dont be willing


Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don’t be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
‘cause I’ve seen the dark side too

popular bts ships and what i first thought of them
  • namjin: married idiots with 5 children
  • yoonseok: lets act as if its not a cliché that the quiet ones ends up with the loudest ones
  • vhope: this is the bad boy gone wrong type of romance
  • taekook: i cant believe that namjin allowed incest
  • jikook: again, namjin are a bad example for incest
  • yoonmin: wait i thought jimin is with jungkook?? what
  • vmin: why are people calling them soulmates im confuse d
  • jihope: okay, my conclusion: jimin is an actual slut.

mageheart  asked:

It's really not uncommon for trans boys to be obsessed with feeling masculine, since, for a lot of trans boys, people around them don't see them as 'real men' and I think its a bit ignorant for you to assume that someone who likes/obsesses over masculinity cant be a trans man? I really mean this in the best way and not trying to be hostile. I just wanted to offer another perspective on it and hope you take it into consideration when you talk about this subject in the future is all. ♥

Hello! I meant it in the other way, I wasn’t saying he can’t be trans bc of those things, I’m saying it’d be a good fit for him to be trans bc of it! <3 Sorry if I wasn’t clear about the way I phrased that but I am def not saying he can’t be trans! 

When I said “He’s a guy who’s obsessed with the idea of being masculine/macho, so either way would fit him“, I mean both cis and trans would be a good fit as an identity, bc you can see the obsession with masculinity as a cultural problem in latino boys or you can see it as a trans boy trying to be masculine to be seen as a “real man”. 

Thank you for being passionate and caring to those who are trans, and I hope my explanation clears it up! <3

Overwatch headcanon time!

THe TL;DR: The UN are the bad guys, Blackwatch was based on Talon, Overwatch was a propaganda tool and the Swiss HQ explosion was assassination.

At the fair founding of Overwatch and Blackwatch where we lay our scene.
Gabriel, despite being more qualified to leading the organization, is bumped into the sister-organization Blackwatch to operate underground.

The UN does this for two reasons: 1. The real heavy lifting was always designed to be carried by Blackwatch, and Gabriel is more qualified and 2. Overwatch becomes a face for the UN, and while Jack is a capable commander, he’s mostly there for show. Their golden boy.

This is not to say that Overwatch isn’t actually doing work and genuinely risking life and limb. But they are shipped out to the higher profile areas, literally leading children out by the hand on tv. Overwatch had one primary function. ‘You are safe; We are handling this’.

I think that Talon (or it’s early form) had infiltrated the UN. Blackwatch was doing the grunt work, but was increasingly turned to more serving the sovereign wants of the UN and/or Talon. They make sure that Blackwatch is kept under control, and have an agent that works for them within their midst.
Jack is kept in the dark about this and Gabriel is under orders to remain silent.

This of course creates a schism between the two. Jack thinks they’re there to save the world and be the heroes and Gabriel thinks Jack is too naive and idealistic, and Reyes is angry that he can’t see that they’re being used.

Then Blackwatch gets exposed. The public goes in an uproar. But no worries! The UN is gonna launch a super good sekrit investigation, ya’ll. There’s nothing suspicious about investigating your own shit that’s circling the drain, is there?
I imagine at this point, that Jack demands information, which Gabriel cannot give to him freely.

McCree leaves Blackwatch right before everything goes up in flames (literally). Gabriel, the man with the most intel, the person who can effectively sink a whole bunch of higher ups, is successfully assassinated.

Instead of emerging as a victorious hero like he has so many times before, Jack fakes his own death. Which makes no sense unless he was never meant to walk away from that explosion and the hit was meant for him too. He goes out on his own, undercover, investigating something as the jaded Soldier 76.

Mercy gets ahold of Gabriel’s body and resurrects him, but he’s captured by Talon because of his strategic importance.

McCree meanwhile is on the run, with a bounty that could probably save the economy of a small country and OH BTW. BEING OVERWATCH IS NOW ILLEGAL. Any of you assholes get back together, we are gonna lock you up.

Everybody that could have information about this is effectively driven underground and outlawed.
Aint that a peach.

But hey, the UN said that the explosion was caused by infighting. That is, after they amended their story from ‘there was no foul play’.

And why shouldn’t we trust the UN?

you know those “bad art” blogs, that go around hating on art they deem “trash”?

well i really, really do not like them. so i started this blog

you can submit art (whether it be yours or someone else’s) and i’ll try and offer ways to improve or just general positivity!  the world is fucked up, why cant i throw some joy in here.

check out the about page for more! 

i look forward to seeing your masterpieces!