dont decide his life for him

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yo please teach me about oscar wilde i really wanna get into him but i dont know where to start

oh boy have you come to the right place!!!! let me tell you about this man!!! 

this is probably my favourite picture of him because of his expression… i mean how is that not universally relatable…

Crash Course Biography:

  • Oscar marries his wife Constance in 1884, had 2 kids & decided he didn’t actually like her all that much & i’m like 70% sure they never had sex after kid #2
  • 1886 Robbie Ross (light of my life) turns up & is unabashedly homosexual - most people attribute Robbie as the one to bring Oscar to the Side of Gay.
  • Oscar struts about town, living a life that Henry Wotton would wholeheartedly advocate. He assumes the role of a ‘dandy’ - think flamboyance from every angle & add some frills. This was cool for him as it wasn’t seen as synonymous with being gay, just being a dramatist. 
  • 1891 is when Lord “Bosie” Douglas turns up & introduces Oscar to more gay stuff & more illegal stuff like weed & brothels & prostitution 
  • 1894 is when Bosie’s dad finds out about their relationship, flips out & takes Oscar to court for being illegally gay in 1895 :(
  • 1895 Oscar counters the charge by saying the case was unfounded (it totally wasn’t, he really did have a lot of sex) & whilst his epigrams / wit won him initial support, it all went downhill quite quickly. there’s another 2 trials for Oscar whilst all his friends pack up & get out of England (Robbie breaks into Oscar’s house upon request & packs up some of Oscar’s stuff, then legs it out to Paris) 
  • I think that the judge doesn’t even let Oscar have any last words in court i mean is that not the most heartbreaking, soul crushing thing you can do to this man 
  • Oscar does his sentence of 2 years hard labor in prison & gets hit in the head / ear - this injury & botched treatment is to be the cause of his death
  • He goes to Paris under exile & as far as I can gather lives with Robbie’s help but spent a lot of the time rejecting his help too. Also Oscar tries to live with Bosie again but both of their families are having exactly none of that behavior.
  • Oscar dies in Paris at the age of 46

Importance of Being Ernest is the 1st work of Oscar’s I read & I have never looked back. it’s short & sweet & hysterically funny, the humour is in no way dated & I love it
Picture of Dorian Gray please read this book as I have read it more than 7 times now & I need someone to rhapsodise about this with. It’s honestly a brilliant book with a totally cool plot & 3 fascinating characters (3 guesses who my fave is…it’s basil… it’s always basil)
The Ballad of Reading Gaol is the last work Oscar created before his death, & it’s about the harsh reality of prison & honestly I cry just because of the context
The Happy Prince & Other Tales so, my parents used to read these to me as a kid & like…is it really any wonder i love Oscar Wilde so much…I really honestly adore these stories!! 

Wilde (1997) Stephen Fry has been my standard image for Henry Wotton but he does make a damn good Oscar & also Michael Sheen as Robbie Ross is everything
Dorian Gray (2009) now…i have to admit i haven’t watched this but with all things considered i think i’m slightly justified in that due to the blatant disregard of Dorian’s descriptions in the book

Articles / other things to check out!!
queerhistoryproject has 2 great articles on Oscar here & here!! 
An article on Dorian Gray which is great 
This article explains a bit about where Oscar was coming from in the whole ‘aestheticism’ movement!!
And if you’re really keen (like me) there’s this one on Ernest 

I’ll cut my info dump off here - it seems like an ok place to stop! I’ll probably make more posts about Oscar-related things & any lit revision that I think might be useful to put up on this blog? I hope you enjoy the crash-course in Oscar Wilde & that this is all somewhat useful!! :]

you guys… i saw a lot of people thinking that hurley and sloane just randomly decided to come back to life, but i dont think thats what happened. pan, being the god of nature, brought them back to life to save merle’s daughter, just after telling merle how important he was. so really, joaquin’s taco gave taako the power to open the plane, which reunited him with kravitz, gave merle back his powers, and allowed pan to revive sloane and hurley for merle! so really our precious taco chef singlehandedly saved both of those power couples!

his name was freddie

lets talk about him

(ill answer more questions abt him later on but this is it for now!!)

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RFA + singing in shower

Okay I am so sorry it took so long and sorry for being inactive lately 😔 . Things were hard for me. But here you go! 😊


 - You came back from grocery shopping in a sacred mission to get some snacks you and yoosung were out. Everything was normal at least you thought it was. Welp you were wrong. You heard someone yelling in your house.

- The sound came from bathroom.

- … and it was your boyfriend singing.

- If you catched him singing you bet it was something alike to LOLOL soundtrack with lyrics. I do believe he knows by heart all of the words. Or something he sings to motivated himself before the match begins.

 - ,, Who is the best LOLOL player in the world? YOOSUNG!” (yay references everywhere) he yells from shower tube.

 - No one could resist laughing to that even you.

 - OH BOI is he embarassed.

 - Probably went Red As Tomato™

 - He might wanted to run away from here and accidently slipped on a wet floor.

