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i was wondering if could you make a gifset about jimin charming the male mcs on variety shows or just in general? examples i could think of: 1) hodong on knowing brother, 2) kwangsoo on running man youtu[.]be/dlEsRb69eGs?t=94, 3) defcon on weekly idol youtu[.]be/XoVM0-yNWsw?t=604, 4) 3rd muster mc 68[.]media[.]tumblr[.]com/4b00ef81f25dc40d52dc2892a569265a/tumblr_oobqf5Igfk1v210vao1_r2_400[.]gif, 5) ahl tony youtube[.]com/watch?v=Q4QHwi10E7k, 6) chanyeol youtu[.]be/wtU4TpzcY7Y?t=45 thank you!

here you go. Thank you for the links and for requesting this gifset! Hope you like it~ 😄😄

i don’t think i’ve ever mentioned mtt’s personality in neo form.  i do recall mentioning a while before that his attitude was tolerable in neo form?  he was more calm and was ‘nicer’.  but i’ma change that shit up now lol.  neo is mean.  relationships are kept at bay – he’s in killer machine mode as neo.  mercy isn’t that much of an option.  why?  because if his purpose with that body is to kill, what good is it to have a lot of mercy?  he’d be giving mercy left and right.  defeats the purpose of being called a killer robot, dont it lol.

this doesn’t mean he starts fights like some guy with hella dominant issues that he feels the need to fight anyone who looks at him.  he .. can be percieved as a villain in this form?  i mean, he doesnt plot evil shit but his intention is to harm when he has to.  he’s more reserved.  doesn’t rly like physical contact.  he keeps people at bay – there can be friendships formed but he would be likely to push someone away when he feels they’re getting too comfortable – bc  may i remind you sweetie i’m not just someone to cuddle.  i have shit to do.  that “get out of my face” attitude.  and yes – he will do things – mean things – just because.  not the greatest dude lol.

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Do u like rwby?

*sweats* i dont aaahahaa >>;;

When i first got introduced to it, i through it was cool. But eventually i got bored of it, plus i heard how some of the things for their models are stolen and im just not fond of how it’s animated (it really just looks like something you could do with MMD, which is weird because apparently its a team of people using a very expensive program? And even then ive seen much better animation on MMD)

But the first intro song is damn cool, I’ll give it that bahaha


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒

in honour of mermay, (and also highkey inspired by @pussycat-scribblesbeautiful seijou mermaids au) i present koi fish mermaid! hinata


  • hinata sees visiting mermaid prince kageyama and challenges him to a race and loses
  • kagehina mermaid stuff commences
  • everything is right in the world