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Trying To Hate You (Andy imagine requested by anon)

You are a lead singer of really successful band Black Veil Brides. Sounds fantastic if we forget that you arent the only lead singer there. Andy Biersack. A very very hot and beautiful boy with a huge amazing smile and baby blue eyes. You had a little crash on him since forever.
Its normal that lead singers of the same band can argue sometimes, but its not normal that you both argue all the time. You cant understand his behaviour. Why he hates you so much?
●●●2 days before the concert●●●
“Andy? Andy?…..”, - you yell everywhere, around tour bus, cafes and shops next to it. He is just nowere. You had to be practising now but where the hell is he and he doesn’t even pick up the fuckin phone.
“Idiot…”,- you whisper and sit on some stone around. Its 8pm. Peaceful and calm darkness. No one around…. Really nice for you…
Suddenly you hear guy voices from behind. You get up immediately and look back. There were few guys and Andy. And they were horribly drunk.
“Andy?”,- you say, not sure if he is ok.
“What the fuck do you want bitch?”,- he said in a drunk voice and guys next to him started to laugh. But he made them stop. Seemed like he didnt like it.
“What the hell is going on here?”,- you ask with a sharp voice.
“We are drunk and you are going away from here”,- he said.
“Im not going anywhere without you. You are coming with me. You need a rest and we had to practice so you….”,- you couldn’t finish as he didnt let you.
“Since when you care about me? You care only about yourself, your look, your voice, your fucking feelings and everything. And like youre the only lead singer here…”,- he said someway like hurt. You didnt understand what was going on.
“Andy i…”,- you tried to say but he cut you again, this time screaming.
“Go fuck yourself! !!!”
“Yeah right, haha”,- one of the guys said laughing. You were ready to cry. How could he do this to you. Not in front of this guys, who seemed to be his friends as you were sure you knew them. But as soon as that guy spoke Andy punched him hard on his face. They started to beat Andy and he couldn’t stand for himself as he was too drunk. You panicked tears in your eyes. You run to find anyone for help. Fortunately 2 guys of your band were there sitting on the bench and drinking soda.
“Jinxx, Ashley!!?”,- you run to them crying.
“Y/N? What the hell is going on are you hurt?”,- Jinxx said running closer.
“Andy… Andy……”,- you said breathless.
“What? Did he hurt you?”,- Ashley said nervously.
“Come…”,- you said and run back. They run after you, throwing their soda on the ground.
As soon as you reached there you collapsed on the ground looking how Jinxx and Ashley started to fight. Ash took Andys hand and took him out of the fight throwing him on the ground.
“Andy…”,- you whispered running to him. He was all in blood.
He was almost unconscious but as soon as he saw you he said.
“Y/N. He didnt have the right to say that… I …”
“I know Andy only you have that right to call me bitch i already know that get your ass up”,- you said helping him to stand up.
“What the fuck have you done whats going on?”,- Ashley yelled at Andy as that guys just run away.
“Help me to get him up”,- you said.
They took him up and took to a tour bus. Of course your manager was upset but not more than you. You thought about leaving the band. Few minutes later when Andy was ok and sleeping you got out of the bus and went forward to the forest. It was your favourite place since two days you were here. You sat on the ground and started to sob quietly. This fucking was your dream. Being on tour with your band. But as everything was like this nothing could get better. So maybe you had to leave the band.
“Y/N”,- a familiar voice came from behind. It was CC. The drummer of your band.
“Hey”,- you said whipping your tears.
“I ve heard about what happened there. Believe me Andy didnt mean to say that to you”,- he said sitting next to you and hughing your shoulder with one hand.
“Where do you know from?”,- you said crying again.
“Cause i know what he really feels…”,- CC said and you looked at him in surprise.
“What the hell does it mean?”..
“He is just afraid to talk to you normally”.
“What is he afraid from?”.
“Just talk to him in the morning when he wakes up. I bet this is already enough for him. Now get up lets go to sleep”,- he said and you didnt ask more, knowing he would not answer.
●●●1 day before the concert●●●