 - Now he is even more embarassed and even mutilated

 - ,, Y/N I… I am so sorry-‘’

 - ,, Shh thats okay now lets see what happened to your leg”

 - In the end of the day you both cuddle on a couch eating mentioned before snacks ( cheesy puffs hooray!) Just dont tease him about it and he is going to be okay.

 - He still sings but before he do. He has to ensure you are not around.

 - Tho you still know he is singing. Yoosung singing is priceless.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Lets be honest here he sings probably while sleeping.

- He is shameless with his singing and oh boi is he right i mean look at that narcisstic guy.

 - You were sleeping as Zen came earlier from work. He didnt want to wake you up but.. ( i think he cant resist singing)

 - So you got up to do your morning routine  dress up, brush your hair and finally brush your teeth.

 - Were you confused when you saw your grey haired man standing there singing that

,, I have to be someone to protect you my little princess ;)” definetly something about you and definetly something sappy.

 - He was going to start another song but then he noticed you.

 - Then his confidence would lower down i am sure about that.

 - ,,Oh babe how long have you been here standing”  hah..

 - ,, You .. got… AN AMAZING VOICE ZEN! ” you screamed.

 - ( but what is up with those lines.Still hot tho)

 - Hyun was very proud of himself right now.

 - Probably sings more often right know.

 - Making breakfast BAM singing ( if you REALLY REALLY please him you and your boyfriend will sing Bacon Pancakes) doing dishes BAM singing. Driving in the car? Heck its now yours both musical.

 - He loves when you want to sing with him but he is okay if you dont like singing. He respect that.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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- Well thats intresting trust fund kid singing hmm

 - Working in the giant Corporation like C&R is quite exhausting so when he got home he decided to take a refreshing shower. It always helped him to relax.

 - I dont know what were you doing probably you wanted to ask him a question about guest he suggested to invite to party.

- It is too late now.

 - You saw him dancing and singing Baku Baku Nya Nya song OR CANT HUG EVERY CAT.

 - When he noticed you he freezed.

 - Probably didnt talk to about that accident all day ( probably all life)

 - He gets really cold by that thinking that was embarassing.

 - You better pretend you didnt saw his true form.

 - Trust me on this one.

- He just dont want to be a fool in your eyes.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Jaehee wouldnt be herself if she didnt sang songs from Zen’s musical.

 - Knowing her she sings while pretending she is on scene ( she just wanted to see how it is to play a certain character)

 - and then you showed in the door while she was in half of her rehersal.

 - First she is dead inside.

 - How could she let you see her like that..

 - Thinks you are going to make fun of her.

 - You came closer her.

 - ,,Jeahee why dont we pretend together ? ”

 - Hehe i will let you imagine what you want ~

 - JK i meant you both fangirl over something then pretend you are some sort of character.

 - You have great time with her.

 - If you got in some fandom welp you both are falling in it.

 - I mean i know she likes musicals but what if she likes anime or serials? (or even cartoons?!)

 I will have to make headcanons about Jaehee fangirling with Y/N definetly

Gif that shows how she feels about it:

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 - Am I predictable? He sings You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood.

 - When you saw him you were like Wow that hot :D

 - You just wanted to see what takes him so long? What if he drowned.

 - So you just peeked and..

 - You cant believe your ears.

 - I am not sure there are 2 options.

 1.    You pretend you didnt heard that and go back just dissapointed in your boyfriend


- He frigcking loves you.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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I decided to do this one with gifs :3

@yuri-on-a-messenger i hope you like it!(and i hope @ stuff works)

Ok so, I'm gonna tell a few things about jjba's part 5 for anime only watchers

I’ll avoid spoilers and won’t be mentioning names. I’m just gonna write down some things about this part’s overall feel. Here we go…

- part 5 is dark. When i say that, its not that this jojo part is completely sad or edgy, but the story, context and situations that the characters have to face are not light hearted. It feels like the opposite of part 4 in that aspect.

- Also opposing part 4, part 5 is fast paced and extremely dynamic. There are no filler arcs. It is a heavily battle focused manga and most characters give their all in fights, risking their own lives all the way. There are no cowards in this part of jojo and all the characters oozes badassery and have “manly” moments.

- It has some of the most awesome stand battles and stand abbilities in the whole jojo franchise. And many of those battles happens on board of moving vehicles, which symbolizes the fast paced story arcs.

- none of the characters is moraly good or pure. Its not that the main crew is made of bad people, but people who won’t hesitate to do hideous things in order to achieve their goals.

- the word “resolve” and the criticism of the “ results are the only thing that matters ” are key ideas brought up in this part. Also they bring the concept that nobody is able to overcome their fate or choose their own origin, but everyone has the ability to use the time they have in this world to try and accomplish great things despite the horrifying and unavoidable destiny that awaits them in the end of the road.

