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honestly tysm - u made some rly good points and i rly?? dont get why most people consider ace ppl "not oppressed enough" to be lgbt+ or w/e like?? theyre not killed for being ace or anything but het ppl tell them they're messed up for not wanting sex, queer ppl tell them they cant join bc "ur still straight so ur not part of the community" and they have no where else to go n its rly frustrating so tysm for that

Thank you!

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Yo your blog is fantastic love Just saw your last ask, wanted an opinion; as someone who is white, and say for example i ended up debuting after years of training, learning more of the language and go through the normal process so to speak, do you think i would be bashed? for the record i'm a trainee learning korean and yes i'm white but i just wanted to say due to what has happened with EXP i have considered leaving my company because i feel like i'll be disregarded as a solo ver of EXP;;

Thank you so much it means a lot that you like my account.

I my own opinion,No I dont think you will be bashed, well not as much. We live in a time where even if you dont do anything they will give you hate because i sometimes get hate for no reason at all. but personally you have my respect because first of all you are a trainee. You work hard and you can make it if you put your mind to it. Fighting <3 ( bro i will even stan you before you debut) !! But there is a difference between you and exp. You were accepted through a company because they know you have potential and they are willing to put time and effort into you. On the other hand, exp never experienced what its like to be a trainee. they started a kpop band because they all of the sudden felt like it. Personally i could care less what your skin color is, You have worked hard to get where you are while exp pushed their way in to the business. 

Like I was no means bashing on white people in my last post. i just want people to be themselves and not pretend to be something that they are not. Its okay to be immersed in any culture just dont be dumb about it because its disrespectful.  (Im not calling you or anyone disrespectful im just putting it out there because it needs to be said).

I hope you dont quit because I think you’ll do great :) 

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sorry guys, when i get up and turn on my laptop, i’m turning off anon for a little while
its just not mature to hide behind a grey mask and spout things like this (aka. I woke up to some more anon about my rules)
I would not like to bombard people who follow me for rp with drama concerning an anon who can’t comprehend rules???

If i decide to answer, it will be tagged as #drama tw

I’ll turn it back anon on later, this is just ridiculous :c