What a beautiful morning. The one last day before the concert. But it isnt what you’re excited about the most. You still perfectly remember CC’s words. So maybe you should go and check out how Andy was. But you didnt. You felt he didnt deserve it. He hurt you too bad. Anyway you were still laying in your bed with your phone reading some article about yesterdays weather and boring stuff when suddenly you heard a knock on the door of your room in the bus. “Come in”,- you said sleepily. “Hey”,- answered Andy with a shy smile and came in. You sat on your bed and smiled back. “How are you?”,- you tried to act calm. But it was really hard, as you liked him a lot and now that you knew he liked you back you couldn’t stay calm. “Im okay. Well, anyway i deserve this headache”,- he tried to smile again. “Andy..“ “No dont. Seriously dont you try to defend me. I dont know what happened to me yesterday but i seriously wanna talk to you about this”,- he said with a deep voice. “Andy you know what? Im not trying to defend you. You cant just hurt my feelings and shout at me, call me bitch then say youre sorry”,- you whispered almost crying. Surprisingly he didnt say anything. He just came closer and sat next to you. You saw tears in his baby blue eyes. You didnt know how to act. At the moment he seemed so fragile and sensitive. You never thought he could be like that. Out of sudden he hugged you. Not knowing what to do you hugged him back. His smell and his hug drived you crazy. “I am not the bad man in this story, Y/N. I was just too afraid to accept the fact that i… i might be in love with you. I tried to act rude and decided that my feeling would change but they didn’t. I ve made an enormous mistake im sorry. Please forgive me”,- he said with a little smile on his face. You smiled back. Heavy silence. But you decides to take the final step. “I didnt know anything about that. You showed me nothing for me to see. And if i saw i would have shown you my feelings”,- with this words you took his face in your hands and kissed him. He kissed you back. That was the best moment of your life… - ●●●●● Concert day ●●●●● “Hey! Hey hurry up!!”,- you shouted as Ashley was late. He was looking in the mirror for hours. “Coming! Coming!”,- he said running closer. “Where are the others?”,- you asked. “Backstage. Waiting for us. Hey Y/N, im so happy you and Andy are finally not fighting any more. It was really hard for him to tell you all that he felt, believe me”,- Ashey said as you walked in the backstage. “I know”,- you whispered and smiled to Ashley. He smiled back. “Baby, cmon”,- shouted Andy. You hugged him and stole a kiss. “So guys. This is our night! We are the Black fucking Veil fucking Brides!! Lets kill the stage!!”,- shouted Jake. You run to the stage and immediately started to feel the heat. You were happy. You were you~ THE END
The Firework Boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Worried Jimin, Suspicious Hoseok, and confessing what happened at the club…

Chapter type: Angst, bit of fluff, angst

Chapter 17

‘Tae, She’s just woken-’


Jimin sprints past Hobi to barrel into you, panting against your neck as if he’d ran the whole way here and holding you so tightly against him that you almost begin to struggle for breath yourself.

'Jimin make her sit down.’ Tae orders, having assumed his role of acting like your cousin, and when you look up you see him he’s perfected it with a concerned face and crossed arms to make him look slightly nervous- although that could just have just been caused by the blatant way Jimin had just ran at you from the door.

'What happened?’ Tae asks Hobi, who you’d been refusing to look at as soon as Jimin had entered the room, too afraid that he’d say something, or that your guilt would be obvious on your face if you looked at him.

'It’s my fault; I went to the club earlier and got a bit worse for wear and so I called Y/N and she came to find me to help me back, and on the way back she ended up fainting- probably from the heat or lack of water or something, and so I figured I’d bring her back here to her father, but then I couldn’t find him, so I rang you-’

'Wait- Why did you ring, Y/N?’ Jimin asks before Hobi could finish, turning to look at the older boy from his position where he’d been tucking you back into your bed.

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{Hey yall!! Its been a while since Ive written my own imagine :3 and if you have been following me for a long time you know my personal imagines are pretty silly Cx, and since it is October, why not make a spooky one? So in this imagine, its Halloween, (Y/N) and the guys dont know what to do and are bored, but thats until CC comes up with a brilliant idea, enjoy!}

You were sitting on your couch and looking out the window, smiling at all the children walking around the neighborhood in their adorable costumes and holding buckets full of sweet candy.
You wanted to get into the spirit so you decided to put on your black cat ears, yellow cat contacts, cute black smokey eye shadow and paint on the pink nose and whiskers.
You heard a flirty whistle behind you and turned around to see Andy standing by the door frame, biting his bottom lip, his eyes rising up and down. Of course you blushed a little, Andy’s little flirty expression would make any girl blush.
“Hey there kitty kitty.” He tells you.
You giggled and rolled your eyes.
“Yes human?”
“How about you step inside my litter box?” He asked biting his lip once more.
You instantely became confused, “You want me to shit on you?”
He back tracked on what he said and shook his head, “Okay that came out wrong.” You laughed and put on some finishing touches. “Why dont you put on your costume?” You question.