- jojo part 5 has one of the best written main crew of characters in an rpg plotline of a shonen manga. Im not even kidding, they put the crusaders to shame. Speaking of stardust crusaders, vento aureo does everything sdc did but way better and in a more interesting way. The cast of villains feels deep and memorable and the main characters form a way more balanced team with better bonds, personality and backstories.

- the fights in this part are really extreme but its not only that what makes the stand fights in part 5 so memorable. Its the fact that, for the first time in jojo, both the villains and the main characters do not fear death and they wont hesitate to kill the enemy. Also, some of the most dangerous fights in this jojo part are solved with double battles, being the duo made of the main crew, the villains or both at the same time with an example of a four way battle at one point of the series.

- its in this part that araki goes full fabulous with both the characters design and their fashion. He wanted to make the characters the most androgenous and bishounen-ish possible to convey what was popular among manga readers back in the days of vento aureo’s publication. The feminine designs of the main characters form an interesting contrast with how brutal they actually are. So the characters for this part are mostly androgenous and have no chill. Also the homoerotic jokes and scenes you missed since sdc? They are back here but in contexts you would never expect.

- shit hits the fan pretty quickly in vento aureo and each arc is well tied up with the arcs before and after it. It will make vento aureo a difficult part to adapt for anime and its gonna be challenging for david production to set the pacing for the main story just right.

- araki wrote this part of jojo during a hard time of his personal life, so the dark and sad aspects of this story arc reflects his state of mind during those days. But araki revealed, years after completing this part, that he decided to write off a good chunk of the story he had planned because he couldnt get himself to draw such heavy handed scenes. He decided that he wouldnt let the characters go through all the pain he first planned to do and felt that those characters helped him overcome his emotionally broken state of mind back then.

- overall, this jojo part is really great. Dont listen to people who sounds unexcited about it and claims that part 5 is the worst one. Vento aureo is the jojo part that has suffered the most thanks to bad scans and translation. The fact that there’s still no complete well translated version of this jojo part around the web doesnt help people who read it for the first time without proper guidance. Most of the mixed opinions on part 5 comes due to bad unnoficial translations, which made this part of jojo seen as underated or even controversial by the western fandom. Vento aureo is the second most popular and beloved jojo part in japan, only second to the ever hyped stardust crusaders. If we westerns have had the experience of reading this part well translated from the begining, it would be one of the most popular among the non asian fandom as well.

- if you are an anime only watcher and will wait for a vento aureo anime to come out so you can watch it blind, i recommend that you keep in mind that this part is a wild ride. If part 4 felt like a pleasant picinic at a park, part 5 feels like a roller coaster of death. Keep that in mind and take a deep breath before starting when the anime comes out.

And now im out. Bye~

Mark Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where a single sentence that your soulmate has said that day appears on your arm

  • to make this easier on me you go to school with mark and hyuck
  • i decided to spare mark of an angsty scenario lmao
  • lets start boyos
  • so youre actually good friends with hyuck
  • you think youre best friends but he makes fun of you so much you question your relationship sometimes
  • you feel bad for his soulmate
  • because hyuck says some really, really stupid things
  • “y/n i cant find my phon- oh nvm its in my hand lol”
  • “note to self: the smoke alarm should not be used as a timer when cooking”
  • “if you dont have “me” in your life, everything is just “aweso”
  • but i guess that makes him unique and i guess somewhat easier to find
  • you think your soulmate is very studious
  • “no no the answer is 234 i swear it is”
  • “i will actually give you my brownies if thats helium and not hydrogen”
  • nerd
  • but sometimes he says the sweetest things
  • “ahh im sorry but im not giving up on my soulmate yet”
  • “im sorry but i cant go on a date with you, my soulmate is still out there waiting”
  • and it makes your heart speed up when you see quotes like these on your arm
  • but this also lets you know he must be popular with the ladiesss ;)
  • anyways
  • you thought this day was going to be just like the rest but fate had a different plan
  • “y/n im going to my other friend mark’s after school, wanna come?”
  • “hard pass but thanks for the offer”
  • “pfft youre no fun”
  • “what ever you say fart face”
  • its unusual that hyuck doesnt walk home with you
  • but its w/e
  • lets jump to where hyuck and mark are
  • “mark why dont you date?”
  • “why date when you know you have someone out there for you?”
  • “youre so whipped for them and you havent even met them yet”
  • “yeah i guess i am whipped they say some cute things sometimes”
  • “i guess this is not one of those times”
  • mark looked down at his arm and noticed what hyuck was laughing at
  • ‘what ever you say fart face’
  • cue a blushing mark
  • hyuck is over to the side having the time of his life
  • but then hyuck realizes
  • “i knOW WHO SAID THAT”
  • back 2 u now
  • its late
  • like youre asleep late
  • but then your phone goes off turns out its hyuck calling you
  • “bith i was sleeping and im not going to mark’s its too late now”
  • “no no just tell me the words (mark shut up no get off of me im not giving you the phone) on your arm”
  • “um hold on i havent checked. it says..”
  • ‘ok fine my hair looked like noodles a few months ago but its fine now!’
  • cue another blushing mark and a laughing hyuck
  • “oh..oh my god thats too good…ok thanks y/n bye”
  • “wait hyuck why!”
  • whoops too late he hung up
  • “so mark, did you say that today?”
  • “…i want to say no but yes i did”
  • “mark you know what this means?”
  • “yeah i do dont touch anything while im gone ill know”
  • just when you were about to fall asleep, you hear a banging at your door
  • “jesus who is it??? its like 2 am”
  • lo and behold its mark lee, out of breathe because he was running 2 u
  • “jus…just give me a minute to catch my breathe”
  • “umm ok do you want to come in?”
  • “ just give me a minute”
  • thats when you caught a glimpse of his arm and the words you had previously told hyuck that day
  • “oh my god were soulmates”
  • once he (finally) caught his breathe he kissed your forehead and hugged you
  • this hug made you feel safe and at home
  • lowkey he smelled like strawberries
  • “so did you really have noodle hair?”
  • “shhHHhh dont ruin the moment”
  • “but yes i did”
  • ok im done
  • thanks for reading
  • its much appreciated
  • byebye

