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Your klance art just made me think about Lance just going full on out with the flirting and seduction with Keith and it's not like Keith doesn't like it HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT he's so flustered and Lance is way too hot an Keith can't cope

haha sorry this is so late (i based it on this then realised after i finished drawing that it didnt work out as well as i’d hoped but yea oh well)  

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i love your art so much!!!! the lighting, the hair and expressions, but most of all the poses!! i hope you dont mind me asking, but how do you go about planning the pose for a drawing (especially if its like an action or battle pose) like what kind of references do you use? its really hard to come up with something and i dont know where to look for inspiration. thanks!!


when im stuck on pose ideas, i usually just google some example poses L O L!!! i also look over some of my fav artists’ work. although i believe once you can grasp the way limbs etc. work, youll be able to create any pose you want. although i believe the crucial thing is to make sure whatever pose youre choosing is correct.

mia jumping in the air with a one vanishing point perspective

for more dynamic poses, try experimenting with camera angles.

mia with attempted 3 vanishing point perspective L MAO

energy lies in small details and gestures

although there isnt really anything wrong with this pose, you can add more energy by changing and adding a few things.

i hunched lyns back and shoulders more for tension and moved the sword to a more active, dynamic pose. the direction and flow of her hair further adds to the energy. dont be afraid to get our of your comfort zone to try more dynamic poses

hopefully that helps…. GOOD LUCK MY DUDE!!!

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I know I already told you (but that doesnt matter because Im sure you dont remember me) that I love how you draw Stan. And... basically everything else. I figured you draw everything in special shapes! I for myself try to draw more in shapes for drawing pracitce and not with these skeletons. You are really good at this! Maybe if you have time and if you want to, could you give me/us a small toturial? And maybe you dont even draw with shapes and its just me haha... Thank! :3

Thank you! But oh gosh, I really am the last person you should ask for a tutorial. I don’t think I have any conscious technique to it, I just sort of wing it. But I’m gonna try my best to explain my thoughts on different body types and how I draw them! I don’t draw shapes in the way I think you mean. At least I’m guessing you’re referring to something like this:

While I think this could actually be a pretty good way to go about it, this isn’t how I work. What I do is, I draw a rough outline of the character using a thick brush. Let’s take the sketch and line art of this drawing of Stan as an example:

So as you can see, there’s no real shapes or help lines or anything like that. But what I can tell you is this: when I draw bodies I always try to make them as dynamic as possible! My tip for drawing bodies is EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE, EXAGGERATE! Exaggerate the body types of different characters to add variety! Exaggerate different parts of the same character to make them more dynamic!

Since we’re on the topic of Stan, let’s talk about Stan and Ford. Identical twins with different body shapes? You can bet your sweet ass I’m gonna exaggerate those two in completely different directions! Identical twins are like the holy grail of character design practice - take two characters with the same face and see just how different you can make them! Let’s draw a quick doodle of the Stan twins:

Even in the rough outline you can clearly tell who’s who just from their body shapes. If you want to practice drawing different body types, I highly recommend trying to make the characters distinct from each other at the earliest possible stage of your drawing. Try to make it so that even from a rough sketch with no facial features or clothes you’ll still be able to tell which character is which!

Why am I going on about this? Because body shapes should not be treated as an afterthought! They need to be there, right from the beginning, right from the very first draft! I quite often see people draw fat characters that just look… odd. And you know why they look odd? Because it looks like the artist just sketched an average person and then added some chub during the line art process. Human bodies don’t really work like that! Unless we’re talking like a beer belly here, then the fat will be more evenly distributed across at least part of the body. This affects things like breadth of shoulders and hips, in other words the very frame of the body. If you’re a cartoonist, just adding some chub to a sketch of an average frame will never get a result that is as good and dynamic as a character than was drawn as fat from the very first draft (and this is why I think working from shapes can be very beneficial!).

Okay, so drawing different body types requires both planning and variety. But how do I go about designing a body? Well, personally, I work a lot with contrast, not only between different characters, but also within a single character. Since we’re on the subject of the Stan twins, let’s talk about Ford a bit. Ever wondered why I draw him with the same skinny legs as Stan, even though they’re thicker than his in canon? Well, part of it is because I draw them as identical and thus their fat distribution would work in the same way. But more importantly, it’s because my art style relies heavily on contrast in order to make characters appear as dynamic as possible!