“This is my costume.” He replied. You sighed and gave him a look, “Andy, your batman pajamas dont count.”
“Says you!”
“Whatever.” You muttered and walked away from the room.
“Hey!! No one beats this costume!” He yelled following you, causing you to laugh once more.
As you walked into the living room, Jake and Jinxx were playing their guitars, Ashley was wearing his hello kitty hoodie and playing his bass.
“Why arent you guys in costumes its Halloween.” You asked them.
“(Y/N), thats little kids stuff.” Said Jinxx.
“Oh come on, this is my favorite holiday, and we’re not even doing anything, the least you guys can do is put on a freakin costume dammit!!!” You shouted making them flinch.

Ashley got closer to Andy and whispered, “Has she been eating the candy?”
“I can hear you Ash!” You warned him. You looked around and saw there was one person missing, “Hey where’s CC at?”
“Im up here!! Just putting on some finishing touches on my costume!!” He yelled from upstairs.
“Thank you!! See? CC’s not afraid to get into the spirit!” You nagged.
Seconds later, CC came downstairs, all of your mouths dropped when you saw what he was wearing, which was a pink tutu and tiara.
“C-CC?…” you stuttered.
He came all the way down and strutted, Andy and Ash were already cracking up.
“Guess what I am!” He happily exclaimed.
“A dumbass.” Stated Jake.
CC glared at him and hit him with his wand, “Dont hate me cause Im beautiful.”

“Dude, what the hell?” Questioned Andy.
“Dont act like you never wore a tutu before.” He striked, and immediately Andy backed off raising his hands in the air surrendering.
CC looked around and saw how lazy everyone was being. “Arent we gonna do anything?”
“What do you mean?” Ashley asked.
“You know go out or something?”
“Thats exactly what I asked, they dont wanna do anything.” You stated.
“So this is our halloween? Staying in and playing our instruments?”
“Sorry Cinderella nobody’s taking you to the ball.” Said Jinxx. “Im gonna ignore that, now come on lets go out.”

“Naaah.” The guys said in unison. You shrugged and shook your head. “Guess we’re staying in.” You muttered, crossing your arms and crashing yourself onto the couch.
“Well what do you guys want us to do?”
Andy asked.
CC had an evil smile on his face and nodded. “Well lucky for you guys, I know exactly what we can do.”
Moments later, you and the guys were walking to the empty side of the neighborhood. No children or cars were around, and it didnt help that it was all foggy outside.
“CC where the hell are you taking us?” You questioned. “Yeah, its all creepy looking over here.” Jake said.

“All this place is missing is Michael Jackson comming out with his zombies singing thriller.” Says Ash.
“Well thankfully we dont have to walk any further, lady and gentlemen, we are standing right in front, of the abandoned house.” CC tells you poiting to the branchy house ahead of you guys.
“Whats so special about a dusty house?”
Andy asked with a bored expression.
“Its not just any old house! It used to belong, to a witch!!”
You all still had a bored expression.
“Fuck you guys just follow me.” He muttered and you followed him inside the house.
As you looked around, everything looked very vintage, it was almost like you guys traveled back in time to the 1920s.
“Wow…whoever lived here mustve been very rich.” Gasped Jake.
“Wicked witch had bank!!” CC yelled.
You all looked more around in the house, everything was nice and quiet until you all flinched when Ash gasped.
“What is it Ash?” You asked very concerned.