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hi. loved your minhyun college!au. can i request for tutor!minhyun whom your mother hired since you're struggling with a certain subject. something like tutor to lover. thank you btw! ♡

hi anon, thank you so much for being the first request i’ve gotten and i’m glad you enjoyed the college!au, it really means a lot to me! <3 Here’s your request, hope you like it! 

Hwang Minhyun Tutor!AU

Originally posted by nuestx

  • it’s your final year of high school and you really want to get into a good university but one of your subjects in particular is dragging you down
  • it’s chemistry btw (i hate chem lol)
  • because your teacher sucks and does not help at all 
  • so you’re complaining to your mum about it and she’s like “I’ll get you a tutor”
  • and you absolutely refuse, you’d rather try learn it all by yourself than get a tutor
  • because one of your friends had a tutor for maths and apparently she was super intimidating and the sessions were overpriced af
  • but nothing stops your mother once she’s decided on something
  • a couple of weeks later you’re coming home from school
  • and your mum is sitting in the kitchen with a young man
  • you don’t think too much of it, like you just assume it’s one of your brother’s friends or someone 
  • but you don’t want to be rude so you just nod your head and give them a smile
  • the guy doesn’t exactly return the smile, but they still give you a nod back
  • it’s a bit awkward and you don’t want to continue the awkward eye contact 
  • because his gaze is so cold and piercing, you’re a bit flustered
  • it’s a Friday afternoon, you’re exhausted and you can’t wait to just relax and enjoy the weekend
  • so you quickly grab an apple from the kitchen bench, and turn to head back to your room, but your mum is like “where are you rushing off to y/n?”
  • and you turn round with your mouth full of apple like ???
  • “this is your chem tutor, Minhyun. Minhyun, this is my daughter, y/n, I hope she pulls her act together for you and….”
  • your eyes widen because you were not prepared for this at all
  • you were not expecting someone….as visually stunning as Minhyun
  • which you then are ashamed of yourself for thinking because hey, tutors can be hot too, you cant just dismiss them like that 
  • but Minhyun is like god level, your ideal type visuals so you’re just a tad stunned

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HOW LIFE WORKS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: omg u should do a bellamy x reader where the reader is pregnant but bellamy doesn’t know and they broke up (u can decide the reason) and after years they come across each other and he sees her w a kid and a guy (her bff but he doesn’t know) and gets super jealous bc he still loves her, they fight, and then she finally tells him that the kid is his as happily ever after (PLEASE DONT DO AU) thankyou so much!! 


 It’s funny how life works. Everything has an odd way of connecting itself together, almost as if it’s meant to be. Sometimes it’s too uncanny to be a coincidence. You walk through the forest, your mind travelling to Bellamy - your past love. The last time you had seen him, a massive fight had broken out between the two of you. 

It was no one’s fault, really. The two of you were just under too much stress after Mount Weather and it had all been piling up until one day, two years ago, you both exploded. It was about nothing and it was about everything. 

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Dancing On My Own: Part 11

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1381

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Thanks for being patient! I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to post. I think my life is FINALLY back to normal – hopefully. I am tired of being busy. Working three jobs can get exhausting. I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged.

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It had been decided – by your mother – that you would be the one to write her eulogy, and as much as you dreaded the idea of standing in front of a group of strangers, family, and friends you knew if you didn’t do it you would regret it. It was her way of letting you get to say all the things she had robbed you of while she was still alive and keeping her sickness a secret. It was the best goodbye you would be able to give. So you gathered a plethora of your favorite books, the ones that made you think of her, and escaped from the house– finding solace in your childhood treehouse once again. You spent hours flipping through pages and staring at your empty notebook. How could you find the right words to say – were there right words? Bucky found you some hours later as you laid across the floor of the tree house with your books and crumpled discarded pieces of paper around you. In your frustration you had somehow decided to take a nap – in hopes of waking up inspired.

