dont be a menus

the blob has canonically been around since episode 1 / 2 of car boys and thus it is entirely plausible to consider it as a negative influence on both busto 2.0 (corrupting him into a vengeful being) and on griffin & nick (as they become more and more torturous to the innocent automobiles within

hamilton + restaurant headcanons

(assuming theyre all sitting together)


  • sticks with water for his drink
  • but lowkey pours sugar packets into it
  • gets soup or salad every time
  • he asks for extra crackers…. he loves soup and crackers
  • (hes an old man)
  • he also sometimes ask for a piece of toast if hes feeling frisky 
  • never gets dessert. never. ever. ever.


  • literally if anyone touches his salsa he will fight them 
  • he loves sour cream from the bottom of his heart 
  • needs to have peppers in his QUESADILLAS or else 
  • he gets mountain dew if they have any but if not he just. gets beer 
  • like it could be 8 in the morning and hed still get a bottle of beer 


  • if you think this boy is getting anything other than a burger and fries you are dead wrong 
  • drizzles ketchup on his fries as well as vinegar and salt 
  • he usually has to take home something though 
  • he can never finish all of the burger AND all of the fries 
  • asks for ice cream even if hes full 
  • gets coke for his drink. 
  • (obviously) 


  • this man is getting eggs benedict 
  • no matter WHAT time of the day 
  • hes getting those eggies on his plate 
  • drinks hot tea or coffee with lots and lots of sugar
  • leaves a generous tip. like too nice 
  • doesnt eat his hashbrowns with ketchup (john calls him a sinner) 


  • if you think this man is getting anything OTHER THAN NACHOS 
  • he only eats them with guac though
  • asks for extra napkins all the damn time 
  • (he doesnt want to ruin his shirt) 
  • (but like he literally asks for napkins everytime the waitress comes back) 
  • (she doesnt like him) 
  • has discourse with john about pepsi vs coke 
  • because he prefers pepsi 


  • like its sitting on lettuce and is sprinkled with pepper or lemon or something 
  • doesnt get dessert and tries to snatch some from her sisters 
  • only drinks iced tea. only iced tea. 
  • (sometimes she steals some of johns fries too) 
  • (hes too busy arguing with hercules to notice) 
  • doesnt help leave a tip if the servers an ass 
  • ends up paying quite often though too


  • she gets french toast or waffles. 
  • of course. 
  • always asks for some sort of topping like whipped cream or chocolate chips or strawberry slices 
  • puts Too Much syrup on. 
  • (like way too much) 
  • she also basically only gets chocolate milk or hot chocolate 
  • she doesnt like drinking pop with her sweet and fluffy foods 
  • gets dessert even though ??? her meal was ??? basically dessert ??? 
  • (its normally cake) 
  • cant finish it 
  • of course she cant finish it 


  • she gets ribs. everywhere she goes she gets ribs and nothing else 
  • somehow eats it WITHOUT GETTI G ANY SAUCE ON HER FACE??? 
  • shes mastered the art 
  • drinks about 10 glasses of sprite to go with it 
  • gets up to pee like 10 times
  • only gets dessert if they have brownies 
  • and will stab anyone who tries to steal some from her with a fork 


  • if they dont give him mac and cheese from the kids menu he’ll get spaghetti
  • (*sigh* “well if im not allowed to get mac and cheese i guess *sigh* ill have the spaghetti” *sigh*) 
  • he’ll glare at the waiter whenever they come around 
  • gets cheesecake for dessert 
  • (he is a salty boy) 
  • finds something to complain to the manager about most days 


  • black coffee. 
  • nothing in it. 
  • will drink it even if its scalding hot 
  • he gets buttermilk pancakes. 
  • but with… nothing on them 
  • no syrup no strawberries no whipped cream 
  • not even butter 
  • (eliza stares at him in horror the entire time) 
  • just…. the pancakes by themselves ….

customer: im looking at the menu and i dont really see anything i want?

