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hey i rarely make posts regarding myself but ive recently been kicked out of my house by my mother and am currently HOMELESS. 

im a trans mentally disabled teen and have been hopping from my friend’s houses from night to night…

i’m really not asking for much, but since its just me and my dog im asking for money for food for me and my dog and also money for a bus pass/phone bills

any help is greatly appreciated! you can donate via my paypal email which is or, if theres any way i can pay you back im an artist and id be able to do a commission,,,,

thank you so much for supporting me!!

I was looking through Twitter and came across this…

From what I have noticed he was promised to be in season 13 and he wanted to keep going. He even already had the promo shots! However I feel like something happened behind the scenes because of this. First he was happy to be going to be in season 13 now all of a sudden hes done with the show and conventions (creation ones). It almost feels as if they told him “never mind we dont want you anymore. get out”….. Why would they just “kill” Crowley off in one episode only to permanently kill him the very next? I don’t know… I just know it makes me really angry and sad for the fact it feels as if the people of SPN just did Mark extremely wrong. I dont think he would just up and leave us like this, something had to happen.

Either way….

To Mark,

We don’t really know what happened and we aren’t asking you to tell us, but please know we stand behind you in whatever you do and we will certainly miss you. From all the fans to you: Thank you. Words cannot even describe the joy you made us feel on and off screen. Here’s to moving on to something better.

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Yoo folks~! I might just go with random clips from routes for now since school is kinda crazy for me ^^;

The video has subs. Make sure to click closed captioning and English.

It’s the entire Manservant End. I picked this scene because it flushed everything I thought I knew down the drain ( ・ω・)b

HHAHA WHAT ThE FUCK. (ヾノ•᷅ ༬•᷄ )  WHO?? NOT?? WHAT?? Also they added animation to the fire now. Great.

Watch at your own risk. It contains major spoilers…and stuff.

something i noticed while watching rick and morty

i fucking love little details animators put in

what do all of these images have in common?

rick never wears a seatbelt

i know what youre thinking. “but what if the drivers seat in his ship just doesnt have a working seatbelt?” well:

police car. probably working seatbelts

and look! morty is driving the ship. hes wearing a seatbelt. and the seatbelt on the other side definitely works; we see other characters use it constantly

in conclusion: i dont know. i just thought this detail was neat

How to animated with tweening

So I did promise that I’ll redo the tutorial.. so I now is the right time-

Firstly this is how many (often) ur animation will need drawings/frames

without counting the mouth/lip syncing- often for a tween animation u need around 10 to 20 drawings for a 20 sec.. but that’s just for me it really depends on what u r trying to animate- also ur drawings should be png so it can work-

Now next u open Flash then find ur audio, hold and drag it to ur screen.. if u don’t see it then it’s most likely in your libraly-

and if it isn’t there….. boi what version of Flash do u even have??? idkthen-

U do this same step hold and drag ur first pic and throw it on your screen- ah and make sure to crete layers one for audio another for animation and then background!

Now how to ad more frames? Well u need to press the hot key F5 and it’ll add frames!

And when u want a certain place for ur first pic to stop.. then press the hot key F6 two times!

Then press ur second seprate keyframe(?) and ctrl + z that sh ed :D

And finally for the animation part right click ur mouse anywhere on the center and..

I got lazy :’D I’m sorry-

after this start it and see the result of ur first pic either moved flipped zoomed depending on what u wanted it to do c:

When ur animation is finished open Swifel and turn ur swf file into mp4 file!

Whatever you do, don't think about Adele's All I Ask in the context of Supercorp...

Kara and Lena had a whirlwind romance; a passionate affair that ended when Lena realised the only way to take down Cadmus was to stand by her mothers side; that she was the one who would have to destroy it from the inside. She played her role convincingly enough and broke the heart of the only woman she’s ever loved. What Kara never realised was that Lena’s heart broke everytime she saw the hurt in Kara’s eyes.

The DEO gets intel from an unknown source of where the base for Cadmus is and they plan accordingly. The night before they are due to storm the warehouse, Kara opens her door to find Lena on the other side, her eyes trying to convey everything she wishes she had told Kara.