He had a huge druely smile on his face,
“Naked lady statue..” he mumbled.
You rolled your eyes, the guys just chuckled. “I wanna touch it.” Ash said with a blank, hypnotized stare, his hands reaching out like a zombie aiming for the statue’s breasts.
You slapped his hands down hard making him squeak like a girl. “What the hell (Y/N)?”
“Stop being an idiot and dont touch anything!”
“Okay MOM!”
You all froze when you heard a door squeaking open from upstairs.
“Did you guys hear that?” Muttered Jinxx.
“Well why else would we freeze up?!” Jake yelled.
“Guys shut up!” Ordered Andy.
You all stayed silent, listening for any more noises, and there was, you all gasped and got closer together.

“CC?…are you sure the witch that lived here is dead?” Ashley questioned fightend.
“I never said she was dead…”
More things broke upstairs and you all became even more afraid, especially when the front door shut by itself.
“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” You whispered loudly.
“What if she wants to eat one of us?” Asked Jinxx.
“She sure as hell cant eat me, sure Im delicious but still…” Andy says.
“Please, if she eats you she’ll be having an unbalanced breakfast.” CC muttered.
“The hell is that supposed to mean?”
“You guys shut up! I think I hear footsteps…” you whispered once more.
You all started shaking now as you saw a shadow at the top of the stairs.
Slolwy and carefully you saw the sillhouette of a very old woman comming down the stairs.

“Aaaaaahhhh!!!” You all shrieked in unison. Trying your hardest to open the front door, but since you were panicking so much you couldnt get it open.
The lights turned on and you screammed even louder.
“Who are you people?!” Demanded the old lady.
As you all turned around to look at her.
Your eyes in particular widend when you saw the familiar face. “Grandma?!” You exclaimed.
“Grandma?!” Yelled the guys.
“(Y/N)? Sweetheart what are you doing here?”
“This place…this is your…well no fucking wonder this place looked familiar to me!”
You say.
“Uhh..awkwaaard.” Sang Ashley. Andy approached your grandmother scratching the back of his head.
“Um listen, We’re really sorry for freaking out and all that its just that our friend here said that this place was abandoned and haunted.” He explains.

Since you were reminded of that you crossed your arms, raised your eyebrows and turned to CC glaring at him.
“Hey uh CC?…”
You went closer with a scary and deadly stare. “Who did you say this place belonged to?”
“Uh…haha…a witch…”
You shook your head, “No no, I think you said stitch..”
“More like stitch-es, CAUSE THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOURE GONNA BE NEEDING WHEN IM DONE WITH YOU!!” You screamed. CC ran as fast as he could out the door, “Get fucking back here!!”
You ordered and went after him, tackling him down to the ground.
The others were just watching from the front porch making painful expressions.
“My granddaughter has never changed..”
“Oh man thats gonna hurt in the morning.” Stated Jake.
“You know what this was way better than staying at home doing nothing.” Said Ashley and they all agreed.
“Ooooooooh!!!” They all yelled, CC screaming at the top of his lungs.
“He got butt fucked by his own wand…” Jinxx said chuckling.
Andy started laughing and put his amrs around Jinxx and Jake’s shoulders…
“Happy Halloween mother fuckers.”

(I was going to post this on the 31st but I couldnt wait lol Cx)

Running Man members express their feelings

Kim Jong Kook to Yoo Jae Suk: i mentioned this before, but athletes reach their prime as well. since my body is starting to ache, there are more things i cant do on running man. that’s when i was in a slump. it was because i knew people had expectations for me. but my body wouldn’t heal. so i couldn’t fulfill my role in those moments. i was put down every time that happened. there were times when i questioned my place on this show.

Song Ji Hyo to Lee Kwang Soo: I’m truly grateful to you. i always questioned whether this was really my place to be. it’s been six years now, but in the beginning i couldn’t talk with the cast members.i felt bad during that time, i cried a lot. and i had a hard time, so i told you that i wanted to quit. whenever i said that, you held on to me. i’m so thankful that you listened to me. 

Ji Suk Jin to HaHa: for the first few years, i kept asking myself why am i doing this show every week. but i didn’t want to quit. because the style of this show is so different compared to others. it took several years for me to get used to running man. i didn’t think i fit well in this team. but my fault was that i blamed all of you guys for it at the time. whatever you said i was easily offended. 

Gary to Yoo Jae Suk: my concern as an entertainer is growing bigger these days. personally i kept thinking that this might be the end. then i shake my head and cheer myself up again. but i’m afraid that i might lose everything. what burdens me the most is the question of “what should i do now?”i thought i had to quit, that it was the best for the show. 

