dont break this rule

i love homestuck bc it breaks every single fucking rule in the book like dont self-insert yourself into your story? hussie murdered that rule with his bare hands and then kissed it back to life and then proposed to it. dont make the storyline confusing? dont you ever speak to me or my twelve thousand dead ectobiological post scratch alt reality universe b alpha sburb 2.0 parents again. keep your content restrained to one medium? what the fuck. what the fuk. no. give your characters instagram accounts. put their asses on vine. snapchat their fucking gay weddings, who gives a fuck


you werent even doing anything. just working. but Beck had his eyes glued to you. he had a lot of work to do. since you changed work spaces to the room with him, his work load just seemed to grow and grow. you hadent noticed, but Lewis did. and it became too much for her.

“just ask her out.” Lewis stated.

“thats against the rules Commander, you know that.” Beck said sheepishly.

“i do know that. and i also know you dont care.” she sighed, “if you’re going to break the rules by staring, might as well break them fully.”


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Batman Villains and their Favorite Memes
  • Edward Nygma: He whole-heartedly and unironically hates minions with a fiery passion. It's the source of many fights with Harley and Jervis. He also collects Rare Pepes.
  • Bane: Just...just DO IT! Break Batman's back! Rule Gotham! DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS
  • Jonathan Crane: he INVENTED the gothic meme, don't even tell me otherwise. It creeps the other inmates out when he reads them out loud, mainly bc he does so in the dead of night.
  • Killer Croc: Arkham is calm (enough), until, out of nowhere, Croc runs into the room roaring "John CENAAAAAA"
  • Ivy: "Why the fuck you lyin?" meme. In particular, whenever the Joker says anything. She has the audio saved on Harley's phone and plays it while he talks. She's also a fan of the "gal pal" meme for obvious reasons.
  • Deadshot: he likes a lot of memes, especially "mmmm watcha say", but it's still hard to-
  • gun
  • Harley: "What are THOOSE?" Literally nowhere is safe. Sometimes she combines it with her old favorite meme, the dress meme, for terrifying "what color are THOOOSE?" results. She's always a slut for good memes
  • Joker: There's nothing like a good old-fashioned Rick Roll! Especially when you use it as a countdown to piss Batsy off while he's detonating that bomb! Also the Mcfreakin lose it meme, he tries to reenact that once.
  • Râs Al Ghul: Talia, stop telling everyone he's dead.
  • Selina Kyle: "Hoe, don't do it!" bc those are often words said in her presence and it's practically about her now. She also sends the Rihanna winking gif in any situation.
  • Harvey Dent: "Breadstick" meme, whenever meeting up for deals he makes sure there's breadsticks, so if things go badly he can flip to see if he grabs the bread and runs or not. He also firmly believes in the Berenstein/Berenstain multiverse theory...or half of him does, at least.
  • Jervis Tetch: "I lo-" meme and "X and chill". "Yes Jerv, we know, you love Alice so much, you want to read Lewis Carroll and chill with her-GOD DONT DO THE LOOK"
  • Talia Al Ghul: "Bitch, where?" meme bc Talia relates to being flawless on a deep and personal level.
  • Victor Fries: You've heard of giving life back to your unconscious wife, now get ready for years of disappointment and bitterness!
  • Oswald: Penguin, there's no need to feel down, I said, Penguin, steal those birds all year round,
  • Clayface: "you're a kid you're a squid" bc he can be both a kid AND a squid

This post is for all the new doms and subs who joined the dd/lg community. Hello and welcome! I’m Princess Kitten and I want to give you some tips for finding the perfect spouse for you.

-Consent: You must get eachothers consent to do anything, even talk. Never talk to little who has a daddy. And never talk to a daddy who has a little. They already have their spouse and have a bond that cannot be broken. If you’re looking for a friend, ask to be introduced before anything.

-Doms: Always talk and love your little! They need all your attention!!!! If you dont give them attention, they become sad or neglected and feel like they’re worth nothing. Always tell your little the truth and everything about your day. We love listening to your voice. Pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee be kind to your little. They’re little of course. They dont act big for a reason. If you force them to act big they’ll get scared and wont go to you. Never force a little to do something they dont want to do.

-Littles: Its alright to be needy. Its alright to be worried. Go into your little space as often as you can. Its important to balance your big and little side. Make sure you love your dom as much as they love you. Always listen and follow directions. Dont be bratty and dont break rules! Your dom will punish you very badly. Also tell your dom what you are doing and how your day went. Always be honest. You dont want an angry dom.

A dd/lg is just like a normal relationship EXCEPT its stronger. Most people will not understand and thats perfectly fine. Dont be afriad of it. Embrace it! If you have any more questions, message me or send it through my asks. You may never know if someone is in the same situation as you and may need the same help. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful night!

  • my stpd ass: *wears scarves/pants/sweaters/fuzzy hats when its 75 degrees outside*
  • my stpd ass: this is great!!! why didnt i do this before...
  • my stpd ass: omg its getting colder outside...??!!?!
  • my stpd ass: *switches over to shorts and t-shirts in 20 degree weather*
  • my stpd ass: NICE!!

I wanna practice my toonish style
And I also want to draw more of Wakfu/Dofus
You guys can reblog this with a character you`d like me to draw and I`ll do that :3
Also I enjoy drawing fan-characters! If they dont`t break any rules of the world of the game/series, and have an appropriate design, I`d prefer drawing fan-characters rather than the characters from the series

All the sketches will be done in few days as I have no much time to draw

  • <p> <b></b> So a girl was in school wearing a hat, and everyone knows you arent aloud to wear hats inside of school. The teacher calmly confronts her.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Look up.<p/><b>Girl:</b> okay. *looks up*<p/><b>Teacher:</b> Now what do you see?<p/><b>Girl:</b> Well.. I'll tell you what I dont see.<p/><b>Teacher:</b> ?<p/><b>Girl:</b> Mary Winchester.<p/></p>

Ok so, the big rule on the blog sonic-for-real-justice is that people who break the rules will be banned, correct?

Mod sonic recently banned mod knuckles who as we know had complete control of the rules. 

BUT!!!! mod sonic has just changed the rules to say that the master rule is now void?

I dont know about you,but i think that counts as breaking the rules. Mod knuckles was still in charge of the rules, even though she was banned.