dont depend on someone else

30 Things I Need To Do
1.learn how to be alone myself
3.let go of things that have happened
4.stop letting people walk over me in the present
6.stop being so nice
7.dont love too hard
8.dont cling/depend on people
9.dont let someone else be your happiness
11.remember to put me first
12.remember it’s not the end of the world when something bad happens
13.remember you are enough more grateful
15.let go of things that aren’t important
16.embrace happiness
17.dont give up when things get too hard
18.embrace positivity
19.put yourself first always
20.go out with nature
21.sit with nature more books
23.remember that your current situation is not your final destination
24.remember that things don’t always work out
25.remember it’s not your fault
26.dont let others dictate your way of thinking
27.dont lose sight of what matters most
28.remember you are the author of your own story