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Contrary to popular belief McCree isn't a cat person or a dog person. He is actually a reptile person and has like three lizards and a turtle. Hanzo thinks it's the most adorable thing ever and his favorite lizard is the one named Fluffy.

mccree is the “i love animals so fucking much i dont even care what kind of animal it is” person. i lov mccree w lizards tho. imagine a teeny lil gecko on his hat. pure. wholesome. 

Glass of rose prosecco and strawberry cheesecake! Its mothers day in the UK and my mother and grandmother threw a fit because I would rather stay at home on this beautiful day, on my birthday and mothers day.

Truth be told. I hate going to bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs. Never have and never will. Im not even a big alcohol fan and if I do drink it has to be worthwhile. But I prefer my own company, I always have. Even now in my twenties… its seen as odd if I dont like going out much and partying. I no longer care, from here on I dont care. Let people do what they want to do.

I mean I get lonely but I dont mind being by myself. Whenever I go out anyway Im always ignored or spoken over. Id rather stay at home. No mindless chatter, strange people staring at you or trouble makers about. Im happy right here! 🌷

my friend is studying for the mcat and was just trying to explain to me about heat transfer and she said ‘you know, like the reason you get cold when you go outside on a freezing day is that your tiny human body is trying to warm up the entire universe’ and i think that’s the best thing i have ever heard

whatever shit you get yourself into,
no matter how fucked up everything is,
if you’re failing that class (or several),
or your girlfriend is screaming at you from the staircase,
and your brother has stopped answering your texts,
or the answering machine on the other end of the line is just a reminder that you’ll never hear her voice again,
or you’re staring at razor blades or a canister of blow,
or you’re staring at your hands and you don’t remember the last three years,
or you’re sitting alone on a saturday night
while your roommate gets dressed to go out with some friends
and she asks you if she can borrow your boots,
no matter how over it all is,

something starts tomorrow.

it’s the second law of thermodynamics, entropy.
some systems need the chaos, the disorder,
to increase over time,
for there to be a future.
it is the reversibilityย of natural processes and the account for the asymmetryย of the past and the future.
something has to end,
because something starts tomorrow.

—  last call by i.stein

It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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This is going to be long.

The YOI fandom is full of hypocrisy when it comes to certain characters and I haven’t really seen any posts detailing why, so I thought I would waste my time putting this together. I’m especially irked by all of the Christophe/JJ hate that seems to be practically universal among the fandom.

For the record, I’m not a particularly big fan of either character, (I like Chris more than JJ, that’s the only thing I know for sure) but I just can’t fathom the hate that they get.

Let’s talk about Chris for a second.

It seems that the fandom has two big complaints about him. 1) He groped Yuuri! and 2) He nuts on the ice!

With the revelation from episode 10 I think we can officially rule out that first one. It’s obvious by now that Chris thought he and Yuuri were on more familiar terms, considering Yuuri literally pole danced with him half-naked, held him in his arms, and stood on his shiny toned thighs. “But, but,” I hear you unflatteringly shriek, “that still doesn’t justify it!” Yeah, it’s still coming on a little strong. Let’s see, who else came on strong based on Yuuri’s drunken escapades?

Oh, right. I guess when you’re Viktor Nikiforov, it’s chill.

“But, but,” you screech, “Viktor never touched him in an inappropriate way!”

Aw crap, you’re right. No one else has really touched other characters in a negative way, or I would have seen posts about it! Oh wait

I guess when it’s violent, it’s fine, or…? (surely this won’t be a theme in this post, surely)

The other more common complaint is Chris’s erotic routine in episode 6. But hang on, why do I feel like there’s another character who has a routine with a similar theme…?


Well, I guess eros is okay so long as the eros in question is half of your OTP.

“But, but,” you wail, “I’m ace, so Chris’s routine really offended me!” Then Yuuri’s should offend you too, because they are both about sexual love. The whole show should make you uncomfortable, considering Yuuri embracing his eros has been a central theme of the plot. Don’t like don’t look. Give it a try. (This is coming from an ace person)

I also want to point out that Chris never actually nuts on the ice? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone ejaculate before, but it’s preeeetty noticeable, especially given the thin material skaters wear. The only two people who even know that Chris gets that worked up during a performance are A) Himself, and B) You, the viewer, who can read his thoughts. He’s not making anyone else uncomfortable, so chill.

Chris hasn’t said a negative word to anyone. If anything, Chris is a good sport who accepts others victories with unbelievable grace, and is confident in his own abilities. Chaotic good, for sure.

Now we come to JJ.

Tumblr has a real problem with confidence, seems like. Because that’s virtually JJ’s only explored trait.

Honestly, I didn’t entirely know what to make of him at first. I wasn’t sure whether he was being antagonistic or not, but he just came off as rather silly to me. Socially inept, maybe. This was proved to me in episode 10, when he bursts in uninvited to the now famous dinner/engagement announcement scene to announce his own engagement as a letter of challenge.

It seems like a real villain move at first glance, if it weren’t for his (slightly wounded) confusion when everyone snubs him (rightfully so lol) and leaves him in the dust:

He’s highly competitive, but he’s not trying to be antagonistic.

Hey, you know who IS openly antagonistic, purposefully hurtful and insulting to other characters?


yeesh, well this is awkward

Ah, well, I guess it’s okay because he smiled that one time and talked about his grandpa.

(For the record, I don’t hate Yuri Plisetsky at all. You can check my blog for proof, I love this little angry Russian kitten, but liking a character does not mean excusing their actions or pretending they’re not being an asshole when they absolutely are.)

There are so many other things that are bugging me about this fandom: ship hate, fandom policing, harassment, but I don’t have enough time in the day to talk about all of them and I’ve wasted enough time already on this dumb post. In closing, we can do better. We finally got an anime (sports anime!) with a healthy, pure homosexual couple, and we are absolutely blowing it. I don’t want people to avoid this show because they heard “the fanbase in insane”. The first season isn’t even over and we’re already turning on each other, telling each other what we are and aren’t allowed to like, and it’s just sad. Let people like what they like. Stop trashing on characters and ships that people like. Be graceful, be chill. This show means a lot to a lot of people, but if you are going out of your way to ruin the experience for someone else, you can kindly fuck off.


Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)