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swimmer! daniel

prompt line: “i can’t swim”


im still a donghyun stan tho

  • daniel was the all-rounder in school
  • he was on the track team, swim team, basketball team, Spanish club, Chinese club, hosa, and was in charge of the morning cafe
  • he was beautiful with a kind heart too
  • he had all of the girls in the school wrapped around his finger
  • but he chose you
  • he loved you since the first day he set his eyes on you
  • and you could say the same lol
  • every time he would pick you up in his old, red mustang, he wanted to take you swimming
  • you would deny with petty excuses like
  • “no, i spent 2 hours on my hair”
  • or
  • “no, it will mess up my makeup”
  • each time daniel would sigh but cave in and the two of you would just go shopping or to the movies
  • but one day out of the blue, daniel came to pick you up
  • “what are you doing here?” you asked in shock, hands flying up to cover your bare face
  • he laughs, dragging your hands off of your face, “i’m taking you swimming and you cant say no! you need to feel the joy of the water on your perfect, little body” he boops your nose while dragging you out of your house
  • hell, you were still in your slippers
  • “daniel, i dont have a bathing suit!”
  • he buckles you in and then shuts the door before walking around to the driver’s side, “i bought you one”
  • he got you there
  • after driving in silence for a couple of miles he looks over at you with worry on his face, “baby, why are you so silent? did i do something wrong?”
  • you sigh, biting your lower lip, “i really dont want to go swimming…”
  • daniel chuckles softly, “it is so much fun! i want to see my beautiful babe swim-”
  • “i cant swim”
  • it was like all time stopped in the car
  • JKJK but daniel was in shock
  • before you could explain with a blush spread across your face, daniel looked over at you with a million-dollar smile
  • “i will teach you. i’m not on the swim team for nothing, right?”
Games or Sex?

Request: Poly Hamilsquad x Reader Smut! PS please

IT HAS BEEN DONE @onelastfic

Word count: 2425 (I let myself go okay? Hush)


Hamilton, Mulligan, Lafeyette and Laurens had been playing video games non-stop for the past 72 hours. You had tried everything in your will power to not pull the plug, because it was the final boss battle in Zelda, and you knew how hard it was to beat.
Yet sitting there for 72 hours straight, (each having 1 go each once the other died) not sleeping but having small portions of food and water worried you. Cus the only time you saw them like this was when Alex was working his ass off and everyone was too worried about him to eat. After the 1st day you got lonely in bed by yourself, not surrounded by the men you loved. By the 2nd day you were practically depressed. 3rd day in, no attention. It made you needy. So here you are…4th day and your ass was pulled into some skin tight jeans and a cleavage showing shirt. You tried everything else but nothing seemed to work, this was the one stratergy you hadnt tried. Jealousy.
James and Jefferson agreed to help you out, only because they were the only people who actually pissed off your group enough to get their attentions away from anything.
“So thats it hu?-”
Alex took a quick glance at the doorway to see you, Jefferson and Madison laughing and talking casually. The man grew curious but was pulled back into the game when Laurens died and let out a loud groan. Your laugh sounded again but it was more… Erotic?
Mulligan looked over now, seeing you with the two men and Jeffersons arm slowly sliding around your waist. “Why dont you come in? The boys are too busy playing Zelda to notice you’re both here,” You said, loud enough so they heard, yet no one seemed
to be in any interest of that. You internally groaned and led the two men to the kitchen, where you almost lost your shit.
“Wow, this is fucking low” James started, “Even for Hamilton,” Jefferson finished, Linking his hands with James. The sigh that left your lips was filled with sadness as tears began to cloud your vision. James pulled you into a hug as you silently sobbed into their chests, resting your head between their arms.  "I’ve tried everything… and not even this is working,“ Eventually defeat overcame you, and you just pulled yourself up onto the island counter and dragging your knees to your forehead. Jefferson quickly made a glass of water while Madison soothingly rubbed your back.
Alex yelling a string of curse words sounded from the living room, and it made you feel even more shit. Not only are your lovers ignoring you for a game, but they chose the game over you when you need it the most.
"How bout this,” Madison started, putting an arm around your shoulders, letting you sip your water. You look up, mascara slightly running down your once pink cheeks.
“We go out for the day, ignore the boys,” He smiled warmly and put down your cup, allowing you to slip off the counter and onto the tilled floor. Ignore the boys? For how long?
“Only for like a few days, like they have done to you,” Thomas basically read your mind. “Now go get changed into some decent clothes and we can go,” Jefferson flicked your boob slightly, making you giggle and shy away.
“I’m going!” You laughed and began to run upstairs, that is when your eyes caught sight of the boys you love. They were there, concentrated on the game instead of loving you. Instead of arguing with the gay couple in the kitchen. Gay? Oh i meant ‘Super Bisexual’.

Once you had changed into a nice, comfy (F/C) Hoodie and some blue jeggings, you got your purse and yelled a goodbye to the boys and left.
Walking out into the middle of the street with James and Jefferson was weird but you liked it. Slipping in one earphone, you chose the song 'Birds’ By Thomas Sander and Dodie Clark. Madison nudged you and nodded, humming the tune slightly. You smile and carry on walking towards the coffee shop.


It had been more days than you can count, without the boys even speaking to you. Yet you refused to break, staying as silent as a rock. One day though… that fateful day they finally beat the game and, lone and behold, they immediately rushed to your guys room, yet saw no traces of you.
“Where is she?” Herc rubs the back of his head but stops when he hears the front door open and three voices, all familiar.
“You are the worst, Burr!” You laugh, hands on hips strutting towards the kitchen and laughing. Yet you stopped, staring at the controllers left on the unit.
“T-They finally turned off the game for once?” You ask, eyes filling with tears.
“And they…. where are they?” You ask, searching around.
“Upstairs maybe?” Theodosia suggested and laughed, cooing Burr gently.
“I’ll leave them be… They’re all probably tired by now,” The boys wanted to rush down and embrace you so much but their bodies refused to. They knew you were right and immediately after you said that, the group walked into their bedroom and stripped, crashing down onto the bed.

