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Consider: Group mom ace aro Christine brings snacks everywhere and is the best shoulder to cry on. And if anyone tries to force her to date they get the wrath of the rest of the group.

I VEHEMENTLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS aroace christine gives me LIFE, michael’s the one who eats her snacks the most and brooke & jake r the ones who cry to her the most

i feel like for the most part everyone leaves her be with dating because ppl r understanding and Everyone likes christine (plus she can handle herself) but jake has this tendency to like Get Involved even if she’s handling it fine since he’s the one most willing to get into a fight for his friends so its just

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People go into depth though with chapters... jesus fucking christ. it's like "SO I THINK THEY ARE BOTH SUFFERING FROM _____ DISORDER... SANGWOO HAS NO TASTE BUDS.... THE LAUNDRY POWDER SANGWOO USES MUST BE _____ BECAUSE -" like for fucks sake just ENJOY IT

I find it particularly funny because last Q&A, majority of Koogi’s answers could be summed up with a nonchalant “It’s not that deep” and I feel like any writer (or artists in general) can relate to that.


Look, Ben didn't care, and I don’t, either.

  • Person: I'll never understand people with online friends. You can't meet them! You don't know if they're actually who they say they are!
  • Me: Welcome to the twenty-first century, sweetheart. This might be hard for you to understand, but now we have ways to communicate with people from all over the world, and- this one's really unbelievable- we have the means to travel to those places and meet them. Crazy, right?
  • Person: It's kinda sad. Like, they really can't make actual friends?
  • Me: What's sad is that some people will only interact with those that they can stand next to, when there's a whole world of interesting great people out there.

If there wasnt any culture that encouraged rape and pedophilia, then we wouldnt see any rape and pedophilia. If we lived in a culture that treated this as 100% disgraceful, and didnt encourage it through Porn culture, kink culture, sexual objectification of women in genreal, then the men having these urges, would feel so ashamed for ever having them, they would not act on them. And if it had proper consequences, they wouldnt even dare to. 

you know you have rape culture, when the justifications the rapist comes up with, is the same as the people who dont rape. “she asked for it, because of what she was wearing and how she acted”.

a person who doesnt and will never rape could tell you this. just as much as any rapist.

it is not a “misunderstanding” or a “fluke” in history from a time where people were “more stupid” then we are now. It is learned and ingrained.

Reasons to love Blind Al

1. Give love and life lessons/advices 


3. Mastered the sass


5. Ultimate Cat Lady who instead of cats takes a stray homeless Pool of Dead Cells back home and store a large amount of weapons in her house even tho she wont rob a bank or commit a murder or something

6. Maybe she did, who know

7. I love badass female character who doesnt give a fuck

Gifts and Brown Eyes

It started with a gift.

He didn’t even see it at first when he threw himself down on his bed after a long day of assisting his father in the Underworld, he was dead beat tired (no pun intended) and just wanted to rest for a few hours before getting something to eat. It was jammed into his shoulder, stabbing him enough so it was highly uncomfortable. He rolled off of it with a frown and ran his hands over the black sheets until his hand wrapped around a golden bracelet. it was simple and….unless he was mistaken, which he probably wasn’t, he was holding a gold Pandora bracelet, though he had always thought they only ever came in silver. It only had one charm on it, a silver circle with a picture of Italy. He frowned, picked it up and brought it down to his fathers throne room.

“Father,” he asked with a frown. “Where did this come from?”

Hades spared the bracelet a glance. “Hermes delivered it, didn’t say who it was from.”

“And you just….let him put it on my bed?”

“Alecto made sure it was safe,” then waved him away and went back to whatever it was he had been doing.

Still frowning, Nico slipped the bracelet onto his wrist, shocked to find it was a perfect fit. Well then.