waiter: i do not care if you wanna eat here or not

Dating Bobby would include

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  • a lot of pet names like every pet name ever invented would be said to you one way or another 
  • babygirl, love, sweetheart, babe, baby, just everything that made your heart all tingly
  • would speak english to you constantly, i mean who wouldn’t love bobby speaking english
  • those friendship-kind-of-feel-skinship
  • the constant arm around your shoulders
  • and puts it around your head and putting you into a headlock
  • but then he chuckled when you’re not giving any restraint to his headlock bc he does this all the time
  • then he would put his head on top of yours and smell your hair 
  • he loveeesssss smelling your hair 
  • and would do it whenever he could i swear to god he would just smile whenever he smells it 
  • and whenever he’s sleeping over at your place he would borrow your shampoo
  • even buying the same one as yours and bring it on tour 
  • bc he said that it reminds him of you
  • wears those musky really masculine body wash and aftershave 
  • and he smells delishus
  • gives you all of his hoodies bc it smells like him 
  • and you’ll give it back to him when it’s starting to lose his smell
  • and he will take the hoodies back on tour because it smells like you
  • ok hold up. sorry but ok this is too intense for me
  • always holding your hand anywhere because he always walks faster than you and he would make you catch up to him
  • and a few pulling and tugging your arms just wait he’ll want to walk everywhere with you 
  • from night markets, malls, walking you to school, parks, everywhere just he’s very active okay 
  • he’s active, in bed 
  • all the food all the games?!! i mean its such a perfect date for bobby tbh
  • he would buy all this foods for you
  • and shoving them in your mouth first before devouring everything into his 
  • and would buy every single thing he sees bc he loves to eat and so does you
  • like both of you would just eat 24/7 
  • i feel like he would love his girl to eat just as well as he is 
  • so dont you order that fancy salad off the menu bc he just wont and cant have it 
  • and he would play those games and try to win the ridiculous prizes for you 
  • with his child like competitive side lets just imagine
  • and since u guys played all the time and bob is sooooo good at playing games (look at all the vapp guys hes  a downright ace) he would win a lot for you until your rooms will be FILLED with all the stuffs bobby won for you 
  • usually he will win you the really huge dolls, and when you play to win for him it will just be those really small trinkets (bc u suck) that bobby would keep in his room on top of his dresser 
  • and then eat again 
  • and again
  • always carrying tissues everywhere bc that boy cant eat properly to save his life 
  • and he would be whining when you wiped it off with a tissue and not with ur mouth!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
  • he would be so clingy and needy all the time tbh he would be so cute god help me 
  • mornings with bobby would go both ways
  • its either
  • lazy lazy mornings 
  • “babygirl staaayyyy in beeedddd”
  • “babe i want to sleep some more”
  • with that raspy voice?!@&?!
  • and pulls your body back straight to bed 
  • or 
  • he would be such an early bird waking up in the morning and cooking breakfast or eating leftover
  • reheating them in the microwave and not letting it hit 0 secs bcs the sound will wake you up in your sleep
  • he’ll let u sleep but would wake you up when he’s done eating because he’s bored
  • ordering americanos and drinking lots of coffee in general
  • just having strolls around the park with coffee in your hand and his hand in the other
  • ramen date nights!!!!
  • where both of u would just pig out and let ur face be swollen the next day
  • usually occurs when he has concerts and day offs the next after
  • no drama whatsoever in this relationship bc u both r chill af and ure both really secure with ur relationship
  • “well did you get jealous?”
  • “well, no, bcs i got you”
  • OH OH OH 
  • and since he’s really bad at taking care of himself esp his voice due to all the stress and those screaming and rap performances 
  • you would have to FORCE him to drink herbal hot green tea and thats when he hates loves u the most
  • “babe, sirheo” “babe no why it’s too hot” “ah babe too hot!!” “ah why did you make it that hot” “put a lot of honey in" 
  • but would secretly loves it when you’re so intent on making him feel better since he’s always working hard 