While you, Burr and Theodosia chatted the subject of love came up.
“So (Your Name)…” You looked up from your glass of wine at the woman and gave a loving smile; grabbing a biscuit off of the side. Nodding slightly you took a bite from the biscuit, wiping the crumbs off from the corners of your mouth before turning your attention back to Theodosia.
“Yes, my dear Theodosia?” You answered, sipping your wine and tapping it with the ends of your nails.
“How have the boys been treating you?” That made you almost choke on your drink. You put the glass down and coughed, biting your lip “Fine,” you smile sweetly, trying to not be bitter about any of the gaming incident. Theo and Burr look at each other before shrugging “We should head off now,” She smiled and stood up, “We should… Have a good evening (Your name),” Burr nodded and got up as well, grabbing their things.
You showed them out and waved at them, closing the door. You had to keep all your will power to not sob there and then. Alex, John, Laf and Herc had stopped playing the game, yet didn’t bother to let you know. Maybe you were over thinking this? Maybe… You just sighed and shrugged, walking upstairs slowly. “Jesus…”
The girl pulled off her shirt, stretching and walking into the bedroom yet stopped as soon as she walked through the doorway. There, passed out on the bed, were your boyfriends. You chuckled and scoffed, looking over them with a smirk. It seemed they had been waiting but fell asleep, due to their boners poking through their jeans. An idea popped into your head and you smirked more, walking over to the bed and getting on it, sitting at the edge.
“Boys?” You ask and watched at they- one by one- wake up, staring at you in all your mischief. “Hey,” John said groggily with a smile but then his smile fell as he saw you. All the boys saw you and their faces dropped. While you had stripped, you remembered you wore you lingerie today, just to piss the boys off. It actually came in handy.
“Like whatcha see?” You raised an eyebrow and smirked, watching Alex shoot up and try to pull you closer, yet you just grabbed his wrists and pushed him away “No touching,” you chuckled “Punishment for leaving me-” Herc whined and sat up fully, pulling off his shirt as he was the most eager. “Eager, aint we?” You crawled over to Herc and sat in his lap, kissing his jaw gently and laying his down again. The boys gathered around, Alex being on your left, Laf on your right and John was behind you. “What did I-” Your punishment was completely ignored as Herc grabbed your hips and John held your wrists up, kissing your neck roughly.
“H-Hey!” You cried out, Herc unhooking your bra from behind and lifting up to around your wrists, where John let go of them so he could slip it off. As soon as your bra was off, your hands sunk to Alex’s and Laf’s crotches, rubbing them to tease. John left a mark on your neck while Herc kissed down your chest, taking one of your nipples in his mouth. You moaned quietly, biting your lip so you dont make any noises.
Laf bucked his hips, groaning while Alex undid his own pants. You were move off of Hercs lap onto the bed, the boys getting off the bed to get undressed.

You watched the boys undress, pulling off your panties and spreading your legs to get ready, shivering at the new breeze on your warm core. Laf was the first to turn and he smirked “Mon amis, it seems our dear (Your Name) has prepared,” Herc had turned, his shirt in his hand and a smirk on his face “Guys?” The other two stopped their small make out session to turn to you, chuckling “Let’s get to work,”
You were scared shitless. The first to take action was Herc, crawling over to you and tying your hands up to the bed post while Alex rummaged through the drawer. John went immediately to work on you, his hand slipping to your nipple and he attached his mouth to yours while Laf made marks all over your neck, one of his hands slowly slipping down your stomach. You made moans, pulling against your restraints. Alex hid the things behind his back and got onto the bed, handing something to Herc which looked like a mask. “This is going to get a bit kinky isnt it?” You joke, but moan louder when John kissed you again and his fingers teased you clit. Herc soon slipped on the mask and chuckled darkly “Let’s go,” Alex said and smirked, turning up to switch. A soft buzzing noise emitted and you raised an eyebrow, that is until Alex slipped the vibrator between your legs and pushed against your folds gently.  The scream of pleasure you let out was nothing to be joking with. The boys were teasing the fuck out of you and you loved /every/ inch of it.  "FFFFFFUCK!“ You screamed again, coming close to the edge already. You bit your  lip so hard that a metallic taste filled your mouth. "Oh baby you enjoying this?” A voice whispered against the shell of your ear and the only noise you could let out was a small squeak and whimper. The more they pressed the more you was poked to the edge “Guys I-” Was all you could say before you came… and hard. The chuckle of someone was heard as you panted and your body shook, trying to come down from your high. “You ready?” Herc asked and placed his hands onto your hip once Alex took away the toy. You nodded and pulled against the restraints as hard as you can to try to touch the man touching you. Hercs tip pressed against your dripping core while the shuffling happened again.
Mulligan began to push in making you let out a loud groan of pleasure. “P-Please…” you whimpered softly, leaning up and using one of your hands to undo the blindfold. It slipped around your chest and you moved around Herc, trying to tell him to move. Once he got the geusture he drew his hips back and slammed in, letting out a groan that mixed with your plea. As you looked around at the men you saw Laf was left to himself while Alex and John took care of each other yet watching the two of you. With a smirk, you called Laf over. Lafayette looked up and crawled over and as soon as he was in reach you slipped his member into your mouth, sucking and bobbing your head. “Oh…. (Your name)!” Your moans being made by Herc thrusting into you were covered up from Laf. The pleasure was immense. It was so much that it was almost /too/ much. You loved seeing your boyfriends sweaty and sex driven while they loved seeing you pinned down, begging and pleading for more. The tip of Lafs length hit the back of your throat and you sucked harder while Herc pounded into you, hands grabbing your hips to keep himself stead. Alex and John were doing their own business like Laf and Herc would do sometimes… You all had a system. You were all machines working closer to your orgasms. The coil in your stomach began to turn and tighten like you did around Herc as he angled his hips to go deeper… and Boy did he go deep. The scream you let out began to crack, and you had to pull away from Laf to let it out, however he needed more. Herc could feel the build up in his abdomen as well because his thrusts got a bit sloppier. “Fuck I’m so close…” you both said in unison. “Come on (Your name), come for me,” and that is exactly what you did. The coil sprung undone and so did you, feeling the wave of pleasure hit you hard and your orgasm hit harder. You shook and sweated, panted and groaned. The two boys doing their own let out groans as they came as well. Next to come was Herc, pulling out and releasing on your stomach. The only one who didn’t was Laf… who you soon rewarded with your mouth around him once again. “Mon ami… I’m so close,” he threw his head back and rolled his hips. “(Your name)!” He called out your name when you ran your tongue along the slit and sucked it. The more you did that the more he fell, tumbling into his mind blowing orgasm. When he /did/ come you swallowed it and fell back onto the bed, hands being undone.