The next day he went to visit his sister at Camp Jupiter, she and Frank had been living together for a little over a year now and he never stuck around long enough to check the place out, it was pretty nice, pastel colors, nice kitchen appliances, small but it wasn’t like they were trying to fit in anyone besides themselves. He decided he liked it. He wished he could have a place like this, somewhere he could call home that wasn’t the Underworld or Camp Half Blood. Hell, he wanted a place that was totally away from the demigod world. Small, private but not closed off from the world, where he could be alone but still get in contact when he needed too.

“Its nice,” he said as he took a seat on the couch.

Hazel grinned at him as she handed put a plate of cookies in front of him and then put one firmly into his hand. “Eat. And I know it is, Reyna offered Frank bigger quarters, but he decided he liked this better
and so did I.” her smiled turned gentle. “Its very….cozy.”

“I like it.” he said, which was rather obvious because he had already said so.

Hazel took a seat next to him and looked like she was about to say something but then she stopped and frowned. “Hey Nico?”


“Where did you get that bracelet?”

He looked down at it too. “Um, it was a gift.”

“From who?” she asked.

He shrugged. “Dont know, Hermes delivered it, but Dad made sure it was safe…so it must be.”

Hazel smiled slightly and gave him a funny look. “Aren’t you curious?”

He shrugged. Truth was, he was very curious of who given him a present, but he didn’t really want to talk about it. For some reason, the bracelet seemed like a something that was in the museum, beautiful, rare, something to be seen and admired but not to be touched but by the right people, people who were allowed to. Huh, the bracelet it seemed, had a very strange possessive air about it, but in a way he liked.

His next present was another charm, and instead of keeping left on his head, it was simply on already placed on his bracelet. It was a small gray lightning bolt with black at the point. For some reason, instead of spooking, he though it…sweet, but confusing nonetheless. The next few days he woke up with a charm on his wrist, each one of them with a picture of some part of the world, there was DC with a picture of the white house, then Los Vegas with the Viva Los Vegas sign , then Maine that was accompanied by a lobster

After that, there was a pause of presents, but Nico didn’t mind, he was still trying to figure out who was giving him presents and why, what they wanted from them, and how own feelings about receiving such….personal gifts. He had a lot of questions, like, how did this person know where Nico had lived? What was the red sports car about, because Nico didn’t even know how to drive,

A small part of him, a very, very small part had hopped that it was from Percy, but he then quickly shot down that idea, he doubted Percy could be this well….wooing. Because, yes, he had to admit, he was wooed, just a little bit. Or a lot, whatever.

He asked his father again, just in case, who had given him the present. At the time he had been sitting around with Demeter and Persephone, who were back for the winter. While his father had rolled his eyes and scolded him he saw Demeter giving his bracelet a funny look before smirking the slightest bit and going on while eating her cereal.

Nico confronted her later.

“Whats with the look?”

She gave him a innocent face he didn’t believe. “What look?”

He held up his wrist. “You gave my bracelet a funny look, whats up with that?”

Demeter shrugged and started walking away. “Nothing at all, my dear, its just a charming gift.”

My dear? Had the goddess lost her marbles? When had she ever called him anything but ‘the brat’ or 'bastard child.’ It was also like she was….respecting him. How odd. Actually, very odd, what
the hell was going on?

When Nico woke up, he couldn’t tell if it was night or day, he went down to his fathers throne room like he always did, the god of the underworld waved him forward with a long, pale finger. Nico approached his father who held out a yellow envelope, it looked odd against the black backdrop.

“Hermes delivered it while you were sleeping. Didnt say from who it was from,” he added as a afterthought.

He frowned and opened the letter, it was a eye shell colored, heavy paper with fancy tipped words in a single sentence.

The Laurel Room. Venice, Italy. Floor 4 Room 777.