His entrance caused you to stir – throwing the books off of you with a thud that caused you to sit up quickly. Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle. “What is it?” you asked wearily as you checked your watch for the time.

“I just wanted to check on you – you’ve been out here for awhile and your dad thinks people will stop showing up in an hour,” he explained casually. He paused awkwardly for a moment – the long silence that followed seemed almost palpable.

“And?” you ask warily as you eyed him cautiously.

“And to talk about… About everything…” he added quietly.

The sound of his voice caused your heart to sink. “Bucky… I … I can’t right now… I have to finish this before the service,” you explained quietly – making sure to not make eye contact. Bucky nodded silently beside you before giving your hand a reassuring squeeze and rising to leave.

“I meant to tell you – I packed this for you before we left New York,” he added quietly as he handed you your battered copy of C.S. Lewis’s A Grief of Observed. “I remembered you telling me how much it resonated with you when your grandmother died and… well I just thought it might help,” he added with a soft sad smile.

“Thank you Bucky,” you whispered as he made his descent from the treehouse—leaving you alone once again.

Later in the evening, as your extended family descended upon your family home, you couldn’t help but feel lonely. It was always odd to you – the more people that you had around the lonelier you always seemed to be, but one thing was different this time – you had Bucky. Bucky – who had managed to keep his eyes on you all night regardless of what either of you were doing. As much as you dreaded the eventual conversation and decisions that faced both of you – you couldn’t help but want to be alone with him which led you to eventually gravitate towards his direction. It was then that you were finally able to have a moment to yourselves.

“Did you finish?” Bucky asked quietly – his stubble grazing your ear.

“Yes I did – thanks to you,” you responded with a shy smile. “How did you remember?” you asked with a laugh. You had been sure that Bucky had tuned you out while you discussed your thesis over C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien to great lengths. You had also thought that the small detail of the book helping you after losing a woman he had never met would also escape him.

“I remember everything,” he whispered softly as his knuckles grazed your hand. You could tell that he wanted to be more affectionate towards you, but he kept his control – to everyone else you were still happily dating Steve. Steve. You flinched at the thought of his name. You had successfully managed to somehow forget Steve – which made you feel much worse. Your eyes suddenly began to water as the blood drained from your face. “Are you okay?” Bucky whispered as he took in the change of your demeanor.

“Yeah – I’m fine… I just… I need some air,” you muttered miserably as you quickly walked away from Bucky, who was now being cornered by your uncles. You were at least slightly relieved when you looked over your shoulder to see that you weren’t being followed before slipping out into the growing darkness. The quiet of the outdoors made you feel like you could breathe again after being in the overcrowded house for so many hours. You sighed to yourself as you sunk into one of the wicker seats overlooking the backyard.

“Get to you too, huh?” the voice of your father rang out in the quiet night causing you to jump. You had been so relieved to finally be away from the crowd of people that you hadn’t noticed his silent form. “Sorry – didn’t mean to scare you,” he responded with a small grin. “Want a beer?”

“That is the first appropriate question anyone has asked me tonight,” you sighed as you grabbed a bottle from his hand.

“Where’s Bucky?”

“He’s um… he’s inside. Got cornered by some of our extended family,” you answered awkwardly with a shrug.

There was a short silence before your father spoke again. “Is everything okay between you two?” he asked hesitantly.

“I… I don’t know,” you whispered as you fidgeted nervously with your hands. Your father sat in silence as he watched you.

“Because you love him,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“I… I think… I’m just so confused,” you managed to mutter as you buried your face in your hands. “It’s all too much. I just wish mom was here to tell me what to do.”

“Do you love Steve?”


“Are you in love with Steve?”

“I don’t… I’m… Dad, I’m engaged to him.” At this your father nodded his head as he looked at you.

“Are you in love with Bucky?” he asked quietly as he stared at you intently.

“… I don’t know how I can answer that question… I don’t… I just can’t,” you muttered miserably.

“Your mother and I… We always trusted your judgment – even when you were a child. You always knew what you wanted and knew what was good for you. You don’t need us to make this decision for you – we can’t. But whatever you do decide I’ll stand by you, kiddo – until the very end,” he said as he gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before rising from the chair. “I better head back in before someone notices I’m gone. Coming back?” he asked as he offered you a hand, which you gladly took.

“No – I think I’ll call it an early night,” you answered before following him back into the house and slipping passed the lingering guests to the comfort of your room.

Bucky had had a foreboding feeling all day. Something wasn’t right and he knew it was his fault. That feeling is what had led him to try to find you after you had disappeared outside which caused him to hear part of your conversation with your father before he disappeared from the crowd of your relatives – deciding it would be best for him to sleep in the quinjet for the night. Your father had asked you point blank if you loved him and you hadn’t been able to provide a straight response. When he had asked about Steve… you had said yes. Of course he should have known— he thought to himself as he ran his hands through his hair. You had said yes to going on a date with Steve, you had continued saying yes to Steve resulting in your engagement. Who had he been kidding? All he did was ruin any chance he had had at keeping you in his life… maybe he had always known it would end this way. You were too good for him anyway.