I often draw characters like this – where one half of the body is broad/thick and the other narrow/thin. Let’s refer to it as ‘horizontal exaggeration’.

But what if I want to draw a character that is thin or thick all over? Can I still make them exaggerated and dynamic? Heck yeah, I can! Let’s talk about, uh, let’s call it ‘vertical exaggeration’! On the average human being, the midpoint of the body is at crotch level. Playing around with this midpoint helps a lot with making cartoony body types more dynamic!

Want to draw an overall thin character? Putting their crotch line higher up than usual will help emphasize how gangly they are. Meanwhile, a fat or stocky character is often drawn with a lower crotch line to help emphasize their girth.

In summary… I don’t really have any special techniques to teach anyone, but I really want to encourage people not to be afraid to exaggerate when it comes to body shapes! Exaggerate horizontally! Exaggerate vertically! Make those bodies weird and dynamic! I realize this is more of a rambling mess then a tutorial, but, uh…  I hope someone might have found this helpful?

And last but not least… Don’t worry if you can’t draw different body types just yet – just keep drawing and practicing and you’ll get the hang of it eventually! I think a lot of us have been at that stage where we were only able to draw skinny characters. Let’s take a look at how I drew bodies 8 and a half years ago and end this with a laugh!

If I can move past this stage, then so can all of you! Just keep drawing, keep practicing, and most of all, keep having fun doing it! Good luck!

Boop ya’ll ~

To give this morning a little dose of positivity , I’ll share every positive/funny anecdotes I have concerning my transition
( since there is a lot of discrimination/bad experiences post regarding transitioning so I wanted to share the up side a bit.)

- Having my sister’s boyfriend envy my growing facial hair because he can’t grow a beard properly and mine is developping faster than his.

- Entering stores with a large majority of female clients ( bath and body work,lush,faceshop,etc…) and having cashiers ask me if I am shopping for my girlfriend/sister/mother and seeing their faces when I reply no. ( it usually lead to me and them discussing how good Lush products smell and stuff ahah)

- Having guys going all out to encourage me when I am down about being short/not muscley enough. ( “ ah but there is plenty of short guys!! Dont worry about it, you dah man!!” )

- A client at my post office: “ oh my, you are way too classy and handsome to work in a post office! You should be on the news or someting!”

- Another elderly client: “ You are transitioning right? I just wanted to say you are very courageous, since it must not be easy and I truly admire you and wish you the very best! ”

- Discussing with a dude about how men shower products are always the freaking same scents ( artic wind, pine tree, adventure,etc…) and having him go : “IF I WANT TO SMELL LIKE APPLE PIE AND WATERMELON, I GOT THE RIGHT.”

- Having a small kid say I’m “cool looking.”

- Hearing about my own endrocrinologist doing conferences with futur doctors about Transgenders/Transexuals and improving the quality of treatments and options offered.

- Having the director of a magazine personaly come see me every now and then because he is curious about how my transition is going and excited at how I will look when it’s completed.

- Having my godmothers arrives with their ipad and show me photos of male fashion styles for futur ideas of shopping clothes lol

- The face of people when I show them how I looked pre- transition and seeing them go all: “THATS NOT YOU??? THATS YOU??? OMFG ”

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Hi Leslie! I'm a game design major and after seeing some of my art in class, a classmate of mine asked for me to draw him in some cartoon style. I told him that I don't do that kind of thing for free, so he agreed to pay me. I took the request, but after a bit, I realized that I know NOTHING about taking commissions. I don't know how much to charge, if I should send progress updates or anything really. So that brings me to ask: do you have any tips or insight on doing commissions? Thank you!


1.) Figuring how much to charge is p hard. I heard there are websites that help you do it. All I can say is make sure it’s never less than the minimum wage. Here in CA I think min wage is $10.50/hr. so I won’t go under that. Technically I’ll spend up to 2-3 hrs per icon so I should be charging up to $30 haha but ech. JUST YKNOW. Dont undercharge! 

2.) Make them pay UPFRONT. Don’t work first and then have them pay! You can get scammed like that really how stupid!! If the person who is commissioning you doesnt want to pay upfront don’t take the commission. They can find someone else then.

