dont ask me what inspired this i have no idea

Kai looked at the man with curiosity and asked:
 "Aren't you scared?"
The man got one step closer to him and said:
"I think i should be the one asking tha

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hi! this is probably out of the blue, but i have never pvp'd in wow before. it always intimidated me because i dont want to feel like i am letting my team down in fights because of my inexperience, but you have kind of inspired me to start really trying at it and learning how to pvp. i am gonna look at guides and read up on the bgs as much as i can so i can have an idea of what to do, and was wondering if you had any other suggestions for newbies like me?


Disclaimer; I have been PvP’ing since Wrath of The Lich King, I do not know what it’s like to just be starting PvP in legion.

First of all; I would never let yourself feel like you let people down in pvp. Everyone pays the same amount to play this game, you shouldn’t feel like you owe anyone anything whenever it’s just ‘random’ battlegrounds and not even rated. If they get angry at them, slam ‘em on that ignore. Works cross servers in pvp. :ok_hand:

Honestly, the best thing you can do in PvP is keep playing. It’s all practice and learning over time, and it’s extremely different from PvE fights. Sometimes you can just lose a fight over being counter classed, so never feel bad about that stuff. 

The best advice I can possibly give is to probably not take any of it seriously.
It’s a game and you deserve to have fun while playing it; if you don’t enjoy PvP, that’s fine! 
You pay money to play this game, so don’t let other people ruin it for you.
Do whatever you love in the game, and enjoy yourself. Even if it’s just being god awful at PvP; You can’t be banned for being bad.

Focus on having fun, fuck the angry Tich players.
I love you, and you’ll be great in PvP. I believe in you.

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hey are you the guy that scpkid just vague posted about

honestly i have no idea ?? i had to check what you were talking about tbh lmao. i dont follow them except on FA !! in their post they say they talked to the person , but theyve never talked to me so idk ??

ill say it again tho, i’ve admitted before, publicly and privately to anyone that asks, if my own work is inspired by theirs (or any other artists!!) and i’ve always said yes. my work is inspired by lots of artists i follow. i see something cool color wise/design wise etc and i want to try it out myself !! i realized my work was straying a little too closely to scpkid’s work sometimes, i think its the eyes. so i’ve worked on making my eyes a little more my own.

hope that answers ??

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i might not be allowed to go to the tour bc my parents will only let me go if i help w/ yardwork (to earn money or something??? i could just sacrifice my allowance but apparently working in a backyard in the freezing cold is the cost of meeting two of the most inspirational people in my life?) but i dont have the energy to get out of bed most days bc every day these past few months has just been so crappy what should i do

okay so my best idea is to ask around for small jobs (babysitting, housesitting, cleaning, literally any chore that someone is hiring for) especially ask family/family friends and tell them what you just said to me (to meet inspirational people) and hope that they’ll pay well and hopefully you’ll have the money to go to tour! you could also try to ask your parents to let you do more chores and have a higher allowance? these are all things i’ve been doing recently because my parents are making me pay for driver’s education courses and a car on my own with minimal assistance for funding so trying to make money is something i’m very familiar with! i hope i could help a bit!


Les Amis as Sims because I have nothing better to do with my time

(yes they’re all named Jean)


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What could "death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit" mean? I dont fully understand

Thanks for asking anon! 

“Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit,”

What do dogs do? They chase rabbits and try to eat them. How do they inspire rabbits? It inspires them to run for their lives and do whatever they can while they’re still alive. Dogs instill fear in rabbits also. 

So speaking relatively, death inspires “me” or Tyler to take pride in his life and do whatever he can while he’s still alive. Taking pride what is sure to die. The fear of death definitely inspires him to write or have this whole huge idea of purpose while he’s still living. 

I think that’s what it’s referring to when it says that. 

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Undertale Collaboration with @raintalker​ /  @yoralim​ Q_Q
lineart inspiration by yoralims illustrations 1, 2 and 3 

My loveflower asked me at yesterdays meeting for a picture and i had so much trouble to draw her something decent first/ i redid this three times because i didnt know what should i draw so i wont destroy her precious sketchbook T_T/
I knew she loves Undertale so i tried to draw those two for the first time…
As i have no idea what exactly is Undertale about /and i am rly sorry dont judge me, i know about its existence through yoralim and i do love all art to it but i am not in the fandom / I went with yoralims wonderful fanarts to the game to make the two characters look like them and make yoralim smile. i told her afterwards that she should make it shine with her beautiful coloring /i wanted to see it with her colours so bad X´D/.

gaster!sans original design by @borurou
lineart by me
lineart inspiration and color by raintalker/ yoralim

Story time

So ive concluded i have the worst luck in the world. Most of you have heard that draw phil naked is no more (RIP) now this is sad on its own but for me its a mix of “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” and “THATS KINDA FUNNY THIS HAPPENED” and heres why….

To set the scene: its late 2012 and little 13 year old me is sitting in my room writing a letter to my favorite youtubers, danisnotonfire and amazingphil. Once in an envelope, addressed and everything- i was ECSTATIC to send it (what if i got to appear in a phil mail video!!!). When i went on youtube that night, a new lessamazingphil video was uploaded! Oh boy! But wait… It was a phil mail video:THE LAST ONE. Phil announced he was closing the PO box for good. Sigh. Not even 24 hours after i finished writing my letter. To this day the letter sits in my room reminding me of what could have been. (Although its a bit cringe worthy to read since i was 13 when i wrote it…)

‘Ok, i dont care about that what does it have to do with phils new video’ you may ask. Well my annoyed, but still a little curious follower, heres what- the classic draw phil nakeds are great inspiration for an artist like myself when you lack an idea of what to draw. So thats exactly what i did. I had an idea a year or so ago to buy a sketchbook and to draw as many of them as i can. (Dont worry i never crossed any boundaries like phil mentioned) i got up to about 20-25 with hopes of one day giving it to them as a gift at like vidcon or something. And now phil closed the draw phil nakeds. SO I BASICALLLY HAVE SPENT FOREVER DRAWING THESE DRAWINGS AND THEN PHIL CLOSES THE THING AGAIN JUST LKE IN 2012. Thus the conclusion that my luck is absolutely terrible

TLDR; phil keeps ending traditions as soon as i try to contribute to them. Sigh. (If it seems like im mad- im not i find it really funny actually this keeps happening to me & i luv phil)