dont click them

hey if anyone wants to share voiceclaims n jazz send me em???

I have a good one for Abel, at least my version of him

Cain, at least my verison of him, another possible example
language warning on the first one

and i dont have an example for Iris’s voiceclaim but im leaning to Ashly Burch??

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition


Jeno According to Tumblr Tags

Happy Birthday Jeno!

mafia head + his bodyguard

my mc for the arcana game!! the art is SO GOOD the bgs are so pretty and also i cry every time i see asra

one of my friends thinks im a furry. and i let them think im a furry, because if i corrected them, they’d be all “but i thought you had some super secret interest” and i’d have to say “yeah, but its not being a furry, its that im two inches tall mentally and roughly half my life revolves around that”, and that’s a long conversation. so i let them think i wanna be a deer. which i do, sometimes, just not as much as i wanna be two inches tall.