  • like bringing food whenever he wants u to and massaging him!!!
  • he would love massages from you and would do the same for u if youre tired 
  • flexes his abs 24/7 
  • and his arms like gOSh i get it ure hot i get it but YOU WOULD LOVE IT 
  • nuzzling into his arms and shoulders 
  • sharing every single thing you own 
  • eVERY LITTLE THING shirts pants god even toothbrushes 
  • whats yours is his whats his is yours
  • like its not even a debate anymore its rlly intense both of u just really really gives your all in this relationship, LITERALLY
  • at first u would be really hesitant to depend so much on him and shares everything
  • but then he would really look into your eyes and drills it into your head that
  • "a lot of things are yours, babe." 
  • and u know that he means it, like his heart is yours, his firsts are yours, he is yours
  • sharing clothes 
  • just imagine his really big oversized shirts worn by you
  • when you go public:
  • both of u would just go everywhere together and being the social butterfly he is, he would run into tons of people and would just proudly introduces you to everyone
  • writes all of his lyrics based on you
  • the sex would be so fucking good 
  • like i mean come on look at him 
  • will be so passionate every single time its just like a switch 
  • but will be pretty vanilla imo
  • will try to make both of you feel good 
  • only calling him "bobby” when you’re mad at him 
  • and when ure mad he will be turned on too bc thats what u call him in bed 
  • so every argument will be solved with sex whats wrong with that
  • its mostly just disagreement or when you’re both frustrated with each other bc ure both very stubborn 
  • frustrations there is just a lot of frustration
  • but he’s your ride or die
  • he will be SO PROTECTIVE and so a BIASED  towards you
  • will defend u till the ends of the earth in front of anyone
  • but thats what he loves most about you, that you’re stubborn
  • and thats what u love most about him the fact that he’s very passionate in everything that he do and he has a strong and clear vision of all his philosophy and choices 
  • so its always fun to see you bicker about the different opinions between the both of you
  • calls him jiwon, babe, baby, bb, bobba, bubba
  • “bobba” how cute :(((
  • a lot of midnight strolls and a lot of eating junk foods 
  • watch tv series together in his bed in his arms with ur legs tangled over each other and nose kisses and eye smiles and just everything cute and fluffy is in bob when he wants to be- ass grabbing in public 
  • “yah! babe!” and he would laugh at your reaction 
  • so you would spank him back 
  • and both of u would have a good laugh
  • matching tattoos, somewhere hidden with only the two of you who knows 
  • carpool karaokes 
  • rap battles
  • and if you’re not korean and you can’t even keep up with half the shit he spits
  • he would freestyle for you in full english so you could rap his songs
  • and probably would write you tons of lazy raps in english and record them 
  • and gives it to you for ur anniversary or birthday
  • plays guitar hero xbox
  • going to church togetherrrr!!!!!  
  • whenever he has the time to
  • bc i feel he would want someone with the same beliefs as him, but would love u nonetheless if ure not
  • sends memes and snapchat funny faces when he’s away on tour
  • can be really romantic if he wants to be, but you’re the kind of girl who loves fun relationship more than the romantic one
  • if you’re not from korea, he would love to travel to your country and learn about the culture
  • i feel like he will be so open to the possibility of dating an international fan
  • “babe, whats this” “uwa whats that” “babe what did u just say” “babe, teach me how to say i love you" 
  • and he would just know what to say i love you and i’m hungry 
  • afterall he would just be so amazing okay
  • if he ended up not to be with one of us please please i beg u with all the kindness in my heart pls pls take care of him
  • because he fucking deserves it 
  • he has one of the best hearts i know out there 
  • and u would not regret dating him bc he’s just really2 good with u and he understands u 
  • and will accept every single flaw within you with such love and compassion
  • and you would do the same thing for him and thats why your relationship will last 
  • bc the both of u really respects each other 
  • and rlly accepts one of the other so it’s easy to forgive one or two things that u guys might have done 
  • ok 
  • im done- let me live- 
  • he’s just the best ok

