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i only have like half the followers you do but i relate to that post too :S i did want to get popular because i wanted acknowledgement for my art.... but now people block me and i dont know why because im honestly trying to do the right thing. if u remake or something ill follow you again ackee

aw i appreciate it! i dont think i’ll remake because ive remade like 5 times and it always turns out the same. but yeah its exhausting, i just wanna bee a Regular Teen Girl™

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YOU SHIP QROWIN OH MYGOD - ahem. Can we expect more art of them in the future ??? :D

YOU’D BE SURPRISED because I definitely will spam a lot of them

Have a charity ball AU thing where our fav snowbirds is stuck and forced to call it truce for a night (the peace of both kingdoms is at sake so they better act like mature adults they’re supposed to be for once)

Then things start getting a little worked up

Ok so major vent/fuck coworkers post because I swear if I don’t I’m going to punch this fucker’s teeth in. Its long without a tl;dr so im sorry viewers

There is this slimey mother fucker at my work… lets name him Graig… and he is that insufferable “teacher’s pet” kind of person (read as: the store manager’s bitch), and hes that fuck that will kiss everyone’s ass and act really nice and polite but then actively talks shit and tries to snitch on u for something u may or may not have done the moment ur back is turned. But he talks the most shit on people who are “in his way” (ie: people whi arent managers but are still in a higher position than him) and he actively tries to sabotage blue shirts because he thinks that if the one in front of him is gone they have no choice but to make him a blue shirt. In every case he successfully pisses off a blue shirt to the point they leave, my manager just hires another blue shirt

Here’s a little segway to explain how the heirarchy of Dankin Doodoos works. At the top of a specific store is the manager who wears a red shirt in the middle are the shift leaders who wear blue shirts and at the bottom are the crew who wear white shirts

Now backstory for Graig so this will make sense: at this point he is a White Shirt and hes pissed because he is p much the store’s bitch and all he does is complain about how he doesnt have a Blue shirt, how he deserves a blue shirt even tho he takes waaaaay too many short cuts, actively ignores when Blue shirts ask him to do something or tell him to move to a different station, actively creates and perpetuates rumors to cause discourse, is very rude to customers, didnt know how to do most stuff that ur p much supposed to learn in training, literally fucks up most of his drinks, etc the list goes on and on for why he shouldn’t have one and shouldnt even work here for that matter and we were all even told by our District Manager (a big higher up) he will never have a blue shirt. I came to work at this location after him but as a whole I was an actual manager at my old store so i was immediately put in a blue shirt position. He was not happy about that one fucking bit. I didn’t care. I was nice to him, hoping if i didnt give him anything to bitch about hed eventually fuck off and do his goddamn job.

Now onto the reason I say fuck Graig. I used to stream myself playing video games on twitch on my off time from work, which was A) a great stress reliever and B) something I’ve wanted to make a career for a while now. My manager knew I used to do this because I’d gush about how much I loved doing it so much. Id given a lot of my coworkers my twitch url and told them to come watch some time and it was all fun!

But then one day my manager calls me into the office (with, of course Graig pretending to need shit out the office every 5 seconds so he can eavesdrop) and she tells me that someone had sent the url of one of my stored videos on twitch to my the district manager. It would have been all good, because i literally never say anyone’s name and i never say i work for Dankin, it was just a fun stream i did with my friend and honestly my hair was long and i look way different with my hair pulled up so i might not have even been recognised so any of the foul language and dicks and stuff i joked about wouldnt have even mattered. But of course they absolutely had to try and get me with something, so they saw my shirt, which said DankinRonpa (a parody of Danganronpa) on it with a bear on it was close enough to the Dankin Doodoos design that I was representing my location and decided that everything i was doing was inappropriate so I was literally almost fired. And my district manager even made the comment that she had saved the url to my page so that shes going to check in from time to time to make sure im not doing anything inappropriate. Thankfully my manager saved my ass by pointing out it was a first time offense, i didn’t know that my shirt would let people know where i work, promised it wont happen again etc etc

I was so upset i still havent back streaming because im terrified shell keep her promise. So now if i want to continue streaming i have to abandon my current twitch channel (and all 200 followers) and start fresh.

Of course after my shift is over my actual friend that worked there at the time also as a blue shirt let me know that Graig decided he had “had enough of me” and decided to prove that he had “eyes everywhere” and sent the link to my district manager.