And he went, he wasn’t really sure why, but he did, because he was curious, he was hoping that maybe whoever was sending him those gifts would be waiting for him there. The Laurel Room turned out to be apartment building, a really, really nice one, like the penthouses in new york, though its more….European styled, it was made out of cobblestone and the balcony’s where painted yellow and made from wood, there’s vines climbing up the side walls blooming purple flowers he doesn’t known the name of, some Italian guy held the door open for him with a bright smile without saying a world, nobody stops him or even questions when he goes to the elevator and goes up to the fourth floor, which is apparently the highest floor of the building. He found room 777 and tried the lock. The door swung open at his
touch and went inside.

And cant find anything about the place he doesn’t like.

Its small, but at the same time its big, open. The color pallet was to his taste but also light, black with a lot of gray, purple, yellow and touches of light green here and there. The front room is the kitchen, which was all silver appliances and tan floors and black cabinets which are stocked with food, the fridge was too. All with his favorite food. Which was weird…because he didn’t ever really eat in front of people.

He wasn’t sure if the next room was the bedroom or the living room, either way, he liked it, the walls were that light green and the floor was dark hardwood. The bed was a fourposter that was beded with black pillows, blankets and sheets, with throw pillows that were green and yellow and had purple curtains that where nearly see threw. On the opposite of the bed there was a small flat screen on the wall with a whole crap loud of DVD’s and a DVD player. There was a bay window next to curtains that hid doors that led out to the balcony. Besides that there was a bathroom in a small hallway and another small room that was completely empty.

Nico didn’t put on the TV. He didn’t touch the food. He sat down on the bed, kicked off his shoes and laid down on the bed. It was quiet, he was alone, in a small but cozy place, where he could feel and hear the living on the streets, he was safe, he was tired, and he had a place he could go without being bothered.

“Thank you.” he whispered into the pillows. He hoped that whoever they were, they heard him somehow.

Not to far away, a god smiled.

When he woke up, there was a charm holding a blue stone on the bedside table, he sat up, the sun was coming up in the distance. He slipped it on, not at all knowing that the stone was actually a blue
diamond, a very real, very expensive blue diamond. He slipped it on, smiled at the weight it put on his wrist and huddled back under his cocoon of blankets.

“Dude where have you been?” Jason said when he came to visit camp about….a week later? two weeks? He wasn’t sure. “I haven’t seen you in over two weeks.” Alright, three weeks. It was time for his and Frank’s monthly Mythomagic fight. The son of Mars was already sitting at a table in the middle of Jason’s cabin, shuffling his deck and setting up the board.

“Sorry,” he said. “Whats the big deal anyways? Did Percy and Annabeth get engaged? Did the Stolls set something on fire? Did Leo finally get a date?”

“The big deal is that I’m your best friend and you haven’t spoken to me in almost three weeks and both I and Hazel have been worried. As for the other questions? No, yes and no.”

Nico rolled his eyes, took of his jacket and sat down on Jason’s bed with a roll of his eyes. “Anyways, whats up?”

“Nothing,” Jason shrugged. “Just wanted to see how you where,-hey whats that?”

Nico looked down at his bracelet, which had collected two more since the blue diamond, one was a bronze sword, the other a silver angel. It had dawned  to him just a few days ago that whoever was giving him presents was retelling his life story with charms. And, once again, didn’t find it creepy, but rather sweet.

“A bracelet,” he said dumbly.

“Yeah, no shit.” Jason snorted. “I mean, dude, where did it come from?”

“Someone gave it to me.” he didn’t know why, but he blushed.

“Who’s someone?” Jason asked.

Nico shrugged. “Dont know.”

Jason and Frank shared a look before Frank came to sit with them on the bed, he nudged Nico with his shoulder. “Come on, Nico,” Frank prompted. “You can tell us.”

He looked up at them. “Guys,” he said softly. “I’m being serious, I really don’t know who it is.”

It was quite for a moment before Jason suddenly lunged at his wrist. “Are you insane?” Jason said, looking for the clasp. “Wearing something you don’t who gave it to you? This could be a trap, it could be a monster it could-”

“Its not a monster!” he slapped the top of Jason’s head and tore his wrist away. “Just because some gives me a present doesn’t mean that- that they have to be evil or something!” he said, feeling rather hurt.