**I will leave my heart at the door,
I wont say a word,
They’ve all been said before you know**

Lena is terrified of what the showdown means for her, for Kara, for them… So she can’t be alone and goes to the only person she has ever completely trusted or felt safe with.

**So why dont we just play pretend?
Like we’re not scared of what is coming next,
Or scared of having nothing left**

Realistically Lena knows what the battle will bring, that either Cadmus or the DEO will walk away triumphant, there is no way both of them are surviving and she wanted to see Kara one last time.

**Look, dont get me wrong I know
There is no tomorrow**

Kara is shaking slightly, all of the emotions she had suppressed resurfacing as the woman she had believed in, the woman she had (did, she corrects herself) love takes her hand.

**All I ask is if
This is my last night with you,
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend**

No words have been spoken, but Kara understands exactly what Lena is asking.

**Give me a memory I can use
Take my hand while we do what lovers do**

Tears roll down Lena’s face as she presses her forehead to Kara’s; too terrified to do the same with her lips.

**It matters how this ends,
‘Cause what if I never love again?**

Kara crashes her lips to Lena’s and Lena realises that Kara is also crying.

Lena had done so many horrific things on the instructions of her mother to prove her loyalty; she had murdered aliens and hates herself. The regret and disgust of everything she had done weighs constantly on Lena and the disappointment reflected in Kara’s eyes was nearly enough to break her.

**I don’t need your honesty,
It’s already in your eyes
And I’m sure my eyes they speak for me**

Kara was the only person who truely knew Lena, which is why she joined Cadmus; to keep Kara safe. She knows what she has to do at the final battle and wants to spend what is highly likely to be her final night in Kara’s arms.

**No one knows me like you do
And since your the only one that mattered,
Tell me who do I run to?**

Kara takes Lena by the hand and leads her to the bedroom. They make love for hours, savouring each touch, each moan, mapping out each others body, committing it to memory. They both sense the finality of what is to come.

**Let this be a lesson in love
Let this be the way we remember us**

The following morning, Kara wakes to an empty bed; Lena left, knowing that if Kara woke she would never leave- she would be incapable of saying goodbye. All Kara see’s is a note left on the pillow where Lena should be- ‘I’m sorry.’

**I dont wanna be cruel or vicious
And I ain’t asking for forgiveness**

The DEO prepare to take down Cadmus and arrive at the address the intel provided and find it empty apart from a single table. Kara walks up to it, her cape billowing behind her and sees another note in the same flowing script that makes her feel like she has been punched in the stomach- 'Love always, L x’

Winns voice comes over the comms telling her what she already knows; Lena sent the anonymous intel and it was purposefully incorrect.

Kara feels like she’s going to vomit and yells that Winn needs to find out where she is. He says he has an idea; an explosive has just been set off on the otherside of the city.

Kara races to the coordinates and finds the burning building about to collapse. Alex screams at her not to go in, but Kara ignores her and goes in search of Lena.

She finds Lena badly injured, the detonation device still in her hand, the body of her mother not far from her. Kara cradles Lena in her arms. Relief floods Lena’s eyes; relief that she doesn’t have to die alone.

**All I ask is if
This is my last night with you,
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend**

The building is collapsing around them, but Kara refuses to leave Lena in her last moments. She intwines their fingers and whispers sweet nothings in Lena’s ear as her breathing becomes more laboured.

**Give me a memory I can use
Take me hand while we do what lovers do**

'I became my own hero’ Lena chokes out. Kara presses her lips to Lena’s one final time before a howl of anguish tears from her throat.

She carries Lena’s body from the building and collapses into the arms of her sister, sobbing.

**It matters how this ends,
'Cause what if I never love again?**

@supercorpppp I was going to send this to your ask box, but it got a little long and I needed someone else to cry with me! This is what happens about six hours into a ten hour flight.



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modern star warsas an indie road trip film ‘the twin suns of tatooine’

luke skywalker, (dane dehaan) a nineteen year old farm boy, who’s never seen the world outside his small little town of tatooine, decides to throw caution to the wind and joins notorious local criminal han solo (garrett hedlund) on a job. the two’s plans for a nonstop road trip to the shining city of coruscant are cut short when they find themselves entangled in the affairs of the runaway heiress, leia organa (lily collins).

because @darthbanes asked for it

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The other day i stopped at the bullseye store (i also work there but i was shopping this time). This lady in front of me in line was either really stupid or just being a pain in the ass about not wanting the stupid store card. Like the cashier (as per requirement) asked if she wanted one and the lady was like "i dont need no more credit cards" to which they respond (also required) that we also do debit cards. And the lady (who was using a debit card) said "i dont know what those are" and left.