And the kicker? The real fucking kicker? He got a job as a assistant manager at a dollar corporal and he had put in his two weeks in the same fucking email he sent my twitch url in. He legitimately had no fucking reason to do it other than to be a petty piece of shit.

Oh and even after he left, he kept calling the store, asking whoever answered the phone how much they were making, then told them they could make more at his dollar corporal like are you fucking serious? And what hes doing is trying to convince people to leave their job here and to come work under him. And from what the other managers say, its because he acts like hes a fucking bigshot and yells at everyone and hes already driven off half the staff.

And wouldnt you know it, because of that they severely cut his hours to the point where he came crawling back this past week. But because right now, my store is so severely understaffed because all the hires have additudes and refuse to come in on time, they damn near handed him a blue shirt.

But he always nags me when i dont let him touch my drawer or count the safe, or let him in drive thru. “Oh why dont you trust people?” And then try to guess why: “is it that rumor i heard about you getting in trouble over youtube?” And honestly that pisses me off even more because he was there when i had the conversation with someone esle i worked with and even asked questions about it, so he knows. And one of these days hes going to catch me when im not in uniform and not in the store and im gonna whoop his fucking ass if he doesnt leave me alone

A Suicide Meeting

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning : Suicidal tendencies

Bucky Barnes sat leaning against the railing of the bridge. The water underneath was violent tonight. His fingers woven through his long chestnut hair, eyes tightly shut - Bucky was in pain.

He wanted to end it all.
He wanted to end it tonight.
But he couldnt find it in him to do so.

He was mentally debating his chances, when he heard it.

It was soft at first, and then it grew louder, more clearer. Bucky opened his eyes slowly, his fingers leaving his hair as he glanced up.

It was dark, but he could make out a figure by the opposite railing. When his eyes finally adjust to the darkness, he saw her.

She was sobbing uncontrollably, her voice cracking with grief.

Bucky sat open mouthed, watching her, almost feeling her pain, on top of his own.

“No…no…NO!” She screamed, before hurling her cellphone into the water.

And the next thing her knew, she was climbing the railing, and he knew this was his cue. He groaned, before jumping up from his position and running towards her.

Just as her hands left the railing, Bucky grabbed her by her waist, almost missing her by inches. She screamed and fought him, as he struggled to pull her back to the bridge.

“Let go !!” She screaming, her hands attacking him.

“Stop it !” Bucky shot back, pulling in one swift movement, and throwing her onto the brigde.

Breathing heavily, he watched her lying on the wooden floor, crying. He crouched beside her, not knowing what to do.

When she finally started breathing normally again, she looked up at Bucky.

“Why did you save me ?” She asked in a whisper.

“I dont know” Bucky said, shaking his head, and looking away. “I just couldnt -”

Bucky stood up again, and helped her to her feet.

“Are you sure you wont try that again?” Bucky asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“You can never be too sure of that” She said drily.

“Lets get out of here before you get anymore ideas” Bucky said, turning to walk back.

It was so dark, they werent actually able to see eachother clearly, so when Bucky started walking, he felt her walking very close to him, her hand almost touching his.

They walked silently for a while before they reached a more lighted area.

Bucky glanced at the girl, and saw that she was quite smaller than him. She wasnt one of most beautiful girls he had seen, but there was something about her that made his insides tickle.

“Y/N Y/L/N” The girl said slowly. “Thank you, for what you did”

Bucky snapped out of his thought, and nodded.
“Im -” he began.

“James Barnes” Y/N said, her eyes not leaving the road. “I know”

“Well, its not everyday that people recognize me that way - they prefer to call me the -”

“You dont have to say it”

Their eyes met.

“Thank you” Bucky murmured.

He saw a hint of a smile on her face.

“Are you hungry ? We can stop for a snack” Bucky asked, stopping in front of a small cafe.

“Im starving ” Y/N said, nodding.

They entered the cafe, and gave their orders.

“What was the reason ?” Bucky asked.

Y/N blushed, and covered her face with her hands.

“I was stupid” she said, shaking her head. “So so stupid”

“That goes without saying” Bucky agreed, earning a glare from her.

“I ran away from home, with this idiot - whom Im supposed to be marrying tomorrow - ” Y/N began.

“Oh - what happened ?” Bucky asked.

“Well, he took off with someone else, breaking up with me over a text - and not to mention taking all my money”
Y/N said shrugging.

Bucky laughed.

“Im sorry, but seriously -”

“I already admitted I was stupid” Y/N said, her shoulders drooping. “I cant go back home, James”

“Why not ?” Bucky asked.