“Thats not what I meant and you know it,” Jason said softly. “I’m just concerned…..especially with you being away for so long, your sister called downstairs-” he pointed to the ground and got a laugh from Frank. “And Hades said you weren’t there. Where were you then?”

“I was in Venice,” he said honestly. “I mean, Demeter and Persephone have been being nice to me which its kinda freaking me out and my dad’s been acting weird. Whoever gave me the bracelet um….kinda got me a apartment.”

Jason and Frank shared a look. “What?”

“A apartment. I um, had just been thinking the day before I wanted a place of me own and then I got a letter saying to go to the Laurel Room in Venice, which I did. Its pretty small,” he admitted. "But I really like it.“ and smiled slightly.

Jason opened his mouth to saw something but was interrupted by Frank who was looking at Nico thoughtfully.

"I don’t know about you Jason,” Frank began. “But doesn’t it sound like……Nico’s being courted?” and looked at the blond with a raised brow.

Jason frowned. “Well yeah but-” he stopped when he saw the way Frank was looking at him. “Oh,” he said, then his eyes widened. “Oh no no, dude you cant be serious!”

Frank nodded with a frown.

“What?” Nico demanded. “What are you guys talking about?”

Jason looked too pained to say anything so Frank said, “Dude, your being courted by a god.”

Nico stared at Frank with disbelief. “What?”

“But that….”

“Dude think about it. You said Demeter and Persephone have been acting nice to you?” Frank asked, he nodded. “Well that’s enough right there. Its kind of job code to be nice to your fellow gods lovers or someone their courting, unless your like, interested in them too.”

“Zeus killed my mother, how is that being nice?” he grumbled.

“Zeus gets to break whatever rules he wants,” Frank said dismissively. “The other gods, however, cant. Why do you think Persephone never went after your mother? or Poseidon’s wife never went after Percy’s mom? Its against their laws.”

Nico frowned. “I’m being courted….by a god.” he repeated.

“Or a goddess.” Jason offered.

Frank shock his head. “Nah, I don’t think so. The gods know Nico’s preference, and besides, a female would be more straightforward and probably want you to give them gifts. But if its a male," Frank blushed a little. "Well…they probably see you as a….as their eromenos.” Both he and Frank blushed a bright cherry red.

“Oh,” he said softly.

“A what?” Jason asked.

“Well,” Frank began. “ Back in Ancient Greece times there was something….well lets call it a erastes/eromenos relationship. Erastes was the older male who educated, protected and  loved the younger eromenos who paid the older guy back with his beauty, youth and faithfulness.”

“And they did the do?” Jason guessed.

“Well yeah.” Frank said, still flushed.

“And well, the Eromenos had the right to refuse if he so wanted but it was also the duty of the erastes to court whom struck their fancy, get it?” he asked

“I get it.” Jason sparred Nico a glance. “You get it?”

“I get it,” Nico assured him. “I just cant believe it.” This had to be a mistake.

“Well,” Frank said, crossing his legs on Jason’s bed and ignoring the look that Jason shot him. “We can probably narrow it down. He’s probably courting you because you’ve shown some dislike
for him in the past, so we can eliminate any Underworld gods alright?”

“The only Underworld god is really my father or Thanatos, so yeah, go ahead.” Nico nodded.

“Um….so what Olympians do you dislike exactly?” Frank asked.

“Pretty much all of them,” he admitted with a shrug, Jason’s cabin thundered and the blond rolled his eyes as if to say 'dad take your period pill and eat some chocolate.’

“Well that narrows it down so much,” Jason said sarcastically.

Nico shrugged, he was still blushing.

“You alright?”

“Yeah,” Nico said with a nod. “I just wished I knew who he was, is all.”

“God I hope its not my dad.” Frank groaned, flopping down on Jason’s bed and hiding his face in the blonds pillow dramatically, Nico’s nose wrinkled at once at the thought.