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magical nonsense

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haha yea right im doomed. 

paladins coffee orders!

lance: i feel like he would want something either really over the top sweet or something surprisingly simple so i would say either salted caramel mocha with extra caramel and mocha drizza OR a caffè latte

keith: since he is lactose intolerant i would probably guess an iced coffee with light sweetener because i dont think sweets are his favorite and he would prefer a more bitter drink

hunk: i think he would probably go for a simple drink thats also sweet because i dont think he would do bitter very well and would also want to make the baristas life as easy as possible so he would order a caramel macchiato

pidge: vanilla bean frappuccino. she is a 14 year old girl and kids dont like coffee so i dont think she would order off the espresso menu at all because she would HATE it. my girl loves her sweets.

shiro: nothing too sweet i think just like keith (broganes have the same tastes yeah?) but i feel like shiro would be big on the treat yourself idea with coffee and not an everyday drinker. so all of that taken into consideration i think hazelnut latte half sweet.

The worst person who ordered a unicorn frappuchino asked if we do the dark unicorn because she saw it on Facebook.
We told her no and she kept telling us how she saw it on Facebook.
Dont be like that lady. Order something off the menu

SQ Week - An Act of True Love
  • Emma [entering the office]: Hey, Regina. I brought lun-
  • Regina [interrupts]: Don't tell me it's another kale salad.
  • Emma: Uh... [guilty face] no... Yes.
  • Regina: That would be the fourth this week, Ms. Swan. I appreciate nutrition, but I am no rabbitt. And, is that a bearclaw? [she sees in Emma's hand]
  • Emma: Yeah, but I already bit- oh, hey!
  • [The bearclaw disappears from Emma's hand and appears in Regina's - Emma looks devastated]
  • Regina: Is there a problem, Sheriff? [she asks as she brings the pastry closer to her mouth, eyes defiant]
  • Emma: No... I guess we could trade lunches today; I could use the fiber. [sulking]
  • Regina: Or maybe we could share. [rom com zoom like it's "witch hunt" all over again]
  • Emma: I'd like that. [Her smile puts all puppies to shame]
  • (Later)
  • Regina: Thank you for the bearclaw. Dinner's on me, Emma.
  • EMMA: (◕‿◕✿)

So, up until 2 days ago, I thought relish was disgusting. Every time im offered relish, i gag just thinking about it. But while raiding my parents’ fridge, i had to move a jar of relish and something caught my eye. A little word, at the bottom of the label. “Dill”. What? A secondary label? As if there are more than one kind of relish? As if different kinds of relish can be made from different kinds of pickles? Then it hit me. So I grabbed the jar of relish and put a little on my barbecue sandwich. And was it disgusting? No. It tasted like dill pickles. Because it was dill relish, rather than the other most common kind, sweet relish.


I wrote alto hcs so now its time for miscellaneous elc ones

  • Unlike Alto, Elcrest’s penmanship is pretty messy. Still readable, thankfully, but he never really cleaned up his writing while he was alive. Knights don’t exactly need to know how to write neat at least. However, Elcrest actually specializes somewhat in cartography and landscapes. While they’re no where near professional status, generally he can make rough sketches of maps when it comes to studying terrain for advantage in battle.
  • Elc has a very good memory. He can recall many events with relative ease and details concerning those events.
  • Elc is actually a pretty good strategist when it comes to battle. He’s no proper tactician, mind you, but he’s very aware of his own strengths and weaknesses and takes it into account when it comes to his battling skill. When directing others, he tends to prefer exploiting enemy weaknesses by using other’s skill sets and terrain to their advantage. Alto’s own style slightly mimics this; however their approaches when it comes to battle is different. Elcrest is more cautious, but Alto is quicker to pull his friends back from out of danger than Elcrest is if an enemy is on the verge of attack. Alto depends on his friend’s strengths more where as Elcrest takes many enemies upon himself hence his skills like charge, arc slash and gale slash or high powered single target multi-attacks; he usually relies on Xeno flanking him as a sword-shield like combo ).
  • Elc reads in his spare time when he’s not training; its a hobby he shares with Xeno.
  • He prefers to eat fruits and trying different kinds is something he enjoys. While he doesn’t have an immense craving for sweets like xeno he does enjoy sweet and tangy fruits.
  • His favorite type of dessert is sorbet. He also has a soft spot for macarons and custard/fruit tarts.
  • he’s designated “dont drink too much alcohol, xeno, we talked abt this” duty; usually involving carrying xeno home when he has too much
  • Francisca was the first witch Elcrest tuned, but Hilda was his second considering the power of her nation versus Lambert’s. However, he grew closer to Hilda since their mindsets were more similar.

also a couple mor alto ones bc i can

  • Alto and Marie press flowers in Marie’s diary together. Alto brings back some for her from his missions and they identify them together. The picture of a flower in his room was given to him by Marie. Marie’s favorites are moon lilies.
  • His favorite food is Rosa’s home cooked omelettes with ham and potatoes. Usually any omelette stuffed to the brim will do it for him, but his sweet spot is hers. Any dish involving ham, potatoes, or eggs, though, tends to go high on his list. He really likes quiches too.