“Because I ran away !! And stole money from my step-mom !” Y/N said, her eyes wide. “I cannot go back and be Cinderella again”

Bucky nodded.

A middle aged waitress served them their food, and then the table was quiet, except for the occasional clinging and clanging of  forks.

“Seriously, this is the best Ive felt in days” Y/N said, smiling. “Thank you -again”

Bucky smiled.

“Dont worry about it” He said.

They were walking again, slowly.

“So, where are you going now ?” Bucky asked.

Y/N shrugged.

“I dont know” She said. “I have a friend here in the city. Maybe stay with her for a few days, till I figure out what to do”

Bucky remained quiet for a while. Then mustering up some courage, he said, “You can come with me, if you want. I have an apartment, I live alone”

Y/N stared at Bucky with her mouth open.

“I mean, I can understand if you dont want to - but if you do want to - you can stay for as much as you like - ” He was nervous, and he didnt know if he did it right - beacause he had never done it before.

Y/N was about to cry again.

“Im sorry - I -” Bucky took a step back, staring at the girl in front of him.

“Thank you, James ! Thank you so much ! You did so much for me, and you hardly even know me !” Y/N cried.

“Well, ” Bucky shrugged, blushing. “It comes with some risks…”

“What risks ?”

“I could go ‘Winter Soldier’ anytime” Bucky said, “I could end up killing you in your sleep”

“Oh please” Y/N dismissed him with a wave of her hand. “Dont have much to lose anyway”

Bucky laughed.

“Dont be so bitter” he said, “You havent seen anything. Trust me when I say that”

“I trust you” Y/N said with a smile.

“Lets go then ” Bucky said, returning her smile.

“Hey, why were you on that bridge anyway?” Y/N asked, suddenly stopping.

Bucky gave her an embarrassed smile.

“For the same reason you were there” He said.

“How ironic”

some thoughts on the gay astronauts

so i really didnt expect the painting to blow up like this. i anticipated at most 100 notes and now its almost at 15k and i cant wrap my head around it. so first off yes there will be prints, i wish i couldve made them available already but the paint is still drying so i cant take a proper photo yet lol! 

2ndly, i love astronauts. one of the many reasons i love them is the anonymity of their spacesuits. you can look at a photo of a person in one of those suits and have no way of knowing whos inside (which is a great topic for horror scifi, but thats for another day). i always found this anonymity to be inspirational. because if it could be anybody wearing that suit, why cant it be me? obviously the training and selection for who actually gets to go to space is no joke. but i can still dream. 

and this brings me to my point of representation. theres no denying the astronauts are gay. but their gender is a different matter. as it is a personal piece, i do have my own gender in place for the space explorers. but im ok with people projecting themselves onto them because as i said, thats why i love the spacesuit aesthetic. the problem i have is when people say things like ‘theyre definitely lesbians’, the keyword being ‘definitely’. because that disregards an important part of the piece. im 100% ok with things like ‘this is me and my wife’ because thats personal and i respect that. it makes me cry actually. but when the context is a gay piece made by a gay artist, i only ask that you respect that and dont deliberately strip it away. all of us are still greatly lacking lgbt representation, some more so than others. trust me i know this. but i dont believe that to be a free pass to take away representation from others in our own community. 

but these are all nuanced personal thoughts. artist commentaries mean next to nothing, and the matter is out of my hands. more importantly uhhh why does tumblr still let people remove artists’ captions? :’(

one last thing; i was already planning on making this a series of paintings so you’ll be seeing them again! this is only the start of their adventure! 

An Open Letter to Thomas Sanders


Your recent Pride video… Damn, it was so helpful to me. You guys got so emotional and you opened yourselves up so id like to tell you something in return: my coming out story.

I know, I know, its not going to be as bad as some of the ones you mustve seen or heard, and I should consider myself lucky that I didnt get kicked out or anything… But, hey, its a story.

I found out I wasnt straight in seventh grade. I had the hots for my best friend. Because my parents were so religious, Homosexuality was demonized. Whenever I found out i was gay, I hated myself for so long, because i thought it was against “gods plan.” I thought to myself,“Hey, I dont want to be a part of a religion that makes me a sin.” So I broke away from the chuch, (now i realize you can be gay and Christian and thats okay. I just dont believe in it anymore.)

I started skipping out of church, sneaking out of the lectures to go hang out in the bathroom. I continued doing this until I was caught by my, very religious, father. He sat me down, and he asked me why i was skipping church. I told him because I wasnt christian.