“I’m pretty sure its not your dad, Frank.” Jason said, grabbing Nico’s bracelet covered wrist. “This is far to romantic and considerate for him.”

“His girlfriend is the goddess of love,” Frank reminded him, slightly muffled. “I’m sure he’s been doing something right all these years.”

“Dude,” Jason said. “I’m picturing things I never wanted to picture, so stop right now. So lets mark off Ares and Mr. D because their both very, very unlikely. And kinda gross. And my dad too because Nico please don’t sleep with my dad.”

“Hera would have cursed him by now.” Frank assured him. Jason let out a sigh of relief.

“And I would never sleep with your dad, trust me.” Nico said with a slight growl.

“Theres no guarantee its a Olympian though,” Frank frowned. “It could be a minor god too, maybe that’s why nobody’s said anything about it to you yet. Even if it is a minor god, they still have to follow the rule of respect.”

“Guys, just stop!” Nico said, waving his hands around. “Just stop it! your gonna drive yourselves and me crazy with thinking about this, I’ll find out when its the right time, alright? And that's the end of it!” and with that, hiding his blushing face, Nico went to the nearest darkened corner and shadow traveled, completely forgetting about his and Franks planned game.

There was another present for him when he walked into his bedroom/living room. Two of them actually, one was another charm, this one with a picture of the Hollywood sign to symbolize Los Angeles. He slipped the new charm onto his wrist and picked up the small blue wrapped box. He untied the ribbon, opened the lid. The new Mythomagic deck, one he’d been trying to get his hands on for works, laid inside. He smiled and blushed the slightest bit, he held the pink deck (it was a Aphrodite styled one) to his chest and laid back down on the bed. He was well aware he was acting like a twelve year old girl swooning over her crush, but he didn’t care. They had willingly given Nico mythomagic, like their own personal saying that they didn’t mind it, maybe even encouraged it.

The next week was a very fast blur of gifts, there were a few charms, San Francisco, a skull, a gold nugget, a sea green wave, a black spiral, a tiny ship. A 100 dollar gift card to McDonald’s, he was pretty sure he loved his gift giver, yup definitely. The wide collection of gifts were a little startling, it was like there was some big count down that he was missing, or whoever they were was trying to spoil him rotten, because in all honesty he could get used to walking up with chocolate on his bedside table everyday.

But he has to forcibly tell himself that this is a god, and he should just appreciate what he’s been given thus far because well, he knows very well how this could all end, besides, you know, the god throwing him to the side, which was what he’s 90% sure was gonna happen.

He went out during the day, explored Venice, sometimes there was a note on his bed side suggesting something to do, and more then once there had been money for him to go somewhere that costed something or actually eat at one of those little restaurants he had been admiring, or go shopping, whoever his god was they always left him a suggestion. One day he fines it. The house he was raised in with Bianca, its still there, which amazes him. Sure its old and raggedy and its now abandoned, but its sadly beautiful, or maybe just in his eyes. Those were the steps that he and Bianca would walk down together on their way to school, there was the window he would always see his mother threw before he even entered the house. He could still picture it, her in
her rocking chair with her high laced dress, knitting something or other for him or Bianca, she would hear his laugh and look up and smile at him.

His eyes were red by the time he got back to the Laurel Room. When he opened the door their was a box of tissues on his kitchen counter, he took one with a watery chuckle and wiped at his eyes.

“Thanks,” he muttered to the empty apartment. It was getting late, nearing midnight and he was dead beat tired. No pun intended. He stripped out of his clothes and slipped under the soft sheets naked, he loved the way the material felt against his bare skin, it was like silk, but more of a cotton like material, and it was blissfully comforting. It wrapped around him like strong, but comforting  arms, slowly putting him to sleep. He had dreams about his mother and his sister, but for once they were not unpleasant.

