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Where is the Asagao musical!AU because Luke just singing without rapping is great on its own too


okay so i thought about this and i did a whole elitown musical au bc im garbage but imagine the following

  • luke playing jim in the waitress musical!! nice
  • the obligatory luke-as-jd au that has to happen bc we’re talking about musicals and i dont wanna be crucified 
  • luke as emmett from legally blonde bc im het
  • everything is the same but asagao is a musical!! they have their own songs!! everyone gets at least one verse and the hidden block song w luke’s verse is just this big huge high energy number with hana being pulled n danced with and shown the club room and it is pure and wholesome and luke’s got That Baritone that sets the style for the entire piece 

@violetbaudes since you asked… i tried *blushes*

dont crucify me for this ok    *exit pursued by dogs*

`he deserves it’ Theon  Greyjoy was no stranger to that phrase. this time though for once they didnt mean him.  he felt million things at once good bad  happy sad. scared exhilarated . strange. He remembered the old Theon. How he felt in the heat of  battle . not like this. “I am not  sure…” he started looking at her desperately “ I am not sure If i can do it?” she looked hard and angry. Unforgiving unrelenting.  None of her sweetness showing “you can. you can and you will. We will never be free otherwise . we must end  this now . It can be no one else.” 
“ it was  just a game “ he told him with a shrug trying to keep his hands from shaking too much . “I know how much you like games. Only you didn’t win this time. Its not so fun when you don’t win is it?”  

he  just smiled then. so self-assured as always.
“you are mistaken. I dont lose,”  He didnt believe I would hurt him he didn’t believe anything could hurt him and me least of all .he still thought me his          “I never lose”
“im afraid this time you have lost “ Theon  did it quick then before  anything else could be said.he changed his mind. Before he could even quite register it.   He bit down on his tongue  till the blood came to stop accursed words “im sorry” from coming out  . No. not this time. He told himself.  You have things to be sorry about but this is not one of them. this needs no apology It was quick   Too quick maybe .  he did scream though. just once, but that was enough. Not so brave then not so big It made Theon feel good to hear to him scream.  To know that he had made him scream , that just once it had been that way round. In that moment  theon summoned every ounce of strength, every ounce of theon- ness he could muster and  gave  him one last smile. He always hated my smiles .Then he fell .he heard the thud as ramsay hit  the floor. All twisted and broken. Not so pretty. Then nothing.  Silence. It was already over. Just like that. He blinked surprised. Half of him honestly hadn’t expected he could even die.  He was too powerful too uncontrollable. Death was for .. .lesser mortals…  from the look on face just before he fell it seemed like he thought that as well .. you didn’t last long though did you?  Not so strong then not so clever not  so invincible after all.. “well.” he announced to the empty room. “. Im disappointed in you .  that was really… underwhelming. ” It was. Very plain very normal. Very human. Not so scary then. Not so impossible. Just one more bad man in a world full  of bad men. One more dead man.  Nevertheless he felt adrenaline seep through him. It was finally over . they were free  he is dead I am alive. I am Theon and I am alive .  The relief was immense. “who’s pathetic now?” he spat  Sansa appeared  silently at his side. “I  did it! I actually did it!  I killed him. I didn’t think … I didn’t think he’d die ” he stopped embarrassed but she understood .she looked down on him and then back to Theon  “that was quick. you didn’t make him suffer .” She said flatly not betraying whether she thought that was a good thing or not. he watched her face wondering what she was really thinking.  His missing fingers twitched. “ that’s what he would have done. I am not him. You are not him. It was better this way. this is what Robb would have done. we’re not his creatures  anymore. a big grizzly death would have been what he wanted, made him feel important. made him feel like he still had a hold on us . well not anymore.”
“no  he doesn’t. not now  ” she agreed but she still looked uncomfortable. A dark smile spread across Theon’ s ruined face. “he  gave up  too easily. What a weakling.  ” he teased .she looked at him. She understood.  Her eyes smiled like they used to in the old days  “I would’ve fought. I would’ve held out much longer.” Sansa stark laughed .

coping mechanisms (don’t usually pass the parent test)
we all do shit to cope with shit and sometimes it’s fucked up shit

this song is a curse - frank iero ■ cry wolf - bebe rexha ■ black leather - joan jett ■ camisado - panic! at the disco ■ russian roulette - rihanna ■ teenagers - my chemical romance ■ give me novacaine - green day ■ cough syrup - melanie martinez ■ headfirst for halos - my chemical romance ■ in my blood - william beckett ■ osama bin laden as the crucified christ - against me! ■  so long as we keep our bodies numb we’re safe - midtown

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i told myself i wouldnt make a post like this but liam signs with a new label away from syco and nobody has a problem with it bc everyone recognises syco is shit and liam is worth more as a musician but zayn does the same and is still crucified for it over a year later even tho compared to liam he had little to no autonomy over the music 1d put out or the creative process. like zayn’s passion and knowledge he’s worth more is taken as arrogance but with liam it’s not like that why is that? dont tell me bc i know