He sighed to himself as he laid on one of the cots in the jet. He decided it would be best if he left as soon as the funeral was over before falling into an uneasy sleep.

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You know, I figured people would do this (there were already posts about it before we even knew if Atem was coming back for real or not) but it still annoys me so much.

I mean I get some people didnt want him to come back for whatever reason, that’s fine but saying that it robbed Yugi of his rightful place is just… so wrong??? in my opinion. Like yes, that could have happened. Like I even made a post about it last year I think, about how it’s possible to handle Atem’s return in a way that overshadows Yugi but it’s also possible to not do that and we should give the movie a chance to see which road they decide to take. And honestly, I dont see how what happened could be considered as the first option at all.

For one thing, looking at the most practical physical aspect - Yugi fought three duels in a row, the last of which was a shadow game sapping him of his life force/energy. And he got knocked around so much in the first duel alone, let alone facing Kaiba afterwards who is not an easy opponent to deal with on a good day (and that was definitely not one of his good days). The kid isnt made of stone. I imagine even Atem would have been having diffuclties by that point. Hell, he did have difficulties - when he was in his own body in the Memory World and was fighting Bakura constantly, he too needed Yugi and co and all his priests dying/giving him their ba/ka to help him restore his energy (which actually now that I’m thinking about it, is an amazing parallel and I need to make a seperate post to properly express how it makes me feel, goddamn this ship will be the death of me). So Yugi passing out after all that? Seems a pretty logical thing to do. Especially since he wasnt even using any additional magical powers or anyone else’s energy to keep going.

Secondly, from a character development perspective - Yugi was the boss. This is the kid who couldnt stand in front of crowds without doing an awkward robot walk, stammering and blushing like crazy - and this same kid now not only has no problem dueling in a high-stakes duel in front of the whole city but also has no problem telling the guy who bascially owns said city to back the fuck off. Honestly, how many characters do you think would have the balls to look Seto Kaiba in the eye and say what Yugi said with the full intention of following through on those words? And to have Kaiba actually listen to them?

Not to mention that he’s also doing the speech at their graduation and he looks perfectly at ease with it.

Yugi has grown so much as a character and the movie showed that so well. He’s living his life, he has plans for the future, he’s confident and still sweet, he can now freely and easily stand up for the things and people he cares about, he believes in himself, he’s willing to fight to the end and not give up even when things look doomed… like how does Atem coming at the literal last second to help out ruin any of that? Or take away from Yugi’s spotlight? Because Yugi was supposed to save the world alone? Does that even make sense when the entire core theme of the show is that you should rely on your friends and let them give you strength and that the power of unity and togetherness and friendship is what saves the world in the end and makes the impossible possible? Did Atem save the world on his own or did all his friends and family support him with all their power?

So for me that was the perfect way to handle both Atem’s return and showcasing Yugi’s growth and strength as his own person/duelist.

Michael own fans hate on him. WTF. This is ridiculous.

Just because he is dating someone they dont like and cling things he said 5-6 years ago. Gosh. Move on people change for sure he changed too. Maybe hes seen things different now. Hating his girlfriend bc they think shes boring and there is nothing interesting about her, decided after watching a couple of interview with her or none. What if who know her personally thinks it  different or just not blindfolded or she is different at her personal life. So many options. You know maybe if you know Michael personally you dont like him bc he is a different person.

And beliving the rumors about her or them. Nice. And other things. Michael can decide what is good for him, he is a grown up man. If he want to use things that wasnt too good but accidentally its Swedis dosent mean she is wants him to use it. 

How to f*ck the last Vanityfair interview makes you angry. Just bc hes move his new house, bought his dream car and tell it. Hes like a happy little kid now whos boast his new thigs. And? He is deserving it. Working so hard for years and now just ejoying life.

I am so done. Okay you cant accept it, its fine to certain limits but why hating on him? I do not understand people.

Now hate me too, and yes i know my english is bad and i am frustrated its even worst now. I wish I had a perfect my english and tell everthing what is in my mind about this, thats would be a long post.

The Friend Zone. A Matt Brown one-shot.

“Are you sure you want to friend-zone me?” You asked Matt with a tiny smile. “Are you sure that’s how you want this to go?”

Matt’s blue eyes searched your face as he thought and your mind raced with thoughts too. Being Matt’s friend was great. He was lively and funny and so smart that it was hard to keep up with him sometimes. He was also a man you could see yourself with years from now. But he had just broken your heart and friend-zoned you. Again. The friend-zoning wasn’t new, but the heartbreak was.

You didn’t expect to fall in love with Matt but it seemed that he never intended to fall in love with you.

“I like being your friend.” He smiled. “I just don’t think I’d ever see you as anything more.”

“Never ever?” You were crushed but trying to stay strong.
“Sorry. But no. Neva eva.”