He awoke, oddly, in the middle of the night, at around three am. It was all very sudden, like he had jumped after someone had slapped him. He felt a presence near by, something that alarmed every cell in his body. Oh gods….maybe Jason had been right, maybe this all really was just a trap for a monster.

He really wished he hadn’t slept in the nude. A monster seeing his junk whip around was not on his bucket list. 

He laid there quietly for a moment, trying to listen. And then very suddenly sat up.

And screamed.

The being sitting cross legged on his bed screamed with him until he suddenly stopped, his face blushing a dark red.

“Apollo?” he demanded.

“The one and only.” the blond responded.

Gods, know he knew why Apollo was considered the most beautiful of all the gods. Of course he had seen him before, but at the time he had been blinded by Percy Jackson, but he immediately wiped that thought aside. This wasn’t about Percy, gods no, this was about….this was about-

“I see you like the presents.”

Nico couldn’t get over his smile.

“They were lovely.” Nico said, feeling like his face was gonna burn off. “Thank you Lord-”

Apollo waved his hand. “Oh no my treasure , no need for that 'Lord’ or 'sir’ nonsense. Just call me Apollo.” He shot him that white hot smile again, which practically melted his heart into goo.

“Apollo,” he repeated, his cheeks firmly stayed their bright red.

Apollo wore a pair of khaki shorts that ran just below his perfectly tanned knee, his wavy blond hair was stylishly messy on top of his head, yet at the same time looked very neat and proper and classy, his tanned arms…well they were bare. along with his perfectly tanned, perfectly sculptured, perfectly everything chest and stomach and sides and wow it was hot in here. Better take your clothes off.

No Nico, no, this is not the time to make song reference.

His eyes, they kinda reminded him of Jason’s or Percy’s in the way they held both immense strength and gentle kindness in them. They were this very warm blue, like if the sun was blue instead of yellow and the blue glowed the way the sun does that would be the blue. If that made sense, but it doesn’t.

Couldn’t have just said shiny and warm eyes could you Nico? No of course not.

“Mm,” Apollo hummed. “It sounds so lovely on your lips. Say it again?” Apollo prompted, eyes going all sparkly.

“Um….” Gods now he was hard. Okay Nico, you’ve been reading erotic fanfiction for years, what would Stiles do? “Why don’t you….make me?” he asked, eyes all big and brown and so innocent.

Apollo smirked at him. “Your cute when you try to be seductive.” And then the blond crawled up the bed until he was laid on top of Nico’s naked body, separated by nothing but his silky cotton sheets. He moaned softly and immediately blushed, the red only growing when Apollo laughed softly at him, his hands, tan and long, slipped under the blanket and ran over his pale sides. His breath shaking, Nico spread his legs under the covers and allowed Apollo to crawl in between them above the sheets.

“So um….you gave me all the presents?”

“I thought that was obvious,” Apollo smirked, hand going lower to cradle his thin hip. “But just to clarify, yes, I left them.”

“They were very thoughtful,” Nico breathed as Apollo slipped out of his shorts and slipped under the sheets with Nico, his body was toasty warm against Nico’s very cold one, he found himself wrapping his arms around the god, wanting more warmth.

“Mmm,” Apollo said, and kissed Nico’s neck. Nico whimpered, blushed, and sank his nails the slightest bit into the gods back. his necklace, the only thing he never took off, ran coolly across the gods tanned back, Apollo perked up at the touch and gently grabbed at his wrist and held it up against Nico’s face. The god was frowning.

“I’m disappointed,” the god said, and Nico’s heart dropped to his stomach. “Pandora is supposed to have the most beautiful jewelry, yet its nothing compared to your face.”

Nico tried to hid his face from the god, because this had to be a dream, Apollo wasn’t really saying this to him, no no no. He had to stop this stupid dream of his at once.

“Thank you, my lord.” he said instead. And then because his mouth is stupid he continues and says, “I cant help but wonder though, if the gifts are just a plod for me to allow you into
my bed.”