“Holy shit…” You panted and grabbed a tissue to clean yourself up while the boys got under the covers. Once you had cleaned up you joined them, snuggling in between Alex and Laurens who were between Herc and Laf “We need to do that more often!” John laughed to which Alex snored. Wow. “I agree… we should,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around the small ones waist. “We should,” you yawned and closed your eyes, falling deep into sleep.

In The Name Of Love: Epilogue



You lived a life much different than any other married couple on the planet, it was full of action and mystery. But the only mystery that was unsolved was your marriage. Stuck in the boring routine of the lifeless marriage the both of you were caught in, Tony and Steve make plans to get the two of you back together - with the help of Bruce Banner. You had three weeks, and each session you noticed a change in your love life. But things could get far more messy than the both of you intended.

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Bts Reaction to their S/O asking to be their first. (Hyung line)

They are Virgins and you have been dating a longtime. One night you both get a little heated and one thing leads to another.

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You and Jin were laying in the bed. He kept running his hands up your thigh. While kissing your neck, you softly ask “Jin I have a question.” He replies “What is it baby?” You say “I know we were waiting for the right time to have sex, but I want to be your first.” Jin runs his hands between your legs and says “Yes I am ready now, I am kinda scared to hurt you so if I am doing something wrong tell me.” He gets in between your legs and smirks at you. 

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You and Yoongi were having a small fight and you secretly loved it when He got angry. It always turned you on how he bites his lip, eyeing you up and down. You and him have never had sex in the two months Ya’ll have been dating, You and him have talked about it, and you have asked him if he is a virgin, He always got angry and asked you to stop bother him. Yoongi was angry. He pushed you against the wall and said “I have had enough of you mouth.” Kissing you hard and suddenly He softens his hold and whispers “Look I am a virgin, Dont judge me okay?” You hold the back of his neck and whisper, “Yoongi let me be your first okay baby?” He reacted by picking you up and taking you into the bedroom, “I cant wait to be inside you kitten” 

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Namjoon and You were having a conversation about sex and He asked, “What do you think about me being a Virgin?” You reply “Joonie I dont mind it at all,” He looks at you sitting on his bed in his white Tshirt and shorts, “Its harder for me to control myself when my beautiful girlfriend looks like this.” You pull him onto the bed. “Well Joonie I can be your first.” His eyes darken and he smirks. “Only if you can be my last as well Babygirl.” 

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Him and the boys were in your living room and you can hear them talking about Jhope still being a Virgin, You hear Yoongi say “If you are ready why don’t you just tell her man?” You bite your lip. Hobi says “I just dont want her to think I am rushing, but we have been getting closer here recently and I chicken out.” You decide after the boys leave you are going to be in the bedroom wearing lingerie for him. He walks in the bedroom and gasps. “Jagi! You look so good! What is this for?” You reply “Hobi, I was listening to you guys’ conversation, and I want to be your first. If you are ready let’s make tonight the night.” You watch him bite his lip and slowly pull his shirt off. He replies “Oh I am so ready Kitten.” 


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May I request a scenario with a character of your choice that one day confess to s/o, but unluckily for them she is cynical therefore she doesn't believe them and she thinks that maybe he is doing it for a bet? Maybe angst with happy ending? Thanks!

I feel like this is shit please message me if it was dont be shyyyy 

I wrote about Kageyama bc he’s a dork i love him a lot


You walk into school, your eyes settling on a handsome raven-haired boy. He was talking to Tyour seniors, Tanaka and Nishinoya.

“It’s a bet!” You hear Nishinoya say as he ruffles up Kageyama’s hair. You see him look away and he sets his eyes on you.

You pretend not to notice, heart beating fast. You smile to yourself and go into your class.


You walk towards your locker and see Kageyama pacing around by your locker. 

Your cheeks turn pink as you spot the bouquet of flowers in his hands. You walk over to him and tap his shoulder. 

He freezes but turns around to face you. “H-hello _____-san.” He says sternly looking into your eyes/

“Hello Kageyama-kun.” You say, slightly smiling. You were actually talking to him!

“Th-these are for you!” He slightly bows and bites his lip. He hesitates but looks back at you. “I, really like you _____. Please go out with me!” 

You almost say yes, your heart wanted you to. But thoughts started to cloud your mind. You bite your lip. What if this was a bet? You did hear Nishinoya say something about a bet. He could never like a girl like you.

He was popular among the girls after all, he was too dense to see it. He was one of the most handsome boys in the entire year, he could clearly have anyone he wanted. 

‘This must be a bet, he would never fall for me…’ you thought as you take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry Kageyama, but I don’t want to be in your silly bet.” He lifts his head up, eyes wide in shock. His heart broke, it was like his whole world ha stopped.

You were rejecting him? But Tanaka-senpai told him these thing work! And what bet are you talking about?

You walk away from him, almost in tears. But he stood there, unable to process what happened. 

He runs over to you, but you walk into the classroom, and the bell rings. 

“Kageyama-kun, please go to class, the bell has rung.” the teacher says as he bites his lip.

He shouldve chased after you sooner.


You lay in bed that afternoon. Club had finished, and you headed home as soon as possible. The word got around and pretty much everyone you knew known of you and Kageyama. 

Kageyama was almost perfect in your eyes. 

‘That was a bet. He could never fall for me, right?’ you bury your head in your pillow and scream. 

Your mom knocks on the door. “_____? There’s aboy outside asking for you.”

Your heart stops, could it be him?

You walk to your door and open it. There he was. 

He was still in his volleyball uniform, slightly sweaty as he stands in front of you. He stares into your eyes and steps forward.

There was nobody here. It was only you and him. And yet, why were you feeling so uneasy? 