Matt wrapped a hand around the back of your neck and pulled your forehead to his. He had to know how intimate that gesture was. He did it all the time when he spoke seriously to you. At first it hadn’t bothered you. It was just your friend Matt after all. But the longer you were around him and the better you got to know him, the more you knew one thing for sure. You knew he was the one you wanted to spend your days and nights and your “forever” with.

“Dont you enjoy being my friend?” Matt asked.

You wanted to slug him.
“Of course I do.” You told him the truth and struggled to push down your desire for him. Again. But this time, your desire put up more of a fight than it ever had before.

So you smiled into his eyes and decided to give it one last shot before you accepted your place in the friend zone of his life.

Your lips were on his before he could react. One hand grabbed at his waist and the other tangled in the soft curls at the back of his head. He reacted in surprise and almost pulled away from you. But he didn’t pull away. As you tilted your head to one side, deepening the kiss, he did the same. And soon Matt’s hand on your neck was pressing you tight to him and his tongue was exploring yours.

“Ok. That’s all you get.” You tipped your head back and broke the kiss.
“No! Wait!” Matt’s fingers twined into your blouse, pulling you back to him.
“No. I’m just a friend, remember?” You grinned and pried his fingers off your blouse and started to walk away with a smile of victory on your face.
“Wait!” Matt wailed and chased after you. “Where are you going?”

You stopped abruptly and turned to face your friend with your hands on your hips.
“I’m going to go sit in the friend zone.” You teased.

Matt laughed and shook his head.
“It’s too late for that. Your kiss knocked you so far out of the friend zone, I’m not even sure I know where that is anymore.”

And as Matt kissed you long and hard and deep and with more passion than you had ever felt, you were pretty sure he’d never friend-zone you again.

Neva eva.

don’t talk to me about even meeting isak in that locker room after taking the courage to break up with his four year girlfriend for this boy and then having to hear from that same boy that he decided his life would be better off without mentally ill people around him,,, dont fucking talk to me about even realizing what that meant. about him having to make a decision right there, for both his and isak’s sake. don’t talk to me about even looking isak in the eyes and saying “i think they would love you” while knowing that might be the last time they ever spoke to each other

Age Gap

I’m so sorry if this is terrible! I’ve been really stressed lately with my assignments and exams, I hope you are all doing well and I apologise for taking so long!! Anyway I hope this isn’t terrible or crap and I hope you enjoy it :)

 I was fifteen years old and working part time when I met Jerome. He was undoubtably attractive and had this aura about him that prevented me from turning away. I tried to made small talk with the young man as I made his coffee. To my surprise he made small talk back and ended up distracting me a little during my shift.
I giggled like a naive high school girl whilst falling in love with his unique smile and charm. I wrote my number on his cup before he left hoping that he was single. When he was almost out the door I saw him notice my number on his cup, he let out a small laugh before sending me a killer smile that was followed by a wink. After that we just hung out more and more in secret.
I never knew why it was in secret. After a few days of flirting he asked me to be his and I, of course, said yes, but I obviously didn’t read all the terms and conditions

 And that’s how I ended up in the predicament I was in now. With 7 SWAT team officers aiming their firearms at Jerome and myself, I unknowingly tightened my hold on his arm. For 2 weeks I had been reported missing and kidnaped, Jerome had taken me away from the mainstream of daily life and I lived for it. The rush of adrenaline I got just from being out with him was insane.
His killer smile turned more psychotic and deranged after each job such as this one.
Shouted one of the GCPD SWAT members as they all took a step forward. Jerome laugh maniacally before deciding to speak. “I think you’ll find that she is my girlfriend and that she safer with me then anywhere else!” in the blink of an eye, Jerome turned serious and handed me the bag of stolen money from the bank.
“I am the Leader of the Maniax and I have freed this poor beautiful soul from becoming a cog. Two more years in the prison you call school would of fully transformed her into a cog in the Giant absurd machine”
I let out a laugh as he shot the officer closest to me.
“Ah ah ah, no touching what’s mine” I knew they wouldn’t shoot us, the ‘explosives’ that hung on our bodies like Christmas ornaments was enough to scare the GCPD into calling in the extra help known as the Bomb Squad and SWAT team.
My thoughts were interrupted as Jerome’s warm soft lips pressed against my own. A little squeak of shock from me caused him to smile and break the kiss. “I may be three years older than her, but that’s three years of life experience that will help benefit us in the future” and with a startling loud bang, a hole in the wall was cut and Jerome grabbed my hand as we began making our grand escape.
“Don’t worry sweet cheeks, nothing bad will ever happen to you, I won’t allow this world to poison you”
The SWAT team began to chase us down the street before I saw Jerome pick off one of the explosives and throw it.
I screamed in fright whilst Jerome began to do his eerie but attractive laugh. “YOU SAID THEY WERE FAKE!!” I scarcely yelled at Jerome as we ducked into the ally way we used to hide the get away bus. With a reassuring squeeze of my hand he turned into the Sugar Lips I fell in love with.
Yours ARE fake, I’d never put you in that kind of danger. You are my world, I’d never let anything happen to you unless it was for a reason” He removed our vests and brought me into a tight embrace. “I love that I’m older then you. It means I can protect you better” Jerome said as the bus joined in the long stream of gotham 9AM traffic.

