-the apartment is always falling apart
-the plumbing is broken 
-usually they are watching tv 247 and eating junkfood
-its hard to go to sleep you always have them turn down the tv or whatever they are doing
-they probably prank you alot

-this little gremlin is always streaming and sometimes she will invite you to sit with her and join the stream
-her side is a mess with empty soda bottles and snack wrappers
-she does try to keep the room neat but it ends up getting dirty again
-you guys decorate the room together with fairy lights or led lights and lots and lots of posters
-she always eats the leftovers like mccree but you dont mind anyway
-you guys would have like a girls night out and trade makeup and do each others nails
-you share clothes
-you both oversleep and are late to missions but at least youre in it together lol

This is my first time writing headcannons so if you want me to write more headcannons like this you can ask me in my ask box, requests are open!

how to get over someone

1. delete everything to do with them from your phone. EVERYTHING.

2. burn anything given to you.
(drawings, letters, clothes,etc.)

3. do NOT at all costs listen to those songs until you are completely over him. you know which ones im talking about. on yourself, get your nails done, workout, read books, take baths, treat yourself and better yourself as a person

5. flirt with others, be free you ARE single, dont take it for granted. rebounds are allowed/expected/necessary

6. If you do end up getting a boyfriend/girlfriend take things slow. don’t rush and don’t get attached too fast. its okay to take precaution but dont let it ruin your life.


Sugar Baby Rules...

OK guys, I was cleaning up and found one of my old writing books from 2012 and here are some useful tips:

* Always be cute (hair, nails etc)
* Learn the Laws of Seduction
* Make them WANT to do things for you
* Be kind, and Flirtatious
* Take advantage of your situation’s
* Be a listening Ear
* Be a little affectionate ( it’s up to you)
* Initiate Sex ( ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!!)
* Compliment him
* Make him feel like a man
* Be Honest (when it calls for it😈)
* Tell him what you need to make your life better
* Be mysterious
* Make them invest in your business endeavors
* Stimulate his mind
* Ask him what brought him into this lifestyle, ask what he’s missing at home or in life and be that!
* Get to know him, and build his trust
* Deliver what they want, while getting what YOU WANT!
* THE 3 A’s: Attractive, Accomplished, and Alluring
* Make him think YOU WERE MADE FOR HIM!

9 tips to get your s*%# together

1. Get more sleep! No more falling asleep reading, or messing around on my phone. I’ve picked up this bad habit, and it is hard to break. It seems like I cant fall asleep now without checking out new lists on listverse, reading the news, or scrolling through Tumblr. I am also WAY guilty of exercising zero self control when it comes to recreational reading “one more page…one more chapter…” until its 0300 and I have to get up in a couple hours. I need to turn those electric devices off by 2230. 

2. Snooze less. This one sort of goes hand in hand with #1. I have ALOT  to do, I am supposed to get up at 0500 everyday and walk my fur-babies for an hour, then get ready and go on with my day. Lately, I have been snoozing my alarm until it wont snooze anymore. If I went to sleep when I am supposed to, I would probably have no trouble getting going on time. 

3. Using a 24 hour weekly schedule to record what you are actually doing with all of your time can be VERY eye opening. I need to be better about following through with my plans. I know how to manage my time, but lately I have been quite lax with the execution. Being better about this would help reduce stress, and increase productivity- both things that most students care about. 

4. Less T.V. During the semester I try not to watch more than 3 hours of T.V. per week. It is SO easy to get sucked in…GOT anyone? 

5. After a 4 hr lecture, 2 hr lab, and 8 hr shift at work I feel like going home, falling into my bed and passing out so that I can repeat the process the following day. If you wear makeup, washing it off before bed is HUGE. No matter how tired you are, just do it.

6. Prep- all kinds of prep makes life easier. meal prep, prepping what youre wearing, or taking with you the following day, etc. 

7. Set aside time to do stuff around the house everyday- do not let things pile up until your day off! Make a daily task list and check it off everyday.

8. Exercise for you and your pets. I have 3 big dogs, they need structured exercise, not just running around the dog park or in my yard. They each have a pack they carry and we (normally) walk every morning. Some mornings I may not feel motivated to get up for that 3 mile walk for myself, but I will do anything for my dogs well-being, so I’ll get my butt up and go. (Kinda off topic- but let me throw this out there, if you have pets, they need you. They depend on you to take care of them, to give them what they need. They do not just need food! Dogs need affection, discipline, and exercise. If you’re stressed because your dog is misbehaving- look at your own behavior.What does your pet need that you are not giving them? Dogs are not born bad, humans make them what they become. ((Just saying no pit bull was ever born a killer)) unbalanced dogs are bound to do things you dont want them to do. Large, high strung breeds, or working breeds are going to need more than a dachsund. Dont just love on your pets, also give them what they need. If you cant make enough time, or muster up enough patience to give them what they NEED, then you need to rethink your priorities, or your status as a pet owner. Dont be selfish, pets are not put on this earth for human amusement.) 

