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oh please elaborate on how you think the scene cengiz was talking abt is going to go down!!!!

aaahhh anon hello!! 

well, ive been thinking i need something like this since basically the beginning, and then me and @@thickskinandelasticheart were talking about what would be that ideal scene and she remembered me how much i actually need that scene (i also talked/talk a lot about wanting a angsty scene between them with @smoothyousef let’s all think the reason yousef has acted very strangely and everything  is actually valid and understanding (i dont know how julie will pull this off but yousef is so in love with sana you cant tell me otherwise)

so basically sana is mad at him and kept screaming at him and she has tears in her eyes, and yousef just blurts out something like “I LOVE YOU OK I LOVE YOU” and he starts crying too, now the both of them are almost crying and sana is just looking at him so confused and some tears are softly running down her cheeks, and he steps closer to her, he waits for her to actually give him permission to be closer to her, and she just nods. then he just cups her face and wipes her tears away while still having tears running down his own cheeks, the music in the background is soft and everything is quiet and its just them there and its just so beautifully done and wow. 

this is how i kinda wish things would go, it wont happen like this at all, i know. but i hope cengiz’s hardest scene was something about him confessing to sana and crying while doing so (dont ask me why but i need to see that boy crying while confessing his love………) so yeah that’s basically it!!

send me your theories about fridays clip! or anything about skam!!

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How does one speak with you properly? Would you ever want to get to know someone personally from here?


One thing that many may not realize about me is that I love to talk. In fact, I sit around in my pajamas and run my mouth for a daily living. 

Hitting that PM button can be difficult. I am intense at times, intimidating at others, and seen as this golden DDLG god in some ivory tower by many.. when really I am just a teddy bear. Well, one who happens to a well seasoned and experienced Daddy Dom. 


I understand the hesitation. I get messages all the time to the tune of “It took me so long to message you” or “Is this okay?” and it certainly is. I welcome conversation.. though I am not easy to talk to (popular vote agrees) and have been told I am hard to read. 

In fact.. one of the best compliments I ever received was “You are so enigmatic”

I am used to being asked questions. Lots of them.. daily. If you ask how my day is and I tell you and I dont ask back.. you cant take it personally. I dont know what you want….  I am naturally guarded due to my issues… which causes me to be rather reserved and vigilant. People take my lack of reciprocation to signify indifference or disinterest. Which is not the case.

I get bombarded daily with messages, asks, etc… at any given time I can have about 20 people all trying to talk to me at once. On top of this I run my own business where I work all hours of the day according to how I feel like it. I take care of two dogs and other responsibilities in my life.. I am mentoring a few people… and somewhere in all that I try to keep with the asks and writing posts and maintaining this blog. 

I get stretched in a lot of different directions… so if you go a day without hearing from me, you should probably just nudge me. Even if its been a week.. a month… I wont mind. .

Its better to nudge me than to wrongly think I dont want to talk to you. A lot of people wrongly assume they are burdening me… or annoying me.. or bothering… and thats not the case. its most likely that youve gotten pushed so far down in the pm list that I cant find you. The pm system on tumblr is like the worst Ive ever seen.

With me.. you have to be both aggressive and patient. 

people come at me for many reasons… they might be on the ledge.. they might not be able to decide what to wear for their hot date.. they may need me to “accompany them” to an event for anxiety.. and I welcome it all. Its my pleasure to make peoples lives better.

I am very matter of fact until I get comfortable with you. If you cant hold a conversation, we wont last long. I will test you. But the point of it all is… if you put in the effort and stay determined. Talking to me can be a really fulfilling experience.

just a note, asking me questions regarding monsta x, whether it be on how to support them, or just about the members is never ever annoying so dont ever think that way. One of the reasons why i’m running this blog is so that i can fully support them to the best of my abilities so don’t ever feel like your bothering me :) I AM HERE TO SPREAD THE MONSTA X LOVE 

shoutout to the cluster b suggestion blogs!!









please reblog this post to give these great blogs more attention!!! some of them are very small and get no attention and we all know how much that sucks for ppl w cluster b pds so please help them out!! if i missed any and you run a cluster b suggestion blog please dont be afraid to send me an ask or reblog this letting me know and ill add you!!!! 

also its just cool to have people understand and relate to your mental illness posts sometimes (but if the blog says don’t follow if you don’t have that pd and you don’t, please respect that) 

i have a lot of followers so i hope this helps!! 

