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The 100 ladies 
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The signs as Jaden Smith tweets

Aries: “All The Rules In This World Were Made By Someone No Smarter Than You. So Make Your Own”

Taurus: “It’s Your Birthday” Mateo Said. I Didn’t Respond. “Are You Not Excited To Be 15” He Asked. Reading My Book I Uttered “I Turned 15 Long Ago”

Gemini: “People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now”

Cancer:  “Either I Lie To You Or We Cry Together”

Leo:  “You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!”

Virgo: “If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth”

Libra: “Water In The Eyes And Alcohol In The Eyes Are Pretty Much The Same I Know This From First Hand Experience.”

Scorpio:  “Dying Is MainStream #MONEY”

Sagittarius: “School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth”

Capricorn: “People Tell Me To Smile I Tell Them The Lack Of Emotion In My Face Doesn’t Mean I’m Unhappy”

“How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real”

Pisces: “Most Trees Are Blue”

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What do we do when a friend want to play cupid with you even though you already told them you are ace/demi? I became friends with this guy and now this other friend keeps asking me what I think of him, saying she thinks he is treating me nicer than before, and I'm just scared she will try to hook us up or tell him I like him and he might ask me out and I dont want that because yeah I like him but I dont know him well enough to see him in a romantic way and Im demi so no see in sexual way either

Be a broken record: “I am not interested in Guyname romantically. Please stop asking me if I like him. I do not. We are just friends.”

Remember, when dealing with people who are being irritating or brushing up against your boundaries, don’t JADE: Justify, Argue, Defend, or Explain. Just say you’re not interested and leave it at that. Don’t bother explaining if she’s not going to understand.

And if she does somehow take action and tell him you like him or something, it’s not your fault. Just tell him you aren’t interested and you have no idea why she told him that. It’ll be awkward for him, but you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all your friend’s fault for meddling.


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 1. What’s your fashion style? Like how would you describe it? I dont know how to describe my fashion style, maybe casual with a touch something I don’t how you say in english😂 

2. Any cool or fascinating feature about yourself? Either physical or personality wise? I have always been told that i’m a loyal friend and i’m always there if my friends need me.

 3. Any celebrity look- a-like? Uhmm, well I dont know, Sarah Urie I guess? \_(ツ)_/¯ 

4. Who would you love to meet and spend a whole day together? Ryan Ross for sure!! 

5. Any cool talents? Secret talents even? I sing and play piano maybe. 

6. Celebrity crush? Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump (soul punk era)

7. What type of wedding would you like as of right now? A casual but beautiful, nice and saddle down with close family and friends, nothing big. 

8. Do people consider you tall or short? average 
9. Favorite store? A store called envii. 

10. Do you have anything from your childhood still? I still have a scrab book from kindergarden. 

11. Any pets? Describe them if you’d like. I have dog and it’s a cairn terrier. 

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are cis heteroromantic aces LGBT?

firstly, i really really dont wanna start this discussion on my blog bc 1) its definitely going to start shit up no matter what i say

2) i dont think i actually know enough about this to express a solid opinion about a group of people…

3) I’ve done my research and tbh its all just confusing to me bc i can understand points from both sides but im still ?

4) so i really didnt wanna just delete your ask but im sorry i dont think i can properly answer it either.

if i dont reply to an ask any of you send me i either didnt get it or i just didnt know how to reply! its nothing personal promise i just genuinely dont know what to say to things most of the time

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real woman has big belly,i agree,what about you?

im really sorry, i dont understand what you are asking me, i have two guesss though…

if you are asking if i agree that REAL women all have big tummies? i dont, thats rude to imply that a thin woman isn’t a REAL woman because either she has a high metabolism, eats healthy or excersizes. ALL WOMEN are REAL WOMEN. sorry to go on a rant but i find those type of questions/statements incredably irritating. its much more polite to state your preference vs bashing another. buuuuuuuut who knows, i could be totaly misunderstanding your question. so no harm done.

if you are attempting to praise women with large tummies and then asking if i have a large belly well then YES i do. i have an ENORMOUS belly. the BIGGEST belly. the BEST belly. its a rather CUTE AF belly :)

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24, 28, 29, 30

24.What ARE you looking forward to?
im going on a roadtrip tomORROW with YOU ( @gaytorace ) and im sO EXCITED

28.Are you a forgiving person?
yea for the most part

29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
@gaytorace @apatheticandapologetic @bottleofambrosia @pandalover795 @thatonealmostdeadblog
…and like four more who either dont have a tumblr or i dont know it so like a good handful

30.Do you fall for people easily?
ahahahaHAHAHAHA leave me alone sam

As a kid, (aka back when I would actually make efforts to socialise somewhat) I had this bad habit of completely forgetting to introduce myself and ask a person what their name was when I met new people/made new friends. 

 I often just completely forget to find out what their name was and somehow I manage to communicate and hang out with people without ever saying their name so no one else noticed either that I dont actually know that persons name and then when I would tell my mum at the end of the day about this new friend I made this would happen:

Mum: They sound nice. So whats their name?

Me: Uhhh…Actually I dont know. 

Mum: …You never asked?

Me: Um. No…I think I forgot to introduce myself too. 


And this not knowing my friends name thing could actually go on for months sometimes. With me feeling too awkward to bring up the fact that I have no idea what my friends name is now that its been so long and finding ways of hanging out with them without making it obvious that I dont know their name. 

I also have a habit of forgetting peoples names. Even people I see regularly.