I also need more exercise than a walk, so I do indoor cycling 3x a week, interval/strength training 2x a week, and yoga at least 2x a week. 

9. If you enjoy getting your hair and nails done (or if you enjoy doing your own) then make time to do this. If these little things  make you feel good about yourself, then it is important, and not frivolous. 

**Sorry about the weird timing of the pet rant- it’s just one of those things that I feel so passionately about, and I feel like too many people dont give it enough thought. It is not just a pit thing, its a pet thing. My dogs are all pit mixes, and they are all mixed with a working breed,  they were all abused and rescued. One of them was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring a few miles away in Tuskegee. They have helped me through some of the toughtest times in my life, and I owe them to give them the best lives. I feel painfully passionate about treating animals the right way. To be quite honest, I tend to like animals more than most people. 

Flags (Part Three)(#PrideFic)(Spideypool)

Happy Pride Month Lovelies!!
Wade and Peter talk a bit about sexualities in this chapter, please keep in my mind these are my opinions and aren’t meant to upset anyone. If you would like to talk about anything mentioned in here, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box
Pride Month is about all of us feeling welcome and secure in who we are, and I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend someone.

Wave your flags, babes, we are all perfect the way we are.

Part One     Part Two


“So.” Peter took a bite of the ice cream Wade offered him. “So pansexual means you are attracted to everyone.”

“No.” Wade shook his head. “No it means I can be attracted to everyone. Lots of people assume pansexuals are whores, that we will sleep with anything with two legs but that’s not true.” He shrugged a little. “I once dated a girl with one leg. No problem.”

Peter burst out laughing and Wade leaned down to press a cold kiss to his lips.

“Love that laugh, baby boy, glad you enjoy my jokes.”

Peter’s lips tingled a little from the unexpected kiss and he looked up shyly.

“So you can be attracted to anyone? I guess I dont see–”

“It’s like this.” Wade slipped a thick arm around Peter’s waist and steered him through the small crowd. “If I had seen you from the back, and fell in love with this ass–” He patted Peter’s butt lightly. “when you turned around and I got a look at the rest of you, it wouldn’t matter if you were a guy, a girl, non binary, asexual, it wouldn’t matter. I’m already attracted to you so that’s just that. Its not that I WILL sleep with anyone, its just that I could.

“So… even like, trans–” Peter hesitated. “I don’t know the right word, I guess.”

“Petey what’s your favorite thing about a girl?” Wade asked and Peter made a vague motion around his chest. “And you’re favorite thing about a guy?” Peter didn’t answer and Wade tried hard not to laugh. “Alright, so imagine being with someone who has both those qualities. It’s fun and exciting and… fun.” He shrugged a little. “Sexuality and gender is no hindrance for me when it comes to choosing partners. I can be with whoever catches my eye.”

“That sounds… freeing.” Peter admitted.

“It is. But so is deciding on your sexuality, no matter what it is.”

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Simple ways to save money as an escort

So this year I made it a priority to get my finances in order, and I wanted to share some ways that I save money. Mostly on things I have to buy for work, but some miscellaneous ones. 

-Take public transit to outcalls or to your incall location. Or, save money on expensive uber rides by taking public transit until you get close to your destination, then call an uber. I know some people dont fuck with the subway but this saves me a ton of money. On an outcall the travel fee is 50 dollars, the subway is six, so that’s an extra 45 dollars I can pocket. I don’t do this for private houses, but in a condo or hotel the client will be none the wiser. 

-Learn to do your own manicure and pedicure. Easy way to save 35-100 dollars a month. Plus less time wasted going to and from the nail salon. Ditto for basic hair trims, eyebrows etc. 

-Costco has cheap condoms and lube, and doesn’t require you to order online and wait for them to ship.

-Take advantage of store loyalty cards, for everything from lingerie to drugstore products. I get about 30 dollars a month cashback at the drugstore.

-Bring snacks and drinks with you, rather then going to starbucks or 7-11 everyday. Even packaged foods at the grocery store usually work out to be cheaper.

-Investing in a cheap tripod for your iphone or camera provides a great way to continually update your pictures, and not have to spend hundreds on photoshoots. Ditto for inviting a friend over and taking turns. With some basic editing and a white background, you can get really nice shots. 

-Invest in outwear and clothes that can transition into your real life, like basic black dresses or a nice coat. 

-Take care of your lingerie (even if it was cheap) by handwashing. No reason to ruin it in the washer. 