There are so many in my head wha the heckie

More headcanons because I need to get them all out before my WiFi runs out

Simon being a total dog person

Baz being indifferent towards animals (only whenever he sees a stray cat his first instinct is to stop, pick it up, and coo at it “precious little angel, I cannot handle you oh my!”)

Simon getting really excited when he sees how Baz softens around kittens


Simon asking strangers if he can pet their dog and Baz giving them an apologetic smile when they look at him

Only normally it doesn’t seem necessary, the people that he stops seem delighted to meet such a handsome youth who cares about dogs!

Simon and Baz feeding the neighborhood strays. “This isn’t allowed, Snow.” “Okay, but I’m not just going to let them STARVE Baz.”

Baz wearing his hair pulled away from his neck and face in the summer, “WHY are you looking at me that way, Snow, it’s HOT!”

Simon thinking “the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot today,” and then scolding himself for not using such a GOLDEN line.

Simon wearing tanks in the summer.
Baz getting mad at himself for staring at all of the visible miles and freckles on Simon’s arms.

Baz finding out that Simon is afraid of horses when he asks Simon why he always thinks up an excuse when Baz asks him to go riding

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omg hi i love this blog so much, it's so positive and uplifting! 💟 i have a really silly question, but i recently realized i'm a lesbian and i was wondering how i could look more sapphic? bc people always assume that i'm straight and it's a little annoying! 🙊 haha this is so dumb but any advice would be appreciated! and thank you all for running this blog 💞

well anon, people have been asking me if i was gay since the 1st grade, possibly earlier but my pre-kindergarten memories are mostly a blur, so you have definitely come to the right place. while previously the best way to determine if someone was a card-carrying member of Sapphic United was to count how many flannel shirts you’ve seen them wear in a 30-day period and hope for the best, 2012 nebula gif-reblogging straight girl tumblr basically ruined that for everyone and i dont think it ever worked well if you lived in the south anyways.

today the gathering calls of wlw are diverse and plentiful, and theres something there for everyone. necessary disclaimer that looks dont determine your sexuality we’re all valid etc etc all of this has been made w nothing but love

strictly appearance-wise, there’s a few basic categories that tends to screams ‘i am a girl who likes girls, in the gay way’

lesbian photoblogger: basically you need a snapback, long straight hair, a plain men’s t-shirt that’s a size too big, at least one facial piercing, gauges, converse, and weed. like, a lot of weed.

  • examples: go to the gwlg tag and f3 ‘piercings’

stud: this works best (read: only works) if you’re black. like the photoblogger, snapbacks are a Must. dreads and cornrows are pretty integral to the look ime but shaved heads, curls, or braids work too! for clothes, button-ups, men’s shirts, sports bras (like. just sports bras. nothing else), and baggy pants are staples. visible muscles are also a plus but not necessary. if u have glasses, make sure u have square! lenses! the most important part of being a stud, however, is your ability to lean to the side and squint seductively. if u cant squint seductively or dont even know what that could possibly look like this look is probably not for u, and also google studs bc you my friend are Missing Out

  • examples: the wnba

#aesthetic: if ur 15-17 years old, listen to halsey, marina and the diamonds, or lana del rey, want an interview with i-d magazine, and can deal w the fact that people are more likely to think ur a Weird Youth than a lesbian (but will not be surprised when they find out), this may be for you! necessary clothing includes: crop tops, black velvet chokers, a septum piercing, glitter, a haute couture version of whatever hair style ur mom used to do for you in first grade, and lots of gloss. like, for everywhere. i dont know how they make themselves so shiny but it seems to be required. also u gotta have a peach or mango on u at all times, and a minimalist tumblr theme

  • examples: any hayley kiyoko video

the flaming bisexual: this one probably wont be very helpful to you specifically anon, but if ur reading this and interested in making sure everyone knows that ur attracted to multiple genders as soon as they see you, then get out that electric razor, hair dye, and and whatever they use to make your ear holes huge! with your unnaturally colored undercut, gauges, and a facial piercing of ur choice, there won’t be a person within a 50 mile radius who doesn’t know you swing for both teams