Yoo Jae Suk to Gary: You know we all used to play in the playground when we were young. but as we get older we can’t play in the same place forever. we won’t have much fun playing with the same rides over and over find different sides of us we shouldn’t do the same things. that’s what we must do for running man. the staff members are looking for new environments for us to play in. 

my thoughts on these quotes: ill start off with kim jong kook, i said this in the past but he is no longer capable of doing the things he used to in the past. and i think this is the first time that he admitted to it on camera, and told us his true feelings. he’s legit sad that he cant fulfill that villain role anymore, taking over a game with his strength alone. and you can see it in the most recent episodes, he cant even stand by himself and needs assistance, sometimes clinging onto kwang soo’s arm to gain balance. its a shame, but im glad he said something or else people will expect the same thing from him 6 years ago. 

secondly song ji hyo and lee kwang soo has the best relationship in running man. you can see it on the show they really do care for each other, kwang soo especially takes care of ji hyo like a family member. 

i’m not sure a lot of you know this but gary was planning to quit running man a long time ago. there was a scandal with leessang and their concert that caused quite a stir, and both gil and gary were planning to quit from their variety shows. but yoo jae suk came to the rescue and asked them both to stay on. 

and finally the best for last, yoo jae suk pretty much described the entirety of running man in the past two years. the staff is trying to find a new environment for all members to play in, we finally have proof of why they stopped doing the name tag ripping on a weekly basis, and thats because they are bored with it. you would think spending four years ripping name tags, you would get sick and tired of doing the same thing week after week. 

its nice to see the cast speak whats on their mind and reveal their thoughts on the show.  i dont really know whats going to happen with running man, and i dont think anybody knows, not even the staff. they are in such a weird state right now, where they can last another few years or be done by the end of next year. i really want this show to be on the air, but not if the members have to make sacrifices and no longer enjoy what they are doing. i really do think if they do a season two, lee kwang soo, kang gary, song ji hyo and kim jong kook leaves. to this day kwang soo still hasnt been the lead role of a drama, which is absolutely ridiculous (the fish head doesnt count). ji hyo isnt starring in any dramas lately as well. kang gary is one of the most popular rappers in korea, and needs to take advantage of this before his audience no longer cares or moves on. and kim jong kook, hes done so much for this show but his body cant keep up with him. he needs to rest and start his new life with his future wife and kids. obviously im in no authority to be saying all of this, but maybe its for the best. new blood is what could save this show. 