-If you have your own incall, buy white sheets and linens that way if they get stained you can bleach them rather then have to throw them out. 

*that’s all for now, if I think of more I will add them to this post, feel free to chime in on any ways that you save money*

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What do you do when you've hit rock bottom and have so much anger and pain and sorrow built up, but have no way to get it out and the only viable option seems like dying..?

First of all: take a shower, a bath, whatever. Just get clean. Brush your teeth, clean and cut your nails, put some lotion on. Just clean yourself. That always helps me.

Second of all: cry. It’s okay to cry, dont be ashamed to show your emotions and to break down. It’s perfectly okay to not be okay and sometimes you just need a day to come down, maybe two.

Third of all: do what you love: write, draw, sing, create something, read or just be on the internet. Just do something. Take a deep breath.

And last of all: Surround yourself with people that you love. Or maybe if you have pets just cuddle with them. Talk with who you trust, who you love and just talk. Don’t push them away. Don’t deny help. We all need help from time to time. Don’t be embarrassed because you need help more often than others.

I made the giant mistake to deny help, to simply thinking i could go through self harm and depression without any help. But sometimes you need it.

Stay safe! ♥️

listen i do understand that there is some sort of a parallel to be drawn between Vader and Kylo Ren BUT please acknowledge that while Anakin is you early emo Sensitive Musician who wears striped tshirts and flannel shirts and deals with his Inner Pain by writing angsty music, Ben is that 2009 seventh grader who loves MCR, paints his nails with a sharpie and thinks Green Day are underground

what im trying to say is, know your emos, don’t confuse them, dont embarass yourself in the process

ABC of me

tagged by @minimuii .Thank youu :DD

A - Age: 20

B - Biggest Fear: welp, so many. Failure probably, like trying so hard at something and still coming up with nothing. It messes me up. Also, being useless/unneeded I guess. Oh and spiders, those little frickers need to stay back. I’ll respect your creepy space if you respect mine thanks.

C - Current time: 7:50

D - Drink you last had: Water

E - Everyday starts with: Me frantically trying to turn off my alarm before falling back into bed,telling myself I can sleep for 5 more minutes 

F - Favorite Song: I’ve been listening to Ainsi Bas La Vida by Indila for hours so I guess that for now 

G - Ghosts, are they real?: hmm I suppose, but not the stereotypical kind we see in movies 

H - Hometown: ******* 

I - In love with: lots of stuff; people, art, songs, stories, places..

J - Jealous of: people who can just do stuff without overthinking. They just frickin do it without obsessing over all the what if’s or the possibilities that it could go horribly wrong. I wanna be like that and kick hesitation in the face. Also those who can art in less then a couple of hours..just HOW 

K - Killed Someone: nope

L - Last time you cried: Last week I think, I was reading or watching something that was sad and it just happened.

M - Middle Name:*****

N - Number of Siblings: 2 younger siblings, brother and sister

O - One Wish: I’d wish for more wishes 

P - Person you last called/text: My Mum 

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Are you [insert random ethnicity here]?”. I’ve gotten so many

R - Reason to smile: currently, a random vine completion video 

S - Song You Last sang: I don’t really sing, but I think the last time was when I was waking up my little sister singing yelling “Morning Report” from lion king as I dragged her out of bed. 

T - Time you woke up: 7:30

U - Underwear color: the colour of nope

V - Vacation Destination: so many places. I wanna revisit Cali again, London would be cool to, Paris, would love to visit Dubai and India to see friends, and Egypt cuz the last time I went I got super sick, so that ruined the trip

W - Worst Habit: biting my nails and sticking out my tongue when I’m concentrating.

X - X-rays: does dental x-rays count 

Y - Your favorite foods: spaghetti!! 

Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius   

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Ooo if you want prompts, could you do Zoe and Connor bonding, or growing apart if you'd rather do angst, but anything with the Murphy sibling because they didn't get the chance they deserved

((The Murphy siblings did not get a chance, so here’s them bonding bc there’s far too much angst in this fandom anyway))