  • examples: just go to a fall out boy concert and take a poll

of course, you don’t have to strictly fit into any specific category to let everyone know ur a descendant of sappho! picking and choosing what you like can have just as strong as an effect, and looking gay isn’t necessarily required to get people to assume you’re not straight! i dont fit into any of the groups mentioned and ppl mostly assume i like women based off the fact that im terrible at hiding the fact im in love with every girl.

talking abt Common Gay Interests (ex. orange is the new black, tegan and sara, the l word) is another good way to let fellow gays know you’re one of them, although straight people might be more oblivious. and if all else fails, wearing the rainbow flag as a cape is always an option.

When the girls find out who Uber A is

I just hope that when they’ll find out who it is, it wont be through a screen like when they discovered Cece Drake was Charles Dilaurentis or not like when spencer found out mona was A ,like she was alone in the car with her without the other girls.
This time i want like the girls to find out all at the same time like if they search for clues like they always do and then spencer finds something that make her think that Aria is uber A and then she just keep reading that file or whatever it is and re-read it as much as she can just to convince herself that her childhood best friend isn’t Uber A, but It’s too late theres too much proofs and she just realizes all the times Aria made mistakes and “Uber A” didn’t come up with it, and how everything is obvious.
While the other girls (Hanna,Emily,Aria) were pratically screaming at spence for her to answer them she gets out of her thoughts with a worried face,then Aria touch her shoulder and ask her if she’s okay and spencer starts screaming DONT TOUCH ME DONT !! All that while she cries and that’s when she lets that file fall from her hand and emily just grab it and understands that Aria ’s A. They all starts screaming and try to run away from her but she already druged them because she knew spencer would figure out tonight. Like i know its not really good but i want them to be very close like feel Uber A when they’ll disciver who it is finally and i want to see their chocked faces and how they feel batrayed.

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One of the PIL asks gave me this idea. Can you do the KBTBB boys reactions to the MC being on her period? The PIL ones had me in stitches.

Semi serious here. XD

Eisuke: He raised a brow as you pouted. He had no idea why you were pouring but you were. “What is it, _____?” “Nothing.” You answered in a firm but obviously pouty voice. He slowly closed his book and looked at you. “Tell me.” You turned your pouty face to him, “You like that book more than me!” You snapped, your eyes tearing up. Both brows shot up to his hairline. “That’s not true.” “You won’t cuddle with me.” “All you had to do was ask.” He chuckled breathily as he pulled you to his chest. Man, girls were emotional durin this time of the month.

Soryu: He watched from the doorway of the kitchen as you angrily cooked the omelet. “Why are you angry?” He asked softly. “Because you can’t just make this by yourself!” You snapped, throwing the omelet onto the plate. “I can’t make them as well as you. Yours taste perfect mine always taste weird.” You paused to look up at him and sighed. “Hurry and eat before it gets cold.” You said in a softer tone.

Ota: He quickly ducked when yo angrily threw the potato at him. “IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW I PEEL THEM THEN DO IT YOURSELF!” You screamed before running and flinging yourself into the couch. He stared at the potato in shock. All he did was ask when dinner would be done…

Baba: “Baba if you don’t stop looking at me I’m going to glue your eyes shut.” You mumbled, keeping your eyes on the tv. “Aww but you’re so cute when you’re mad.” He immediately regretted it when you turned to him with the remote in hand, ready to throw. “Then I’m about to be fucking adorable.” You seethed.

Mamoru: He was working late all week long. He didn’t want to be in the way of your wrath during this time. Last month you destroyed all his cigarettes because the smoke was annoying you. He sighed when he realized it was getting very late. On his way home, he stopped to get a few things before continuing on his way. When he finally got home he found you were asleep on the couch with the TV on. No surprise. He gently laid a few bars of your favorite chocolate on the table for you before he went to the bathroom to shower.

I’m on sleeping pills so I hope this is okay xD



If someone posts something you dont like? Just unfollow them. You have absolutely NO RIGHT to police what they want to post or not post. This hasnt happened to me but I see so many people either getting asked to not post about things or people acting like they’re REQUIRED to post things.

Let’s all get along and just let people run their blogs how they want.