OR you can have them pay half up front, do a sketch and send them that, and once they like the sketch they pay the other half and then you finish. But yeah I rather go with full payment up front cuz I refuse to work for free lmao.

3.) I, personally, love sending progress sketches! So that if they dont like something about the picture they can tell me as soon as possible! Nothing sucks more than finishing a long commission AND THEN they ask you to change something they dont like.

“No one could ever be that big of a jackass, Leslie!” UM YES THEY CAN haha trust me. So its best to send people multiple updates if you can afford to do so!

I like to send then a rough sketch WIP. If they like it I’ll do the lineart and send them that too. Once they approve the lineart I finish the coloring! The end!

4.) Communication is VERY important! Try to keep your commissioner updated often! If you dont talk to them for a while they’ll think you abandoned them and their commission. If you need a vacation or hiatus or whatever let them know! 

5.) REQUIRE VISUAL REFERENCES. unless of course it’s a custom adoptable or something. Nothing sucks more when someone is like “can u draw my oc they have short brown hair and blue eyes thanks :)” LIKE NO THANKS 

Not having visual references makes things incredibly hard! If they have no references then it’s considered a custom adoptable (you design a character for them) and that is usually more expensive than normal commissions! CUZ YOURE DESIGNING A CHARACTER FOR THEM WOWIE yeah 

6.) Be upfront about how long it’ll take you to finish the commission! If you think it’ll take you a week tell em! A month? Be honest! Dont say youll have it done in 2 days when you know youll be extremely busy or whatever haha like I said, COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANTE! 


7.) If the commissioner is rude, too impatient, overall an unpleasant person it’s okay to drop them. Give them a refund and let it go, you HAVE that right. Don’t put yourself in a position you dont want to be in. If they cant be professional you can leave. If you give them a full refund you owe them nothing more. Sometimes people are assholes so don’t work with them. 


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I would like to ask a ??, okay so Kylo killed Han and Rey adores Han. Now, how will a romance bet. kylo and rey bloom? and dont tell me abt force bond, thats not how the force works. I mean would you be able to love the man who killed his dad who happens to be ur friend and sort of idol? im a kylo fan and as much i'd like to some forbidden reylo romance it just doesnt make sense? altho bit similar but reylo and revanbastilla is very different.

I’m going to be real here for a minute. Rey knew Han for how long? A day? She planned to go back to Jakku even when Han offered her a job. So she was going to forget he even existed.

How do I think a romance will bloom? I think Luke will tell her about the abuse and grooming that Kylo has been fighting against for his entire life. And I think that will make her have compassion for him.

Obviously Kylo already has an interest in Rey. Maybe he will do something to change her mind about him. Like turning on Snoke. Maybe Snoke will threaten Rey or his mother.

So yes, I do believe it’s very possible for a romance.

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If you don't mind, may I ask how you got good at drawing? I'm trying to lean how to draw digitally, buuuut it's becoming a bit of an uphill battle. Amazing artwork, by the way! I love it! :)

first of all, thank you! everything i’m gonna say on this post is rather personal, which means, that’s what works for me. 

While the obvious artist advise is very important (PRACTICE) i think what you practice is just as important.

Draw from life, dont shy away from it cause it’s not as interesting as what u have going in your head. You can make everything you draw interesting- people, environments, objects, movement. It’s about how you approach it. 

Listen, I’m not the type of person that fills hundreds of sketchbooks. Honestly, I wish I was, because I wouldve been much better by now if i had. but I’m more analytical: I look really closely at what I draw before I lay the line on the page (when drawing traditionally, that is. control+z really changes you). The most important thing is to LOOK. you have to spend just as much time looking as you do drawing- it’s a common mistake is to draw what you think you see.

Look at the general shape of a thing before starting to draw it. Get the general line of action (even some environments and objects have it!) and put it on the page, so you have somewhere to start from.

When drawing from your imagination, use a reference!

it’s not cheating.