It’s a bet!” Nishinoya says as he ruffles Kageyama’s hair.

“_____.” Tobio says as he holds your hand in his. His cheeks were a firery red, 

“Kageyama, I can’t do this…” You mumble. This bet has been on your mind for the whole day, it was driving you crazy. 

“Why not? Can’t you see that I really really like you?” Kageyama’s voice cracks. 

“I don’t know how to do this sort of thing… And i’m trying my best to win your heart but i dont, know, how to…” He bites his lip, avoiding your eyes. 

Your heart aches for him, you just wanted to say yes. You wanted to hold him in your arms and tell him you love him. 

But what if it was a bet?

“I’m not good at showing how I feel, that’s what my teammates say anyway.” tears start to ppool in his eyes and he wipes them away. 

“Gosh, you probably think i’m an idiot, huh?” He looks away from you.

“You’re not.” you tell him as you step forward. Your cheeks turning pink as you get the courage to wipe off his tears.

“I really like you _____. What can I do to win your heart?” his eyes stare into yours and you swoon. You feel your heart beat fast. His eyes were the perfect shade of blue.

“Tell me the truth.” 

He looks at you, confusion was written on his face. “Is this all a bet?” you bite your li.

“A bet? What are you talking about?” His eyebrows furrow and his lips part slightly.

“I heard Nishinoya-san say something about a bet yesterday, is this it?” You prepared yself. You were gonna get hurt. 

“What?” He thinks and looks away from you. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he holds your hands in his. The feeling of his calloused hands warmed your skin.

“He said he bet Tanaka-senpai thatyou would accept my confession he was going to get treated by Tanaka-senpai!” He exclaimed, he bit his lip and looked into your eyes.

You feel a weight liffting off your shoulders as your eyes widen. 

That was it? 

“Then you better tell Nishinoya-san that he’ll be treated then.”

home; daddy!chanyeol smut

“I’m home…” you said, eyes half lidded. You came home late from a party, and boy, you knew you were gonna get in trouble. You took off your heels, and placed them on the ground, making your way to the living room. You let out a long sigh and took out your phone, not bothering to change out of the skimpy dress. “Where have you been?” you heard a voice ask behind you. You flinched, dropping the phone. “Ch-chanyeol-” “Where have you been?” he repeated, his deep voice sending shivers up your spine. “I went out…with my friends…” you mumbled.

You gasped when you felt hands on your inner thighs, how the hell did he get beside you so fast? You mewled when his hands palmed on your inner thighs. “What time is it?” he questioned with anger in his tone. “uhm…o-one am..” you winced when he held on to your thigh tightly, “such a bad girl…you don’t even feel sorry,” he murmured, sliding his long and slender fingers up your core. “Do you even know what you’re wearing?” he barked. You closed your eyes and shook your head, “do little girls dress like this?” he questioned. You gulped, “no…daddy…” you replied, clutching on one of the pillows.

“If you know that, then why would you wear this?!” he growled, slapping and groping your ass. You whimpered, biting your lip. “Baby girl, you’re starting to disobey my rules. Hm? How ‘bout i repeat them to you?” he said, “hands and knees, now.” He strictly orders you, quickly getting on your hands and knees; he slaps your ass harshly, a whimper was making its was out of your mouth and you accidentaly let it out.

“Rule number one, no moaning.” he slaps your ass again, you flinch. “Rule number two, dont make any unnecessary movements.” he slaps it again, biting your lip harshly. He starts removing your underwear as he teases it with his slender fingers, running it along your folds. You tried your hardest not to moan.

A smirk made its way on his lips, “do you know what happens to bad girls?” He asked with a deep chuckle. You bit your lip at his chuckle, “no daddy…” You whimpered. He sneered at you, slamming three of his fingers inside of you, “would my baby want to know?”

You gasped, accidentally letting out a moan. He glared at you, groping your ass tightly before slapping it roughly. “…what was my rule, baby girl? Would you like a ten today?” He asked, proceeding to slap your ass again. You whimpered, “…no…”

He lets out a laugh, “let’s do fifteen.” He said, slapping on your ass harshly. When it came down to the last one, you were a moaning mess. His hand was on your ass, groping it; his other hand using its fingers to slide in and out of you, while his thumb massaged your clit. “..da-daddy!” You moaned out accidentally.

“I told you not to moan, right?” He growls, pinching your folds harshly, you squirm in pain. “M-mm–!” you held back, “since you’ve been a bad girl, no fucking for today.” he chuckles darkly, “n-no, daddy please fuck me..” you beg, “only one condition.” He says, making you lower down your body, ass raised up onto the air. He lowers down his body to yours, his hard member pressing against your butt. He tucks a piece of your hair, smirking as he whispers. “pleasure me.” He licks your earlobe and sucks on it, sending chills down your spine.

you got on your knees and unzipped his zipper with you teeth, you pull his jeans down together with his boxers, his member springing out. you lick the tip softly, repeating it multiple times. “Fuck yeah, baby.” He groans as you suck him further, making him throw his head back. You swirl your tongue against his members, kissing the tip everytime you pull away. His climax was approaching when you felt his member twitch inside your mouth, you pull away; pumping his member. “Fuck. Yes baby, just like that. Make me cum on your pretty hands.” He moans, pulling your hair. He cums on your hands, licking them clean.

Chanyeol, still holding onto your hair, pulled you up. A lazy smirk played on his lips, “good baby girl,”. Before you knew it, your dress was on the floor. His hands were all over your body, his lips attacking yours. He bit on the bottom of your lip roughly, and being the girl you were, you kept them shut. A low groan emitted from his throat and he used his hand to slip in a finger inside you. You moaned, opening your mouth while he slipped in his tongue effortlessly.