And instead of, you know, dying like he had kinda expected, Apollo just smirked. “Just a little,” he admitted. “But you see Nico, I’m already in your bed. So What ya gonna do 'bout it?” In answer, Nico spread his legs wider and slowly balances them on the smirking gods shoulders, his skin already overheated and tingling.

Apollo smirked down at him, and in one big jerk of the hips slammed his entire mast into Nico’s hole.

And felt nothing. Nothing but pleasure. He stared up at the god in wonder as he moaned loudly.

“Their are perks of being a god, no boring preparation is merely one of them.” And then started to move slowly.. His breath hitches, his ankles crossed over on another over Apollo’s back, his nails sunk into his shoulders, his eyes closed.

“Keep them open,” Apollo commanded, his eyes opened at once. “I wanna see those big brown eyes.” he kissed Nico, and it tasted the way sunshine felt against your cheek after a terribly frozen winter. His eyes-big and brown supposedly-looked up into Apollo’s blue ones as the god humped into him, one hand on his hip, strong and forceful, the other resting on his cheek, gentle and warm as his fingers ran over his flushed cheeks.

Every other one of Apollo’s thrusts hit his prostate head on, which he guessed the god did on purpose, just to tease him, just to make him cling to him harder and plead softly for more, for full attention to his most sensitive area. Nico’s moans turned higher and higher, his legs shake around the gods body, he had never had any experience with anything sexual, so the slightest touch made him feel as if he was about to explode. He hadn’t ever even been kissed before. Something told him it wasn’t his own will that was keeping his orgasm back.

He’s eyes closed again as a particularly hard thrust sent his whole body riding up the bed, Apollo’s hand moved from his face and held onto his waist, pulling him back into place. His eyes had clamped closed at the force and pleasure.

“Eyes open, Nico.” Apollo said sharply, they opened at once, allowing the tears of pleasure to fall down his cheeks.

“Apollo,” he whispered, he pulled the god down so he could whimper into his shoulder. “Apollo, oh gods,” the bed creaked in protest as the god’s thrusts became more frantic, more passionate.
“Feels so good,” his breath hitched, whimpers fell from his lips, he spread his legs farther as Apollo changed his angle and sent Nico into a screaming fit.

His hips lifted off the bed as his back arched, nailing frantically at his gods back and screaming bloody murder, god, he wouldn’t have minded, dying this way, in this eternal bliss of getting his ass wrecked by Apollo. Without even lasting even five minutes, and no he’s not even a little ashamed, and with his cock going untouched, red and throbbing against his own belly, he came all over himself with a scream of the gods name, his hips bucking out of Apollo’s grasp and his mind feeling like it had been lite on fire as white light exploded behind his eyes. When he came too, his hole was filled with the cum of a god and said god was laid out on the sheets next to him, hands behind his head and smiling the slightest bit.

“Apollo,” he whispered, voice breaking.

The god turned on his side and ran a hand threw his ebony hair. “Mm, its alright my love, let Hypnos take you into your dreams. But first!” The god hopped out of bed, buck as nude and pulled something out of his khakis. This present was a long, thin golden necklace, with two charms hanging from it. One was a golden lyre, the other the sun. He propped Nico’s head up, which the boy was thankful for because he didn’t think he could move enough to do it on his own, and slipped it upon his neck. “I got a bit ahead of myself,” The god admitted. “I was supposed to offer you the gift to symbolize you being my lover to all other mythological creatures, demigods, gods, monsters, everything, it’ll give you a lot of protection and respect etc, and you well I was gonna properly
ask you before actually sleeping with you.”

Nico breathed softly in response, fingers shaking from exhaustion coming down to play with the charms. He nodded in response.

Apollo leaned over him and gave him a award winning smile. “So, brown eyes,” he began. “Would you like to be my lover?”

“I couldn’t imagine something I would enjoy more,” he replied breathlessly.