dont crucify me for it ; ;


JK: If I space out my breathing to one gulp of air per 5 minutes, do you think i’ll live longer hyung?
Namjoon: Practically immortal dude

(In which Namjoon gives an impromptu science lesson Jungkook should have seen coming)

I love Garnet but omfg her hair and gauntlets are a nightmare to draw properly.

Anyways we’re back with more Veopala Ona AU stuff, this time with Toa Gatai. Decided to give her a veil instead of shades or bandages, but I’m still not sure with the whole thing. Bio under the cut.

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that was not bait back there and i apologize for getting your otp in a twist also if you just want to be friends and clear up all hate in the world completely only read the last paragraph

i dont see why some people could be so defensive of a ship but hopefully me not being so blunt and vague will clear things up because i dont want people to get the wrong idea

for starters, i dont hate it because its gay. honestly being on tumblr and not supporting lgbt freedom is a ticket to be crucified. i just really wanted to clear that up because when i think of tumblr folk i think thats their go-to defense, “youre homophobic because you dont support ____”. ——- tl;dr, im not homophobic and i dont hate mchanzo simply because its gay””

second thing, i really dont give a single shit about ships in general. the only ship i ever kind of liked was batjokes and that didnt last very long?? the only reason i try my best to tolerate mchanzo is because its everywhere. im a very simple person, i highly enjoy canon things more than fancanon/headcanon things. i like learning the exact lore of characters and not twindle twadled versions where theyre in a relationship with a character they have an honestly pretty low chance of meeting. an au where hanzo and mccree meet and have a relationship? cool cool. its just not canon. if its used as a small inside joke in someones content that that is okay and fine!! that shouldnt ruin something for anyone!! this goes for all other ships as well. it just so happens that mchanzo is the one ship that everyone treats like royalty and since im a dirty hipster i cant enjoy it.—- tl;dr, sometimes people treat mchanzo like its canon but its not and it gets my panties in a twist””

third thing. um. i dont like it for some other reason but i forgot just let me dislike your otp in peace and i wont have to write an apology i guess the only reason why i cant always tolerate it is because everyone is always shoving it in your face like its canon but its n0t and that sure makes me an angry cheeto’’’

fourth thing. i would like it more if it was not everywhere i mean ive actually enjoyed mchanzo art sometimes because its funny and cool and even if i dont ship it i can enjoy it its like all shipping art i see its nice but im just a salty person thats this whole apology tl;dr bye im gonna go play overwatch

coping mechanisms (don’t usually pass the parent test)
we all do shit to cope with shit and sometimes it’s fucked up shit

this song is a curse - frank iero ■ cry wolf - bebe rexha ■ black leather - joan jett ■ camisado - panic! at the disco ■ russian roulette - rihanna ■ teenagers - my chemical romance ■ give me novacaine - green day ■ cough syrup - melanie martinez ■ headfirst for halos - my chemical romance ■ in my blood - william beckett ■ osama bin laden as the crucified christ - against me! ■  so long as we keep our bodies numb we’re safe - midtown

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i told myself i wouldnt make a post like this but liam signs with a new label away from syco and nobody has a problem with it bc everyone recognises syco is shit and liam is worth more as a musician but zayn does the same and is still crucified for it over a year later even tho compared to liam he had little to no autonomy over the music 1d put out or the creative process. like zayn’s passion and knowledge he’s worth more is taken as arrogance but with liam it’s not like that why is that? dont tell me bc i know