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Hi! Can I ask for a hc regarding Jumin trying various "commoner foods" with MC for the first time? He talks a lot about being raised on "proper food". (Also your writing is amazing and you're a blessing thank you :'>)


also i’m gonna write this on foods common in america, since i dont know a lot about Korean food `~`

*cracks knuckles*

Hot Dogs

  • MC insists Jumin has an authentic hot dog from a street vendor, just like they did growing up
  • “hello sir. i’d like one plain hot dog please”
  • MC grabs Jumin’s arm and pulls him away
  • “Jumin, you cant talk like that to a street vendor. he’ll way overcharge you”
  • “but why would the price be different based on how i ask for a hot dog?”
  • oh, Jumin. you’re so hopelessly adorable
  • MC sighs, smiling
  • “just watch. i’ll get us both hot dogs”
  • MC approaches the vendor
  • “gimmie two dogs with ketchup”
  • “that’ll be two bucks”
  • MC turns back to Jumin, smirking, and mouths the word
  • see?
  • Jumin applauds quietly
  • “alright, Jumin. ready for a taste of my childhood?”
  • Jumin wants to say yes but honestly he’s not sure
  • how…how do they get the meat into this weird tube shape?
  • he asks MC
  • “you dont wanna know, sweetheart. now eat your hot dog”
  • Jumin shrugs and bites into it, looking extremely awkward
  • MC giggles watching him try to eat it
  • “i dont really understand this, but i will admit it’s quite delicious”
  • only Jumin can say that he doesnt understand hot dogs and still be the cutest man on the planet


  • MC takes Jumin to an old school diner
  • “this is so…quaint”
  • geez Jumin, you might as well just say you hate it
  • MC picks a booth to sit in and Jumin is just like ???? whY IS THIS CHAIR SO LONG???
  • “MC, i have a few questions about this menu”
  • “dont worry about the menu, Jumin. we’re here for milkshakes”
  • “milkshakes? what is-”
  • “you’ll see”
  • Jumin is ???? but decides to trust MC
  • they order one vanilla milkshake and one strawberry milkshake
  • when the milkshakes get there, MC gives Jumin the vanilla one, leaning forward
  • “well? take a sip!”
  • Jumin takes the cherry from the top of his drink and gently sets it on a napkin, placing it on the table
  • he sips up the thick, sweet milkshake
  • Jumin looks at MC with wide eyes
  • “this is incredible!”
  • MC smiles
  • “i know, right?? and they’re romantic, too”
  • “romantic? but how-”
  • MC takes a bendy straw and puts in Jumin’s drink
  • then, pulling oh Jumin’s sleeve they say
  • “we can drink together”
  • Jumin’s cheeks turn bright red
  • so close!!! in such a public place!!!
  • h e  l o v e s  i t


  • “it’s so loud in here”
  • MC ignores that
  • “alright Jumin, here’s what we’re working with. you can get a salad, quesadilla, burrito, or burrito bowl. i suggest the bowl”
  • there are police sirens screaming in Jumin’s brain right now
  • what,who,i’m,wh confused
  • “wh….what’s in the bowl?”
  • “it’s basically like a deconstructed burrito”
  • “whats in a burrito”
  • oh god, this was a mistake
  • “just stand behind me, i’ll order for you”
  • *while MC is ordering*
  • “MC, doesnt that seem like too much corn?”
  • “okay Jumin why dont you go pick a table and i’ll meet you there in a sec”
  • when MC brings Jumin his food he’s even more confused
  • he sifts through the food with his fork
  • “Jumin, you’re acting like a little kid. just take a bite!”
  • MC happily munches down on their own bowl
  • is takes a few seconds for Jumin to even get enough food on his fork
  • finally, he’s ready to take a bite
  • “oh, interesting. this ‘bowl’ isnt exactly aesthetically appealing but it tastes quite nice”
  • MC rolls their eyes but still smiles
  • “i’m glad you like it, weirdo”
  • they take a small cup of guac out and eats some chips with it
  • “MC, whats that youre eating now?”
  • “just finish you’re bowl, Jumin. one new thing at a time”