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A is that one friend who laughs at the wrong time. B is pretty much A's impulse control. C is the friend who is low-key evil and a tad obsessed with wanting to take over the world. ~hammytheanon

1. C: “Can you help me with… someting..” 

A: “Of course!”

B: “Woah there, shouldnt you ask what it is first?” 

A: “Why? It’s not bad, is it? Is it bad?” 

C:”…It’s kinda bad…”

A: “Oh… Okay then!” 

B: “NO”

2. B: “Dont laugh at that!”

A: “Why not?” 

B: “You’re encouraging them!” 

C: “The laughter is kind of ecouraging..” 

3. B: “I dont know what your planning but NO” 

A: “What, why not?” 

B:”You dont know what the plan is either, do you?” 

A:”No,not really.”

C: “I Just asked if they wanted to help with something and they agreed before I can explain.” 

4. C: “Hey, so like, If I get arrested, will you bail me out?” 

A:”What? Of course we would!” 

B:”What? No. Why. What are you planning?” 

5. B: “For the last time, I am not helping you take over the world.” 

C: “What, why not?! We make a great team! A will help me, wont you A?” 

A: “Yeah, Sure!” 

I really hope these help, and if you need anything else, please feel free to contact me! 

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hey theres this one fic where this akuma is sucking the energy out of his past hook-ups and putting them into comas and then he decides to to go after marinette and meanwhile ladybug and chat noir are going to peoples houses and stuff trying to figure out whats going on. the title is the names of two flowers i think. i dont remember what its called tho. plz help


i remember this one 

i dont remember the name either

f r i c k 


the guy could change his appearance too, right?

he kinda reminded me of dc comics parasite but i totally remember this uhhhhh

does anyone know what it was called? i forgot but i remember it y’know

i’ll look through my personal acc’s bookmarks to see if i have it saved but in the meantime if anyone remembers this fic can you help us out here? reblog or send us an ask with the fic title either is cool

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-mod mayumi

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Literally every 16 year old has sex get over it lmao

this is an ugly ask for a few reasons so let’s start off with

  1. there are adults watching this show, consuming media in which literal children are having sex, which, ya know, doesn’t sit right with me lol? idk about u dude but if that doesn’t make u have to take a step back for a second i dont think i can help u
  2. one of the 16 year olds that was implied to have sex (or at least was about to) doesn’t like girls. i dont care if u support ace jughead or gay jughead, but either way, he isn’t straight, and having him in that scenario is also ugly
In This World Of Ours P1 of ?





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im not sure what label i can or should be using for myself, im a feminine aligned nb person idk what my gender is but thats not the issue here, im just not sure if im allowed to call myself a lesbian because my datemate is agender. i know im definitely not attracted to masculine presenting/aligned people but i love my datemate and im attracted other feminine nb people and girls. and i dont want to make my datemate think that i see them as a girl if i use the label lesbian its kind of conplicated

im the “worried about whether i can call myself a lesbian” anon and i also gotta say i dont feel comfortable with bi and polyromantic as labels for myself because bi is too often taken as men and women and i feel like polyromantic would be taken for being polyamorous so they dont sit quite right with me either im not sure what im supposed to call myself,,,

Ask your datemate how they would feel about you calling yourself a lesbian! They might be uncomfortable or they might be fine with it and you won’t know unless you ask.

If you decide not to go with lesbian, here are some possible alternatives:

  • sapphic (emphasizes your attraction to women without implying that it’s exclusive)
  • diamoric sapphic or diamoric lesbian (diamoric is a word to describe a relationship or attraction that involves at least one nb person)
  • venusic/venusian (this seems to be intended to mean a lunarian person who’s attracted to women and lunarian enbies, so might still have the same problem as lesbian if your datemate isn’t lunarian, but at least it’s more explicitly nb-friendly)
  • if you’re comfortable with it (I know not everyone is) and interested in a vaguer term you could just call yourself queer