As for digital art advice: Dont give up. it’s hard getting used to, i know it took me around 2 years to feel remotely comfortable to draw on my tablet (i’ve had it for almost 6 years now). Play around with the settings for pressure and tilt to see what suits you best- i still change it from time to time. Choose a program you’re most comfortable with- not necessarily what most artists use. clean lineart is usually what most artists struggle the most with- I suggest rotating your screen as you draw so you can draw comfortably. i usually make my sketch layer really light (around 10%-15%)- so i can see the lineart fair and well while i draw it=no surprises when you turn off your sketch layer.

hope it helped!

how many times am i going to fall for the decoy drink machines at my college 

i KNOW that they are not actually functioning drink machines. i KNOW that they don’t work because the school wants us to buy the $8 fountain drinks at the dining hall and school cafes and also waste our quarters in a non functional drink machine. but sometimes i get back from class so thirsty that i lie to myself and say hey, the lights on (the lights are always on), maybe i was wrong about my school and they actually fixed the machines. but no i hear my quarter fall into a hollow decoy drink machine on top of the pile of other wasted quarters and nothing happens, exactly like i knew would happen

i’ve asked the housing people why the machines dont work and theyre like um huney they definitely do work see the lights on? and im like okay i know the fuckenign light works i mean why has no one ever been able to actually get it to give them a drink

i know how im going to die, and its going to be like, one day i’m going to just snap. snap on these stupid drink machines at the campus housing. and its going to fall on me as a final fuck you, ashley, you dehydrated piece of shit


Imagine steve wanting you to help him adapt to the “new world”

“Hey steve vision said you wanted to talk” you smiled flopping onto the sofa. Steve nodded but you noticed how nervous he looked. He was playing with his hands and biting his lip. “Steve?” You asked “are you okay?”. He nodded “im fine y/n i just wondered if i could ask you something”. “Y/n I’ve just been bothered lately with how out of touch and out of place i feel here”. “Steve..” you started but he held up his hand “wait let me finish”. You nodded waiting worriedly. “I feel out of touch with even the simplest things like slang and movies and celebrities and history…i want to get in touch with it all but its difficult on my own, i have so many questions and even the smallest thing can confuse me, so i was just wondering if you could help me”. “Help you understand stuff more?” You asked. Steve nodded shyly. “Why me?” You asked confused. “Tony would make fun of me, natasha and i work together and i don’t really feel like i want her doing this for me, im not close to clint, Wanda’s a kid, thor knows less than me and well bruce has bigger problems”. You nodded “so im the better fit?”. “Not just that but you’re the one id prefer, you’re nice y/n, i like you, ive always felt comfortable with you, you dont judge anyone and you’re a lot of fun go be with, i figured if i have to learn how to be adapt atleast youd make it fun”. You smirked and lunged at steve wrapping him in a hug “of course ill help you captain rodgers, keep this weekend free im taking you out and bring all the questions you want, i will be your new century mentor”. Steve smiled “thanks y/n, i hope you dont mind”. “For the man who gives this team everything i think i can do this one small thing” you smiled “i always trusted you too steve”. You stood up and went to the door “well ive gotta go train but remember saturday morning, early, ill be picking you up”. Steve nodded “cant wait” and he meant it. Steve wasnt sure if he was excited to get in touch with the latest trends for once or if it was the idea of spending time with the girl he’d been developing a crush on. Either way hed enjoy every minute of it.

someone messaged me saying the audio doesn’t work for them. since the audio post isn’t broken on my devices, i’m just going to reupload in a different version for their sake, and for anyone else if they ever ask lol

btw this is actually how i made the first half of the audio clip. i sampled a bunch of clips on Windows Movie Maker (i dont know how to use any other free video editors lmao), and then i further edited it on Audacity.  the second half was real bad and had to be trashed in the audio stage.


I’ve been thinking about the Swan Queen fandom lately after reading some fics. I have never had the pleasure of being apart of such a diverse group of people. I’ve never been apart of a fandom thats so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and the Womens Rights movement. I have never seen so many people from so many different back rounds come together over two amazing women. Some people in this fandom make fanart, some write fanfiction, some send Lana and Jen gifts and flowers, some cosplay, and some just sit back and enjoy all the magic going on around them and support the people who dedicate all their time to these women (that would be me). Im not talented. I cant write, I cant draw, I dont cosplay and I dont send gifts but I have never been ridiculed for it. My presence and personality is excepted no matter how I chose to involve myself in this fandom. We have worked and fought so hard to be heard. To be listened to. We got that hug, the simplest thing we could ask for and we had to fight for it and sure the writers completely messed it up, but dammit we got that hug. So just because Swan Queen is over, its not over. I hope this fan base never fades and never dies because then everything we have built and fought for would be for nothing we have to stay together and keep posting and writing and showing Lana and Jen how much they mean to us and make sure they know we havent forgotten about them. Some people connect more with Lana some connect more with Jen and some people just love and care for them equally and it doesnt matter which. We have changed peoples veiws about SQ and got people to start shipping it and involving themselves. I didnt ship it at first I didnt see what everyone was talking about, but then someone took the time to talk to me, debate with me, and show me things that I was to blind to notice. We are a beautiful group of people. I want us to grow and spread and keep Swan Queen alive. I already been seeing other ships dying down and it would break my heart to see us do the same. These women, Jen and Lana, have been my anchor for 6 years. Im not sure where I would be without them. I know we can keep this going because are the most epic relationship to ever exsist. WE ARE SWEN.