Boyfriend Woozi
  • Whines a lot
  • Hiccups when he whines
  • Is he your boyfriend or is he your newborn child
  • Likes it when you feed him his favorite foods
  • You’re his protector, guardian, life saver, girlfriend, best friend, caretaker
  • You basically baby him all the time
  • Shopping dates
  • He offers to carry all of the shopping bags
  • You refuse, but since he’s the perfect gentleman, he refuses you to refuse his request
  • Eating pretzels and drinking boba tea while continuing to walk around the mall and look for more stores to shop at
  • Blasts Justin Bieber songs in the car
  • Writes a song for you
  • Would invite all of the SEVENTEEN members to come to his house just to see him perform his song for you
  • Awkward and shy at first
  • Gets flustered easily when you even look at him
  • Playing the piano together
  • He’d be teaching you how to play piano
  • He’d show you which keys to play
  • And then your hands magically brush against each other’s
  • You both become extremely flustered, but you notice how Woozi still hasn’t let go of your hand yet
  • He eventually becomes cocky about it though
  • “Your hand is warm, but you know what else is warm right now?”
  • Woozi is smol in height, but I can promise you he isn’t very smol in length ;)
  • Karinne would know this
  • Okay but I was originally planning on s o f t woozi 
  • But anyways oml
  • Blows you a ton of kisses when you leave for school/work/anywhere
  • Flashes his eyesmile at you all the time
  • He also loves it when you play with his hair and fluff it
  • Acts like a big baby around you
  • But he’s your big baby so

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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 193

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because jimin looks good here and you cant deny it, look at him getting it and then side eyes the september babies such as namjoon and jung kook at the back, they’re so cute.

do check out my selling post with the tag #fafsells

lets start~

1) Film Star

by @studioghibli2001

a yoongi x y/n x hoseok fic 

one shot 

when yoongi opens up to you about his kink about taking pictures and videos but now he wants a specific angle and so he asks for someone else to help out but only if you are comfortable of course 

2) X-Rated Dreams

by @kpopyourcherryy

a yoongi x y/n fic 

one shot 

when you have had an interesting dream and yoongi is determined to find out 

3) Too Long

by @taenity

a jimin x y/n fic

one shot 

its been too long since you and jimin had time for yourselves and so when the opportunity arises, you spend it the best way you could, even if jimin was reluctant but you knew he would eventually cave in 

4) True Intentions

by @houseofbangtaninternational

a yoongi x y/n fic 

one shot 

when yoongi treats you like shit because he couldn’t come to terms with his feelings for you 

5) Lover’s Paradox

by @taesthetes

a yoongi x y/n fic 

one shot 

police au 


this is part of a collab between @taesthetes and @gukstudio called ‘bangtan police unit’ that features all member x y/n fics, so far only yoongi’s one is out

you dont know what you ever did to min yoongi but he definitely gets under your skin. and when you have to work with him on a case and worst yet, being handcuffed to him, oh you’re in a for it, little did you know the reason behind it 

6) Pieces of You

by @thatsrightmytrash

a jungkook x y/n fic

one shot 

underground rockstar au 

you didnt know what there is jungkook but he is addictive and you cant stay away

7) Detention

by @bts-sinning

a yoongi x y/n fic 

one shot 

teacher au 

( god this was well, i need holy water )

there was something about this teacher, min yoongi and when you decide to sit at his table to do work, little did you know that you earned yourself detention 


8) Tease

by @min-yoonyi

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 3 parts out ( this might be completed but im not sure )

school au 

( i love this so much )

you dont know what it is but min yoongi has been appearing in your life more frequent than before and now even when you start dating him, he never fails to surprise you 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

1920s HP au, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer insipired the thought: Wirt is a one man band, he uses specific charm spells that allow him to control various musical instruments at the same time (while still playing clarinet himself). And because I like OTGW and Gravity Falls crossovers, Wirt ends up working at Grunkle Stan’s speak easy (it’s not easy to find a place to work when you just arrived at NY for the first time). Detective Dipper and journalist Mabel live with Grunkle Stan and help with his establishment when they are not busy with their own work. That’s how they came to know Wirt. 

oh yeet ok this wont make sense but:
Donald and Della about to make a commitment (Donald continuing w a navy career and Della w her kids who are about to hatch) and decide to go on one last adventure with Scrooge
The Incident happens and Donald has to quit the navy before it even starts to raise the kids
and even then after the Incident he himself is too afraid to want to be with the navy anyway
and this kinda makes him even angrier cus like??? he was gonna do something with his life?? and his uncle’s adventures did this??
then months later he watches the boys sleeping peacefully on the couch with him, the astrology channel having put them to sleep
and hes like “maybe i dont need to be in the navy to be something”
or im just fucking the timeline up YEET