Mario Kart

It was one of those boring afternoons where you just lay on the couch watching some stupid tv shows, just wasting time and you just couldn’t spend all day like that.
You looked at him.
“I’m so bored.”
“What do you want to do?”
You straddled him making him smile.
“I dont know.”
You said sounding like a bored little girl.
“Does my baby girl want to play?”
He chuckled making you blush.
You said not really knowing what he meant.
“What if we play a video game?”
He said kissing your nose.
“Good idea.”
You smiled.
“Can we play mario kart?”
You said excited making him chuckle.
You pecked his lips and quickly stood up, turned on the wii and put the game. You took the controllers and went back to the couch giving one to him. You sat next to him and you chose your characters and cars.
“You’re so cute when you’re excited.”
He said smiling before kissing your cheek making you smile as well. You started playing and you almost immediately drove past him getting to the first position.
“I’m so bad at this game.”
He said making you laugh.
“Nah I just practiced a lot.”
You kissed his cheek. You went on like that for a while having fun trying to make each other lose and laughing all the time.
“What if we make this game more interesting?”
He said smirking.
“Who wins gets something.”
By the smirk on his face you knew where this was going but you decided to agree and he asked you what you wanted.
“A massage would be nice.”
You said before asking him what he wanted.
“I want a blowjob.”
He said chuckling.
You playfully hit him with your elbow chuckling.
“I knew that.”
He asked still chuckling.
“Fine, deal.”
You said rolling your eyes and shook his hand to make the deal.
“Anyway I’m better than you at this game.”
You said sticking your tongue out.
“Yeah but look where i am.”
You looked at his part of the screen and saw he was right behind you.
“Wow I’m impressed.”
You said chuckling.
“But it’s almost over, someone’s gonna get a massage.”
You said getting close to the arrival.
“We’ll see.”
He was still so close to you but you weren’t worried since you were so close to winning.
“Hey, look what i got.”
You looked at his part of the screen again and saw he got one of those blue shells that go straight to the first character and fall on them often making them lose.
You shouted as you saw him throw it and in a few seconds you were stuck and he had drove past you and won the game.
“Haa i won.”
He said proudly chuckling.
“It’s not fair I hate that fucking shell.”
He laughed even more at that and hugged you.
“Baby it’s just a game.”
He said finding your reaction so funny. You knew what was going to happen now and even though you tried to look annoyed you were kinda glad he won cause what he chose as a prize was a bit of a prize for you as well.
“So now you know what you have to do.”
You could see how excited he was to get his prize and it made you laugh.
“Okay Harry lay down.”
You playfully pushed him down on the couch and straddled him.
“Even though you don’t deserve this.”
You pushed his pants down and started to palm him over his boxers while kissing all over his neck making him moan quietly. You kept moving your hand slowly wanting to tease him a little before giving him his prize and feeling how hard he was getting against your hand you could tell it was working.
He whispered starting to get frustrated and you looked at him smirking.
You kept touching him making sure it wasn’t enough to satisfy him.
He whined.
“Yeah, beg.”
You said smirking.
“Please, I need you.”
You pecked his lips before slowly going down. He was already struggling to breathe and it was visible how much he needed you. You kissed him over his boxers making him gasp, it was incredible how fast you could make him get desperate and you were never tired of seeing the effect you always had on him. You licked him and he grabbed the couch both sides of him.
He kept begging you and you slowly lowered his boxers before kissing the tip of his length. He put his hands in your hair instinctively pushing you down.
You whispered smirking before kissing his tip again. You were in control now and you were going to take a little revenge for all the times he teased you for too long. You licked it making him moan and lift his hips needing more. You took his tip in your mouth and you could see he was going crazy. You pulled back and he whined frustrated.
“Please, it’s hurting.”
It was visible how frustrated he was and you could even see it must have been painful at this point that he couldn’t have gotten any harder. You decided it was time to stop teasing and licked him from his base to the tip before taking him in your mouth.
“Fuck yes don’t stop please.”
He was holding your head down afraid that you would have pulled back again and arching his back as you took him deeper in your mouth. You gently sucked moving your tongue against him making him moan loud.
“Feels so good.”
He could barely talk, being overwhelmed by the pleasure you were giving him. He couldn’t stop moving, lifting his hips istinctively needing more and more. You kept sucking and bobbing your head causing his moans to get louder and desperate. It made you feel so powerful how weak you could make him, you knew that you could have stopped in any moment and he would have desperately begged for you to go on and it felt so good. You tried to push him as deep as you could in your mouth deepthroating him and at this point he was just a moaning mess crying out for the pleasure becoming so intense.
“Oh god.”
He kept moaning.
“Fuck baby.”
Talking was hard at this point with all the moans that kept leaving his mouth but he just couldn’t shut up.
“How can you be this good?”
He pulled your hair not being able to control himself anymore. You couldn’t deny that hearing his loud moans always turned you on so much so at this point you were already wet and you went on to hear more. You deepthroated him again gagging on him making him go insane.
“I’m so close.”
He cried out arching his back. You kept bobbing your head making yourself gag on him again making him come instantly. He was almost screaming pushing his head back enjoying the overwhealming pleasure
and you couldn’t help but think it was the hottest thing you had ever seen. There was something about seeing him moaning so loud for the pleasure you gave him that just made you go crazy, it made you feel so powerful and so good at what you were doing. You slowly pulled back to enjoy the view and you could see he was so weak and exhausted and he was still gasping for air. You went up to peck his lips and laid on top of him waiting for him to calm down and after a while he did. You needed something as well at this point but you lost the game and he looked so relaxed.
You looked up at him.
“You deserve something as well.”
“Don’t worry, just relax now.”
He knew how much you actually wanted him to do something so he insisted.
“Come on you almost won and you gave me the best blowjob.”
He said chuckling.
“Do you still want that massage?”
“Well actually at this point I was hoping for something more.”
You smirked.
“To make this fair, you know.”
It made you excited knowing you were getting what you wanted.
“Seems right.”
He smirked as well. He loved seeing you that confident and even though just seeing those green eyes looking at you made you feel weak you always tried to show some confidence to see that proud smirk you loved on his face. He got on top of you and started kissing your neck like you did to him before but even tho it felt so good you needed way more than that and you couldn’t wait.
“Harry please.”
You whined quietly making him look up at you.
“What baby?”
You mumbled blushing.
“Straight to the point mh?”
He smirked making you blush more. He started undressing you, quickly leaving you naked and went down leaving a trail of kisses from your chest to your stomach, down to your hips.
“Quick please.”
You couldn’t stop whining needing him immediately. He grabbed your thighs spreading them and leaned down. You put your hands in his hair tugging at it when you felt his tongue moving against you. He was fast, giving you what you wanted, making your head spin.
“Mmh… Already so wet for me”
You heard him say against you. He loved seeing how much he could turn you on even not doing anything to you and you could see it by how he always smirked so proudly. He licked you clean teasing your entrance before focusing on your clit. You felt his soft lips on you, his tongue pressing against you and moving in circles making it so hard to control yourself. You couldn’t stop moving and tugging at his hair, instinctively pushing him against you making the feeling get stronger. The only thing you could think of was him and how good he could make you feel. He knew exactly how to please you, the right spots that could make that strong pleasure take all your body and he never failed at it. He kept moving his tongue, sucking lightly and you could already feel yourself getting close, the feeling getting more and more intense. You could’t keep his name from leaving your mouth in loud moans encouraging him to do even more. It made you go crazy how you could feel him smirk against you when he heard the noises you couldn’t stop making. The feeling soon became overwhelming, his hands touching tour thighs, his lips pressed against you, his tongue pleasing you all together as you felt yourself coming. He felt it and tried to do even more making you moan loud as he made your orgasm even stronger. He tried to lick you clean again humming against you but you quickly pulled him up being too sensitive. He laid on top of you and pecked your lips before putting his head on your chest.
“Your heart is beating so fast.”
He chuckled proudly.
“I wonder why.”
You replied still breathless chuckling a little.
“We should play videogames more often, shouldn’t we?”
He kept chuckling.