  • Jumin was working hard, even though it was saturday
  • MC comes into his study, singing
  • “lunch is served!”
  • Jumin looks away from his papers, beaming at MC
  • “my darling, its so pleasant to see your face. what are we having for lunch today?”
  • MC dramatically places a plate with a sandwich neatly cut diagonally, and a few apple slices with triangles cut out at the top
  • Jumin tilts his head
  • “whats all this?”
  • “my favorite lunch since i was little! PB&J and bunny apple slices”
  • “PB&J?”
  • “it means peanut butter and jelly. it’s what’s in the sandwich!”
  • Jumin doesnt have the heart to tell MC that peanut butter and grape jelly sounds like a terrible combination, so he just smiles and bites into the sandwich
  • boy, was he wrong
  • “MC, this is incredible! how did you come up with this?”
  • MC laughs
  • “i didnt come up with it!”
  • “who did?”
  • “…i…i dont know….?”
  • Jumin takes another big bite of the sandwich
  • he wonders if there are cat friendly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • elizabeth has got to try this

PS: this is what bunny apple slices look like

cute, right? i feel like Jumin would go nuts over them

thanks for the request, i really hope you like it!!

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Buddy this is not uh, the right blog. Would you mind taking to tagging things like that? Just smth like NSFW so filters can catch it. ;u;



I was tagged by @mon-d-i-e-u i love you!!! i dont usually do this but u caught me while im watching great british menu so i need something to do with my  hands

name: Lotte
nickname: latte, frappe, jeffrey
zodiac: libra
height: 5ft6
orientation: lesbiain
favourite fruit(s): Mango, raspberries
favourite season: Spring!
favourite book(s): The Handmaid’s Tale - Margaret Atwood
favourite flower(s): in order: Forget-me-nots, Tulips, Heliotrope, Fuschia
favourite animal(s): Giraffes, flamingos
favourite beverage: uuuuuuuuuh irn bru or fresh mint tea
average hours of sleep: 7-8
favourite fictional characters: w o w. Jehan (LM), Enjolras (LM), Moira (THT), Dante (AADDTSOTU),

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Larry: Badcop, may I vent for a moment? Not about you. Just in general.
BC: sure. Let loose whatever you need.
Larry: Its this job. No. thats actually only part of the problem. The bigger part are the customers, sadly. You know, public service problem.
BC: I dont know, Larry. My customers usually dont bother me much after I turned them in. What about yours, though?
Larry: The ungratefullness. You surely know about that. Here we three are, doing jobs for them and all you get is disrespect. Like…

I often work six days a week. Often at ridiculous shifts and sometimes doubleshifts. I am no god I am a mere man.
Yet people expect me to telepathically know their tastes, desires and deepest coffeewishes even though i never met them before. They tell you to guess and then get angry if you dont manage to magically get it right at first try.
Because they are regulars in other shops of the coffee chain they think their custom banana crushed ice caramelsyrup frappuchino extra latte recipe is known countrywide.
And again people require me to be telepathically engaged, by expecting me to know their biological background. Like this guy ordering a cafe LATTE with no extra remarks of any kind and then throwing the hot cup into my face because the LATTE had MILK in it when he “clearly” was lactose intolerant! How dare me! Clearly I deserved burning liquid in my face that day!
Or that one dude who bought a coffee, then himself dunked 15 packages of sugar into it and THEN blamed ME for it being too sweet and how I should give him his money back! Yeah! Sure!
Its not like I get paid so low here that I myself cant even afford the coffee I give out! Because “minimum wage” is a joke.
like, LADY, I dont CARE what facebook told you. We have no secret menu! This isnt the disney club 33! Its a regular coffee chain! But please, if you insist this menu exists, at least have the decency to tell me whats in that magical “espresso nr 5″ or else i will literally just make you a regular espresso with a hint of vanillah.
But haha what am I complaining about, clearly I chose this destiny of mine and thus should be grateful to be treated like a doormat by lawstudents whose daddy owns a company or by middleaged housewifes who think glamourmagazines are reallife advice!

BC: Wow…. I had no idea…
Larry: I wanted to study economy. But didnt have the funds.
BC: psssh. It aint your fault. But maybe try to find a job somewhere else.
Larry: yeah… i guess…. How … was your day?

GC: Ah, nothing. Our boss almost killed us today.
Larry: dude…..again?

(seriously though. Stop giving people who stand behind a counter, or work in public in general, the shit! They only want to be treated like regular humanbeings! With the base level of respect! Even though they deserve so much more , since they do a job that many would die mentally or physically if they had to do it. Respect, ppl! please q n q )