He got angry, demanding to know why. I told him because I didnt want to be a part of a religion where I was a sin. I told him that I was bisexual.

He told me that i was just doing whatever I could to be different and that the devil was working through me. He also told me that If I could like boys and girls, whats stopping me from fucking a goat or a child.

I moved with my grandma shortly after that. Things stayed like that for a few months, and I didnt talk to my dad until he apologized. He refuses to acknowledge the things he said to me, in fact he says that he never said that stuff.

Everything has calmed down now. Ive been out for nearly four years, and my family is still learning to come to terms with it. I wont let that negativity stop me from being who I am. Though Im still not sure exactly what i am, reguarding orientation and gender, you and your friends taught me its okay not to know.

Thank you, for everything.


Ps. Im proud of you too!

hey kids last time i did this i was at 700 followers so why not do it again? ill be doing these blogrates because im bored and also ive recently 1.2 k and i wanna celebrate!! 


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Chris Kreider - A Whole Soccer Team

anon requests: Love your imagines!! Can I request on for Chris Kreider and babysitting a teammates kid and then he begins talking about one day having kids with the reader!!! Please and Thanks!!

anon request: Hi!! Could I request an imagine about Chris Kreider? Thank you!!

okay so i decided to just put two requests into one imagine. i promise ill start to post more after this week its just been very stressful i have alot of school, but i am really excited to start writing the imagines that you guys have requested.

requests are open but there might be a wait but i will get around to it so keep them coming!!XD 

for now here is a long awaited chris kreider imagine!!

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

“what are the plans for tonight?” chris asked walking through the kitchen. i was sitting on the couch focused on the tv.

“nothing that i know of” i said blinking away from the tv to see the appearance of my boyfriend of two years. chris was wearing a blue rangers hoodie and a pair of grey shorts while rummaging through the fridge.

after talking about what we should do for awhile we finally came to the conclusion that on chris’ day off we should go mini golfing. a few moments after, his phone buzzed and he quickly looked at it.

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Why does everyone stop RPing with me?:( I wrote starters to 5 people, and all of them stopped answering me after 5-10 reblogs:/ I tagged their names in my reblogs, so Im pretty sure they saw I answered to them, but nothing... I dont think Im bad at rp, I write more sentences, try to write down feelings and stuff, so I dont know whats the reason :(

Hi there :)
Well first of all you shouldn’t feel sad because of that. Rp’ing with 5 people is already good. When I started I was rping with only one person for several months.
Anyway, back to your ask. There might be few reasons why people ‘stopped’ responding (yes, this is not neccesarrily because of you):

* it takes roleplayers different amount of time to reply. For example, if it takes a day to write 5 replies for one person, it might take a week for another. Some might need even a month to write 5 replies! So be patient!

* People lose inspiration. Maybe they are just not feeling that thread anymore? Maybe they just have no idea how to answer?(and it leads to the next point)

* Check your replies. Make sure that your partner has necessity to answer the thread. I don’t really know how to explain that… But, imagine: you’re having a casual conversation with a friend and they ask you a question. You blankly answer it and just continue sitting quietly without asking them anything. It might be really difficult for your friend to continue a conversation. The same is with roleplay - you need to let your partner to pick up on something. For instance, make your muse to ask a question, make actions that they can somehow respond to, describe some kind of important object or area that they can also talk about, because maybe it affected both muses, or so..

There are more reasons but these are the only ones that I can think of right now. Just if you want your rps to be longer I suggest you plotting - talking with a partner and together planning the plot of a roleplay. That way both of you will sort of know towards what this is all going. 

If someone is surely not replying to you anymore, You shouldn’t be afraid to send them a new ask or write a new starter. Starting fresh might be better than trying to drag the old thread, because as I said other person might be out of ideas for it.

And if you really want to continue threads that you have going, you can always politely inquire your partner about it. You can ask them if they saw your reply, if they want to continue it or maybe even share ideas with them. It’s always good to communicate.

I hope this was helpful!

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A (a straight man) is surprised of how his friend B (a lesbian) feels so good about her homosexuality. Also I really love your blog, it's full of helpful and interesting posts! Keep it up!

Thank you so much! I’ll try my best!

1. “Do you want to come to a pride parade with me?” 

“Don’t you have to be like… not straight to go to a pride parade.” 

“Do you accept me? Are you proud of who I am? Do you support me?” 

“What? Of course!” 

“Then you can come with me.” 