He slapped on your ass, reminding you not to moan anymore. His left hand went up to cup your breast, and he continued to massage and grope them. He pulled away from the kiss, his lips finding its way to your neck. His teeth sank into the soft flesh of your neck, creating a small bruise. You gasped when you felt him biting and licking on your sweet spot. “D-daddy…” you moan, your hand on his back as you dug your nails onto the milky white flesh. “Please… Fuck me…” he smirks, “should i?” You nodded your head rapidly, “hands, knees.” he ordered.

you went on your hands and knees, starting to get wet again. He positions his member on your entrance, pushing slowly. You bit your lip and clutched the sheets, he starts thrusting in and out of you slowly, teasing you. “F-faster..” you whine, he follows. Your grip the sheets as he thrusts faster, the bed starting to squeak. You squealed as your climax approached, “i-im cumming–! d-daddy!!” He groans, “me too, baby. Hang on.” He cums inside you, you come as well.

you lay on the bed, exhausted. Panting heavily, you try to catch your breath. Chanyeol looks at your body, all sweaty and sticky; he hovers over you, smirking.

“baby, who said i was done with you?”

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If you feel comfortable doing this, could you do one where you give them their first blowjob?

asdfghjkl eeek!


-”uh you sure? i dont want to make you do anything you dont wan-nnnng”

-bites his lip when he sees you bobbing your head up and down

-brushes your hair out of your face, and cant help but lean his head back in pleasure at the sight of you looking up at him 

-”fuckkk… baby” him just repeating that every 6 minutes at least 


-it becomes a thing where you tease him and usually go down on him and give him a blowjob, he accepts his fate and jokes about it like “this is for life y/n.. i feel it”


-you suggest it and he kisses your temple “okay.. if you dont want too i get it..”

-you start to tease him and rub him through his boxers and he closes his eyes in pleasure and leans his head back 

-”oh god.. wow…. fuck fuckk”

-he bobs your head down and up and he loves it when you look up at him 

-he groans alot and curses too much 

The Firework boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Weekly hotel room visits, the first kiss and being found out.

Chapter type: Fluff, slight tension, Fluff, Floof, Fluff, Slight Angst.

A/N: OMG! I Cant believe how much you guys all loved the prologue for this story, but i’m afraid i’ve set you up- now let’s get into the real story… ;)

Chapter 2 - Coming tomorrow.

Chapter 1

5 months later

‘I’ve missed you so much, Jagi.’

'Jimin, its only been a week.’

'Exactly, that’s seven whole days without you, I dont know how i-’

You cut him off as you crash your lips to his again, grinning as you feel his hands slide from your back to your butt where you were straddled on top of him. It never got old seeing and having him this needy for you whenever he travelled to see you or you travelled down to Seoul to see him on the weekends.

It hadn’t always been like this, but when you only got chance to see each other once a week, and the weeks had continued to role by with both of you having hardly any time to enjoy each other, it had gradually just graduated into Jimin or yourself booking out a cheap hotel room, and the two of you spending the majority of your time wrapped up in each other, whether it was watching movie’s, ordering room service and pretending you were at a restaurant- although on the odd occasion you’d make the attempt to go out but the fear of being caught always drew you back in- or…well…just being together.

'Actually it was only 6.’ you mutter, briefly detaching your lips from his to move to his neck and hearing him huff and whine in response.

'I dont care. It was still too long.’ he growls, snatching your lips back up with his before you’re able to get to his neck and the feel of his hands- that although were small, you’d come to know could do great things- made your thighs tremble as they groped and stroked you, coming round to stroke your stomach and teasingly sliding down every now and again.

'Jimin, you’ve just told me we cant be too loud.’ you whisper as you instinctively grind down into him, being startled when he lets out a loud groan, and you blush as you slap a hand over his mouth and freeze in place, not realising how turned on he’d become.

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Imagine you teasing TAE

‘y/n… stop teasing me, come here. now.’ he said in a short, flustered tone.

He clashed his lips to yours, he couldn’t take your 'tease’ anymore so he punished you.


'i told you to stop teasing me y/n. Dont worry’ he stroked your bottom lip, biting your lip ever so slightly he smirked with satisfaction 'you will enjoy this punishment, if you be a good girl’ he winked, he didn’t hesitate to rip off all your clothes.

anonymous asked:

For the rp thingy💙 "a-akaashi, I was wondering how I could improve my setting skills, I've been playing volleyball for a short while but my sets aren't the best and I'm not sure how to improve" she fiddles with her sleeves looking away, her shy nature not letting her look at him -Nikki

Akaashi’s eyes widen slightly. His heart starts to pound against his chest.

You look so adorable he wants to cry.

“Sure, Nikki. When would you want me to give you some tips?”

Akaashi bites his lip and awaits your answer. When you dont answer, he interrupts the silence.

“We could go out to that cafe, if you’d like. I’ll bring my notes,” Akaashi says as his cheeks turn a slight pink.

This Might Be The Last Time

A Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon Fanfiction

Summary: You’d just wanted to dance away your worries, let the music take you to better places. But when you meet Kwon Jiyong in the new club in town, you never imagined ‘better places’ would be so easy to find, and so difficult to hold onto.

Chapter summary: Going home and facing Jiyong, and the secret that Seunghyun’s been hiding is finally revealed…
(at least one of them anyway…)

Chapter type: Fluff, Angst, Fluff, SMUT, Fluffy naked Jiyong, followed by slightly angsty Seunghyun…o.O

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature, if you’re sensitive to imagery like that, don’t read it…but then you’re not going to find out what the secret is till tuesday! ;) 
Also, There’s a lot more too it than you think, kudos to you if you work it out before i reveal it! ;) 

Enjoy! ;)

Chapter 18 (Coming soon)

Chapter 17

Jiyong hugs you to him the whole way home, his lips laid gently against your forehead as you sit in his lap and lean against him, watching the city blur past out the window. Your eyes are heavy and you grumble at him when he nudges you to let you know you’re home, your pounding head making itself known once again and you cling to him, burying your face in his neck and fastening your arms around his shoulders. You hear him chuckle softly and his arms cradle you to him, lifting you up as he gets out of the car and carrys you inside, and you’re glad its 3am and nobody’s around to see the two of you, because in that moment you didn’t want to act like you didn’t love him and he didn’t love you.

As he walks through the corridors to the service lift, you think about how he hadn’t been Jiyong in the club, how he had been a completely different person. You’d looked into his eyes and seen a stranger and you think that that image would haunt you for the rest of your life.