“I am not letting you paint my nails–” Zoe started, reading the label on the bottle of polish, “Springtime Honeydew.”
“Why not?” Connor protested.
“Because its green,” Zoe responded, wrinkling her nose.
“Just trust me,” Connor implored his sister.
“Fine,” Zoe huffed, settling down and trusting her hand at Connor. “But if it sucks, its your fault.”
“I’m willing to take that gamble.” Connor replied dryly. He grabbed her hand and twisted the cap off the small green bottle. Scraping the excess polish off into the side of the bottle, Connor began to paint Zoe’s nails with precise, tiny strokes as Zoe flicked boredly through her Instagram.
“Other hand,” Connor commanded when huge had finished, setting Zoe’s painted hand down on the floor. Zoe wordlessly put down her phone and swapped hands, lifting her painted her to survey Connor’s work. It wasn’t bad, she admitted to herself, gently blowing on her nails to dry them faster. Connor painted Zoe’s other hand, using the same precise strokes as before. When he had finished her other hand, Connor pulled out a small bottle of gold polish for detailing. He proceeded to paint a thin strip of gold on the tip of each nail, resembling a french manicure.
“You’re good at this,” Zoe remarked with a slight air of surprise. Connor huffed out a laugh.
“I should hope so,” He said, waggling his fingers at his sister, “These nails dont paint themselves. Zoe laughed and swatted his hands away.
"Give me five minutes and then i get to work my magic.” Zoe got up, waving her hands through the air to dry her nails faster. She disappeared in the general direction of her bathroom, and returned a few minutes later with a bag full of god-knows-what. “So, should we start with hair or makeup?”
“Ow. OW. Hey, OW!” Connor protested as Zoe tugged at and combed trough his hair. “I was much more gentle with you when i was doing your nails!”
“Yeah, and my nails didn’t resemble a rat’s nest. Honestly, Connor, what hair products are you using? If you going to keep it long I’m going to make mom get you good shampoo and conditioner and all that stuff. And hey, beauty is pain.” Zoe replied, tugging a knot out of Connor’s hair while he winced.
“Can I fix your eyebrows?” Zoe asked later, once she had moved onto doing Connor’s makeup. He hadn’t been allowed to look in a mirror yet.
“What’s wrong with them right now?” Connor questioned.
“Well, they could use a little bit of shaping and plucking here and there…”
“Fine, go ahead, but don’t make it too drastic or you know dad will kill me.” Connor relented, and Zoe beamed with delight. In all honestly, having his makeup done was very…relaxing, oddly enough. It was nice to just sit and have someone take care of you, with all the different brushes and products thats Connor didn’t even know the names of, let alone the purpose.
“Okay, I’m almost done, you can look soon but not quite yet,” Zoe said after a while. “Close your eyes, I’m going to dust you with setting powder.” Connor held stock still while Zoe used an obnoxiously large burst to dust powder over his face. “Keep your eyes closed and stand up, I’m going to lead you over to the mirror.”
Connor stood up somewhat clumsily and allowed himself to be led to and then stopped in front of the full-length mirror in Zoe’s room.
“You can look now,” Zoe said gently. Connor slowly opened his eyes and took in the sight before him. He looked, well, beautiful. No beautiful didn’t quite cover it. He looked almost otherworldly, as though he was a some sort of dark prince from Fairyland. Zoe had exaggerated his naturally slim face with a little bit of a contour, and did what was probably a smoky eye in dark grays and– was that a hint of navy? His lashes seemed to stretch on for miles with the mascara, sharply winged eyeliner adding to the effect, and his cheekbones seemed to glisten in the light. To finish it off, Zoe had braided his hair into an elaborate updo that looked like it deserved to have wildflowers woven through it.
“Wow,” Connor breathed, “I look like a bad-ass.” Zoe laughed and joined Connor in the mirror’s reflection.

((Disclaimer: I don’t remember writing most of this, tbh, as i wrote it on the 14 hour plane ride when I was deliriously frustrated and wanted to land already. Regardless– Enjoy!))


So we all know coconut anything is amazing (unless you’re allergic) some of you guys have asked me what/how you should use it so here you go:

1. Girl, this shit is soo good for your hair especially if your hair is curly/frizzy, but if your hair is really oily only use it on your ends and avoid your roots.

2. It will make your skin softer than a babies butt. But it has a high chance of clogging your pores and making your break out so test it out first or avoid it at all costs and only use it on your legs.

3. Shave your legs with it!! My legs are 10x softer after I use coconut oil to shave and the oil stays on after you shave so you don’t need to moisturize. This will dull your razors real fast so use only the cheap ones if you try this out.( I’ve been using baby oil gel lately and it feels like I just got a wax)

4. Try the oil pulling method! What you do is use coconut oil as a mouth wash and it sucks all the toxins out ofyour mouth, makes your teeth whiter, gums healthier, and your breath dont stink as much. research a little more,but it’s totally worth the gross oil feeling in your mouth, (spit it in a trashcan and not a sink because it could clog your drain)

5. Add some brown sugar or salt in it use it to exfoliate your body! I love doing this before I shave because my legs are softer and I’m pretty sure it’s what helped me get rid of my cellulite. (DO NOT USE THIS AROUND YOUR COOCHIE sugar causes/spreads yeast infections and that is no bueno)

6. EYELASHES AND EYEBROWS. they’re also really good for your undereyes and using it as an eyecream will help reduce dark circles. 

