dont break her heart

The most ironic thing is you said you didn’t want to hurt me
And maybe in your eyes you didn’t but there’s a hole in the wall and my knuckles are bruised
It’s ironic because a month ago you asked who made me stop believing in love
And now the answer is you
Because you told me that you liked me and six days later you took it back
You spun me beautiful webs of what the future could look like
But then you lit the thread on fire and watched me burn up with it
Still holding my heart out to you like it was a fucking peace offering
I dont believe in love because the way you look at her breaks my heart
I know how much you miss her and I know how much you need her and I know she isn’t yours
And it’s not even jealousy I feel it’s just sadness because you deserve much better than hanging by your fingertips on every word she says
Waiting for the hint that she loves you
But darling
She will never need you like that
You don’t deserve to sit on the steps with your broken heart in your hands waiting for someone who will never come home to you
And I’m learning
Slowly but surely
That I don’t deserve that either.
—  Goodbye boy with the green sweater, you were never even mine and I’m sorry I thought for a moment you could have been— Lily Rain
Aiden- I Never Said I Did

Request-  I love your work!❤️ could you please do one where y/n is scotts adopted sister for half a year and she’s a werewolf and the whole pack is being al protective over her but then aiden falls in love with her but y/n doesnt know aiden is bad (he’s still in deucalions pack) and nobody wants to break her heart so they Dont tell but they’re all mean to aiden but he wants to step out of his pack for y/n. I understand if you don’t want to do this Xoxo

A/N- Thank you! I changed this up a bit, but I hope it’s along the lines of what you wanted. I also added a read more link because it was around 16 pages on google docs. 

“Look, I told you-” the store clerk began.
“I know what you told me,” you snapped, cutting him off. “You get a lot of runaways, I get it. But I’m asking about these two specifically.”
The clerk, a dark haired guy in his early thirties, groaned. “Seriously, kid, don’t you have a bedtime?”
“Just look,” you insisted, pulling out your phone. “Their names are Erica and Boyd-”
“Why are you asking me?” the guy complained. “My store’s on the edge of the woods. Why don’t you go check the one by the Greyhound station?”
You huffed and rolled your eyes. The guy had a point, but you had picked this place because it was close to the woods. You had a feeling that if anyone would have seen them, it would have to be this guy. Besides, you had already checked the one by the bus station. 

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hello friend i see you enjoy got7 and yamaguchi. pls imagine transgirl yams listening to just right and trying to convince herself that she's a-okay just the way she is but failing miserably because she's just still really not comfortable with herself. (kindly ignore the fact that yama doesn't know korean)

Hitoka-san (。’▽’。)♡ :

Yamaguchi! One of my favorite Korean groups had a come back the other day and their single is so cute!! I bet you’d like it. It’s called Just Right. Listen if you get a chance?

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Daddy Michael Imagine

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description: Michael feels bad that he left his wife and daughter at home while he’s in tour.

I was cooking lunch for Lily and I. Lily was our five year old daughter, she’s a sweet girl but she has been fussy ever since Michael, her dad, left for tour two weeks ago. “Mommy! I want daddy!” she screamed. I set aside the lunch for it to cool and comfort her. “I know baby girl.” I said, I didn’t know how to tell her that he wouldn’t be back for a couple months. “I want daddy!” she said crying. I picked her up and set her on my lap on the couch. “Do you want to talk to him?” Lily nodded as she put her head on my chest. I grabbed my phone and face timed Michael.

Michael immediately picked up. “Hey y/n.” he said. “DADDY!” Lilly screamed. “Hey princess!” Michael screamed back. I laughed, “Lily has been crying because she missed you.” I said. Michael looked heartbroken. He hated leaving his daughter and wife, but he had no choice. He wanted to take you guys to tour with him but he didn’t want Lily around the fans and paparazzi, plus she had school. “I’m sorry princess, I will be back soon, I promise.” he sadly said. “Will you play with me when you come back.” “Of course I will, anything for you.” He said to Lily. “Hey, I have to go were preforming in a couple minutes.” Lily started crying again. “NO!” she cried. I hate how much she misses her dad, it breaks my heart. “I’m sorry! Dont cry, daddy will call you back after.” He panicked. Lily started to cry harder on my chest. “Hey, hey it’s okay.” I soothed. “Do you want to get ice cream after you finish eating?” I asked. She nodded and wiped her tears away. “Okay, kiss daddy goodbye!” she kissed the screen, “Bye daddy.” she whimpered. “Bye princess, love you.” he kissed before hanging up. He hates seeing his daughter cry because of him, but he would have to wait to see his wife and daughter.

i think i’m reading into this too much but here goes

The fact that we see a flash of mabel crying in the promo we saw made me think about something i read the other day on reddit (which isn’t mine but i’ve posted the source at the end of the quote - full credit to them). Supposing that the episode really is called the last mabelcorn:

“The Last Mabelcorn obviously involves the last unicorn, but another thing is it’s title reference, a book called “The Last Unicorn”, which is thematically about losing innocence and the belief that everything is bright and beautiful. Mabel will grow up and accept the world is unfair through some kind of event.” (x)

my idea is, although she could be crying at anything, i think something will happen in this episode that could change mabel’s views on things. 

How the signs 2015 will be
  • Aries: you will meet a mermaid and she will tell you that drake is in love with you but it turns out drake loves your twin sis yES you have a long lost twin sister time to catch up bYE
  • Taurus: you will visit Africa and help feed all the less fortunate victims of hunger and famine and this is great, Taurus you are a role mOdel okay work!
  • Gemini: you know what ur gonna be hella cute this year same as u were last year but like ten times cuter and everything will be wonderful and you will have pizza every night!!!
  • Cancer: you will stay in bed this year and blog through the night and gain loads of followers but remember to shower bc p.u you smell whoops
  • Leo: zayn is your daddy and he gonna take you out to this Italian restaurant right no wait this is actually gonna happen and if u dump spaghetti on daddy's head that's it ur finished for the year
  • Virgo: your gonna get this internship for this wildlife thing and ur gonna go observe different types of frogs and you'll kiss harry styles and turn into a frog jus like the fairy tale
  • Libra: your sons will carry on your legacy this year and you will adopt a panda and here's some advice for the future don't die ur hair pink it'll all faLL OUT
  • Scorpio: u know wat a scorpion will bit u but luckily it is not lethal u will survive and live another day but just don't leave the house this year, ok? Safety reasons
  • Sagittarius: ur gonna meet a lady called Gina this year and listen man whatever u do dONT break gina's heart ok do whatever Gina says keep her happy make 2015 all ABOUT GINA
  • Capricorn: 2015 is gonna be a lucky year for u bc Gemini is cute as hell and he/she is gonna fall for u HARD right and you'll live happily ever after <3
  • Aquarius: you will be frog son/daughter and jump in the ponds that I will fund to be preserved this 2015
  • Pisces: whatever u do don't go to Vegas this year it'll fuck u up I'm telling u now

Fan on twitter: How would Riley feel if Lucaya happened??

Gmw writers: Riley wants Maya to be happy.