You hear the sound of a door open and close, Jiyong continuing to walk and trying not to jolt you as he shuffles into the bedroom and lays you gently down on his bed. You keep your eyes closed as he tucks you into the covers, kissing you quickly before he goes off and you peek your eyes open to see him slip into the bathroom and shut the door.

You sigh as you turn onto your back, staring up at the ceiling, your mind buzzing with thoughts of what Seunghyun had been saying. You were racking your brain trying to remember what had happened between leaving the club and arriving at Seunghyun’s, why he had asked you if you ‘remembered him’…

He’d told you that it wasn’t anything bad or sexual but you were still frustrated at not being able to remember what it was, the same few words rolling round and round your head, Don’t you remember me? Don’t you remember me? Don’t you remember me?

You remember Me.

Remember me…

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“I’m madly in love with you” she claimed as she gripped on to him as if he was her air, “ It’s the way you smiled at me like I was your sun, It’s the way you laugh and the way you bite your lip. Please dont go, I love you.” Her words hung in the air.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #150

{Requested by anon :3}

It was very early in the morning, you had just woken up and freshened up. The morning sky was beautiful, even though it was a bit cloudy, but since you pretty much loved the cold weather, you still found it beautiful.
You went and looked inside your mail box, seemed like you had a lot of envolopes in them. You sighed as you read them and walked back in the house, “Okay lets see, bill, bill, bill, bill, and oh look another bill.” You rolled your eyes and just tossed them onto your table. Just as you were about to go inside your kitchen, a pair of strong arms grabbed your waist from behind, causing you to flinch and laugh.

“Babe!! What the hell?! You scared me!” You yelled laughing at your boyfriend Jinxx.
His lips pressed against your cheek so sweetly and lovingly. You always did blush when he kissed you like that.
“How dare you leave me alone in bed, I turned around to hold you and you werent there.”
You giggled and turned around to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Youre holding me now arent you?” You tell him, leaning up and kissing his soft and sexy lips.
“Well youre forgiven.” He says kissing you again, this time you two were full on making out. It caused you to get turned on a little, his lips had a way of making your body a little hot.

You leaned away, catching your breath a little as you were huffing. “Woah now, its morning, can we finish the day first?”
“Oh come on babe, I just got back from tour and I missed you a lot.”
You smiled, he was such a sweetheart.
“Tell you what? We spend the entire day together, have a little movie night and THEN we can get to the sexy part.” You assured him smirking.
“Promise.” You replied biting your bottom lip.
Jinxx shook his head, “Dont bite your lip like that you know I cant resist that.” He warns. You immediately stop and just laugh it off.

For the rest of the day you and your sweetheart of a man spent the entire day together. You ate at your favorite diner, went to the park walking hand in hand. And even spent a little time at the beach together despite the cold weather.
Now it was night time, which meant movie night, you went and rented a lot of disney movies, you loved disney movies, in fact, you were obsessed with them.
As the two of you were snuggling together, watching the ending scene of Sleeping Beauty where Aurora’s dress changes pink and blue and she’s with prince philip, it made you wonder one thing, you stared at Jinxx for a moment.
“Yeah baby?”
“Howcome you and I never danced like that?..well howcome you and I never danced at all?” You asked.
“Dont you remember our first date? When we were telling each other about ourselves?” He questions.

You replied with a nodd, “I told you that one of the things I cannot do, is dance.”
You stared at the screen again, and without saying anything, you grabbed the remote and turned off the movie, then you stood up from the couch.
“Whats up?” Jinxx asked a little confused.
“Im gonna teach you how to dance!”
You yelled with a huge smile.
“Wait, what?” He said a little shocked.
“Come on love, dancing is easy, and I also happen to be an expert.” You tell him with your head held high. He chuckled and stood up from the couch, “I dont know honey, dancing is really not for me.”
“Well it is gonna be today.” You said moving the couches out of the way so the two of you had more room.
You went back to him and came closer.
“Alright, first thing’s first, hold my hand and put one arm around my waist.” You instructed. Jinxx did as he was told, he held one of your hands, and jolted you to him when he wrapped his arm around your waist.

Your chest was against his, zero space between you guys. He gave you a very sexy smile and raised and eyebrow. “Like this?”
“Yes very good.” You say, “Now all you have to do is sway my body from side to side and you can also spin and dip me.” You added.
As Jinxx started to do that, he was fine at first, until he stepped on your foot.
“Ow!” You yelled smacking his arm.
“Sorry! I told you I cant dance.”
“Well Im not gonna let you give up, isnt that what you always tell me?” You ask.
He smiled and nodded agreeing.
“Try again, and this time just let yourself flow, dont be so tight.”
“Just do it babe!” You yell, “Alright! Okay!”
Jinxx took a deep breath and started to sway you again. It took a couple of tries but this time he was actually doing a good job, you smiled proudly at him.
“What the hell? Im doing it right?” He questioned himself.
“Yes! I knew you could do it!” You said with a huge smile.
“Thanks to you, now all we need is some music.” Said Jinxx, he turned on the boom box and plugged in the speakers. The song “Done For You.” Came on, “Oh I love this song.”
“I know.” He extended his hand, “May I have this dance?”
You smiled and took his hand, he held you close and led the dance.

Your head resting on his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat which was in sync with yours.
You danced until the song almost over.
Then suddenly your man picked you up and carried you bridal style making you laugh.
“Love, what did you do that for?” You ask.
He turned off the boom box and smirked at you. “Its the end of the night, and I believe you promised me something.” He reminded you.
“Oh no…”
“Oh yes! To the bedroom!”
You cracked up even more, as he ran with you to the room…
“Youre lucky Im in the mood!”

(Enjoyed writing this! Hope this was fluffy enough for ya! :3)

Your Older Brother Walks In On Sexy Time - Mikey Clifford Imagine SMUT

‘Michael, are you sure we should be doing this right now?’ you said, your eyes wide. He began to take off your shirt and sucked at your neck.

'I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. I just want you so fucking bad’ he said, between kisses. You closed your eyes as he sucked at your sweet spot.

'Ugh me too’ you said. 'But I’m anxious’ you said, pulling him away from you.

'Why? You said your parents went out’ he said.

'They did. But my older brother didnt’.