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Actually when I had to get many car repaired, I asked my brother and my dad to come with me because of how notorious mechanics are at over charging women and ppl who don’t know shit about cars and because I look like a small young woman and dont know shit about cars: I was obviously concerned

My brother and dad were both like “what you don’t need us lol they’re not going to rip you off just bc you look like a girl”

And then I asked a work friend who works on cars a bit for fun, and is the blokeist bloke around and he just went “honestly I’ll come with you because I know they charge thru the nose to women, you really can’t go alone”


how to fucking use tumblr: 2017 sad man edition

so like apparently being a decent human being is a tough concept for some of you ppl. idk about y’all but if I see one more post that basically says something along the lines of “i dun wike mcgenji bcuz HAAAAAAANZO is the one 4 jesse =3=“ i’m actually gonna snap my own spine.

but connor it’s my opinion!!! we are free to say whatever we want!


and by the off chance that y’all log in to this site every damn day but don’t understand how the tagging system works, i’ll explain it so i don’t develop a fucking ulcer from how pissy I get over this

typing the full ship name in the text will cause the post to show up in the tag. and that goes for having it in a tag, even if it’s not the only word. so like #just not a fan of mcgenji <— that’s gonna show up in the tag. in order to not do this, just fucking mess the shit up, like add slashes or spaces. mcgenji will show up in the tag but mc/gen/ji won’t

asks including the word will cause the post to show up in the tag. this one isn’t rlly the fault of the op but it’s still easy to fix. just screenshot the ask and post it as a photo with the answer. or just @ the person and respond there OR if it’s an anon, just be like “@ anon who sent me an ask about this ship…” bcuz I fuckin assure u ppl who send anons are refreshing ur damn blog waiting to see what you say, they’re gonna see it

i honestly dont give a fuck that you don’t like this ship at all. like i’m not offended?? just do not give a fuck. like mchanzo all u want but dont come inT O MY HOUSE and tell me all about how u don’t like mcgenji. that’s like going to a dog shelter, sitting and listening to all of the workers and volunteers talk about how much work and love they put into the place, and just being like “YO DOGS R UGLY. IM HEARIN WAT U HAVE TO SAY, BUT FUCK, CATS ARE WAY BETTER. I DON’T LIKE DOGS OUT OF PETTINESS. CATS ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR HUMANS =3=“ like ok why did u come here to tell me this… this place of dogs….

idk. long story short, learn how the tagging system works, and if not, learn to shut the fuck up :)

(Young Justice) Beast Boy x reader

Summary: You and Bart time traveled to the past together and stuff happens with you and Beast Boy at first meet.

(BTW: Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, I’m just going off what I remember hearing in the episode …


(Year 2056, February 28th)

“Are you sure this is going to work, Bart?” you asked.

“Of course it will, don’t worry.”



(40 years earlier, in the past, February 28th)

“Decryption Completed” “Translation Completed” 

“Is that the Krillitane intil?” Robin asked.

“What Krillitane intil!?” Beast Boy wondered.

Nightwing started explaining everything, “The data files M’gann and John recovered on Molina Island before it was destroyed” he said.

“ey noted.”

“Apparently the krollatanians (plz don’t kill me i dont remember how to spell it) were snatching humans to use as, guinea pigs.” “They were hoping to find something, something inside us” 

“What?” Robin asked again.

“There’s no English word for it, the nearest translation for it is, meta-gene.”

“What’s a meta-gene” Questioned Robin.

“Never met a gene I didn’t like” Beast boy nudged Robin.

