dont be rude respect me

holy crap guys. don’t fucking wait outside of a band’s hotel room. the hotel itself? not as terrible. but imagine you’re getting ready to go about your day, you walk out of your room, and then WHAM BAM THANK YA MAM, there’s a group of people just. staring at you? and expecting you to be nice and cordial despite the fact that they followed you to your room and probably waited outside of it for a while. kiiiinda creepy. for a person like Gerard, who has stated that he gets socially anxious easily, that’s the equivalent of being asked to give an oral speech in your nighties when you haven’t prepared; it’s just not cool. if you want to meet an artist, wait outside of the venue after the show. try to catch them and talk to them when they’re prepared for it. not when they’re walking out of their friggin hotel room.