'Your older brother that hates my guts?’. You nodded.

'I dont understand why he doesnt like me’ Michael said.

'Dont take it personally. He’s never liked any of my ex’s either’ you said. He nodded.

'Y/N, you dont understand how much I want you’ Michael said. 'Nothing can stop me. I need to take you now’. You gave in and undid his shirt. He took of your shirt that was already open. Both of you were now naked and he picked you up and literally threw you on the bed. He climbed on top of you and attacked your neck once more, his lips leading up to yours. You could feel yourself getting wetter as he slipped inside you. You both moaned as he moved in and out.

'Ugh Mikey, go faster’ you said. He obeyed your command and moved faster and faster.

'Oh god, Y/N. Are you as close as I am?’ he said, biting his lip. You nodded, not being able to speak from your heavy breathing. The door suddenly swung open as you both reached climax.

'WHAT THE FUCK!’ your brother shouted. Michael quickly pulled out of you.

'Don’t stop!’ you said, frustrated. You pulled the cover over yourself when you noticed your brother. Michael jumped under the covers too.

'You know, Michael, I didnt see you come in. And I dont think youll be leaving stable’ he said, walking up to him.

'So if you want to keep your dick, you better get your fucking clothes on and leave this house. And Y/N, I’m telling mum and dad’.

'No Y/B/N! Please don’t! Dad will kill Michael’.

'Why me?’ he said. 'Why cant he kill you’ he joked. You playfully slapped him.

'Look, just get out’ your brother shouted.

'Y/B/N! Stop! Michael is my guest not yours. You cant tell him to get out’ you shouted. Y/B/N slapped you right across the face.

'Shut up. Your just a woman. You cant tell me what I can and cant do’ he sneered. Michael picked his boxers up from the floor and pulled them on.

'Never talk to Y/N like that ever again. And if you slap her once more, I will hurt you’ Mikey said, intimidating him. Your brother slapped you again.

'Y/B/N! Please’ you sobbed. Michael punched him right in the face.

'I told you not to slap her again’ he said, pushing him roughly.

'So just leave us alone, before something bad happens’ Mikey said. Y/B/N laughed.

'You dont fucking scare me! Look at you! You dont have any of slightest bit of dignity in my eyes. Standing in front of me half naked and tryna act all tough! You got nothing on me Mikey boy’

'Oh yeah?’ he said, picking him up and thrrowing him out your bedroom door. 'This relationship is none of your buisiness and I just want to make love to my girlfriend without your fucking consent so dont get involved you piece of shit!’ Michael shouted, your brother lying on the ground. He slammed the door and jumped back onto the bed next to you.

'He hates me doesnt he?’ he said.

'Yeah’ you said, laughing. 'But to be honest Mikey, your well sexy when your angry’.

'Maybe I should be angry more often’ he said, laughing.

'Now why dont you take off those boxers again and we can pick up from where we left off?’ you said, biting your lip.

'Dont have to ask me twice!’.

Thanks for reading! That was my first imagine for this new blog of mine! Now I dont know about you, but my brother would never be this horrible to me or a boyfriend of mine but I thought it would spice up the imagine a little bit! Hope I havent upset you in any way either! Follow for more!


A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 7

The next day you spend working on the boys answers and researching them to get a general feel for the taste of the group. Mostly you’d been hunched over a desk in one of the studios like a mole, your glasses pushed right to the top of your nose as you scribble away on the notepad in front of you whilst endlessly browsing google.

But, every time you heard a door bang outside the room or a voice float in from the corridor, you’d feel your heart jump in your chest and you’d turn to look in that direction, being disappointed when the door never opened. You dont know when in the past 48 hours you’d become so excited by the prospect of Yoongi, but with the way your ears burned as you listened for any noises outside, or when your blood spiked with adrenaline every time your phone went off with a message from Seojun, you knew the feeling wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon.

It got to the point that you had to put your huge over head headphones on with the music turned right up so that you couldn’t hear anything else, pulling on your huge oversized jumper to keep yourself warm as the sun goes down outside and you begin to feel sad that you hadn’t seen him all day.

He’d text you as soon as you’d got into bed the night before, the screen of your phone lighting up the ceiling just as you’d been about to doze off, and making you groan in frustration until you’d seen the reason why.

1 New Message

[Unknown: What’s your favourite colour? x]

You hadn’t even paused for thought on who it could be before you message the number back, the smile on your face practically burning your cheeks where it was so wide as you save the number on your phone.

[YOU: Why? x]

It takes him barely 30 seconds to message back.

[YG: Just tell me x]

[YOU: I dont have one x]

You grin when you receive his next message, being able to imagine his expression as though he were right in front of you, his eyes rolling as he scoffed in pained amusement.

[YG: Aish, you’re infuriating…but you’re cute so i’ll let you off ;) X]

You’d squeeked out loud at that comment, hiding your face in your covers as you’d felt tingles race over your body, your hand with your phone in it falling to the side as you’d tried to think of a clever thing to say back, but he’d already beat you to it.

[YOU: I wish I could see the smile I know you have on your face right now x]

You’d stayed up for another 2 hours texting back and forth, mostly nonsense and stupid questions that you found yourself laughing loudly into the darkness at, but by the time 5am crept up on you Yoongi could tell by the spelling mistakes and shortness of your answers that you were growing tired, and by the same look of his messages, he was too.

[YG: I think I should sstop messaging you before you fall asleep on mee x]

You chuckle tiredly as you feel your eyes droop, the fact that you were lay down and your head was sinking happily into your pillow not helping your case as you struggle to type a coherent answer back.

[YOU: Noo, im fin e. Lets tal k moree xc]

[YG: Tomorrow xx]

Although his response had been a little abrupt, you’d been too tired to notice until the morning, having already fallen asleep before you saw the message, and when your alarm went off for you to get up within what felt like seconds, he’d already sent you a good morning message which had you skipping out of bed to start your day.