I Never Stopped pt 2 - Requested (Luke)

@15chapters requested a part 2 of I Never Stopped. Go read part one, if you haven’t already. (Or refreshen your memory.)

Note: i’m really sorry, i dont really like this one that much, which is a shame, considering it’s the last imagine i’ll post. But i had a few hours to do nothing today, so i figured i’d squeeze it in now, instead of until 2 weeks. Just felt a bit uninspired, but also just wanted it out of the way… Hope it works out. xx

The following days were filled with heat and love and the ecstatic joy of being reunited. But also the touchy subject of the inevitable seperation ahead.
You would tiptoe around anything that seemed too real, and just tried to enjoy each others presence.
Every time the questions (or truths) from when you were together before, would reach the surface, you’d supress them with a kiss or a squeeze of a hand, bursting reality as if I’d been a soap buble.

Things like ‘you’re going to leave me’ or 'what’s going to happen of us?’ would circle around your mind. It felt wrong to ignore these questions, but you were just so happy again. Finally.
Every time you felt hopeless like this, you just tried to remember Luke’s words: “Why did we ever stop trying?”


“Luke. Luke, Luke, Luke.” The word rolled off your tongue with ease, and made a smile spread across your face, even though you tried to stop it.
You were lying in your bed, fully dressed, eyes closed and alone, doing nothing but going over the wrinkles around his eyes and the blue underneath, in your mind.

“Damn, (Y/N), you’re mad. Is this some crazy voodoo-spell-shit?”
Your eyes shut open and you sat up straight, tugging at your clothes.
“Fuc- Michael, you, I. Fuck, this is weird.” You rambled, feeling your cheeks heat and turn red.
He smiled at you. “So what’s up? What are your plans?”
You smiled at the ground, “Luke is picking me up in half an hour. I got ready a bit too early.” You laugh, and when you turn your head to look up at Michael, he is sitting, looking worried with a visible line between his eyebrows.
Before you get to question it, he begins to speak: “Luke is mine, you know?”
“Wh-” you began to exclaim, before you were cut off by Michael laughing.
“Nah, mate, he’s all yours. It’s been too long since you’ve hung out with us, you’re forgetting my form of communication. I always kind of have to ease it in with a joke, you know?” He smiles at you. A bit sad, you’re thinking.
“So there’s is something to ease in, huh?” you ask, rhetorically.
“Man, I don’t know, I just wanted to talk a bit about you and Luke, you know? Or just ask you about what’s going on?”
You looked back down on the ground. You could feel a knot tying around your lungs, making it hard to breath. 