7. use it on your nails and cuticles!! I put some on when I go to bed almost every night and my nails have gotten healthy and strong. I dont even wear fake nails anymore because mine are so long.

8. Lip scrubs!! add some sugar and scrup your pout, i gaurantee plumper lips.

9. Mix it with tea tree oil and use it as a zit zapper, again please dont use it unless you know it wont break you out i can not stress this enough because acne is no fun.

10. Not coconut oil but DRINK COCONUT WATER. It has a lot of vitamins and stuff that keep you super healthy and happy.

11. coconut oil is so good for you and you should definitely give it a try. unless you’re allergic or prefer something else. If youre allergic I’ll make another post of stuff you can use beside coconut oil, Also try your best to only use organic cold pressed coconut oil. More tips regarding coconut oil @hoeguide check her out for sure because she’s a god.  

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Wait do some faes really have poison??? Omg I've read so much but I never found out about this wow?? Can you tell more about this i'm so curious now???

well i dont know if there are any concrete stories, a bit of google isnt helping me right now (and my brain is fried from school).  However! in my family (very irish like oh my god) there are stories about fae who’s teeth or nails can knock you out or ensnare your heart. 

it probably comes from an overlap of mermaids and sirens who are also known to ‘ensnare the heart’.  Im sorry i cant give you any definitive examples!  I will talk to my mother and grandmother when my finals are over if you want haha ~Lucy


Us escorts are hated on so badly, mostly by women. The shit is sad and needs to stop. You got different degrees of this hustle. Me personally I consider myself a small business owner and a self made boss. I know this shit want less for ever, nor will my looks and body. That’s why I’m investing in my education. All of us dont come from broken homes and dope fiends. Its pros & con’s to everything. But if you do this the right way by marketing yourself professional and treat your clients well, be appreciative, you will only attract quality clientele. By the way if it wasn’t for us it would be alot more horney men running around and that brings anger & frustrating. This is business before anything, we provide a service & get paid for it. Its like A Walmart. We dont see or here from the customer again until they need a product. We dont call or beg for hair, nail, or bill Money, while your with your family, or try to break up a happy home. Again its just business. Sorry guys I’m just rambling. #RandomThoughts

Mirror Mirror

A voice, brittle, yet polished, as a silver salver is polished, nearly perfect, but not seamless, a hint of unevenness and distortion.

“Yes yes, we can dispense with the mirror mirror stuff, and, oh, i see, i am not on the wall, look, be careful, it might be even more than seven years if you drop me, those shoes don’t look very sturdy to be dropping stuff on now, do they”?

“So, fairest of them all? well, its someone with more colour in their cheeks than you love.”

“Careful now! don’t drop me! i am only saying what i see, that’s my job, right! ”

“So, moving on, well aren’t we just a more gothic than thou? ” “quite the queen of the night, does Stevie Nicks know you have borrowed her stage clothes? ”

“Uh, OK, so stop narrowing your eyes at me, better people,than you have looked in here believe me, you can’t out menace a wicked queen drawn by Disney you know!

Have you considered ditching the black? With a bit of colour in your cheeks, and a nice pink cardie you would look a different Girl”

“DONT DROP ME! Alright, only joking, you look fine, pale, interesting, dark, intriguing, whilst clearly your own person, honestly”

“Yes, sure, black is you, lace is you as well, so, black lace is so you right now.

“OK, everything OK now? ” so, before you go back outside, please hang me on that nail, don’t want any accidents now do we?

WARNING SMUT! Dean x Reader

. A Hell Of A Winchester

You heard shouting coming from inside of Bobby’s as you and he came back from a supply run. You both catch each other’s eyes as you run to the house.

Pushing open the door you see Sam and John Winchester going at it again. You have no doubt the men love each other but you were sometimes glad they didn’t see each other that often. 

Dean stood in the middle trying to separate the men, as replayed the same argument again as they did the day before.

“You were never happy! You ran away and left us!” John screamed getting closer to Sam, Dean pushed his father back. 

John gaze dropped to Dean “and you! Never had a life of your own, and you couldn’t even take orders right!” You heart shattered at the look on Dean’s face, the man you love was breaking. 

It was then Bobby grabbed John pushing him towards the desk., telling the boys to unload the car. Sam stalked out still angry but Dean was close to tears, it was then you snapped. 

“You’ve got some nerve John Winchester! How can you say those things to your children?!” You shout stalking towards him. He moved to stand, but Bobby stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. 