Its after another hour of scribbling notes and getting frustrated at the lack of information on one bizarre artist that Namjoon had mentioned, that you suddenly feel hands on your shoulders and you almost freak out, snatching your headphones off of your head, and turning with a plan to karate chop the intruder before the grey/silver hair flashes in your vision and you freeze under a brown eyed gaze.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ he asks unsurely, his worried eyes flittering across your face as he waits for you to answer, with his hands dropping from your shoulders being what finally makes you unfreeze from your shocked pose.

'You scared me.’ you mumble, caught between still being startled and being shy with him actually in front of you again, and wishing you had spoken up before he’d taken his hands from your you as you begin to miss his touch, but you cant mull on that feeling for long, before you feel yourself smile as he reaches out to touch your cheek, a smile stretching his own lips.

'Sorry.’ he murmurs, the sound coming out as more of a rumbled murmur in his attempt not to chuckle at your reaction, and you bite your lip as you feel the coldness of his fingertips teasing the skin of your cheek.

'Its okay.’ you mumble back, your eyes not having left his for the past minute, and when he continues to stand there just staring at you, you cant help but grin up at him, slowly raising your hand to cover his on your cheek and feeling your stomach flood with butterflies at the feel of his fingers moving to twist with yours.

'You look really cute with your glasses on.’ he says suddenly, making you realise why he’d spent so long looking at you and you cant help but cover your face in your embarrassment, hearing him chuckle at the action, before he’s suddenly slipped his arms around you over the back of the chair, and he’s pulling you into a hug.

'So, what were you up to?’ he asks nonchalantly, as his eyes flicker over the mountains of paper on the desk in front of you, his eyebrows pulling together as he squints to try and read what was on the computer screen, but you can only register these details once you’d gotten over the way his body heat seemed to be radiating from his arms into you.

'Oh…I-uh…I was just researching the guys’ music profiles.’ you murmur, only briefly glancing back at the desk, before letting your eyes drift back to him, and smiling at his expression that looked confused and overwhelmed with the amount of paper.

'You certainly look like you’ve kept yourself busy.’ he comments, smirking to himself before he directs the look at you, and you purse your lips in a smile as you lay your own arms over his, enjoying having them around you and not particularly wanting him to ever let go.

'What have you been up to?’ you ask, keeping your eyes glued to him as he chuckles lowly before sighing.

'I’ve been dragged around most of Seoul for a photoshoot.’ he explains, and you suddenly note the slight redness in his eyes and the dark rims below, reaching your fingers up to trail them gently across the top of his cheek before you even realise you’ve done so.

'You look really tired.’ you murmur, quickly retrieving your hand when you realise what you’re doing, and hiding yourself beneath his chin out of embarrassment- although the move simply works to make your face burn more.

'I always look tired.’ he objects, chuckling lightly at your actions, and you dont see the way he bites his lip as he tilts his head to tuck you under his chin, tightening his arms around you just the tiniest bit as he gets lost in the feeling of holding you, just before he remembers something.

'Oh, I brought you something.’ he says, suddenly letting you go, and as surprised and excited as you were to see what he’d 'brought’ you, you instantly feel colder as his arms fall away from you. Although, when he spins your chair around so that you’re facing him and he pulls you up and over to the sofa the two of you had sat on the other night, you start to suspect he might enjoy the feeling of cuddling you just as much as you did with the way he pulls you close to him as soon as you sit down.

'What do you mean, 'brought’?’ you ask suspiciously, watching him as he pulls a paper bag up from the side of the sofa and sits it on his lap before turning to look at you.

'Well…I thought…um…-actually this is quite lame-’

'Tell me.’ you grin, biting your lip as you try not to show how much you enjoyed seeing him be a blushing ball of cuteness beside you, his shy smile to himself not going unnoticed- and neither did the nervous tapping of his fingers on his thigh.

'Well- I might have gotten ahead of myself-….but I got to thinking last night, and…well-this is really stupid…-’


'I wanted to give you something of mine…like…like a friend- a boyfriend….would.’ he finally stutters out, nervously glancing at you once he’d finished speaking, before quickly dipping his hand into the bag and pulling out…

…a plain black sweater.

’…you dont…have to have it if you dont want to-…I just thought…with the weather getting colder and-…well you said you didn’t have a favourite colour…so- I dont know… I just figured-’

And then you kiss him.

Because you wanted to tell him how much you loved it, how it was the sweetest thing ever, how the way he’d said boyfriend had made your heart spasm happily in your chest, and how the thought of him looking through his wardrobe the night before whilst texting you to ask you your favourite colour so that he could pick the perfect sweater had you practically melting into a puddle at the cuteness. But when the words just wouldn’t come out, and by the time you realised he was rambling because he was scared that you didn’t want it, kissing him was the only thing you could think of to do to make him see otherwise.

And thankfully it was all he needed.

'So you like it?’ he asks, slightly breathlessly, after you’d crushed your lips against his for a few seconds, your whole body feeling like it was on fire as you match his gaze, and see the excitement dance in his eyes as he looks at you.

'I love it.’ you murmur, becoming shy with the more he grins at you and cuddling yourself briefly into his shoulder to try to allow yourself to cool down, before sitting back up and reaching out to touch the sweater he held, feeling a smile stretch across your face at how soft it felt.

'Do you want to put it on?’ he asks, the excitement barely hidden in his voice, and you cant help the giggle that slips out of you as you nod and quickly pull off your own sweater, feeling goosebumps rise over your skin with the cool temperature of the room- and the way Yoongi’s eyes widen the tiniest bit at your slightly see-through tank top underneath- before happily taking the garment from him and pulling it over your head.

It smelt like him.

You bite your lip as soon as you register that fact, bringing the sleeve cuffs up to cover your mouth as you try to subtly breath in the smell of him, closing your eyes as you do so and smiling happily to yourself before remembering that he was still watching you and snapping your eyes open to see him smiling almost knowingly at you.

'It looks good on you.’ he murmurs, his hand reaching out to drift over your shoulder, down your arm to your hands and back again, the feeling of him touching you making shivers race over your skin beneath the fabric of the sweater.

'Thank you.’ you mutter quietly, grinning at your lap as you say the words and continuing to hug the jumper to yourself as you drown in the smell of him, not wanting to ever take it off.

And when he suddenly leans in and presses a light kiss to your cheek, you no you’re done for.

'You’re welcome, Jagi.’