2. “Are you always this flamboyant.” 

“Are you always this lame?” 

3. “How are you so comfortable with who you are?” 

“Because I have nothing to be ashamed of.” 

4. “If you arent ashamed of who you are, then why didnt you tell me sooner?” 

“It’s not that I didnt tell you, it’s that you didnt ask. I dont really care who knows and who doesnt, but i dont go out of my way to shout “Hey everybody! I am a lesbian!” while waving around giant rainbow flags. It’s a part of who I am, not part of my introduction when I meet people.” 

This is all I can think of at the moment, I really hope these help! and I wish you luck! If you ever need anything else, feel free to ask! 

Beatiful Mistake

nope. nope. nope. dear god please no…
not you. not that one. jesus christ is that a yeti?
Yamaguchi sighed and threw his phone down in despair.  His freckled face smushed deep into his pillow. why was it so hard to find someone nice to settle down with?
As a vet, his free time was limited and when yachi suggested tinder, he had rightly scoffed. but as the months had passed and the nights got longer. he’d decided to give a chance. what a freaking mistake.
yamaguchi reached for his phone, only to find it wasn’t where he’d thrown it. fantastic, he thought, as he reached down the gap between the bed and the wall…
‘yes yes i hear you!’
it wasn’t in the gap.
eventually yamaguchi gave up reaching, and crawled beneath his bed to retrieve the beeping phone.

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Asked by @officialandimack: I have to know

I love how interactive you always are and i just wanna know why you do it, because a lot of celebs love their fans but they dont talk to them nearly as much, but you do (and dont stop)? Why?

@officialandimack (hi Nelly, btw! Been loving the new memes on the IG page!) I think that cultivating a good relationship between me and my fans pays off for both of us in the short and long term. Hopefully you guys follow what I do in the future and I can have a following, and you guys get some chill interaction (and sometimes lil nuggets of secrets). Plus it’s fun. At least, for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey, u said you self-diagnosed. No offence, but only a psychologist can diagnose a personality disorder. I also fit all the criteria for bpd and asked my therapist. She said I have schizoid pd. really no offence, but that does not really work...

ive been sitting here for quite some time trying to figure out how i should respond. i dont wanna be rude bc thats not who i am but at the same time im kinda sick of people telling me that i cant self diagnose. if you want me to explain why i self diagnose and why it works then ask me, i dont mind explaining myself and telling others why it works. because everyone starts out uneducated about certain things and i dont expect you to understand everything in the world. but if your argument still stands, then fine. but dont tell me that i cant self-dx. because thats me, not you. you dont know me. this is how im living my life. and if i go to a psychologist and they give me a different diagnosis then fine i was wrong. but it shouldnt matter if im wrong or right with my own diagnosis because im still part of a community and i feel it helps me. i get support from others who go through the same things as i do. if someone thinks they have a broken arm, you dont lecture them about how only doctors can tell them if its broken or not. you make them as comfortable as possible and you get them help asap. if you want a further explanation, lmk and ill be happy to give you one. but this is where im at right now and im very passionate about self-dx being okay so its honestly quite useless telling me these things.


Zim doodles!

The Zim with wings is from HideousBlob’s fic hypothetical. I really love the idea of Zim with wings. like a lot.

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Wait I'm confused, if you have abnormal presentations of the symptoms why does that mean you have the disorder? I'm not trying to be mean I'm actually asking just because I know you can have like some symptoms of something but not actually have the disorder but wouldn't you display most of the symptoms to like get the diagnosis in the first place?

because i meet the diagnostic criteria of the disorder. thats what defines the disorder, not the symptoms

like i dont present like other adhd kids because of how my trauma affected my functioning. i dont present like a lot of ocd cases because many of my rituals are mental rather than actions. i dont act out much and i didnt self harm as a teen but that didnt change the fact that i had ptsd.

symptoms listed online are just COMMON presentations. they arent the ONLY presentations.

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OMG I love love love your blog!!! BTw, my bias is rapmonster I am so so obsessed with his Kimdaily and huhuhu can I request something? I dont know but I really want to see namjoon's hand up close I dont know why am I becoming obsess to his hands. HAHA !!

Hiiiiiiiiiii~ :)))) thank you so much for the loooooove!

Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

Well I can’t really blame you for that because Rap Monster is the only ones with jams in the group. HAHAHAHA. :D I’m glad to help you with this one….

Let’s gooo and investigate…




EXHIBIT#4: Hands in Motion

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