“What has it got to do with yo..” he began to snarl

“Shut up! Sit there and for once in your sorry life listen for a change!” He eyes challenge you and you except

“They are your children!  They are not soldiers in your privet war! So Sam wanted a normal life? So what! He wanted a wife, children,  the same things you had! And you berate him for it? What the hell is wrong with you?” You take a breath,  shoulders heaving 

“and Dean, ‘couldn’t take orders’ that man followed you and fought with you his whole life! Never once questioning anything and this is how you treat him? For what?  Sticking up for his brother? Protecting his family? You’re pathetic!” He went to stand again

“Sit your ass down and listen!” Bobby grunted pushing him back into his seat.

“You left them, over and over again. Leaving them in motel rooms, leaving them here. They were children! They needed a father not a drill Sargent!” Your voice softened slightly 

“You lost your wife John and I am sorry for that, that shouldn’t be something anyone should have to go through” you eyes fell to Bobby echoing in your eyes the same message to him “but that doesn’t give you the right to turn your children into your own little privet army. How many birthday’s did you forget? How many holidays did you miss?“ 

He looked away from you 

“How much did Dean have to teach Sam, hell how much did Dean have to teach himself?!” You voice raising again “a father should take his sons fishing, teach them to play football!” You look at Bobby again “teach them to play catch, not how to hold a shotgun! God there was times Bobby was more of a father to them than you were!“ 

“For once look at Sam and see him for the brilliant, intelligent and caring man he is! Someone who you can always turn to no matter what! Stop looking at him like he’s a traitor to you!” You say grabbing Bobby’s photo frame with the boys in and slamming it down in front of him.

“And look at Dean for the strong, loyal, amazing man he is, someone who will always protect the ones he loves, with his life if he has to. Stop looking at him like your second in command.”

You sigh “just look at them like your sons for a change, the best parts of you and the best parts of Mary”

John Winchester looked up at you and for a second he saw someone else staring back at him.


The passion in your eyes when you spoken of his sons, especially Dean, he saw the light smile on your face when you described his eldest, love written on your features.  He can’t help but smile. You frown expecting the come back to start, but you were shocked by what left his mouth.

“You remind me of Mary” he smiled “she’d have loved you, knowing you’d take no shit” he laughed, far away gaze in his eyes. Bobby caught your eyes, he looked proud of you.

“Dean’s a lucky man” he looked at you his eyes twinkling

You shook your head “no you’ve got it wrong” you laugh nervously “we’re friends sure bu…”

You see Bobby roll his eyes at you. You give him the bitch face but that just makes John laugh all the more.

“Trust me, the looks Dean gives you…are the looks I gave Mary” you stomach knotted “and I can see it written all over your face how you feel about him”

He smiles softly “You’re gonna make a hell of a Winchester” he added proudly

Your heart fluttered at the thought a small smile graced your face. 

He stood up, this time with no resistance from Bobby, he nodded at you as he walked past you and walked up to his sons. Taking each one in turn into his embrace. 

Looking at Bobby you ask “how long were they there?“ 

"The whole thing, wish I had a camera, their faces were a picture” he laughed gruffly

You heard John say “I am proud of you both” and you knew that was your signal to leave. 

Signalling to Bobby you were going for some air you slipped out unnoticed. 

You were shocked to see how quickly night had fallen. Weaving your way between the old cars that scattered the yard until you found one with a flat bonnet and intact windscreen that Bobby had been working on, the interior was all done and you were hoping to call dibs before Bobby sold her. Hopping on the car you lay back and watched the stars.

You can’t believe you finally stood up to John, mostly you couldn’t believe he’d spoken about your feelings for Dean with him unknowingly standing behind you.

“Y/n ” you heard being yelled from the house, it was Dean, your stayed where you were. Not quite ready for him to tell you his father was wrong and he feels nothing. 

“Y/n!” He was getting closer, you sighed knowing it was only a matter of time before he found you. But still you made no move to signal him, you knew you didn’t have to, he always found you. 

Footsteps approaching pulled your from your thoughts and you closed you eyes. They stopped next to you. 

“Didn’t you hear me calling?” You nodded to say you did 

“So you’re ignoring me?” Shaking your head, he let out an annoyed sigh which made you smile, even with your eyes closed you can picture him bitch facing you. He laughed despite himself at your smile.

You laugh lightly. His footsteps move around the front of the car. Leaning back against bumper. His back to you. You open your eyes to see him looking straight ahead, his shoulders tense. 

*so here it come* you cry internally 

“Y/n I…” he began before you stopped him

“Dean its fine” you sigh closing your eyes again hoping it’ll keep the tears from falling as you rest your head back against the windscreen. “Your dad was probably just confused, I did give him a bit to think about” you laugh for show 

You feel his weight lift of the car, and boots scraping in the dirt back to your side 

*here it comes the ‘thanks for understanding’, ‘you’re a great girl’ and the peck on my cheek* 

You feel the car dip, when suddenly you have the shock of your life. There’s no peck on the cheek, you feel his soft lips graze over yours.