Then the conversation got interrupted by the computer machine thingy. (I’m not smart) 

“Warning unknown energy impulse detected”

Then there was a bunch of noise like lightning and thunder and something came in the room.  

Nightwing started backing them all up to get away from it. 

Bart then jumped out and shouted, “TADAAA” 

“Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert.”

“Computer, lock down cave” Nightwing demanded.

“Well, I think we found our unknown energy impulse.” Beast Boy said.

“Impulse? That’s so CRASH!” “Catchy dramatic, one word” Bart said quickly then speeding over to every one of them.

“Like Nightwing, and robin, and Beast Boy” “Except that’s two words, Blue Beetle two words, hey is he here too!?” Bart then sped away. 

“Nevermind, Impulse can find that out for himself” He then laughed and ran off againnnn.

“WAIT YOU IDIOT” You shouted and then jumped out of the machine.

(Did I mention you have cat ears and a tail and that when you get mad you turn purple and can change into any cat like a cheetah, lion, a house cat, etc. ?)

“Who are you!?” asked Nightwing, getting in a fighting stance.

“ugh, don’t worry about me, I’ll just stay here while you go get him.” 

“How can we be so sure?” Robin asked, crossing his arms.

Nightwing then grabbed some handcuffs and put them on you and sat you down. “Beast Boy, watch her!” 

Then Nightwing and Robin went after Bart.

You then sighed.

“Hi” you said to Beast Boy, “You know your my favorite!”

“What are you talking about?” He stared at you.

“My favorite superhero dummy.”

“Oh… Noted.”

“So where you from?”

“40 years from the future…” You said.

“I don’t believe you.” he sat by you, trying to see if you were lying.

“Gonna have to, me and Bart just came out of a machine and Nightwing is probably going to do a DNA test on us… Bart is The Flash grandson.” 

“Wait, What!?” 

(Few minutes later) 

“And there goes Bart” 

“… I still can’t believe your name is Dick” giggled Garfield.

“It’s Richard. . “ Dick sighed.

“So who are you the granddaughter of?”

“Oh I was made in a lab, I don’t really have parents.” your ears flattened on your head sadly.

“CAN I PET YOUR EARS!?!?!” Garfield asked eagerly.



“Fine…” you gave up.

“Well, while you all watch her, I’m going to call Wally and do a DNA test.” Dick said while leaving.

“OH MY GOSH SHE PURRS!!!” “YOUR SO CUTE!!!” said Garfield cuddling into you and kissing your face.

i passed my photoshop certification exam even tho i hardly use the thing
the score needed to pass was 700 and i got 860
the rest of the class with exception to 5 other kids failed it
but its like..i hardly use photoshop as an actual drawing program
but i do use the program for nonacademic work too (making gifs and applying nondestructive filters/masks etc) so i guess thats what pushed me through

the easy problems were the ones where it was interactive and you simply had to do the steps they asked. i think the ones i kinda did mediocre on were the ones where you were given scenarios about working with clients. i have zero fuckin social skills irl so you know how that would go lmao

im just glad i passed and got the photoshop certification and i dont have to worry about taking it again next year

I’m (officially) opening commissions!! You can PM me on here if you are interested, or if you have questions.

Transactions are made through paypal

It’ll be taking me from two days to two weeks to make illustrations, depending on its complexity.

You don’t have to purchase a colored drawing: we can work out how much I’ll knock off the price for a mono drawing in chat!

And I’m probably missing a lot of info here since I’ve never done this before, so again, just ask away if anything is remotely unclear.

You can go look through my art tag to see if there’s a specific style that suits your taste!

so this drunk girl comes up to me at work and.....
  • drunk girl: can i ask you something?
  • me: sure go ahead
  • dg: if i were you i would totally take this as a compliment but i just wanna know how old are you? because you dont look a day over 18
  • me: i'm 19 actually
  • dg: oh ok! i was wondering because you look amazing! i've been looking at you all night you just look so great and wonderful!
  • me: aww thank you!
  • dg: ok now it's my turn. how old do i look?
  • me: 21 or 22 maybe
  • dg: oh my god you just made my night. you wanna know why? i turn 25 next week. you're amazing. i could just hug you can i hug you?
  • me: sure!
  • *we hug*
  • dg: ok well have a good night! happy..........happy you!
  • me: happy you too!