dont care if its already giffed

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Would you mind showing us what you get as your early birthday gift? Once i'm curious i can't stop sorry, you don't have to if you don't want to but that actually sounds like you have two amazing friends, i'm kinds jealous

oh, no problem, so HERE I GO:

first of all, I GOT A HANDWRITTEN LETTER!!!!!!!! so like, it’s obvious I cried lol
I also got some face masks, Korean candy and green tea (it’s in the kitchen, sorry, I forgot to take a picture hahha):

ANDDD, as the main gift I got some amazing polaroids of Jungkook and J-hope:

and of Jennie and Lisa!!!!

THNAK YOU @jungkook-gifs once again ILYYYYYYY~ 

And yes, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing friends that I love and that care about me so much. I have no idea what I have done to deserve them but I had to do something right in my life to have met them!!!!!

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i feel u kind of like im not bothered by fans but i cannot keep up with their content like i used to and honestly dont want to bc its overwhelming and its already giffed anyway,,i should be thankful for these 5 star meals 😔 but yeah kpop in general is. wild i don't blame u and ur definitely not alone ive seen many ppl drift away sadly but we all move on eventually

😭 i dont think im gonna drift away fully at least not any time soon… i love n support jungkook n bts way too much but im probably just gonna not be as invested in them like i used to.. like i rly used to be so involved in their comebacks but i rly dont even care about the theories or anything anymore u know KSBDKABA


Putting the tooshie on the tooshie. (x)