“It’s really great, it really is. I’m finally happy again, you know?” You said, looking back up at Michael.
He was nodding down on you. After a few seconds he spoke: “Yeah, I’m really just so happy for the two of you. But, the thing is (Y/N). Luke was so miserable. So, so miserable, when the two of you broke up. I don’t know, if we can all have him go through that again. We’re going to leave again. You know that, right?”
As Michael spoke, you could feel the knot tightening around your throat, and you swallowed. “Yeah, well. We haven’t talked about this yet, really,” you paused for a few seconds, “I just don’t think, that I can bare losing him again. And I feel like I might, when I start to think too much about it.” You looked back up at Michael for help.
His arm crept around your back and landed on your shoulders. He brought you into a mildly awkward side-hug.
“Yeah, I know (Y/N), I know. I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. But, I’m just gonna talk straight out the bag, or whatever you say. A good, healthy, happy relationship, which I assume you’re both trying to achieve, - even though it sounds a bit boring, if you ask me, - should never be based on being too afraid to speak your mind. I just think, that that is important to remember, right?”

You knew he was right, and that he had been all along. You were only really just fooling yourself by sitting around passively hoping for things to turn out right.

Michael gave you a squeeze before getting up and leaving the room.

You sighed, and laid back down on the bed. “Luke, oh, Luke.” you hummed again, staring at the ceiling. 

White stucco in the ceiling with beautiful roses and petals spreading across. As you lied there, almost chanting his name, you dreamt yourself back to forests in your childhood (back when nothing was this complicated).


“(Y/N)? You fell asleep. We missed dinner reservations.” Luke was sitting in a white t-shirt next to you. You could feel one of his hands in your hair.
You smiled and sat up straight.
Luke’s eyes traced your face before planting a kiss on your nose. “You look absolutely adorable and sleepy.”
You just smiled at him for a reply, and pulled him down with you. Luke smirked; “I guess we’re skipping dinner?”
“Yeah, I guess.” You smirked back up at him.


“Luke?” You were playing with his hair, the morning sunrays coming in through the window getting caught in the hair, making it appear golden and unearthly.
“Mhmm?” He hummed at you.
“Luke, you know, I really am so happy that we’re back together.” You paused, to check the mood.

He was just looking up at you, listening. You took a moment to take in his features.

“And I don’t know if I can bare having to break up again.” Luke now looked worried, and he reached out, and grabbed your hand.
“(Y/N), this better the fuck not be what I think it might be. I’m tearing up, babe. No.” Luke was getting panicky and you squeezed his hand.
“It hurt so fucking much the first time. I don’t know, if I will survive getting attached like that again.” You were tearing up too. You didn’t know where this was headed, but the emotion that had built up over the last week or so, was now welling up in the form of a quivering lip and tears threatening to spill.
Luke was squeezing tightly onto your hand now: “yeah, alright. We just wont stop trying this time, alright?” Tears were now blocking your vision.
You grabbed his elbows. You were sitting in front of eachother, both crying, this early saturday morning. You were sweaty and the tears were rolling down your cheeks and Luke still managed to look so beautiful with the sun in his hair and his eyes and the salty tears made them appear like two little bits of the ocean.
“Yes, but Luke? I can’t sit at home. This was why we stopped trying the first time. It is because it doesn’t fucking work.”
Luke’s hands were in your hair and on your shoulders, on your face, wiping away the tears. “Come with us on tour. Live in my suitcase, I don’t care. I wont stop trying this time, if you wont either?”

You wiped the last teardrops from your cheeks away and pulled Luke in for a hug.

“I’ll never stop trying for you, my sweet.”

- T-dog. (/Tess.. I’m sorry.) x