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ok so I’m watching a documentary called “end day” and I’m basically thinking: image evan watching this cause it’s about the world ending and I would bet a lot of money that that would give him a major anxiety attack cause honestly it’s gonna give me some anxiety and I’m not evan clinically diagnosed nor do i suspect i should be (which neither is evan but he is in my au) so anyway hear me out:

- it’s early in evan and connors relationship (just let me live ok i ship what i want)

- and they decide to have a movie night. nbd right?

- well conner wanted to watch a drama and evan, obviously, wanted to watch a nature documentary

- so they compromised, and connor decided to browse the web for an educational drama-documentary to make them both happy

-he decided on end day cause it was the first thing they found, so why not?

-anyway the show starts and evan hears the opening narration and immediately starts to worry cause 

- “i didnt ask what it was about, connors gonna think i’m being stupid if i dont want to watch it!”

-so he says nothing, watching through the first couple minutes, because he “can handle it”

-but then they show the little kid in the car, foreshadowing that he’s gonna die, and evan can’t take it anymore

-so he just starts hyperventilating a bit, and fidgeting in his spot next to connor on the couch

- and of course connor is a perfect angel and immediatly pauses it, asking evan if he wants to stop watching

-but evan, my smol child, cant articulate his feelings and just sortve gestures at the tv

-so connor turns it off, ignoring evan’s “connor, i’m fine!” and without a word turns on too cute and him and evan watch puppies grow up for three hours and cuddle

-and everything’s happy and lovely ok 

-thats all

anonymous asked:

As much as I love ATLUS's success, I hate how it brought in "fans", like you. I go on Persona 5 tags and see my favorite characters in homo-romantic relationships that destroy their writing. Katsura Hashino didn't write this; it has nothing to do with homophobia and ALL to do with tarnishing what he wrote. If these characters /were/ this way, Gay social links would be a thing. They aren't.


though it would have been faster to type “please dont tag your shukita works as persona 5″ or blocking me altogether than to write this, you’ve chosen to send a long ask instead. I appreciate that. Idk, if i’m allowed to justify myself, i tag my works appropriately so people will have an easier time to browse through my shitty ass blog, but okay, I’ll stop tagging them as persona 5.

but really, if you hate my content so much, just block me. i don’t really care either way, i write what i wrote and draw what i drew because i enjoy it. 

have a good day, anon.

i’m trying to not cry and freak out. my birthday is may 3rd and im going to be homeless again for a few months a couple days after my birthday, not sure if im heading out on may 4th or 5th, but by the 5th for sure.

donations/birthday present donations are always a life saver (paypal button connected to my accnt i can access w/o internet is on my sidebar) but im going to open up SKETCH COMMISSIONS to try and get something going i can work with. 

im mostly concerned about having a high-quality dog food fund (we’re going to be exercising hard for miles and miles every day and cheap low-quality food will not fly), but if i cant afford it i’m going to have to rehome my dog. he protects me and watches my back, this is literally a last resort just to keep him happy and healthy. there are a lot of bears and cougars and really weird junkies out there in the woods so the idea of rehoming my dog makes my blood turn to ice with anxiety. i love this dog and we’re really bonded but this is like an… old fashioned “this dog guards my life and literally lets me sleep at night” thing. 

for sketch commissions: ill draw anything, ill draw the gnarliest nsfw porn im so desperate, gemsonas, OCs, characters, whatever. 

$5 for a 20-30 minute sketch, +$5 for each additional character. ill work fast and try to give you the best sketch you ever bought for this cheap.

since they’re sketches im not going to get too detail-oriented with requests, please keep it generally vague so i can run with your request. not worried about bust/waist up/full body, it’s based on whatever i can achieve in 20-30 minutes. wont get into color but if i have time i’ll throw in shading and make it look nicer.

my art tag is here if you need to browse and get an idea of what sketches would be like, i dont have time to do examples. if you’d like to request a commission please send me an ask so i can set up a pending line. you can pay after you receive the sketch. let me know if you have any questions!!


ayyy commissions are back open! what with school starting and myself ridiculously vowing that 2015 will be my transition year, i felt it was best.

click here for my commissions page with gives links so you can browse certain art types, as well as a more in depth price list. theres also extra info on there about what i do and dont draw! my contact email is nerdepic83 @ if you would like to buy and/or ask any questions