For anyone watching it would have looked like a strange hunter version of sleeping beauty. Well Dean wasn’t a prince, and you were far from being a princess but this right here, right now was as close to a fairytale as you were ever going to get. 

You bring your hand up to the back of his neck pulling his closer as he deepens the kiss. You play with the short hair at the base of his neck. He groans into your mouth, you whimper in response. He grabs the back your neck pulling you to sit up. 

Swinging you legs over the side of the car, he pushed your knees apart and stepped between them, his hands dropping to your waist. You both parted a few minutes later panting. 

He looked down at you with a look of devotion, and he saw it mirrored in your eyes.

“You think he was confused now?” He asked smugly, causing you to poke his side making him squirm.

“Smart ass” you retort staring at his perfect face. 

He began to lean in again and your gladly reached to meet him, casting to memory every second of the kiss. 

He reached his hand from your waist, over your hip slowly and to the top of your rear, the other dipped under your jacket, touching the exposed skin where your top had ridden up.

You slid your hands under his leather jacket pulling up his tshirt beneath, running your hands over the heated skin before scraping your nails over his back.  

Dean growled and pulled away, his eyes almost black with lust. He breathed deeply , trying to calm himself

“Maybe we should stop” he said panting. You frown up at him “not because I dont want to,  because oh god I do” he argues kissing you again “but because, we’ve never you know…." 

You raise an eyebrow unsure of what he was getting at. 

"You know gone out, or had dinner or anything. I haven’t bought you flowers…” you smile up at him 

It was so sweet, Dean Winchester thought he had to woo you. You the his face in your hands

“Dean, you know everything about me. There is nothing you don’t know. Bad and good. I don’t need a fancy restaurants,  or expense drinks or gifts. We’re hunters I don’t haven’t anywhere to keep flowers” you both  laugh at the flower comment. “You don’t need to woo me Dean Winchester, you did that a long time ago” you smile up at him tenderly. 

You see something flash over his eyes but before you can examine it he kisses you again. The kiss had so much passion it made the hair on your neck stand on end.

“You’re sure?” He asked pulling away once more. 

You growl, all niceties gone. You grab the collar of his worn leather jacket and pull him towards you.

“Yes, now stop again and I’ll kick your ass all over south dakota!” He smiled brightly at you loving your response. 

He takes your lips again and this time there’s not stopping. He pulls you flush with his hips grinding his growing erection against you. You moan into his mouth as you roll your hips into him. He breaks from your lips

“Fuck baby, do that again” he asks fingers gripping your hips. You gladly oblige, making you both groan. You throw you head back at the friction and  Dean takes full advantage,  sucking and biting at the tender skin. You let out a gasp as he marks you. You look at him with hooded eyes, silently begging him for more

He steps back and you whimper at the loss of contact. He moves to open the door of the car, inspecting the inside before removing his jacket and throwing it inside. He stalks back to you before gathering you in his arms, carrying you bridal style the short distance to the back seat of the car. His kisses you lightly before dropping you onto your feet so you can climb in.

You slide across the seat, Dean not even a second behind you pulling  the door closed  behind him. He pushes off your jacket before dropping it on the floor beside his. 

Your lips meet again as he pulls at the hem of your tank top, you both part as he pulls it off completely. Your bra soon follows, as he discards it, your eyes drop shyly.  

You feel his finger under your chin bringing you eyes to meet his. “You’re perfect” he states kissing your lips, then your neck, leaving a trail of hot wet open mouth kisses down your chest as he leans you back gently

His kisses your breast lightly before taking your nipple in his mouth and suckling lightly. Your shudder beneath him, he smiles into you, taking the nipple in his teeth pulling lightly. 

“Dean…” you gasp in pleasure, never did you think you’d ever be able to say those words other than in your dreams. 

Repeating the actions on your other breast you reach and undo his belt. He moans against you. Slipping your hand beneath the denim you take him in your hand stroking gently, his head falls to your shoulder “Fuck y/n” he pants. 

Smiling you run your thumb over the head, and around to the underside, paying attention to the vain there. He reaches down and grabs your hand 

“I want to come inside you, with you, so as good as that feels baby you need to stop” he says barely able to talk through his panting as he rests his head on yours. He pulls your hand away from him and you pout. “Next time baby”

Your eyes light up at the mention of a next time which causes Dean to frown 

“You didn’t think this was going to be a one time thing right?” He asks watching you intensely,  your silence answers him.

