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JK: If I space out my breathing to one gulp of air per 5 minutes, do you think i’ll live longer hyung?
Namjoon: Practically immortal dude

(In which Namjoon gives an impromptu science lesson Jungkook should have seen coming)


I spent the whole morning with my lil nugget. It consisted of watching Calliou (anybody who’s a parent would get how much I hate this show) and Paw Patrol. I always think I’m gonna put my foot down and change the channel but Daia starts crying :). I’m gonna head out to buy her halloween costume, hopefully her dad stops playing 2k18 and watches his daughter *cough cough*.

Hope y’all have a good Sunday!

btw: We moved into a house! how exciting?

Ok I Regret Every Post I Have Ever Made

Look I Want To Be A Cyborg Too But Technological Development is not a straight line with a logical “next step.” That’s ahistorical. Technology should serve the material needs of the human race. Do you really think that the next step in technology should be uploading human brains or going to mars while there’s unaccountably huge numbers of people without access to drinking water, food, healthcare, education? 

some silicon valley capitalist probably wants to upload his consciousness to the cloud as well. so if he throws his massive capital, gained by exploitation of manufacturing workers in the peoples republic of china, mineral extraction workers in the democratic republic of Congo, warehouse workers in america, all behind a ‘transhumanism’ project, it will get done. this is acheivable under capitalism. 

but it is a distraction. 

as long as capitalism exists, exploitation and poverty persist. it will continue to get worse. 

i mean the degree of “technological development” that has occurred in the industrialized capitalist world over the past 3 centuries has caused a fucking global ecological disaster. If you’re not pushing technology to solve the titanic material problems of today INCLUDING GLOBAL WARMING then i question its legitimacy, its necessity, its inevitability. 

sure it would be ‘nice’ in some abstract sense if in the future we ‘solve’ or ‘achieve’ transhumanism. ‘nice’ in the same way that i want a jetpack and night vision eyes. But that is by far so so so unimportant compared to other things that technology should address. 

Yet at the same time I do reject anarcho-primitivism because the guiding principles for communists regarding technology should be to use whatever technique is the most environmentally friendly and logistically effective. that’s it. those are the material concerns. vague rumination on how we’re betraying our collective hunter gatherer roots is idealist. particularly when it does come specifically from anarcho-primitivist writers who are, by and large, white, and who do not in any sense take into account colonialism or indigenous cultures other than in a sort of arms-length noble savage voyeurism.

 …and i mean ‘idealist’ in the negative sense: i.e. based on an idea of what the correct solution is rather than using the material reality we can observe to decide what is right. 

i guess the ‘idealist’ dismissal is where i draw the line regarding both transhumanism and anarcho-primitivism. 



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Your eyes flicker open. The last thing you remember was getting on an ambulance, the sounds of an ambulance to be more exact. You must have made it in time. Lucky. You try to get up to observe the room you’re in, but something’s keeping you from moving at all. Are you restrained? Why are you being restrained? It seems that you can only shift your head around. It’s not much, but it’s gonna have to do for now . from your position, you can see the door, some gifts, gift cards and a single balloon. You look to the right and see a window, though you can’t make out what’s going on outside. You decide to call for someone and ask what’s going on. You open your mouth to call for someone, but instead of words, an ear piercing, otherworldly, startling noise escapes from you mouth. Almost as if on cue, someone enters the room. A tall, middle-aged man.

“Ah, finally awake I see.”, says the man, in a stoic british accent. You’re not too sure about the british accent, because of the way he talks. His words are slurred. You don’t let that bother you too much. “You’ve been out a long while, we thought you were done for.”, he says. You aren’t surprised by this comment. You thought you were a goner as well. You try to sit up, but realize that you’re still restrained. You make another attempt to use your voice to ask for freedom, but the same eagle-elephant hybrid sound escapes. “You’re trying to talk. Don’t bother.”, says the man in a stoic voice, who is now stumbling towards you, his words more slurred than before. What’s that in his hand? Why is he acting so aggressive? He’s muttering something. “Why did you hurt him, Emily? Why’d you hurt my son?” What? Is… is he talking about the person who your mother shot? If that’s the case, he has the wrong person! The man is getting more aggravated by the second. “Was it that you just did it for fun? Because you love to see people suffer? Tear people away from other’s lives?”. He gets so close to you that you can get a strong smell of liquor that creeps from his mouth. You finally realize what’s wrong with him. He’s drunk, and he’s starting to mutter again. “Well, fun’s over. You won’t be able to to it to me, let alone anyone else, ever again.”

What happens next is so painful it could rival being stoned to death. He pulls the concealed item from his jacket and and starts wailing away at you neck. You start to scream, but it seems nobody is coming anytime soon. You soon get eye contact with what he’s hurting you with. It’s a precision scalpel. Blood is already erupting from your neck, as you struggle helplessly struggle with the restraints. “Doesn’t feel good, does it?”, the man says, maniacally laughing. He stops stabbing you with the scalpel, and reaches at you neck, grabbing various veins and pulling them out. “Time to finish you off”, he says, reaching for a hammer on the table in front of you. There’s no way you’re living through this, he’s making sure of it. The man turns around, raises the hammer over his head, and brings it down.

You wake up in a cold sweat. Just another fever dream. You’re still in the hospital. It seems like you dozed off for a while. You waste no time in getting up and going into the hallway too look around. As soon as you leave your room, you know something’s off.

“Ȩ҉m̶i̸l҉̸ỳ̵,̢ I̷̵͠'͞v̢é͘͟ ̸͞b́ee͘n҉͜ wá͜i̵t̶̛͜į͢nǵ͡ fo̵̢̕r̡ yo͞u̸ ̶͞a̷͞ ̸l͝ón̴͟g͟͞ ̨w̨͝h̷̴í͜͞l̨͜e ̢͡n̸̡o͏̕w̕͝.͜”, echoes a mysterious figure at the end of the hallway.

This doesn’t look good.

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guten morgen ! you are having mein wunderbar mann to be thanking for this photograph, he is catching me during making of our breakfast in this morning ! yes, i am knowing it is not being very healthy to be eating sausage for your breakfast meal, but i am not telling the lie, i have always been the best at eating sausage ! 😜 (percy has teach me how to get the emotion cons, very cute ! lots of fun !) 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 🌭