“Y/n baby,  I haven’t even gotten inside of you yet and I know this is going to be the best I’ve ever had, no one has every made me feel the things you just did! With a few strokes I was almost gone! Baby I’m yours!” Tears fill your eyes at his words, he kisses away the ones that spilled over. Smiling wickedly down at you before adding “and you’re mine!" 

He drops his lips to yours as he works the button on the jeans pulling them off without much effort. 

He strokes his finger across your satin panties as he drops his lips to your ear, "Fuck y/n you’re soaked” he voice heavy and husky making you shiver. 

He teases you lightly before pulling the panties off. Still breathing in your ear, kissing it lightly he whispers “so wet for me” as he kisses your neck.

He slips a finger between your lips sliding it down slowly, earning a roll of your hips,  trying to get more friction. He tuts in your ear “naughty girl” you whimper impatiently as he lightly grazes over your clit

“Dean please” you beg he takes pity on your and slips his rough finger into you, touching your g spot instantly. You almost come straight away, and he hasn’t even moved his hand yet. You hear him chuckle 

“You like that baby?” You nod “But I haven’t even started yet” you groan as he keeps still, “is it me that’s doing this to you Y/n, am I the one making so wet?” He demands breathlessly in my ear.  

You nod again but that wasn’t enough for him “speak baby” you groan losing your mind

“Yes baby, you. You Dean, always you” satisfied he begins to pump his finger in and your of you. It’s so much, but not enough. 

“Why do I make you so hot Y/n?” He begs in your ear, wanting to know how you feel, the answer pours from you like you never knew it could.

“Cause I love you Dean Winchester, I love you so much" 

He brings his eyes to yours and replies "I love you too y/n always have” those words almost made you come alone. He claims your lips in his, before slamming another finger into you you came instantly. 

You lie in the aftermath of your orgasm, Dean takes off his jeans and boxers. You groan at the sight of him, the man you love, who loves you there before in in all his naked glory. He parts your legs, his hard on brushing over your wet centre as he climbs up your body. 

You’d never seen anything more sexy than Dean towering over you, about to make love to you. 

He grabs your legs pulling them around his hips before slowly sliding inside if you. Your eyes roll back in ecstasy, and “Fuck” escaped Dean’s lips. 

Dean froze inside of you when he saw your breathing was shallow.  It was too much, too much pleasure.  You forgot how to breath.

He pulled you to him, bringing you to straddle his lap letting you take control. He kissed the valley between your breasts “breathe sweetheart, breathe for me baby”  

Looking deep in his eyes you breathing began to level out. He stroked every inch of skin, kissing every part of you he could reach, while he was distracted you rolled your hips and his eyes snapped to yours, knowing you were ready.

Grabbing your hips, he slid you up and down his length, making you both pant with need.

You set a steady pace, before speeding up,  slamming into him making him grunt. Suddenly you stop, “Dean, take me” you whisper in his ear. 

He growled, making you clench around him. He turned to lay you on your back, never pulling out of you. 

“Ready baby?” He asked you, you nodded eagerly, running your hands down his back, to his ass giving it a light smack with a cheeky grin. “Giddy up cowboy” you say in a sexy deep voice. 

Dean’s eyes flash “Fuck y/n, baby I almost came right then ” he takes your mouth in his kissing your deeply. You break the kiss panting 

“Dean please, I need to to move” the pressure in you core almost painful, 

He pulls out of you completely, before slamming back into you hard. He does it again and again so very slowly. Before he takes mercy on you and begins to pound into faster. 

“So tight baby, so fucking good.  Y/n fuck baby, I never want to leave” he chants at you as you begin to writhe beneath him

“Dean! Oh god, Fuck….” you feel it all falling apart around you.

“That’s it baby come for me. Fuck Y/n I’m right with you” his eyes flash to yours as you both fall apart

“DEAN!"you scream as ecstasy explodes around you, Dean grunts as you tighten around him pulling him over the edge with you screaming your name. 

You both stay wrapped in each other for some time. Dean pulls away, only to sit up and pull you to lie on his chest. 

"Baby that was incredible” he says kissing you “never felt that good" 

You both stay watching the night wrapped in eachother. 

Peaceful. Until you hear approaching footsteps 

"Oh hell!” Bobby complained, causing you both to burst in laughter. “Never gonna be able to sell that car now” he adds throwing the keys on the trunk, “it’s yours Y/n”  he’s walking away. 

Your laughter dies down and you see Dean staring at you. “I love you y/n" 

"I love you too Dean" 

He pulls you to him again making you sigh in bliss as you feel he’s hard against you again. 

"He was right about another thing you know?” You frown in confusion Dean’s eyes dancing with excitement “you would make a hell of a Winchester”